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“Welcome home, Alice.”

“Mother! It’s good to see you again.”

Alice stepped down from the carriage and ran into her mother’s arms, the warm, motherly embrace a comfort after years of being gone.  It had taken a couple years to finish up all the business and trade affairs she had talked about doing, but accomplish them she did.

Each day, she thought about her six impossible things with regard to the trade routes, and she managed to accomplish many of those impossible things with the help of others traveling with her.  She was now a wealthy woman for all that she had seen and done, and she was glad to be done with setting all of those routes up, her part of the business done. Truth be told, she still liked traveling, but she just wanted to stay on dry land and enjoy a somewhat normal life again for a time.

The servants brought in all of Alice’s belongings as the two women settled in a private room for tea.  While they talked and drank tea, a footman brought in a delicately carved box, which he handed to Alice’s mother. 

“What is this?”

“It’s a present for you, Mother.  I hope you’ll like it.”

After taking a few moments to marvel at the intricate carvings on the box, the mother opened the box and smiled.

“Alice! How did you know I wanted a new tea set? It is so beautiful!”

The blonde smiled at her mother’s excitement.  Her mother loved tea, and she had complained about the older tea set before Alice had had her second adventure in Underland.

“I thought you would appreciate a new set, and since starting my travels, I’ve begun to collect teacups.  They’re pretty to look at, and they’re everywhere where I was traveling, in all sorts of styles.”

“This set is gorgeous.  I wish I could say the same about your complexion, Alice.  You have gotten so…brown,” the mother said, gesturing toward her daughter with a grimace.

“Mother, I spent a lot of time at sea.  It can’t be helped,” replied Alice with exasperation.

“It most certainly can be helped.  You could have brought that parasol that I suggested.  Or just stayed inside your cabin.”

“That parasol is too frilly and silly for me, and you knew it.  Of course I left it here when I left.  Also, I spent more than half of my time on that boat.  There was no way I was going to be cooped up inside that cabin the whole time just to avoid a little sun.”

Alice continued speaking after seeing her mother shake her head in sad resignation.

“Besides, I think it did worlds of good.  I never had sunburned skin, not redder than some people’s hair I know of, and I’m still nowhere near as brown as our writing desk.”  

“Still you talk that nonsense, after all that time in the world of trade.  I guess it could be worse; you could have come back talking like those sailors.”

Alice chuckled at the thought of all the colorful things she had heard and learned while on the ship.  There was no need to share that with her mother in any case.  If anything, the “nonsense” that she spoke about became more pronounced the more she tried to explain to others why she was the only lady on a trade ship.  The men had actually accepted her when she explained herself.

“Anyways, I hope you are ready to eat a good meal tonight.  The rest of the family is coming over soon, as they are all eager to see you again and hear of your travels.”

Alice’s stomach growled at the mention of real food, not the stuff dried up and sitting on the ship, or the foreign things she tried.  Food, glorious food.

The rest of the day passed by in a blur for Alice.  The family just kept appearing, and she stuck close to the side of her sister and new niece once they came with the brother-in-law.  He had cleaned up his act and was the most doting father there could be, much to Alice’s delight.

When Alice made it to her bedroom for the first time that night to sleep, she fell asleep immediately.  Her bed had never felt so good.

Alice awoke the next morning after having the same dream that she had been having for months now.  One moment, Alice was in her ship, and in the next, she was standing on top of the water, a dark, cloudy sky with a stormy sea the only thing in sight.  She would wander on the sea, trying to find her boat, or land on some occasions.  She only knew she was headed toward the boat because of a candle in the distance, shedding light, however feeble, toward her. 

Alice felt so helpless and lost in that dream, and it was not until it was decided that they were going home to England that some change in the dream happened.  That night, the candle appeared closer in the stormy darkness, its reddish-orange flame dancing and moving faster than normal.  Wherever it was, it felt warm and welcome, like home.  Alice had missed home for some time now, so she was more than ready to go home.

The next two days flew just as fast as her first day back.  Her family was very attentive, listening to her stories and admiring all the teacups that Alice had collected from each place. 

Alice’s favorite things to show, though, were the drawings that she made of the people that she met while traveling.  Her mother had forced her to bring all of her drawing and painting supplies with her, just in case she had some down time. 

Alice had stubbornly refused to practice or use the drawing supplies until a particularly dull couple of days on the ship when the wind had not been with them.  At that point, she needed to do something, so she took out her pencil and started to draw. 

At first, there had been no set model, but then Alice thought of Absolem, the beautiful butterfly, as he had seen her off. It encouraged her, so she drew the fine wings, and eventually colored the drawing.  That gave her some satisfaction, but then she felt a desire to draw more of her friends from Underland.  

Her mind wandered from one inhabitant to another until her mind showed her the bright reddish-orange hair of Hatter.  A smile crossed her face, and she drew with excitement, not stopping until her Hatter was grinning (since she had only drawn a bust of him) at her.  Then, she tried to do justice to all of his color.  It took many tries to get the right shade for his hair, but she figured it out.

After she was done with Hatter, she ended up drawing each person and creature she met while in Underland.  After a time, some of the people traveling with her asked her about her drawings, so she proceeded to tell them all about her “dreams” as she met each character that she drew.  That gave more than enough reason to think about her dear friends in Underland, and once she finished individual portraits (except for Tweedledee and Tweedledum), she began drawing more group portraits of everyone.

It had been in the second port that she arrived in that Alice found it necessary to buy more drawing and coloring supplies.  While there, she also came upon a simple set of white teacups that she liked, so she bought them.  In the next port visit, she came upon a group that painted teacups for a living, and they showed her how to use her painting supplies to draw on teacups. 

Alice had been delighted to learn how to paint like that, but she did not use the skill until one time that some traders came on board, asking for something different than what her group proposed to give for the trade.  The other traders saw her sketches and the teacups sitting next to her, and they asked for the sketches to be on the teacups.  Alice asked for more time, and she agreed, much to the group’s surprise. 

After that, Alice began the process of buying many more white teacups so that she could put more of her drawings on the teacups.  Other traders saw them and loved them, and Alice eventually wanted to have a set for herself.  Painting her friends onto teacups brought her hours of fun, thinking back on all the memories she had shared with them. Sometimes, it brought her more happiness than the thought of going home to England.

Now that she was back at where she had grown up, Alice saw why she had left, why it had not been home for her.  Three days into coming back, the hustle and silliness of society’s rules were already beginning to grate on her nerves, and the newness of being back was wearing off.  The bed felt great, but she figured any real bed would feel like that.  

Even the notion of being in her old room did not give her the warm feeling she expected it to have.  This manor had been her home all her life.  Why did it not feel like that anymore? The boat certainly had never engendered such feelings from her.  The ship was a means, an uncomfortable means at that, to an end. 

Even at home, the dreams of drifting on the water still haunted her.  The flame and its golden stream of light seemed to be getting closer, chasing the darkness away, and yet, she still could not find what she was looking for.  That was her biggest sign that she was not truly at home, which made her wonder where her home was.  She felt restless, and when she finally had some free time away from the family trying to smother her, she wandered outdoors among the gardens, searching for something that she could not name.

When Alice came back inside, she went to her room to prepare for dinner.  She went looking for a particular set of earrings on her desk, only to see a white envelope resting against the mirror.  How long had that been there? Alice had not looked at the desk much since coming back, and now she regretted it. 

Snatching the envelope and ripping it open, Alice saw a handwritten invitation. 

“Her Royal Highness, Queen Mirana of Marmoreal, invites Alice Kingsleigh to a ball.  Upon receipt, please send back the invitation through the looking glass with a response.  Please respond back by circling yes or no below.   Thank you!”

Alice stared at the invitation and its odd wording for a long time before finding a writing utensil.  She circled the yes before hastily putting the invitation back in the envelope and pressing it against the mirror.  The mirror swallowed the envelope, and Alice flopped onto her bed, heart racing.

She felt awful! How long had that invitation been sitting there? It would seem so rude for not responding back right away.  It was odd to not see a date for the ball, but surely the White Queen had her reasons.  But what if the ball had already happened? And what kind of ball was it?

These questions and more plagued Alice as she sat at the dinner table and listened to her family talk about all the happenings that she had not read about in their letters to her.

When Alice returned to her bedroom, she half-hoped that there would be a response waiting for her.  It was close to impossible that it had just been sent, them just waiting for her to respond back.

As Alice continued to realize, however, anything was possible. 

Another white envelope sat on her desk, fancier than the last.  Inside, there was another handwritten note, thanking her for her quick response, as well as informing her that the ball was to be held in two nights’ time.  She was to meet the White Rabbit at the entrance to her garden, and he would escort her there.

Joy began to build inside Alice, tiny tendrils of it spreading its warmth to every inch of her body.  Her fingers now itched to be doing something, and her mind felt calmer than it had in a long time.  She would see her friends again!    

Alice could not just sit there idly and do nothing, now that she was going to see so many of her old friends.  What should she wear? How many people were expected to be there? Should she bring a gift?

After so many times of bringing gifts to the traders to establish a relationship, Alice had gotten used to the idea of not coming to a meeting empty-handed.  She felt more at peace at the idea of bringing something, so she went and found more of the white teacups she had.  She had more painting to do.

Two days later, Alice had an impressive set of teacups ready to give to the White Queen in thanks for the invitation. Broad brushstrokes had become her key to getting cups done quickly so that they were ready for surprise visits, and she supplemented what she had gotten done with some others she had done previously.  

It helped that she had not gotten much sleep the last two nights, despite her recurring dream becoming more clear, the darkness replaced with lifting clouds, making it feel warmer and brighter.  But she had painting to do, and she wanted to get it done for her friends.

Once Alice found a dress from among the bunch she had bought abroad, she made her way to the garden.  Sure enough, the blue jacket of the White Rabbit stood out, and he was standing there, twitching with a clock in hand, mumbling about being late.  Alice ran to the White Rabbit and hugged him, overjoyed at seeing him again.

“Alice, it’s so good to have you back.  Come with me, quickly now.  We haven’t much time; we mustn’t be late.”

Alice asked questions as they walked toward the rabbit hole.  Right before they jumped in, Alice asked, “Who is the ball for? Why are we having it?”

“For you, of course.  For your joyous return.  We’re all glad to have you back.”

“Despite the long wait for receiving the answer?”

“Alice, you had to go away.  But when you came back, we wanted to be ready.”

Alice accepted the answer and took the rabbit’s hand, and they jumped.  Once they landed, Alice saw the castle up ahead.  They dashed for the door, the rabbit continuing to encourage her to move faster.  Just when she thought she would not have enough energy to go faster, they made it to the doors of the castle.

The White Rabbit opened the doors for Alice, saying, “Welcome back, Alice.  Please join us.”

The palace had been scrubbed of any and all reminders of the Bloody Red Queen.  While white was the predominant color, there was more than enough small swatches of pastel colors to make the palace much cheerier than it had ever been before. 

Creatures of all sorts crowded the dance floor.  All manner of aquatic animals stood in a line on one side of a room, while cards and humans danced in another corner.  Closer to Alice were the birds and other animals that danced in circles.

When Alice stepped through the doorway, the music stopped, all eyes on her.  A path was opened to her, all watching and staying silent in respect for the girl that had killed the jabberwocky, The Queen’s Champion.

Queen Mirana got up from her chair and started to approach Alice.  Alice met the queen halfway.  The queen was ready to hold out her hand, but when she saw the face of Alice, she opened her arms.  Alice dove into them, the queen’s soft eyes and smile all she needed to know that she was truly welcome and not in trouble.

“Alice, it is high time you returned.  Please know that you are always welcome, as a friend and champion.  I just knew that today would be a brazzle dazzle day.  Underland has missed you so.  But what’s this that you dropped?”

“It’s a gift,” said Alice with a little shyness, “I thought it proper to bring something.  I hope you’ll be able to use it.”

“I’m sure I will,” said Mirana, opening the box.

More people from court rushed in from behind to see what was inside the box, only to be pushed aside by a variety of humans and animals all eager to see Alice again.  They all took turns to hug Alice before examining the contents of the box.

Mirana was hasty to put the box and wrapping aside, but once she saw what was inside, she took slow, measured movements with her arms as she took out each one to show off to everyone nearby.

“Well, I never thought I’d see my face on the side of a teacup, of all things! How did you do this, Alice?”

