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Chapter 3: A Winterfest Story

“Now, Sir Didymus, I’m going to give you an assignment.”

Said knight puffed out his chest with pride at the thought of being asked to do something for His King.

“I want you to give…. An oath.”

If it was possible, Sir Didymus puffed out his little chest even more, so ready was he to assist His Noble Highness, to the very ends of the earth!

“What I want you to swear is this,” said Jareth, pausing and motioning for Sir Didymus to raise his paw to his heart, “That, throughout the next five days of my reign, you will not tell any one or thing where I am with Sarah.  That the only reason you will tell anyone is if it’s in an extreme emergency.  Now swear it.”

“I swear with my life’s blood to do these things for My Great and Generous King, to tell no one or thing of the secret location, unless in the most dire of situations,” said Sir Didymus as he bowed, “Sir Didymus, at your service.  I will do my duty!”

“I hope so.  After the last time that you made an oath, you still managed to let Sarah through rather quickly.”

“But she figured it out, and no one else is as clever as mi’lady!”

“Of course not.  That is why I intend to make her my Queen of the Goblins.”

“At long last, My King?” replied Sir Didymus with tears in his eyes.

“Yes.  The time for courtship is at an end.  She’s had time to discover if she likes it here, coming as she pleases, and she still puts up with all of you.  Now the only thing that remains to do is ask.”

“Do you possess your mother’s wedding ring? T’would be perfect for mi’lady.”

“I have.  I’ve tried once to ask, at that Thanksgiving ceremony that Sarah insisted upon, and you saw how that turned out.”

Sir Didymus grimaced as he remembered the scene of goblin desolation.  Jareth just shook his head.

“Sometimes, at the height of our reveries, when our joy is at its zenith…” said Sir Didymus, starting to warm up.

“The most unthinkable disasters descend upon us,” added Jareth with a sigh of regret.

“And the fireys raided and pillaged our fair kitchen, making off with the fine turkey that Sarah had made, especially for us.  No turkey sandwiches or turkey salad for lunch.”

“No turkey gravy, hash, turkey a la king, or turkey soup for dinner.  Gone.  All because someone left the kitchen’s back door slightly open,” said Jareth, narrowing his eyes at Sir Didymus.

“I seek the culprits as we speak.  We shall have justice for that turkey!”

Sir Didymus smacked his fist with his other hand as he thought of that glorious day, when some goblin would be found out, and at long last, the turkey would have its day.  Alas, poor bird.

“But, as I was saying earlier, the time has come to bring Sarah home.  And contrary to what your friend Huggle-“

“Sir Hoggle, Your Graciousness.”

“Hoggard, whatever.  Contrary to what he thinks, I’m not scared to ask her.  I simply need alone time, away from….. wandering goblins.”

“But they were only trying to help, Sire.”

“By carving our initials into stones all over the throne room and in her bedchambers? Certainly not.”

At that, Jareth dismissed Sir Didymus and made the final preparations for his trip.  Everything had been arranged, and he was ready for a relaxing few days alone with Sarah.  Transforming into an owl, Jareth went to Sarah’s home to celebrate Christmas with her family before he swept her away to a cabin in the north, far away from everything.

Once he arrived, Sarah was there to greet him at the door.  A quick kiss was exchanged, and Sarah looked radiant.  There was not time for much talking since the rest of the family wanted to see Jareth again.

“Oh boy, Jareth’s here! Did you bring me anything?”

Sarah and her stepmother tried to hush six year old Toby, but Jareth just smiled and made Toby’s gift appear in his hand.  Toby snatched it away, running off to put it under the Christmas, his cries of “Oh boy, that’s mine” echoing through the house.

Once the rest of the presents were settled around the tree, the family of four sat down to their annual Christmas brunch, the bacon taking over any smell left available from the real Christmas tree and wreathes in the house. 

After brunch came the gift giving, and all loved their gifts.  When Sarah got to her gift from Jareth, she opened the square lid to find….glitter, and lots of it.  Truly, Jareth worked in glitter the way other artists worked in oils or clay, his true medium.  Sarah would never get used to all the glitter. 

After throwing some of the glitter at Toby (who started to spit it out when it got in his mouth), she found a crystal inside.  When she looked closer, the crystal turned into a music box, an intricately carved forest at the base, with a log cabin inside the crystal.

“Jareth, what is this?”

“It’s my gift to you, Sarah.  I know you have another week left before you have to go back to work, so I wanted to surprise you.  There’s a log cabin I found in Vermont, rustic just the way you like it.  I thought we could have a few days up there to enjoy the sports and quiet.  I know you wanted to spend some time with Toby and the rest of the family, but that’s why it’s only five days.  What do you say?”