“I painted it myself.  I painted all of them based on my memories of you from the last time I came.”

“They’re beautiful! Thank you, Alice.  Here,” said Mirana, handing off the cups to the others around her.

Soon, all of the cups were in hands, all looking at Alice’s handiwork.  Alice was grateful that she had been forced to take all those drawing lessons as part of being a proper lady.  Maybe some of those rules were not so bad after all. 

“Alice, what shall we do with these when we’re done looking at them?” asked Tweedledee.

“Here, give it to me,” replied the Mallymkun the dormouse, already holding a teacup.

“Sure,” replied Tweedledum.

“Just be careful,” said Alice.

In quick succession, Tweedledee and Tweedledum threw their cups at the dormouse, who balanced them on her fingers pushing them up and throwing hers toward the dodo bird. 

Alice began to say, “Excuse me, but those are the queen’s, and you don’t want to break them.”

The only problem was that they still continued to smile and toss away the cups at her words.  The dormouse laughed and said, “She’s afraid we’re going to break them!”

The dodo bird head-butted the cups when they came toward him, sending the teacups toward the March Hare, who caught and threw his cups into the air.

“Break them? Scratch the outside, chip the inside, that’s what Alice doesn’t want,” said the March Hare with glee as he threw his teacups.

Alice became afraid for the teacups when she saw no one in the air, and she was about to speak when a head appeared, and the Cheshire Cat caught the cups on the tip of his tail, letting it slide down his tail into the eager, twitchy hands of the White Rabbit, who was standing in front of the queen.

“You’re doing quite well so far, but still, you ought to be-“

“Hush,” said Mirana with an indulgent grin, “they’re just doing this to get you going.  Can’t you see? They’re just glad to have you back and want to welcome you properly.”

At that, the White Rabbit started placing the cups in the box.  Once all the cups were back inside, he handed the box to the queen.

“Good, good.  I’m glad we have this treasure.  We shall use them at tomorrow’s tea!”

Amidst all the shouting and cheers, Alice saw what she thought was the flame from her dream.  That same reddish-orange flame danced as it grew brighter and closer, and she began to walk toward it.  Could it be? Had she found the wandering flame?

Then she stopped.

No, it could not be.  Was that…. Hatter?

Yes, it was.  The fly-away, curly hair could belong to no one else, and even if it stood up more than usual since there was no hat on top (for the moment, while he hurried along), it was his.  Then, Tarrant was in front of Alice, and she found that her mouth had gone dry.

“Alice? Is it really you?”

Wide eyes took in Alice in all of her grown-up finery.  The same eyes that had been so sad when Alice was about to leave Underland for the second time.  Those eyes were not sad anymore, but curious.  Soon, his be-ruffled hands were reaching out, touching Alice’s nose, then her chin, and finally her hands.

“Yes, this is definitely my Alice.”

Tarrant reached out to Alice, and she eagerly hugged him.  The tiny tendrils of joy she had first felt upon finding out that she was going to the ball now turned into devouring flames, bright enough to rival Tarrant’s hair. 

As much as she could trade among the best, that had not been the life she wanted in the end.  Nor had staying at home, conforming to its silly rules. 

No, she had drifted because her home was somewhere, with others, and one special someone.  The same someone who had guided her through the darkness and uncertainty, even if she did not realize it then. 

But the way her heart soared at being wanted and held by him could mean nothing else.  There could be no other reason for him based on the way in which he kept holding on to her, even sliding his hands through her loose hair.  There was no other reason for why she suddenly felt so happy, as though she had found what she had been looking for: friendship, love, and a home.

“Alice, you can’t go, not for a long time.  I’ve missed you too much.”

“I’ve missed you too, Tarrant.  More than I realized.”

“So you won’t go?” asked the Hatter with hope.

“No, I’m not saying that,” she said, pulling back to look at his fallen face as she spoke, “but, if I do go, you can bet that you’re coming with me, or else it will be for only a short period of time.”

“I can accept that,” said Tarrant with a grin.

“Good, because while my family is elsewhere and I can’t just disappear on them again, I think I’ve finally found my home.”

“Your home is here, Alice,” he said, cupping her face and making it clear what he had not said aloud, that her home was beside him. 

Then, he kissed her and made sure she understood.  She responded in kind with plenty of enthusiasm.

Everyone else looked on with smiles, glad to see Tarrant looking lively again, after all the time that he had spent making up and singing songs with the hope that they bring her light wherever she was, her own candle on the water.  Eventually, they left the couple alone after they stopped kissing and took to quiet embracing.

It was only a whisper from him, but Alice heard it all the same.  This time, she knew he was right.

“Welcome home, Alice.”

Welcome Home, Alice

Author’s Disclaimer: No, I don’t own Alice in Wonderland, or any of the songs I make reference to.  All rights go to their respective owners.  I have always wanted to write for Alice in Wonderland, and a contest at :icondisney-club: gave me a wonderful excuse to do so.  It is another one-shot, with all the romance I love to do.  It is also a fun era to write for.  My original plan had been to write a story related to them dancing together at the ball, but my mind kept telling me that more was needed to encourage the romance.  Then I thought of “Candle on the Water” from Pete’s Dragon.  I have never seen the movie, but I love that song.  I started trying to bring it in to fit with the theme of home, and then it just turned into focusing on that song instead.  And if there is one song reference, there has to be another.  Oh well, the dancing will happen in another story for them.  Also, yes, the throwing of the teacups was inspired by a scene in the Hobbit.  Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! :D 

 This is my second entry for the club's contest.  This one has animals featured, as well as has more than three people in it.


The first letter came one week after Mr. Browne left to join the army.

Miss Price had come back with the mail, her face aglow.  All three children gathered around, curious about what had her looking so happy after almost a week of sad looks from her.

“What is it, Miss Price?” asked Paul.

“It’s a letter from Mr. Browne for me,” she answered.

“Well? Are you going to open it, or just keep smiling and staring at it?” replied Charlie.

“Hush now,” said Miss Price, “I will in just a moment.  I’m just surprised.  He remembered us, so soon.”

Carrie knew in that moment that Miss Price loved Mr. Browne.  Perhaps there was hope yet for them all to be a family.

One week later, another letter arrived, this time addressed to Charlie.  Miss Price had answered the first letter immediately, letting all of the children have a chance to say hello to Mr. Browne before she sent it out, telling him of the happenings in Pepperinge Eye.  She made sure to mention how glad she was to hear from him again, and that she hoped he would continue to send letters. 

Miss Price did not mind that the letter went to Charlie instead.  She just smiled and gave the letter to Charlie, asking for a chance to write something in Charlie’s reply back.  Charlie agreed.

Another week later, a letter came for Carrie.  The next week, it was for Paul, and Miss Price received the one after.  Each week, all looked forward to the letters, none more so than Miss Price.

And so it came to be that the Correspondence College turned into a Correspondence Collage.  All took turns writing bits of letters to Mr. Browne so that he would not be behind when he came back from the war.

As a result of all the letters, Emelius got to hear what each of the children thought of school when they started it in Pepperinge Eye, of all the trials and tribulations.  He even gave advice in response to what the boys wrote.  He also heard about the clean-up and moving of all the artifacts back to the castle, the town still confused how it all got there.  Some said it was magic, and Eglantine shared the rumors with relish. 

But what Emelius preferred to read most was when Eglantine told him how the kids were growing up.  How they all were bonding more, with Carrie in the kitchen to help make a bigger variety of dishes, and the boys helping to rebuild the blown-up bits of the house.  Eglantine proved to be quite handy with tools, and the boys learned more respect for her after that.

And when it was decided that Miss Price was going to adopt the children formally, Mr. Browne did one better than send letters: he came in person.  Mrs. Hobday smiled and clapped her hands at seeing the outpouring of love as the four met and hugged Mr. Browne, speaking of how wonderful it was.  For a brief time, they acted like a family.

That night, Emelius and Eglantine talked long into the night.  There was much time to make up for, and they both had missed one another.  While getting up to get a drink, Carrie noted with pleasure that they held hands while talking.  When Mr. Browne left the next day, some hugs lingered more than others, and Miss Price was quiet the rest of the day. 

She brightened up once a letter arrived for her a week later.

Unfortunately, that was to be only time that Mr. Browne could come to Pepperinge Eye during the war, as he was needed.  But all were proud of him for committing himself like that and doing his part to help the war effort over the next few years. 

Eglantine took great pleasure in telling Mrs. Hobday about what sorts of things he did to help, and Mrs. Hobday believed her since there were so many letters.  There were a few times that he could not always send weekly letters, and he always had a good story to write afterward as to why.

Then, one fateful day, V-E Day came.  Celebrations were held throughout the town, the Old Home Guard marching with confetti and singing of the victory.  The Price family participated in the parties, but they were still wondering how and when Mr. Browne would come home.  They figured his next letter would give an official date of his arrival.

Instead, Mr. Browne delivered himself.

Each child got a running start as they hugged Mr. Browne and welcomed him home.  For his part, he smiled and returned the hugs just as fiercely, glad to be back.  His hug was much tighter while holding Miss Price, but no one said anything of it. 

Indeed, most were concerned that she would overpower him if anything.  She had been the first to see him, and she had practically flown over to him once she recognized him.  At one point in her life, Miss Price may have wanted to be nobody’s problem, but she did not feel like that anymore, between the children and her growing friendship with Mr. Browne.         

Mr. Browne was given a hero’s welcome for his part in the war effort, and the town had a party for him that night.  While at the party, Emelius told many stories, all with a flair as only he could.  He told of the things he saw, as well as how he kept morale up in his ranks by performing with all the tricks he used to sell, eventually selling many over the years.

At the end of the night, Mr. Browne escorted the Price family home.  A bed was already ready for him, and he accepted it, grateful to sleep in a real bed after so long.  There had never been a formal discussion between him and Eglantine, or even between her and the children about whether or not he would stay with them; it was always just assumed that he would.  Everyone in town expected it as well after all that was seen and rumored, if Mrs. Hobday was someone to be trusted.

The first few weeks were happy times in the Price household.  Even Cosmic Creepers was happy to see him again, going between his legs every opportunity afforded, switching between him and Eglantine.  Cosmic Creepers still did not like Charlie, but they tolerated one another now.

Emelius had learned much about building and heavy labor during the war, so he threw himself into helping the boys make more repairs to the home.  Sometimes, he would appear in the kitchen.  Carrie would let him stand in the doorway and watch for a time, as he seemed to like doing that, but eventually she turned around and encouraged him to stand next to Miss Price so that he could see what they were doing.

He was always happy to stand next to Miss Price, and she felt the same about Emelius, if her smile was anything to go by.

Eventually, Emelius found a job in town, helping the castle museum with decorating and advertising.  It was a steady source of income, and he endeared himself to the town even more by making more appearances, just as Eglantine had started to do since picking up the children. 

It was sometime after that that Emelius found Paul in his bedroom one day.  Paul had grown much taller, his hair even blonder than before, but he was at least less moody than his brother had been at that age, the age of not believing.  He had a smile that made everyone like him, even if he still spoke without thinking.

“Paul, I need to ask you a serious question.”

“What is it?” Paul replied with confusion.

“Do you still have that enchanted bedknob after all these years?”

“Of course,” answered Paul, “I would have to if I were still taking those adventures like I’ve described in my letters, wouldn’t I?”

“I don’t remember seeing any adventures in the last year, and I was afraid that you had finally stopped using it,” replied Emelius.

“No way would I do that! It’s so much fun! It’s great to see people’s faces when we all just appear on a bed like that.  But what do you need the bedknob for?” asked Paul.

Emelius made some wild hand gestures before clasping his hands together and wringing them, uncertainty on his face.  Finally, he nodded his head and spoke.

“Well, Paul, the fact of the matter is that I love Miss Price.  Ever since we danced in the beautiful briny sea, I’ve been falling for her.  I was a fool and coward to run away-“

“But you came back to help us,” interrupted Paul.

“Yes, I did, because the thought of her getting hurt made me realize how much I care about her.  Of course, I was in no position to ask her to marry me, with a war going on and all.  That, and I had nothing to offer her or the rest of you.  I was a conman, a charlatan, a fraud, a joke.  I had to prove myself worthy, and now I have.”

“So what’re you going to do now?”

“I’m going on a secret mission, just like Eglantine had to help with the war effort.  I’m going to make Miss Price respectable at last, and give you the father you innocently suggested some years ago.  But, before I propose marriage, I need a ring.  That’s where I need your help,” he said, reaching out and poking Paul in the chest.

“How can I help? And what does the bedknob have to do with it?”

“I need to go to London, back to Portobello Road.  I have a friend there who sells jewelry.  I plan to bring all three of you with me to help me pick out one that would suit her tastes.”

“Why and when are we all going to London?” asked Charlie as he barged into the room after listening at the door.

“And what’s this about Miss Price?” said Carrie as she followed Charlie.

“Mr. Browne is going to marry Miss Price!” shouted Paul with excitement.

“Shh, be quiet now.  It’s not official until I ask her, and I don’t want her to find out this way,” said Emelius, blushing.

“Bout time you did the proper thing,” said Charlie.

“Yeah, we’ve been hoping for ages, and Miss Price is so sad whenever you don’t correspond with her,” added Carrie.

“Yes, yes, I know.  I should have done it long ago, but I was unsure if I would make it.  I couldn’t take that chance and break her heart.”

“You would have either way,” replied Carrie, “but now you’re here and fixing the situation.  When are we going to London?”

“Next weekend.  She’ll be out of the house to take care of laundry and other errands.  She won’t notice our absence for a few hours.”

“We could just say that we want to go somewhere together,” said Paul.

“No, she’ll suspect something.  Just be ready with that bedknob.  I’m counting on you all to help with this secret mission.  Don’t let me down,” said Emelius.

All agreed on a time, and then they all left the room to go about their daily tasks.  Sure enough, come next weekend, all the clean clothing that Emelius had left was his uniform, so while Eglantine went into town to do her errands, the other four went off to London.

Portobello Road had not changed a bit in the five years since they had last visited.  If anything, there were more stalls, and even more people wandering about, looking at the rare alabaster, new Botticellis, and society heirlooms with genuine gems.

Emelius gave the children some money to use as they pleased, since he could actually afford it now.  While he looked at books and conversed with old friends from his days of street-selling, the children took off in all directions, looking at the wares.  It did not take long before the boys found old weaponry and began to have a sword fight in the street, only to have some soldiers jump in and begin showing them how to properly hold the sword and show-off. 

Meanwhile, Carrie looked for nicer, softer fabrics that she could make dresses out of, as well as find some accessories to wear with the dresses.  Once she was done with that, she made her way over to Mr. Browne, still talking away with street sellers.  She came in at the tail-end of a war story, only for him to launch into a story about “his Eglantine”.

“I didn’t think I’d amount to much in my life.  I thought I’d be like old Walter, a wastrel and solid citizen, alone and poor.  And then Eglantine stepped into my life, her and her three children.  I’ll never forget it.  Now, I can help her around her home.  Why, just the other day, she had broken her glasses, and so I offered my services.”

Carrie chuckled to herself.  She recalled the story well, as she had watched Miss Price place her glasses down, only for the screws in her glasses to suddenly pop out, causing Miss Price to yelp.  The glasses broke, and she had gotten down on her knees to search blindly for the screws.  Emelius appeared after hearing the noise, and he got down on his knees to help look.  What had been funny was how many times the two ran into one another while searching. 

Carrie was inclined to believe that the run-ins had been accidental at first, them both fumbling with apologies, but soon Miss Price stopped apologizing, and Mr. Browne smiled more and managed to end up holding her hand or placing one of his hands on her shoulder.  It took hours to find those screws, both being found at the same time by him.

After the story was told, Emelius excused himself and joined Carrie.

“Carrie, did you do as I asked and figure out her ring size?”

“I did,” replied Carrie with a conspiratorial grin, “Size seven.  Have you found your friend?”

“I have.  Let’s go,” he said.

On their way to the stall, Paul and Charlie joined up with them to add in their two cents about what ring to get, saying that they knew her better and would therefore have a better idea of what would suit her tastes.

After twenty minutes of looking at what rings were offered, two rings were found.  Both were simple and in good taste, and so the group argued between themselves which one was better.  Emelius and Carrie argued one ring, while Charlie and Paul thought the other was better.  Carrie’s argument won the day, and so Emelius asked how much the ring was.  His friend gave him a discount, but it was still more than he had brought with him.

“Are you sure it has to be this one, my friend?”

“This one is best.  It fits her well.  For my Eglantine, only the best will do.  After all she’s done for me, she deserves so much more than this.  Can’t you help me out a little more?”

“This one is one of my best.  Sorry I can’t do more,” the seller said, his shoulders sagging at the thought of not being able to help his friend.

The children all looked crushed, though not as bad as Emelius.  He felt like he had failed.  He was ready to put back the ring and buy the other one when a random stranger appeared behind him.

“What’s this, soldier? You trying to get something for your girl?”

“I am,” replied Emelius, “I want to get something proper for her at last.  I’m finally able to.”

“Then allow me to help.  Here,” he said, handing over the needed money to the seller, “this should cover it.”

“Thank you, but you really don’t-“

“Don’t mention it.  You did your part to help in the war.  Thank you for your service,” said the stranger with a smile before he walked away.          

The children all stared in awe, and Emelius smiled his biggest smile yet. 

“It looks like I have the ring now, thanks to that kind stranger.  It’s a step in the right direction toward doing right by all of you.  One should never look a gift horse in the mouth, after all.  Come on, children, let’s go home and get the surprise ready, shall we?”

All the kids nodded in excitement, and they went home to make the preparations.  A few hours later, the kids had eaten, and dinner was set-up for two on the table.  Emelius stepped out from his room, all dressed up.  Carrie helped fix his tie, while the boys went and got the flowers that had been picked and set them up on the table in a vase. 

While Carrie helped with the tie, she asked, “When do you think you’ll get married?”

“With any luck, by the end of this year.  It’ll be a small ceremony since neither of us have much family outside of Pepperinge Eye.”

“Can I be a bridesmaid?” asked Carrie excitedly.

“Of course.  I expect nothing less from you after all your hinting remarks about her over the years.”

“She loves you,” said Carrie.

“I hope so, as I love her so much.  I can’t imagine not having her in my life.  The same goes for you and your brothers.”

Carrie smiled and gave him a hug when she finished.  Then, the boys came in.  While Charlie arranged the flowers on the table, Paul approached Emelius.

“So, we’re going to be a family at last?”

“Yes.  Miss Price will be your mother, and I’ll be your father.  All one, big family at last.”

“I can’t wait.  Hurry it up,” said Paul as he hugged his future father.

When Paul and Carrie went for the stairs, Charlie approached Emelius.

“I did as you asked and looked out for the family.  So, what’re your intentions toward our mother? Are you going to take care of her and love her? Make her happy?”

“Yes, I’m going to do all those things,” said Emelius with a smile, “I’m going to love and cherish her every day of my life.  Aren’t you going to ask what you’re going to get out of all this?”

“Nah, I already know what I’m getting in all this: a new father.  And I couldn’t be happier.  But if you don’t take care of her,” said Charlie seriously, letting his sentence hang.

“I know.  You’re going to use substitutiary locomotion and get a knight to get rid of me and maintain her honor.  Or else turn me into a rabbit and feed me to Cosmic Creepers,” he replied just as seriously.

Charlie laughed outright at such thoughts.

“I just might.  Maybe then Cosmic Creepers would like me.”

“All in good time.  Right, Cosmic Creepers? You like me and want me in this family, right?”

At that moment, Cosmic Creepers waltzed between Emelius’s legs and then jumped into his arms, nuzzling against his chest.

“Looks like you have to stay,” said Charlie with a smile.

“So it seems.  Let’s hope she wants me.”

“She does,” said Charlie with authority.

At that moment, Eglantine’s transportation could be heard parking outside, and so Charlie headed for the stairs.  The three children crouched down on the landing until Eglantine walked in, confused when Emelius opened the door to the romantic table and lack of children.

“Emelius, what is this? Where’re the children?”

“They’re busy upstairs.  Don’t worry about them.  You’ve been busy today.  Come over here and have something to eat.”

“Oh! My favorite! And you’re all dressed up.  What’s going on? Emelius,” she said, a smile starting to form.

“You deserve a night off sometimes.  And besides, I had wanted to talk to you privately about something,” he said, motioning for her to sit down.

“What is this important topic? Does it involve the children?” she asked with concern.

“It does indirectly.  They’re currently without a father.  I’ve got a job and a willingness to make things right and help them have a family.  But I’m missing a fundamental element, love.  In particular, someone to love.”

Upon saying that, Emelius got up and knelt down in front of Eglantine.  She smiled her encouragement.

“I know I was a coward and fool before, but I’ve changed my ways.  I want to be a better man because of you and the children.  You make me want to be and were my main source of comfort as I was a soldier.  I wanted nothing more than to come home to you.”

“What are you trying to say, Emelius?”

He smiled and took both of her hands as he stood up, her following in his wake.  The children smiled as he started to dance in a circle with her.

“Eglantine, Eglantine, oh how you shine.  Your lot and my lot have got to combine.”

The children took that moment to hurry upstairs, as they saw the ring appear, as well as a smile on Eglantine’s face.  They knew that the secret mission had been successful.  The kiss was coming, and it happened in privacy. 

In the morning, the news was made, with no one’s smile being bigger than Eglantine’s.  She really did shine that morning, and she would again on her wedding day in front of the whole town. 

A few days after that, the adoption papers were signed again, and they became an official family, at last.

Another Secret Mission

Author’s Disclaimer: No, I don’t own Bedknobs and Broomsticks, or any of the songs related to that movie.  All rights go to their respective owners.  The :icondisney-club: is having a contest that involves live action movies, so I decided to contribute stories, including this one for Bedknobs and Broomsticks.  I have always loved this movie, so it was fun to do something for it, getting in some fluff, family action, and patriotic feeling.  I don't get many opportunities to write something with someone in the military, so I'm taking advantage of it in this story.  So much fluff.  Sweet and lovely, as I always imagined it would end up being for that family, as I always knew they would end up making a good family together, if their time on Portobello Road was any indication.  I love all the music in that movie.  As a result, I managed to include a reference to every song in the soundtrack (however brief), so I was proud of myself for that.  Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! :D

Also, for the contest requirements, this is a movie from 1971, with three or more characters mentioned, as well as an animal included.  I hope that helps :-) 


Chapter 1: Shots Fired

“If Bog King’s middle name is Misery, then mine is Trouble.”

Marianne spoke confidently to herself in the mirror, ready to begin the process of getting ready.  Something had changed within her, and something was not the same: her.

No more Miss Prim and Perfect Marianne, slightly odd but tolerated because she’s the principal’s daughter and dating the senior student council president/varsity football captain.

Marianne shook her head repeatedly as she thought about how stupid she had been.  Had she really liked Roland and helped him that much? And for what? He was already going to college on a football scholarship.  He got by alright, and she, as head of the National Honor Society, helped him make the grade.  She regretted that.  All of it.


There went one long dress.  One sign of her acceptance of what was expected of her, by her father and Roland.  Modest and proper, even if Roland told her on occasion (often, now that she thought clearly about it) to wear something a little more low cut and show off her “feminine assets”.

Pig.  That was all he was.  A shallow, power-hungry, lying, cheating, chattering pig who only pretended to like her so that he could be the first to have sex with her, and no doubt gain points with her dad as he prepared for college. 

It was a good thing she had caught him when she had, necking with that girl in green from the National Honor Society the day of Senior Prom.  Otherwise, she may have gone with him and attended that wild party where the house was wrecked, with plenty of alcohol and drugs to go around.  She heard the whispers about it afterward from people sneering behind her back.

Try to drug her and get her alone, would he?

“I think not!”

With another angry stab, three more dresses had been cut, jagged edges all around.  The skirts received equal treatment as well.  It was time to test the limits and break through, away from this image she had created, concealing her feelings so that she was accepted.  Now, she did not care about acceptance, and it felt good, so freeing. 

What else could she do? Her shirts.

Gone were the light pastels so favored on her, and instead she found all her dark clothing, especially purple.  Purple was her favorite color, and she would wear it as much as she liked.  She would donate the rest to charity, all those “gifts” that Roland had given her. 

Roland wanted to see her look more modern? Well, she could do that without him.  If he did not like it, then he could get his attorney to plead his case because she was free of him, and she was never going back!  