Sarah’s response was a leaping hug of yes.  Jareth smiled, and the adults looked knowingly at one another.  It seemed Jareth did intend to pop the question, after all.

“Sarah, dear, you better get packed.”

“Oh, please, don’t stop these celebrations on our account.  I have all the arrangements made.  All we have to do is walk out that door, and all will be taken care of for us.  We have all night to stay and watch movies, if that’s what you want to do.”

“Can they please, Mom? Please? I want Jareth to teach me some cool card tricks.”

“For a few more hours.  But they deserve-“

“Yes! Thanks, Mom!”

The next few hours passed quickly, with games and toys brought out, Sarah and Jareth helping Toby to get rid of all his energy so that he was in bed early.  The adults sat and drank eggnog on the sofa, smiling contentedly.  Once Sarah was packed, goodbyes were said, and off the couple went.

Once Sarah and Jareth had walked into some trees, Sarah linked her arm and grabbed Jareth’s gloved hand in a practiced and comfortable routine.  As per their usual, Jareth leaned in and kissed Sarah on the forehead.  As Sarah closed her eyes to revel in the soft touch of his lips, she felt the winds pick up and die down as quickly as they came (whereas when they had first done it, Sarah had been nauseous.  Jareth was quick to suggest a way to distract her).  And when she opened her eyes, they stood in front of a large log cabin, just like the one in the crystal.

“It’s wonderful,” said Sarah, “Did you make this yourself?”

“Of course.  Do you doubt that everything I do, I do for you?”

Sarah smiled up at Jareth before leaning into his shoulder.

“Not at all.  But I thought you’d just steal one you like and make adjustments accordingly.”

“I made it because I see a future for us, Sarah.  We could use it again when you want a weekend away.”

“I’d like that.  Shall we go inside?”

“Wait.  There’s one last thing I need to do.”

With Sarah turned toward him, Jareth plucked the amulet necklace around his throat, its points sharp to the touch, and placed it around Sarah’s neck.

“Now you truly are the babe with the power,” Jareth said with a smirk, as Sarah shook her head playfully.

“But, the point of me giving this to you is simple, no magic.  For the next five days, it will be us, and only us.  No Toby, meddling parents, or annoying goblins to ruin moments.  Only one knows where we are, and he has been sworn to secrecy.”

“Do you trust him?”

“Yes,” said Jareth, as he opened the door, took one step inside, and promptly slipped on the wood floor that was covered with ice patches.

Meanwhile, in the jungles of the goblin-dom, the mind switches gears rapidly.  The goblins were not as far away as Jareth hoped, as there was a swarm of goblins hell-bent on having a new queen.  Their king was not acting fast enough (at least by goblin standards).  It was time for the goblins to help.

The goblins feared their King.  They also loved Sarah.  The fact that the two loved one another was more than enough to make them want Jareth and Sarah together, so they decided to help. 

However, several goblins had ideas on how to help.  Some wanted to force the two together in a confined space, while others wanted the couple to bond over activities together, while others wanted them to come together through some great tragedy, like the ones they saw on television. 

With so many options for the rest of the goblin horde to choose from, they decided to help in the most democratic way possible: by having a game.  Each idea on how to make Jareth propose was a different team, and once sides were chosen, the game’s parameters were decided, with rules and prizes.  There were few rules besides not getting caught in the act, and the grand prize (besides having a queen) was the prized white chicken with yellow eggs. 

As was also normal for games, the games needed a name.  The goblins had just finished ChickenFest (who had the most aerodynamic chicken), the second most popular one only to MugFest (who had the best ale to get others drunk).  Since the goblins wanted their king to propose during the winter season, it was aptly named Winterfest. 

There was just one little, obvious, tiny, little hiccup, not really worth mentioning at all.  The goblins did not know where Jareth had taken Sarah.  How could days of planning be thrown away like that?

Luckily for the goblins, they had Hoggle on their side.  Hoggle enjoyed needling his King by saying that he was afraid to propose to Sarah, as he knew from the way Sarah talked and acted that she wanted Jareth to propose.  He had been expecting it for some time, and while he would never fully trust that rat, he knew that Sarah did, even loved him.  And for that, they needed to come together.  Thankfully, Sir Didymus talked enough so that Hoggle knew that the brave knight knew the location, so it was only a small matter of convincing him.

“But ye have ta tells me! How else do ye’s expect those two to come together and get hitched? That rat’s taking his sweet time.  He needs help.”

“I have sworn with my life’s blood to keep this secret!”

Hoggle stood there and puzzled for several moments, trying to remember how Sarah got around the oath before.  It was not too long before a twinkle came in his eye.