“Appropriate outfit, complete with things people would be shocked to see me wear? Check.  What else am I missing?” she asked, tapping her face.  “Of course.  As Dawn would say, I need to accessorize!”

Marianne went to her jewelry box.  She had liked flowers in her hair, or some nice pearl earrings.  Not now. 

Tonight, she found her studded bracelets (they had been free with another purchase, not originally intended, but liked) and began wrapping her wrists repeatedly.  At least now she was ready to punch the lights out of that rat who calls himself Roland.

Marianne had no doubt that Roland had plans to make up to her tonight, as he had been trying for weeks to do now.  He had sung “C’mon Marianne” already, so she had no idea what other cheesy things he would sing to her, or try to do tonight.  As long as he did not try spiking her drink.  If any sort of drug or opiate was given to her to send her out of her head, then she would make sure he rued the day that he did so.  He would not be able to play football when she finished with him, or at least he would never have children.

At some point that night, Roland would be castrated, defenestrated, or decapitated, and she was amenable to any and all options opened to her during those twenty-four hours she spent locked up with him and the rest of the senior class.     

But back to accessories.  If she was going to see Dawn and save the day, then she was going to do so in style for the full look.  In addition to the bracelets, several golden rings with purple jewels were added, and Marianne twirled her fingers to enjoy the effect.  Then hitting people’s faces would feel good. 

The only thing needed was some purple nail polish before she really shined there.  It would not hinder her punch now (her nails were normally short), but it would give her more confidence, which she needed right now for what she was about to do.

Bang! Bang!

Marianne’s heels, uncomfortable and impractical things that they were, flew against the back side of her closet, never to be brought out again unless it was a true emergency.  She was through with playing by the rules of someone else’s game, and she would wear the comfortable tennis shoes she loved.

Next was makeup.  She did not wear much besides a little blush and lipstick, but tonight she added eyeshadow, as dark a purple as she owned.  Her eyes were wild, and she wanted all to see that she had changed.

As the brunette stared into the mirror, she could not help but think that something was missing.  She turned her head about until at last she came upon it: her hair.  That long braid that she had been growing for years sat heavily on her back, reminding her of how much her father and Roland liked it.  No more.

Marianne took some scissors and pulled a Rapunzel, cutting off her braid.  It was amazing how light her head felt! She shook her head back and forth, letting the remaining hair fly out in all its spiky directions.  She brushed and styled the hair, and once she was satisfied with that, she declared herself ready to face the judgmental world of high school.

No one was in the house now.  Her father and Dawn were already at the senior lock-in, and Marianne could not wait to see their faces.  Her dad would have a heart attack and swoon, and Dawn would be a little surprised at first, and then love the look. 

And that’s the only time Dawn’s going to be surprised tonight.  No one else is going to interrupt this special night that she planned so much for, not Roland, or Bog King and his merry little band of goblin nerds.

Marianne remembered the half-whispered (by Stuff), half-shouted (by Thang) conversation she had heard earlier that day.  It was at the beginning of the last class of the day, A.P. Calculus, and the two sat behind her in a corner.  She heard every word of their conversation.


“Have you got all the supplies in your locker?” whispered Stuff.

“Sure do!” replied Thang in his normal voice.

“Keep it down, Thang.  We don’t want anyone to know what we’re planning for tonight.”

“Come on, Stuff, it’s no big deal.  Heck, we don’t even know all the plans for the lock-in tonight.  The only one who does know the plan is Bog because he’s the one who made them.  We’re just helping to gather supplies before setting up all the pranks.  It’ll be a night no one forgets.”

“We’re going to finally show those jerks, especially those jocks, who’s in charge around here, and it’s going to be great,” said Stuff smugly, punching a fist into her other hand.

“Yeah, especially since you know who won’t go to avoid His Royal Prettiness,” added Thang laughing.

“She wouldn’t do anything anyway, seeing as she plays by the rules, Miss Prim and Perfect over there,” said Stuff in a whisper.

The teacher called class to start, or else Marianne would have listened to more.  For the rest of the class, she fumed.  It was fine to take revenge on the jocks.  It was one thing to insult her, as she did not care, but it was another thing entirely to plan to ruin her sister’s plans for the lock-in, Dawn being head planner as student council president.  That was when Marianne decided that she was attending that lock-in, come Roland or the zombie apocalypse.  She was not going to let them get away with that.  Nobody messed with her sister!

~--End of Flashback--~

Marianne could feel tears pricking her eyes as she remembered that conversation, despite her protests to not caring.  Those two really had no filter or did not care, seeing as she was only a couple seats in front of them.  It had hurt momentarily, but it made her wake up and see what she had become: a quieter, teary-eyed, surly (at least with regard to Roland and the black eye she had given him the first time she had seen him) girl who just let anyone do as they pleased because that was what was expected of her, to just listen.  She liked to think that she was blazing a trail with her ideas and becoming a teacher, but truly, all she had done was listen to what people expected her to do, especially her father, the former teacher.  She talked about her ideas, but nothing had ever been done.

Until now.  She was a woman of action, and she would prove that tonight.  She would show them and everyone else just what she was made of.  She may not like to cause trouble, but if done for a good reason, then she had all the reason she needed.  Bog King was nothing but trouble, and she intended to put him in his place. 

One last check was made in her car’s reflection before Marianne took in a big breath and let it out.  She looked different.  That was good.  None of their opinions mattered, as they did nothing to help her get out of that relationship with Roland, or else they thought her weak.  She could do this.  It was too late for second-guessing or to go back home and sleep; it was time to trust her instincts and take the leap.

“I’m trouble.  I disturb my class because I am a strong, independent woman, and I don’t need a guy to tell me what to do.  Love has made me weak.  Let’s show those jerks the real Marianne, the one not afraid to cause a little trouble.”

As Marianne marched toward the door, adrenaline pumped through her veins.  Energy she had thought gone after years of self-defense and karate lessons (stopped soon after dating Roland) now came back to her with clarity. 

The fear of Roland being there was gone.  The fear that she would not be able to stop the pranks dissipated.    The fear of disapproval fled.  Marianne felt so free in that moment, lifted high by her emotions, that she felt as though she could fly! And fly she did through that door, to crash the delicate plans Bog had made.

Before she slammed the door open, Marianne was the topic of conversation for two different reasons.

In the men’s bathroom, Roland bragged to his three cronies about his plans for the night.

“Everything is ready.  Marianne will ignore me for most of the night, but eventually I’ll cut in.  When I give you the first signal, spring the trap with her sister.  I’m going to get into Marianne’s good graces tonight, and she will love me.  To seal the deal, have that little vial ready when I give the second signal.  Then she’ll agree to come home with me.  Got it?”

The triplets nodded, slapped hands, and then swaggered out the door behind Roland.  In a stall on the opposite of the room, Bog finally got off of his makeshift perch on a toilet so that he could listen to the conniving four.  The information made him curious and hate Roland even more than he already did.

It was a well-known fact that Bog King was not someone to cross.  He had enough knowledge of computers and machinery to make himself dangerous, having helped the school custodians fix things for years.  He had a mischievous streak that only reared its ugly head when someone made fun of him or his (granted limited) friends, and he knew that Roland had always called him King of the Dorks or Nerds, depending on the day. 

Then there was all the bullying that Thang dealt with, Stuff always coming through with her right hook, causing her to be suspended on multiple occasions.  Were it not for the fact that she was bored in class, no doubt she would have fallen behind.  They all liked staying indoors as much as he did, content with the glow of the computer rather than people, giving them and a few others in the science club the nickname of goblins for their ways.

All of that combined to give Bog plenty of reasons to start planning months in advance for what he would do to his fellow classmates so that they knew who would have the last laugh.  It was not hard to get onto the school network and find the plans made for the lock-in, and he had been staying extra late at night to leave certain items around for the big night.  Once the stuff started getting set-up the night before, he snuck in and made modifications.

But that was not on his mind right now.  Marianne was, and he was curious if she would come, and how she would deal with Roland’s antics.  He walked back to his friends, lost in thought.

“What’s on your mind, monkey-butt?” said Stuff jokingly.  She had a love for name-calling, which usually got her in trouble, and Bog dealt much better with her names now.

“Barbie Boy was in the bathroom.  I listened to him and his goons talk about what they planned to do to Marianne Fairfield tonight.”

“Told you he was thinking about her!” said Stuff to Thang with pride.

“What’s this about Marianne? How’d you know?” said Bog with disbelief.

Thang pointed at Bog’s face before saying, “Your smile.”

Stuff added, “You’re so easily distracted when you talk about her for reasons I don’t understand.  It’s not like she’s anything all that great.”

Bristling, Bog said, “Well, she’s dealing with a lot of crap right now because of His High and Mightiness and-“

“You acted like this before all that,” replied Stuff.

“She’s such a good girl, and to hang around with that piece of trash…. It always made me wonder what went on in her head.”

It was a true statement.  Ever since he had transferred in two years ago, she had been Miss Nice Girl, and yet dated Roland.  It made no sense to him.  She deserved better.  He never really spoke to her, as their circles only met in certain honors classes, and she stayed with her lady friends. 

But ever since the break-up, she had been alone, other than the time she walked with her sister and Sunny.  Bog found out that Roland had cheated on her, and he felt for Marianne, as a fellow someone who had been hurt by love.  But that was it.  He certainly did not smile or think about her as much as his friends implied.

He started to defend himself when the doors banged open, and in marched Marianne. 

But she was not the same Marianne as earlier that day.  No, she was wearing purple and a short skirt, dressed and acting in a way quite different for her.  She looked angry.  She looked good angry.

Marianne pushed the doors open in front of her, and for a moment, her arms remained there.  Then, they swung back, held out at a sixty degree angle from her before she let out a scream, a battle cry in Bog’s mind.  Her arms flew forward again as the song on the radio changed to “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin, and Marianne flew into the hall outside the auditorium and stood in front of Bog, a dark look on her face.

All it took was one well-placed punch to the jaw for Bog to know that someone had told her what he planned to do.

“Stay away from my sister, you scaly-backed cockroach!”

Bog expected that kind of name to be uttered by Stuff, not Marianne.  Nor did he realize that she could pack a punch.  She may have just declared war on him, but if she was this exciting all night, at least he was going to enjoy it.

“Who said I planned to harm your sister?” he said, teeth grinding as he struggled not to hit her.  His body said fight, but his mind said not yet.  He waved away Stuff and Thang, both ready to hold her down at his signal.

“If not her, then all the plans she has made for this night.  You are not going to ruin this for her.  I will fight you if I have to-“

Marianne threw out another punch, and Bog was ready this time.  He held her fist in his much bigger hand, and gave her a smug grin.

“You’ll have plenty of time to do that later, Miss Prim and Perfect.  There’s even a ring ready for us in the all purpose room.  Meet me there at nine and don’t be late.  Just be careful about breaking a nail.”

Bog continued to smile and put out his other hand when Marianne tried to punch him with her left hand.

“I’ll have your head on a stick!” she spit out.

“Just keep talking like that, and you’ll be kicked out, Miss Perfect.”

“As long as you’re with me, Bog.”

“Keep telling yourself that, Marianne, if it helps you feel better.”

Bog shoved Marianne away onto the ground and strolled off, a spring in his step.  His night had just become ten times better, as he would have some competition to get everything done.  He liked a challenge, and she was a new and unexpected one.  Different, and he liked her idea of different.

Stuff and Thang followed in their leader’s wake, heading to a supply closet on the other side of the auditorium.  Once both were standing in front of the door, Bog pushed them both against the door and started screaming.

“Which one of you smart ones leaked out our plan? To her, no less.  Who?”

Both gave equally shocked looks and shook their heads.  Then something dawned in both faces.

“You tell him, Thang.  He likes you more.”

“I’m waiting,” said Bog with impatience.

Thang squeaked out, “You see, we didn’t even mention it until the last class of today, as we were so excited to be helping you.  The people in front of us were all talking, so we figured no one would listen to us, as usual.  But Marianne sits in front of us a couple rows, and I guess she heard us.  We didn’t mention anything specific, promise! Just that we planned to cause some trouble tonight and get people back.”

“We certainly said nothing to make her go and change her entire appearance like that,” added Stuff.

“I don’t know what you two said exactly, but you’ve made this night harder.  We should be able to distract her, and if not, then I’ll use her to get where I need to.  Go get the feathers.  We have a vice principal to surprise.”

At that, Bog went further down the wall to where the electrical switchboard was located, and conveniently locked.  Once he opened it, he turned a switch on a small, black box and closed the door.  The other two had the bags of hot honey and feathers.

On the other side of the room, the vice principal opened the doors and asked all the students to assemble.  Marianne made a beeline for the center seat, but she saw that it was taken by Brutus.  Not encouraging.  Her spidey-senses about something going wrong tingled more when Bog sat next to Brutus, his two other friends on opposite ends of the front row.  Marianne decided to sit close to Thang, to try to scare him.

For a while, the vice principal talked, describing the various activities planned for the night.  After having a Fairy Land theme for prom, the lock-in’s theme was The Dark Forest, with lots of cheesy names for activities.

For the first half of the night, there would be a track with go-carts to ride (called Dragonfly Drives), a ring with punching bags and boxing gloves (AKA, Rumbling Roaches), music and dancing (declared The Ugly Bug Ball), and the school pool was open (aptly called The Pond).  Then, everyone would gather to have the senior talent show. 

For the second half of the lock-in, more events were available: massage chairs to relax (christened Mossy Massages), a Vegas room (complete with a name like Viva Las Vegetations), sports to play in one half of the gym (Fungi Fun Times, wherever that came from), and more music and dancing in the other side of the gym.  When those events ended, class elections and baby pictures would be shared, and then the lock-in would end. 

Of course, there was food being supplied at the Centipede Café throughout the night, for whatever cravings the students had.  The junior year student council members and National Honor Society were taking shifts serving food. 

As the vice principal finished up his speech, Marianne saw Thang’s shoulder twitch.  She started to get up, but she was too late.

The vice principal said, “All the doors are locked.  Let the night begin!”

And night did begin, by having all the lights go off in the auditorium.  Then, Marianne heard a screech from the man on stage.  The lights turned back on, and all the students laughed at the yellow chicken now standing in front of them.  The chicken made high-pitched noises before running off the stage.

Marianne looked at Bog, and sure enough, he was laughing deeply, twirling a rope around his arm.  As much as Marianne wanted to be mad at Bog for doing that, she understood why Bog had done that.

It was a well-known fact that the vice principal loved football, coaching for middle school students.  In their private school, Henson High, he always sided with Roland and the rest of the football players, a few times unfairly.  Marianne had seen some of the arguments, and she had felt bad at the time, but Roland had always convinced her that as rough and nasty as they were, they deserved it.  She had gone along with it then, and now she was ashamed of herself for compromising like that.  But Bog had taken care of him good now.

Marianne turned back to see that Thang had fled the scene, now far away from her and close to Stuff.  Bog was also gone, but Roland decided to appear just then.

“Is that my Marianne, my buttercup? My, sweet babies, what happened to you?”

Roland had not gotten a good look at Marianne until after asking the first question.  Then he was shocked.

Marianne waltzed up to Roland, feigning a grin.

“Do you like it, Roland? I recall you saying at one point that I ought to show off my feminine assets.  Is that good enough for you?”

Marianne wiggled her hips as she teased him.  Roland gaped.

“Sure, buttercup, whatever you’re comfortable with-“

“Well, too bad! It’s not for you!” cried Marianne, pulling back an arm and punching Roland, making him fall back and hit his head on one of the metal seats. 

“You think you’re right about us being together, but you were wrong! You tried to take me for a ride and trick me, but I’m not a fool.  I’ll never trust you again.  You better run and hide, Roland, because if I see your sorry face again tonight, I’m going to give you matching black eyes.”

With a dazzling smile, Marianne walked out the other way of the auditorium toward the gym.  She felt so much better now!

From the back of the room, Bog and his three closest friends snickered at Roland as he fell back, hit his head, and moaned like a baby at Marianne’s words.

“Looks like Miss Prim and Perfect is done playing by the rules,” said Stuff at last.

“Sure does,” said Bog, “so you know what that means: Let me handle her.”

“Gee Bog, what do you want to do tonight?” asked Thang, concern in his voice.

“The same thing we do every night as we have for the last few weeks, Thang.  Try to take over the school and cause chaos.”

“But what about Marianne?”

“What about her, Stuff? She is a minor hindrance.  In fact, we’ll be able to use her to our advantage.”


“Leave that to me,” said Bog with a smug grin as he looked at Roland.  “I’ll talk to her.  Actually, we might even get lucky.  She may want to join us in taking down the same people who hurt her.  But for now, you have your orders.  Release the chaos!”

The group scattered, leaving Bog alone in the room.  He rubbed his hands together and headed in the direction of the cafeteria, listening for the screams as actual bugs appeared in the hallway.

Trouble Ch 1

Author’s Disclaimer: No, I don’t own Strange Magic, or any of the songs I make reference to in this story.  All rights go to their respective owners.  This two-shot is inspired by the song “Trouble”, the version done by Pink.  I love that song, and I think it perfect for Marianne as she goes in to confront evil and save the day, as well as show how she changes after the Roland incident.  There is also a healthy dose of Idina Menzel songs in here.  My original plan was to make this one really long story, but I’m going out of town and wanted to give something to you all to read.  This is a modern high school AU, with all the trappings of high school, good and bad.  It just fit, so I had to do it and get it out of my head.  I’m sorry to stop right there, but it seemed most appropriate.  I hope you enjoyed Marianne’s transformation.  It did not have the song, but I hope what I used instead works.  As for the song references, I tried not to make them too obvious or out of place, but it happens.  There were also a couple other ones, including one from Labyrinth, Shrek, and Pinky and the Brain.  There’s lots more shenanigans to follow, as Marianne is empowered and determined to make a difference, while Bog convinces her to do otherwise.  Thanks so much for reading! :D

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Chapter 4: The First Practice

“So, Bog? Have you called that nice girl yet?”

Bog spit out the water he was drinking as he heard the first words from his mother over the phone.

“Mother! Why can’t you just let me live in peace?”

“Because no son of mine is going to die alone.  And I want grandchildren.  Besides, there’s this old friend of mine who has a daughter named Maxine, and I think you two would hit it off-“

Bog had no intention of being set up on another blind date by his mother.  The last time he had, Lakeesha had been her name, and the night ended fast.  Ever since that fateful day, he had no desire to be in a relationship, even if Marianne was different and beautiful. 

 “I’m helping Marianne with her sister’s wedding,” said Bog, trying to quiet his mother.

“You know her name? This is wonderful! Why didn’t you say so?”

Bog could hear his mother dancing in place, probably already picking out a church.  He raised his eyebrows in annoyance before answering.

“Because I have no expectations from this other than to get paid.  I don’t want you to expect anything or try to stalk her like you have with other girls.”

“I was only trying to help.  If they couldn’t handle that, they had no business being with you.”

Bog laughed at the thought of all the meddling his mother did in his life, including visiting the girls’ homes and having tea with them.  He may live far away from her and see her only once a week, but she was a big presence in his life, the only family he had around.  Anyone he married would have to deal with her, and he did not want to inflict her upon anyone else.  Nor was he ready to have his heart be broken again.

“Nonetheless, this is just a little music practice.  Marianne has a list ready for us to learn.  I’m going tomorrow, and no, I’m not going to tell her that you say hello, before you ask.”

Bog smiled at the thought of his mother pouting that she could not poke her head in and invite Marianne over for snacks and tea.

“Fine, Bog, be that way.  Such thanks for the woman who carried you for over nine months in her womb,” she grumbled.

“Is there an actual reason for your call, Mother?”

“Nope!” chirped Griselda, “I just wanted to know if you had gotten the paper and called her.  I’m so glad you did! Bye now!”

Griselda hung up the phone while Bog stared in wonder at his.  He could not figure out his mother, and probably never would. 

Once Bog put away his phone, he went back to guitar practice.  It had been a while since he had played longer than twenty minutes, so the last couple days he had been getting back into it.  When it was finally time for the practice, he brought both instruments, just in case Marianne changed her mind and wanted him to play the violin.

While Bog drove, Marianne prepped the music room for habitation, as it had turned into a good storage area in recent months for the wedding.  Dawn was supposed to be helping, but really was not.

“So, has Sunny given you his requests yet?”

Dawn gave her biggest puppy dog eyes while Marianne waved the cuteness away.  Both Dawn and Sunny wanted certain songs to be played at their reception, to sing to the other, and Dawn had given her requests already. 

“I’m not telling.  Are you going to pick up stuff or just walk in a circle around it?” said Marianne in exasperation.

“I’m helping, see? So, are you ready to spend some quality time with your Goblin King?”

“Dawn, what did I tell you about calling him that?”

“Would you prefer Boggy-woggy Kingy-wingy?”

Marianne threw a pillow at her sister, which started an all-out pillow fight before Dawn gave up, her competitive side nowhere near as fierce as Marianne’s, nor her aim as keen.

“But seriously,” said Dawn when Marianne gave up at last, “are you sure that you’re okay doing this with him? I want you to enjoy yourself.  You’re maid of honor and already have a lot going on.  I don’t want this to ruin it for you.”

Marianne got up and hugged her sister.

“Thanks for the support, Sis.  If anything does happen, I promise to let you know.  But, based on what I know of him, I think we’re going to get along just fine.”

“So can I invite him to stay for dinner with us?” asked Dawn a little too eagerly.

Marianne shook her head and smiled.

“If he gets through today, then yes.  We’ll see.  Look for my signal.”

“Okay!” squealed Dawn.

A knock came to the door then, and both girls looked at each other in panic.  The room was still a mess.

“Dawn, you clean up, and I’ll get the door.”

“Wait, why do I have to clean all this up?” asked Dawn pouting.

“Because you instigated this pillow fight, and you make this room look better than I can, with all your interior decorator skills.”

“Only because I love you,” said Dawn with grin.

Marianne rushed to the door and saw that no one was there.  She was confused until she saw the violin and guitar cases sitting on her porch.  Then she heard a grunt from an unknown car in her driveway.

“Bog, do you need some help?”

Marianne went to the back of the car, where Bog was leaning over to pick something up.

“Marianne, is that you? No, I’m good, just taking music stands out of my-“

Bog backed up to the edge of the trunk and turned around, only to find Marianne in his personal space.  The next word died in his mouth as they stared at one another in the close quarters.  He finally spoke again. 

“You could have warned me you were there.  What are you, a ninja?”

“Everybody was kung-fu fight-ing!” rang out a shrill, female voice from the side of the car.

“I take it back,” said Bog gruffly as he looked at Dawn, “it’s a family trait.”

“Hi, Bog!” said Dawn waving and jumping up and down.

“Dawn,” mumbled Bog as he scratched the back of his head.

“Well, are you coming inside or what? Or are you gonna stare awkwardly and talk out here instead?”

Sunny drove by just then, honking his horn.  Dawn waved to Bog before bear-hugging her older sister and running to join Sunny for some wedding planning.

“Is Dawn always like that?” said Bog looking at the place where Dawn once was.

“Oh yes, there’s just so much energy.  Try living with her.”

Both smiled, and Marianne went to grab the instruments while Bog brought in the music stands and music he had.  Once they settled into a clutter-free music room, Marianne began to explain the basic set-up of the wedding day and how they fit in.

“Once the ceremony is over, all of the invited guests will come to the reception.  There’s an open bar and live music being played for all of it, as those two love going to concerts and singing.  We play for the first hour, and then the paid musicians come in.  We just have to learn enough stuff to cover about forty minutes, as the rest will probably be the happy couple giving an introduction to the song and saying how much they love the other.”

“That sounds really sappy,” said Bog with a scowl.

“I haven’t even begun to tell you about the decorations,” said Marianne half-joking, half-serious. 

“I don’t want to know.”

“Too bad, you are,” said Marianne with a laugh, “as I don’t want you to be shocked into silence by all the shades of red, orange, and pink that will be there.”

“Will our eyes be treated to an infinite number of hearts, rainbows, unicorns, and all that other romantic nonsense?”

“You bet,” said Marianne.

“Is there worse?” asked Bog in horror.

Marianne continued to speak of the decorations and enjoyed watching Bog’s face become even paler at the thought of so much red.

“There are far better ways to celebrate their love, or they could just not decorate,” said Bog when Marianne had finished.

“This is a labor of love for Dawn, and she is designing it all herself.  She does a little every day in preparation.”

“But still! There are better ways to spend that time, such as with Sunny.”