“What, exactly, dids ye swear?”

Once Sir Didymus told Hoggle, it was easy for Hoggle to explain why it was an emergency.  Obviously, the goblins were getting out of control, and the only way they would calm down was if they had a queen.  Jareth proposing would solve all their problems. 

And just like that, Winterfest began.  Once the cabin was found, it was a small matter of setting up their ideas and watching the proposal come flowing out of their king’s lips.  And have a few laughs in the process.

Meanwhile, Sarah was torn between laughter and concern at the way Jareth’s butt had hit the ice, causing him to cry out and lay there like a slug.  It was beginning to look like he had spoken too soon.

“Jareth, would you like a hand?”

Sarah had managed to restrain all laughter, as she knew that his ego did not care for such pranks being pulled on him.  She smiled, but she softened it as she offered a hand to Jareth.  Jareth took it, only to pull Sarah down on top of him with a loud “Oof!”

“Much better.  Now wipe that smirk off your face, Sarah.  Or I’ll find another way that I know we’ll both enjoy.”

Sarah laughed before sliding off of Jareth, using him to push off onto the non-icy portions of the floor.  She was glad she brought a flashlight, as the nights were going to be tricky to navigate.  Picking up her bags, she looked around at the cabin while Jareth got up gracefully (as if he could do it any other way) and headed toward her.

The cabin looked rustic, with its large fireplace, comfy loveseat, and two recliners around it.  But, she noticed that there was still modern lighting there (no doubt because she had voiced concerns over so many open flames in a wooden dwelling), and the heat that enveloped her definitely did not come from the fireplace alone, so somehow Jareth had managed to get a good heater in there.  Ah, the benefits of magical boyfriends.          

Once the couple had managed to avoid slipping again (though there were two close calls involving much grabbing of arms and waists for support, followed by kisses of thanks) while putting away their stuff, they realized that the two beds set up for them in the same room had been pushed together, while the divider separating them had disappeared entirely.  Sarah glared at Jareth, who put his hands in the air to suggest innocence, even if he had secretly wanted the divider gone, but only at night to watch her dream. 

Jareth was old-fashioned about waiting and having the two beds, and Sarah had wanted it, too.  But, they knew their boundaries, so for five days they could handle this.  They just pulled the beds away and then went back out to the main room for the festivities that Jareth had planned.

The rest of the evening was to be spent decorating their own tree, a live one that Jareth had hand-selected from his own collection of the finest trees.  Everything was going fine until they came to the Christmas decorations. 

The goblins had scoured the cabin, looking for anything that could be used as a way to convince them to pledge their love for one another.  Some goblins thought that ice and other “accidents” were called for, while others thought a shared room and copious amounts of mistletoe (which was to appear after the tree was decorated) would do the trick. 

And then there was the group that had put the couple’s initials all over the castle.  They thought more reminders of how great each was (together and apart) would surely convince one or the other to profess undying love, so after opening the “fra-gee-lay” boxes of crystal balls with hooks and breaking them, they found much better, less breakable ornaments.  All in the shape of Jareth doing great deeds for the goblins.  Some goblins had larger collections of the major awards than others.

“Jareth, why is there a statue of you wearing a gray, sparkling jumpsuit here?”

The Goblin King realized that his situation had been seriously compromised, and decided to make the most of it.  As it was, one day the goblins would make such things of Sarah, too, if he had his way.  Of course, that was assuming that they made it out of the Bog of Eternal Stench long enough to make such things.  He was having serious doubts on that front.   

“I believe the goblins didn’t approve of my other ornament choices, and have replaced them accordingly.  Don’t you think that color does wonders for showing off all my good features while I dance?”

If there was one thing the goblins did well, then it was craft small toys of their King.  They knew he liked them, and it was an easy way to gain his favor.  If Jareth liked them a lot, he would create more and give them as gifts to the makers.  There were those who had taken the time to carve everything, or else hand-paint the dolls, and he wanted the goblins to be rewarded for such endeavors. 

It took a long time with their attention spans, but the goblins always did well, even if they exaggerated certain….aspects of their king.  Sarah saw that with the jumpsuit, and with the next collectible as well, Jareth’s hands on his hips as he stood, legs apart, frowning at the viewer, no doubt created to instill fear.  Sarah was amazed at just how many different poses there were of Jareth, in every color imaginable, doing things like kicking goblins or lounging.     

By the time they finished decorating the tree, Sarah had heard many stories of Jareth’s conquests, as each pose had an associated story, some more funny than others.  But in all of them, Sarah listened attentively and collected more information about the man she loved.  It would be good to know for future gifts.  And Sarah considered that she had given him quite a few gifts, considering the number of times they kissed under mistletoe before making it to the bedroom.      