 Marianne laughed until she saw Bog’s confused face.

“Sorry about that, but you said exactly the same thing I said to Dawn when I found out what her decorating plans were.  It’s funny.”

After that, the two began their practice.  Marianne played some scales on her piano, while Bog played a few chords of “Smoke on the Water” on his guitar.  Marianne shot him a dirty look, and he grinned.

Once both were ready, Marianne began drilling him on what songs he knew, seeing if they shared any.  That led into a discussion about the range in which they would be playing.  Marianne knew that Dawn was a soprano, and Sunny a tenor, so it was a simple matter of transposing the music as needed.  They would eventually practice with both Sunny and Dawn, but not until they had the main songs down.

“So what’s the first song we have to practice? Please tell me it’s not ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’,” said Bog seriously.

“Don’t say those words out loud! The walls have ears,” whispered Marianne as she clapped her hands over his mouth.

Bog gave Marianne a helpless, confused look.  Then his face turned pink.  Marianne was surprised by the quiet until she realized that she was still touching Bog and pulled away.

“Sorry, but no, they haven’t requested it, and I’m hoping they don’t.  I might pull out my hair if I had to practice that for multiple hours a day.  I hate it.”

“I hate it more.  I’m glad I’m not the only one,” said Bog with relief, “as hearing that song makes me sick.  I can’t help it.  Really, anyone in love is a fool-“

“Rushing into something that will bind them to trouble and misery-” interrupted Marianne, inching closer to Bog in commiseration.

“For the rest of their lives,” added Bog, moving closer as well.

“All the lies, pain, and sorrow they could ask for,” said Marianne as she realized that she could now feel the heat radiating off of Bog’s body.  So close, and then she looked up.

For a moment, the two memorized the color of each other’s eyes as they shared in their hatred of love.  Bog cleared his throat, and Marianne moved away.

“I’m confused, Marianne.  If you hate love so much, why are you so supportive of Dawn?”

“I thought I already explained to you how they got together.”

“Yes, but I thought you would put up more of a fight to protect Dawn or something.  And you’re just letting her do whatever she wants.”

“Not true, on either count,” countered Marianne.

Bog gave her a disbelieving look, so Marianne started talking again.

“I’ve known Sunny for more than ten years.  I trust him with Dawn; I know that he would lay down his life for her.  It’s also really hard to say no to those two when you see what nonsense my father put them through, questioning both at every turn with his prejudices.  He’s never liked Sunny, and it took a long time for him to agree to the wedding.  I told them to just elope as our Dad will forgive them for wanting to be happy.”

“I didn’t realize your dad was such a stick in the mud,” said Bog, his tone soft.

“Ever since Mom died, he has been very stuck in his ways.  He used to be clueless about our love lives until Dawn started dating Sunny and I-“

Marianne did not want to say Roland’s name out loud.  Nor talk about him.

“What did you do, Marianne?”

“I refused to be with the guy my Dad thought best for me.  Simple as that.  Now, as for letting Dawn do whatever, believe me when I say that I have nixed about three other designs for decorations, all far worse than this one.”

“Worse? Not imagining it.  What’s our first song?”

“Our first song to play will be Queen’s ‘You’re My Best Friend’.  It’s funny because both requested that song.”

Bog chuckled at the idea of the two both trying to sing at the same time and realizing it later.  It would be funny at first and later sickeningly sweet.

Marianne gave the music to Bog, and then they began, first with Marianne singing and Bog playing a few chords until the right range was found.  Then she stopped singing.

“You don’t have to stop singing, Marianne.  You have a good voice.  Beautiful, actually.”

Marianne blushed before shaking her head.

“Thanks, Bog.  I need to practice piano, though, as I’m rusty.  I can sing later.”

Marianne had no desire to sing and had not since to any great extent since breaking up with Roland.  She just did not feel as though she had a reason to sing, and she did not want to talk about it more than necessary.  Dawn was the only exception to her rule of no singing, and she planned to keep it to a minimum. 

After they practiced and got a good start on that song, the two began the next song.  They were twenty minutes into practicing it when Marianne got up suddenly and went to the kitchen. 

Bog followed, wondering why she left without a word.  He walked into the kitchen to see Marianne put on her music, and “Barracuda” came on.  She stood there, holding a kitchen knife in her left hand like a blade, as though poised to fight, muttering about an “Evil Roland”. 

“Marianne? Are you alright?”

Most love songs made Marianne feel ill because of the silly things that they represented, as well as reminded her of the times she had been stupid and spent with Roland.  All she wanted to do was run away from the music and punch Roland for being the lying, cheating, chattering pig he was.

“I’m fine, I promise.  But I just can’t practice those silly love songs for very long.”

“I didn’t want to, either.  You’d think that people would have had enough of silly love songs.  Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs, and I say we don’t have to, unless it’s for your sister.”   

Marianne smiled and giggled at his phrasing before reaching to turn the music off, still not facing Bog.  Bog recalled hearing the name from Marianne at the renaissance festival, and then he made the connection to shiny helmet jerk. 

“C’mon, Tough Girl.  Let’s take a break and do some non-love songs.  Just live and let die.”

Marianne turned around and smiled a genuine smile.  If nothing else, the two could connect over music.  It made Bog feel warm inside for reasons he could or would not explain fully to himself.  He had helped her, and he found that liked doing so.

After an hour of dueling with their respective instruments, one ending on a chord and the next picking up with that for a different song, the pair went back to practicing more songs for the wedding.  Marianne found the love songs more bearable when Bog did facial impressions of Thang while playing and mouthing the words.  Shorter breaks were taken after that, but they still managed to make progress with a couple of songs before Dawn and Sunny came home, Sunny carrying a delicious-smelling pot of food.  

“Hey, you music fiends! Ready to eat?” asked Dawn upon seeing the smile on Marianne’s face.

“You bet,” said Marianne, grabbing Bog’s wrist and dragging him to the table so that they could eat right away.  Marianne was famished.  Bog let himself be dragged, the promise of food too tempting to pass up. 

“So? How did your first practice go?” asked Dawn eagerly.

“Well, we didn’t punch each other,” said Marianne.

“And we have discovered that we share similar interests in music,” added Bog.

“And Bog should be forced to lip-sync to all love songs, just so I can handle them,” finished Marianne.

The pair looked at each other, then at Sunny and Dawn’s surprised faces, and then back at one another, laughing at the couple’s confusion.

The rest of the meal passed by well, Dawn and Sunny taking their turn to talk about what they had accomplished once Bog and Marianne made it clear that they had made progress.  When Bog left, Marianne went ahead with the instruments to open the door for Bog.  Dawn grabbed Bog at the front door.

“Did my sister sing today?”

“A little,” said Bog, raising an eyebrow.

“Wonderful! And did she act odd at all when you worked on some of the songs?”

“By odd, do you mean her getting up and leaving, putting on other songs?”

“Yep, that’s my sister,” said Dawn with a frown.

“She only did it once, and we talked after.  Then I tried to help by making strange faces at her while we played certain songs.”

Dawn clapped her hands and hugged Bog.  Marianne might one day sing again; she was sure of it!

“I haven’t seen my sister this happy in so long.  Thanks, Bog.  You’re welcome to visit anytime.  Just don’t tell Marianne I said that.”

Bog returned the hug and left a waving Dawn.  Marianne was sitting on the edge of the trunk when he got to his car.

“What did my sister say?” she asked.

“She wanted to know how you were during rehearsal, if you were handling the songs alright.  She knows we handle it well together.”

Marianne reached out and took one of Bog’s hands, a smile on her face.

“Thanks.  I want to do this for her.  The more we do this, the easier it will be,” she said, squeezing his hand.

“Together, we can overcome our aversion to love songs and just make fun of them always,” said Bog, sticking out his tongue one last time at Marianne.

Both laughed, eyes linked on one another.  Bog wanted to go since it was late, but he felt bad with Marianne holding his hand.  He squirmed a little before she noticed and let go.  Another awkward look was shared between them as Bog got into the car, and then he was gone.

Bog did not want to admit it out loud (especially near his mother), but he knew that their music practices were going to turn into more.  In that one day, she had let him in to see her hurt, and she had accepted his comfort, even if it was not in the most traditional way.  It also occurred to him that she still had not told him about Roland.  He planned to fix that at the next meeting. 

As Marianne watched Bog leave, she thought back to what he had last said.

“I don’t think we’ll ever completely get over our aversion to those songs, but I’m all for replacing all my bad memories with ones of him.”     

The Accompanist Ch 4

Author’s Disclaimer: No, I don't own Strange Magic, or any of the songs I make reference to.  One of my goals in my longer Strange Magic fics is to mention all of the songs used in SM.  This story focuses on classic oldies.  Also, I can see Bog making fun of Thang easily, and you just know that Bog would make faces to make Marianne feel better, besides with a good spar.  Don’t worry, there will be more sparring later on, but first they need to talk about their bad choices in love.  Thanks so much for reading! I really appreciate it! I hope you enjoyed!  :D

First chapter:


Chapter 6: The Perks of Being a Shadow King – All the Right Moves by OneRepublic

What did Kyoya want?

Mori’s question haunted Kyoya’s mind, even more than the numerous scenarios he imagined Haruhi doing when they next met. 

The benefit of Mori asking that question was that Kyoya was focusing on more than just Haruhi and Tamaki and their perceived neglect.  How was Mori doing? He had not asked Mori anything about himself, and as a Host, he was a failure for doing that.  What had made him forget his manners?

He went out to eat with associates regularly.  He talked to people at work constantly.  He was well-liked in many circles for his ideas and conversation.  So why could he not carry on a simple conversation with a friend?

Kyoya had to face the facts: it had been over three months since he had last spoken to Mori before Mori had approached him.  Life had happened.  Mori looked a little different (he looked taller somehow), even if he was still his stoic, understanding self.  Kyoya did not know what to ask about besides work, which he hated doing with his friends.  They did not want to hear it, except for maybe Haruhi.  The others did not care about the numbers and machinations.  He could have asked about Hunny and Reiko.  He could have asked about kendo and Mori’s training.  But he did not.  He felt like he had become a stranger to them.

That’s because you are, you idiot.

Kyoya could hear the voice of reason, sounding a lot like Haruhi, and he had to come to grips with that.  He had become a stranger, not a true friend.  He had done that, not just them.

There was a struggle going on inside his mind.  One side, the angry, hurt side, argued they had stopped talking to him.  The other side reminded him that he had asked to be left alone more, though he had never intended this much.  But it had happened.  What was he going to do about it now?

Such thoughts were battling in Kyoya’s mind as he sat and waited in a car at the airport.  The Americans had landed, and he had good information that they liked a personal touch with their partners.  With that in mind, he had set aside hours to meet them and show them around a little.  He would give them exactly what they wanted, just as he had in Host Club with the girls. 

Soon, his driver appeared with four people following.  The two in front, a short, muscular man and a tall, lanky male, were making wild hand gestures at one another and pointing at things they saw.  They were excited, and he was glad to see it.  But what got him more was the easy camaraderie between them, as one might make a hand gesture, making the other one scowl before laughing.  Those two had to be the engineers who had founded the company while in college together.

Kyoya was jealous for several moments of the two friends’ relationship.  They had been through some hard times together economically, but no one could have seen that in how they interacted.  Kyoya used to have that with Tamaki.  At some level, he used to have that with Haruhi as well.  What had happened? Could it be repaired? Was he going to be alone?

That last thought had appeared out of nowhere.  Since when was he worried about being alone? But seeing what they had made him see that he was alone at that time, very much alone.

Such dreary thoughts were pushed from his mind as his Host smile appeared, and Kyoya began welcoming the visitors.  The next few hours had been trying on Kyoya’s nerves, as he had told them he would answer any questions they had about the culture and what they would be doing while staying there for the next couple weeks, and he regretted it. 

They had proceeded to ask him about all the good places to eat, followed by local attractions, and Kyoya wished that Haruhi and Tamaki were there to tell them about all the commoner places to try.  But, he had sources who knew such things, and he heard about enough places from the couple to get along.  They wanted to see things, and he arranged it for them without a problem.  There were definitely perks to his job and being who he was.

When he dropped them off at their hotel, Kyoya went home to rest.  He watched the two engineers closely, trying to understand their friendship.  He still did not.  But he knew he wanted that again, somehow.  Eventually.

A few days later, it was time to meet Kaoru for lunch.  Kyoya walked in to see Kaoru sitting there, a devilish grin on his face.  Kyoya had missed that smile, and he resolved then and there not to fail Kaoru like he had Mori.  Better late than never to start.

“Kyoya, you sly dog! You made it! I was wondering if you would skip out on me or just be late.”

“An Ootori is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to,” said Kyoya with as much dignity as he could muster.

“Sure, Kyoya.  Whatever you say.”

Kyoya shook his head with a faint smile before remarking, “You look like you got another haircut.  I thought you had sworn never to cut it that short again.”

Kaoru poo-poohed Kyoya’s comment by saying, “I don’t seem to recall making that promise, but an Ootori never forgets.  But no, this is new because I have a girlfriend who thinks it makes me look dashing.  I don’t quite see it myself, but it allows me to get away with more, so I do.”

“It does suit you, Kaoru, even if you don’t look like Hikaru anymore.”

“Thanks, Kyoya.  But don’t worry.  When you see Hikaru, you’ll realize that we still look alike.  We can’t make it too easy on the models to tell us apart, right?”

“But you still want to be distinguishable, don’t you?” asked Kyoya with hesitation.

“Sure we do.  But those that really care about us take the time to get to know us and tell us apart.”

Kyoya’s face puckered slightly at the thought of those that really cared, and then he said, “Yes, but there’s plenty of people out there who just want to get in your good graces, the social climbers.  They’ll do what it takes, even learning to tell you apart.”

“Let me tell you a secret, Kyoya,” said Kaoru leaning over conspiratorially, “about us.  We can always tell those two apart.  It’s not hard.”

“Really,” said Kyoya with skepticism.

“It’s the same thing with you when you decide if a person can be trusted in business.  You have your indicators.  Ours are simple: do they try to get us apart or alone? And do they put up with our jokes? If they make the effort to get us alone and talk without anyone else around, they really want to.  Most social climbers just keep us together and try not to address us, or get us alone and try to make us doubt the other.  And anyone who truly wants to know us knows that we don’t try to be mean, and they’ll call us out on our shenanigans just like Haruhi.”

It was food for thought for Kyoya.  He had never asked that before, and he was glad he had.  The rest of the lunch was pretty smooth until Haruhi was brought up, and Kaoru winked knowingly at Kyoya.

“So what’d you think of Haruhi’s dress the other night? Wasn’t she something?”

It was at this point that Kyoya knew he should say that he thought that the twins had outdone themselves.  Kaoru liked a little praise every now and then, just as much as the next person.  But more was needed to be said.

“Haruhi hasn’t looked better in a while, though I doubt you can reasonably take credit for her smile and good humor.”

“No, that’s all Haruhi, but you sure didn’t do her any favors, Kyoya.”

Kaoru’s tone was not accusatory, but the underlying tone still did not sit well with Kyoya.  He straightened his glasses before tilting his head more toward Kaoru.

“What are you trying to say, Kaoru?”

“I wasn’t there, but from everyone who was there, you sure were acting odd.  You were pointedly ignoring her, and then the moment a guy got close to her, you scared him away and yelled.”

Kyoya had wondered how his actions had been perceived.  It was worse than he had hoped.

“Didn’t anyone see what that guy had done to Haruhi?”

Kaoru shook his head before saying, “All we know is what little Haruhi told us, and then the rumors.  No one knows why you went off, except for Haruhi.  She refused to tell us.  What was it?”

Kaoru was genuinely curious.  He had been hoping to find out since Haruhi would not say.  That meant that it was either really simple or bad.

Kyoya did not understand why Haruhi had not told the guys, but he certainly intended to clear himself.

“Haruhi ate something and got some sauce on her face.  The guy wiped it off without asking.”

Kaoru blinked and said, “How well does this guy know her?”

“They’ve never talked before.”

Kyoya was sure that Kaoru would understand.  He did not, if his bubbling laughter was any indication.

“Kyoya, really? Something so simple as that? I thought for sure that he had tried to kiss her or something.  I had heard the guy was a flirt, and this confirms it.  But that’s so tame! We can do so much better than that!”

“Kaoru, this is not a laughing matter.”

“This definitely is, Kyoya! This is great.  You’ve never been one to overreact about Haruhi, and I heard you had quite the aura going.  Face the facts: you overreacted.”

“I did what I thought was necessary.”

“By threatening the guy with his job?”

Kyoya wanted to contest that, but it seemed that everyone thought that, no matter that he had apologized to the guy a few days later and gave him a warning.  He had overreacted a little, but not that much.

“It was the fastest way to get him away from Haruhi.”

It was true, as the guy loved his job and did not want to be replaced.  He was more contrite and quiet at work now, a welcome relief. 

“Kyoya, I think you’re losing your touch.  How has this come to be?”

“I have my reasons.”

“None you care to share with an old pal? Don’t worry, I promise to tell no one.  Except Hikaru,” he said, attempting to nudge Kyoya with his elbow.

“When I’m ready, I will,” Kyoya said at last.

Kaoru’s enthusiasm dampened a little, but he soon recovered. 

“Fine, be that way.  Just don’t hold out too long.  I’m glad you’re only being argumentative with Haruhi.”

“We have more issues to discuss.”

“Sounds like a lot of issues from the way you go at it with her,” said Kaoru laughing, “and if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you two sound like an old married couple, the way Haruhi goes on.  But that certainly is not the case.”

Kyoya shook his head at the thought.  Married, indeed.  The thought had its merits, but it was impossible.

If Kaoru heard Kyoya’s sigh, he kept quiet about it.

“But anyways, Kyoya, it was good to catch up.  We should do it again.”

“We should, Kaoru.  Just not right away.”

“Understandable as Hikaru wants his shot with you.  Take care.”

The two parted ways, and Kyoya went back to work feeling a little better.  He had helped one bridge along, but he still had ways to mend it completely.  He still was a little steamed at the idea of an Ootori never forgetting, but perhaps that was true at some level with what he did.  He also was not sure how all that had hurt Haruhi, as they had gotten off the topic before he could ask. 

But perhaps Hikaru would be able to help with that.  He would also have to contact Mori and make it up to him.  After he settled things with the Americans.   

The next day, Hikaru appeared outside Kyoya’s building, and the two arranged a day to meet for lunch.  Then Hikaru ran off to cause mischief, and Kyoya went inside.

It was while Hikaru was heading toward work that he saw Tamaki sitting outside at a café.  He was about to call out to his Tono when Tamaki smiled at someone and got up excitedly.  Hikaru thought Tamaki looked much happier than normal, and then he saw Renge.  That was odd.  When had those two started hanging out?

Hikaru pushed the thought from his mind as he went off to work, only telling Kaoru about it later that night.

“I saw Tono meeting with Renge today.”

Kaoru scrunched up his face in disbelief.

“That’s weird for him.  Why would he do that? He has Haruhi to talk to.”

“But you know they fought again recently,” said Hikaru with sadness.  “Maybe she was cheering him up.”

“Her, of all people?”

Kaoru knew that Tamaki and Renge got along, but Renge tended to hang out with Haruhi.  Then again, he could not recall the last time the two girls had talked.

“Tamaki looked ecstatic to see her.  Just saying,” said Hikaru with a shrug.

“Let’s keep an eye on those two.”


The two went off to bed with that agreement, as Tamaki sat on his bed, not quite tired enough to go to sleep.  He had had a full day of work, and he was glad at all that had happened.  But what kept him up was thoughts of Renge. 

After Renge had come over after his fight with Haruhi, she had been sure to call him the next day to check on him.  She called a couple days after that.  Tamaki figured the best way to prove to her that he was doing better was for them to meet up, so they met for breakfast.  It had been a nice, friendly chat, and Renge had never looked better. 

At the end, Renge had asked if they could meet for breakfast again, and Tamaki had agreed.  Why not? What was wrong with developing a better friendship with Renge? She had supported and understood him when he needed it, and he liked talking to her.  He went to bed soon after that without another thought.

In another bedroom, Haruhi was asleep, getting extra sleep before seeing Kyoya on the morrow.  When she woke up, she discovered that for the first time in over a year, Tamaki had not sent her a good night text.  She had gotten used to him sending them to her, as it was his way of showing her that he cared, even if it woke her up or she did not send one in response.  He had always done that, even when he was abroad and sent it at his bedtime instead of hers.  He had sent them during their fighting time, his only means of making sure that she knew that he was still there for her.

What did the lack of text mean? Haruhi was not sure, and she did not know if she liked the answer.

The whole day was just a bad day for Haruhi.  She got out of the house late after sitting on the bed, wondering about the lack of text, causing her to be late for an early meeting.  Her superiors had been kind, and that was her one good moment that day. 

The meeting went over, making her late for another appointment, and she had to skip lunch.  Her late lunch made her have an upset stomach, so she was irritable during the second meeting.  After the meeting, she realized she had not brought a lunch, so she was in a right awful mood by the time she went home.   

At home, she found holes in the pantyhose she had planned to wear, so she had to go out and get new ones at the last second after discovering that they were her last pair.  That pushed her whole schedule behind, so she was eating and arriving late to the function.  Kyoya was about, but people were swarming him that night.

Haruhi had no idea why people kept trying to talk to Kyoya, so she made her way toward his group a couple times.  No luck.  No one was going to let her in. 

Haruhi poked her head around and found out that Kyoya had potential clients in town, highly contested ones.  It took the rest of the night to piece together that he was among four people trying to get their business.

Near the end of the night, Haruhi tried one last time to get in, but to no avail.  As she stepped back, Kyoya nodded at her and smiled before walking off with someone else.  He was definitely not going to make it easier on her.

Over the next three weeks, Haruhi tried three more times to talk to Kyoya, and only managed once for several moments.  She got in her congratulations when she found out that he was one of two people vying for the Americans’ business.  After that, he had been needed by someone, so he left her, his Host smile in place.  Haruhi left feeling more frustrated than ever.

Kyoya was pleased with the direction of his business plans.  His personal touch had kept him a contender with the Americans, the engineers liking him enough to bore him with their engineering talk, and the accountant and lawyer smiling at him if nothing else.  His ploy made others come to him, asking him more questions than ever about the new people in town, and he enjoyed being the sole source of information.

Having command of the attention had other perks as well, as it made it harder for Haruhi to sneak in with her questions.  No doubt she had thought of more, unless she just wanted to talk to him.  But surely she knew now that that would not win him over.  Those questions had been the best technique so far.  He was pleased that she was having problems accomplishing her goal, and he was even happier that she still came back so frequently, despite Tamaki being home.  Why Tamaki had not come yet was a mystery to him, but he would ask Hikaru that when he saw him in a few days.

Alas, Hikaru had gotten sick with a cold right before their lunch outing, so they decided to wait until Hikaru felt better.  The waiting took longer because Hikaru ended up getting pneumonia for a couple weeks.  Hikaru was finally starting to get energy back, so that was good.

Since Hikaru could not meet with him, Kyoya reached out to Mori, and they were able to have a proper lunch.  Kyoya did not answer Mori’s question, but he started the mending process.  He was content with that.

On his way back to the office, Kyoya saw Tamaki leaving a restaurant.  No one left with Tamaki, so Kyoya wondered where Haruhi was.  Tamaki seemed happy, and Kyoya wished that he knew why.  For that matter, he wondered why Tamaki had never called him.  It was best to leave. 

If Kyoya had stayed longer, he would have seen Renge leave, after Tamaki and Renge’s fourth lunch date, the third time that Kaoru noticed them as he passed on another side of the street, eating his lunch.  He did not spot Kyoya, but he continued to look at the other two and how happy they seemed upon leaving.  He sent a text to his recovering twin with the news of another outing.  Kaoru had no doubt that Hikaru would be eating up the information, ready to ask Kyoya about it when they met for lunch, as Hikaru loved a little drama and gossip.

Later that day, Kyoya arrived at a restaurant, waiting for the Americans to appear.  Now that they had agreed to stay for an additional month to start real talks, Kyoya was doing everything he could to outdo what the competition was doing. 

The next moment, Kyoya saw Haruhi enter the restaurant, walking alongside two of the junior partners in her firm.  Haruhi’s face lit up for a moment, and she excused herself from the group while they got seated.  She was about to speak to him when his guests arrived, loud as ever.  He walked forward to meet them and then led them toward their table before they disturbed everyone else.

As Kyoya waited for the servers to grab menus, he looked at Haruhi.  He had not meant to dismiss her so suddenly, but it had been necessary to make sure that they did not start bothering the wait staff with awkward questions as they had before.  When he looked at her, he saw the saddest set of eyes he had ever seen.  The eyes blinked, and then they were gone. 

Kyoya sat at dinner and wondered why those eyes seemed so familiar to him.  He puzzled until he came home and looked in the mirror, and then he knew where he had seen them before: his own eyes as he looked at the mirror while talking to an excited Tamaki.  Tamaki had been singing his praises as he spoke of how well things were going with Haruhi after applying his advice, leading to how great Haruhi was, while never asking about him.

Kyoya knew the look in Haruhi’s eyes.  He could say with certainty that they were sad and lonely.  And he had done that.  Was doing it with every time he ignored her.  He had to stop doing that.  He did not want anyone feeling that awful, especially because of him.  Especially Haruhi.  She deserved to be happy, and he wanted to see her happy.

While Kyoya looked in his mirror, Haruhi lay on her bed, a lump in her throat.  Kyoya had not been joking around, and she had run out of ideas for how to get to him.  At least now she knew what all the hubbub was about, seeing the four loud people.  They seemed genuinely nice.  But Kyoya had not.  He had not spoken to her, or acknowledged her in front of his associates.  He always had done that in the past.  He seemed proud of her in those moments.  He was not anymore.

But that was not the only thing running through her mind.  Tamaki, or rather the lack of him in her life, was starting to frustrate her as well.  He was becoming forgetful, not always answering calls and texts from her.  Hikaru, sick soul that he was, seemed to think that Tamaki had other pressing matters to take care and that she should not worry.  She trusted Hikaru, and Tamaki for that matter.  Tamaki still appeared from time to time, but it was different.  She just could not figure out what it was that was different.

With all those things weighing on her mind, as well as a possible promotion (hinted heavily at while she was at dinner), Haruhi needed to talk to someone about all this.  She needed a female voice, preferably one in a relationship to help her sort out what was happening, so she made a call the next day.

“Reiko, are you free this weekend? I was hoping to come by and see the house at last.”

“Is that all you want to do, Haruhi?”

Hunny’s observation skills seemed to be rubbing off on Reiko.  That, or they had been talking and doubts were being expressed.  Either way, Haruhi was a little relieved and sighed before answering.

“Well, I was hoping I could talk to you about a few things, if you don’t mind.”

“Does it involve Tamaki or Kyoya?”


Haruhi could almost hear Reiko running to get her book of curses.  Then she heard another voice in the background.

“Do you want Hunny to be there, too?”

“Sure, why not.  But you and I have to talk first, and see the house.”

“Of course.  Come by Saturday and see it in all its dark glory,” said Reiko with excitement.

“I’m looking forward to it.”      

End Chapter 6.  Next chapter: Going Under by Evanescence

What You Want Ch 6

Author’s Disclaimer: I still do not own OHSHC.  All rights go to their respective owners. Ouran is on my mind, so you get more! Whatever did not make sense last chapter I hope will be cleared up now.  The drama of last chapter can now lead into this chapter, with more time passing, and even more happening.  The plot thickens, and the twins have knowingly/unknowingly agreed to enter into the drama.  There’s some hope for Haruhi and Kyoya, and Hunny is getting a chance at redemption.  All sorts of fun stuff.  And more to come.  Did anyone catch the Tolkien reference? Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed!  :D

First chapter:




Theresa Marie
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United States
Quick facts:
I'm a hopeless romantic, as well as an eternal optimist. :D I love and write fluff. Also, I am a Christian engineer. I love what I do. :D My art is a wonderful hobby of mine, coming from my desire to see certain couples end up together, making me a committed fangirl. I love making art almost as much as I love looking at art on here. :heart:

I now have a profile on, livejournal, and A03! :D

Long Version:
I'm very fond of fanfiction, in particular Labyrinth ( :iconjarethplz: + :iconsarahwilliamsplz: = :heart: !!!) And then there are the other fandoms that I follow, though perhaps not as much (thankfully, or I'd never leave). There are some amazing artists out there; I love checking out the work and admiring it. I'm an engineer, and I love doing that type of work (aka math and science). However, I like to write for fun and take pictures. I love talking, and will talk about just about anything, so if you ever want to chat, just comment or let me know! :D

I have a bunch of stories here, and all of them can be found on my fanfiction account:…

I love to take pictures with my new Nikon, so I'll be posting those now and then. Also, I've done a variety of things with ASinglePetal on editing work/writing because of a contest I entered of hers. I've also started photomanipulation! :D I have a couple done, and most will be covers for stories I write. There should be more in the future, once I can get myself away from writing.

Yes, I am a Christian, and proud of it! :-) This will occasionally affect my writing, but I'm not trying to preach or anything. :heart: you all!

Fandoms: Labyrinth, Jane Austen, Ouran High School Host Club, Strange Magic, Frozen, Bond/007, Marvel, Thor, Disney, Sherlock, Howl's Moving Castle, Harry Potter, The Parasol Protectorate, ATLA, POTO, and MANY others (look at all the groups). Slowly getting into Once Upon a Time and Dr. Who.

Labyrinth: J&S: SO SO HARD!!!
Strange Magic: Butterfly Bog and Sunny Day
POTO: either, depends on mood
HP: Hermoine & Snape (written this), Hermoine & Harry, Luna & Neville, Draco & Ginny, a variety, as well as canon
Ouran: Haruhi & either Tamaki, Kyoya, Hunny, or Mori. I haven't been convinced of the others.
ATLA: canon or Zutara , Tokka, Taang
Marvel: canon, Lokane, Tasertricks, Darcy& Cpt America, Darcy &Hulk, Clintasha
Frozen: Jelsa, Kristanna, Helsa (With redeemed!Hans)

Writing Schedule!

1. Letters from a Mutual Friend
2. Sarah and the Laws of Queendom
3. Art Exchange with xXRainbowStarsXx SAO (Kirito X OC)
4. Sweet Possibilities: 2 more one-shots for sure, Hide and Seek, and Beautiful
5. The Accompanist (Strange Magic)
6. What You Want (OHSHC KyoHaru)
7. The Host Club Is (OHSHC TamaHaru)

1. Arrogance and Animosity (Labyrinth)
2. Assorted OHSHC one-shots (TamaHaru)
3. Little Ouran (OHSHC AU, KyoHaru)
4. Assorted Holiday one-shots (Labyrinth)
5. The Love Shack (Strange Magic)

Story Summaries for Labyrinth Stories: Let there be much J/S Fluff!!!

1. Sarah and the Laws of Physics: my first one, and finished. The feedback from this story has been great, and now I want to write a short sequel (see details below). Started Feb 2011, finished Summer 2011.

2. Baby It's Cold Outside: my second finished one. A holiday-themed one for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Started Dec 2011, finished May 2012.

3. Trick, or Treat: More Halloween-themed fluff. Should have been a one-shot, but it's not, so it's a two-shot. Started and finished Oct 2012.

4. Another Valentine's Day: More Valentine's Day-themed fluff. A two-shot because I'm verbose. Started and finished Feb 2013.

5. How to Woo Properly: Complete. Based on a one-shot/drabble by Kyndsie. Link included in story. Another way in which Jareth might have tried to win Sarah. Started Sept 2012, finished Feb 2014.

6. Sarah and Laws of Queendom: Currently finishing. Sequel to Sarah and the Laws of Physics. Started July 2011.

7. Arrogance and Animosity: on hiatus until Summer 2015. Labyrinth meets Pride and Prejudice (and some Shakespeare), so excited to do it. Will be finished after Sarah and the Laws of Queendom. Started June 2011.

8. Letters from a Mutual Friend: is the letters sent between Sarah's three friends, Sarah, and Jareth, after Sarah starts college. This story will have short chapters, but there will be many to make up for it. This story will be lengthy as a result, covering all of Sarah's years in college. Started July 2013.

9. Under the Stars: Versions 1 & 2: Fluffy stories (one-shots) about Jareth and Sarah being together under the stars.

10: Love in the Spring: 2 related one-shots that are gifts to a friend, Kiyomi-chan16 . Labyrinth meets Frozen songs. The result is silly fluff.

11: Sweet Possibilities: All one-shots written for livejournal. So far includes: One Samhain Night (Halloween fic), Goblin Gifts (Christmas fic), A Winterfest Story (Christmas fic), Them Apples, Have Stick Will Travel, For the Longest Time. Hope to add: Hide and Seek and Beautiful

12. There's A LOT of one-shots, so go look at my folder of one-shots to get a look at all of them.

13. Of Love and Dreams: a future story, romance novel spoof I've always wanted to write. More J/S, with some Toby and Sarah sibling time. Haven't decided if drama or comedy. Sarah needs inspiration for her romance novels, and so has Toby help her visit the Goblin King by wishing her away. Nothing wrong with that plan at all.

18. FAR FUTURE: The Goblin Ball: it involves much dancing, and even more poetry. More scared of the poetry honestly. Could be drama or comedy.

Non J/S:
This list is growing, thanks to OHSHC and Strange Magic.
Involving OC's of ASinglePetal
1. Assassins Don't Wear Pink
2. Assassins Don't Wear Dresses (sequel to 1)
3. Welcome to Home Depot, Mr. Bond
4. A Day at the Prince's Zoo
5. Just Another Family Dinner
For Sword Art Online
6. Christmastime in Sword Art Online: giftfic
For Harry Potter
7. Snape's New Favorite Toy
Ouran High School Host Club
8. New Year's Eve, Ouran Style
9. Alone Now
10. Don't Mess with Our Friends
11. His Favorite Gift
12. With You
13. What You Want
14. The Host Club Is
Strange Magic
15. The Accompanist

Other Random Facts
deviantWEAR sizing preference: L
Favorite genre of music: Rock and Roll
Favorite photographer: none
Favorite style of art: Photography
Operating System: PC
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favorite cartoon character: Scooby-Doo
Personal Quote: "I can do all things in Him who strengthens me."-Philippians 4

Fantasy!!! I also really enjoy this, part of the reason why I wanted to do photomanips to begin with. Fairies and the supernatural are interesting to see and read about, no shame.

Did I mention that I'm a nerd, and proud of it? I'm an engineer, with very eclectic interests. By personality, I am ESFP, so go figure. And I'm left-handed!

View My Personality Type Results

Many thanks to Erozja for the use of her free avatar for my profile pic!!! See her profile here:

Also, yes I know I fave too much. I like to fave and run. So much art, so little time! Sorry if I don't comment, but if I feel really strongly, you'll know ;-)

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Hi all!

Good news: I'm not sick anymore!

Better news: I'm going on vacation soon :D Two weekends in a row in fact :-) Lots of quality time with family and friends.

Bad news: I'm trying to write for three different fandoms right now.  It keeps me on my toes, but updates won't be as frequent as I would like.  But they shall be written! :D I just usually write on the weekends, as during the week it gets harder with stuff popping up since it's summer.

Worse news: The prompts for Labyfic decided to take on an AU turn.  There's two ways to go with relation to the Goblin Battle, if Sarah did and didn't win.  I'm inclined to do both and bring out the shipping.  I've got a month.  Also, the Disney club I follow is having a contest related to live-action movies, or that have some live-action in them.  I'm really tempted to do the contest, as I could write about Alice in Wonderland and have some wonderful shipping moments between Alice and the Hatter.  I've been meaning to write for them for a while now.  I might also do it for Bedknobs and Broomsticks, because I LOVE that old movie.  Angela Lansbury is awesome :-) So that is two other stories to be done before July 1st. Why do I keep wanting to do more different fandoms? This is getting out of control.  

So I'm going to try to do more writing during the week.  We'll see how this goes.  Went to a Renaissance festival yesterday, and it was fun.  There's pictures from it, involving a dark!Jareth.  But this month is busy with trips, and June is not much better.  My sister got a job, and I'm super excited for her to move closer to me.  Helping her move will make June fly.  So summer is starting off with a bang, and I'm excited for the fun.  Just not for the balancing craziness.  I want to do all these things, but time! 

I hope the upcoming summer time is is good for you all.  Hopefully you've got plans and time for relaxing.  I'll be avoiding the humidity as much as possible.  Beach time! :D Take care!
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