With clothes changed and goodnight kisses exchanged, both fell into a deep sleep.  Jareth enjoyed the fact that his silver jumpsuit showcased exclusively in Sarah’s dreams that night. 

Sarah had not allowed Jareth to look at her dreams for a time when they were first dating, as she was still learning to trust him.  But, Jareth had proved himself capable, and so she allowed him what he had wanted for some time.  He did his best not to bring them up, lest he get several whaps on the arm, followed by a well-timed comment of dreaming about goblins.  She had done that once, and he had been scarred by the images of goblins and what they did to him and his kingdom.  There was not enough brain bleach in the world.  Never again.

The morning dawned bright and cold, perfect for winter sports.  Sarah woke first, and she went about making food for breakfast.  When Jareth awoke, Sarah was standing over him with eggs, sausage, and hash browns, and so they had a cozy breakfast in bed.  The cabin was chilly, and Jareth did not need more excuses to drag Sarah closer to him.

After eating and preparing, the couple decided to try out the skiing.  Sarah had known how to ski for some time, and so had Jareth, so there was a friendly competition between them about who was better.  The competition continued until Jareth saw a mound of snow appear in front of him, and then another, each time swerving.    It went on a few times, with Sarah laughing at him because he was getting careless.  She stopped when it happened to her, too.  By then, however, it was too late to stop the inevitable.  The trees were sprinkled throughout the skiing area, so between those and the poorly placed mounds, Sarah and Jareth realized that that they were headed for a head-on collision. 

With the snap of a few skis and a quick whiff of each other (Jareth smelled like a campfire today), the couple lay sprawled out on the ground.  After a few moments of ensuring that neither one was badly injured, the quiet came, then Sarah’s laughter.  She just could not help it.  If she did not have Jareth’s amulet on her person, she would swear that Jareth had planned it on purpose.  Jareth looked confused as he tried to understand why Sarah was laughing, but he stopped when Sarah smiled at his confusion and touched his cheek. 

“I can’t imagine a better way of running into you.  Again and again.”

Sarah laughed more, and Jareth got up and helped Sarah up as well.  Once that was accomplished, they began the trek back to change and eat.  With a shower and some food in them, it was decided that they should read, until Jareth discovered that all of the correspondence he had brought to read was gone.  Now those goblins were going to get it.  But, Sarah was more than willing to lend him a book, so he lounged on the loveseat while she read in a recliner by the fire. 

It was not until later when they left the safety of the fire to have more food that they made another dreadful discovery: that the heaters were not working.  While the kitchen magically had all its electricity to make food, none of the other rooms had it, and both took to putting on more layers as they cooked together.  Jareth attempted to go out and fix it, until he realized that he had no amulet.  Then he resigned himself to cuddling with Sarah and enjoying what little magic he had naturally, mainly that of seeing others’ dreams.

Once it was decided that Sarah and Jareth would each sleep on a recliner to keep warmest, there was no peace.  Odd scratching noises came from outside, as well as the sound of taps being played gently, just when they were starting to fall asleep.  It did not help that the furniture was moved every time they turned around, the recliners now next to one another, and so after a long, restless night, both Sarah and Jareth were grateful for a warm shower. 

At least Jareth was until he saw that the special oils he brought for his hair were missing (he was not perfect, of course), replaced with some strawberry confection of Sarah’s.  He used the sad imitation of shampoo, and after threats of a thorough cleaning and soap (one poor goblin had gone blind after eating a bar of soap in an attempt to avoid being cleaned) upon his return home, Jareth was glad to see that his hair would only have to suffer such an indignity once.   

With achy bodies from a strange night’s sleep, the task of snowboarding was a bit more challenging for Sarah and Jareth.  The slopes that had been so much fun the day before now were scenes of laughter as they made fun of each other’s wobbly legs.  The occasional snow ball was thrown by Jareth in retaliation, but Sarah was good at giving it back to him, so he learned not to do so after the second time of being pelted mid-run. 

When the king and his girlfriend returned, they found that the floor had been invaded by chickens (or at least their feathers), and the ice was gone.  When Sarah went for a book to read, she found that there were only three books of hers left, and since Jareth did not want to read any of them, she took it upon herself to drag (more like suggest) him into her lap and read to him aloud.  Sarah read while Jareth warmed her hands and made inappropriate faces at her whenever she looked at him. 

By the time Sarah finished half of the book, both were exhausted.  Since their bodies were finally adjusting to the cooler temperatures, they decided to sleep in their beds so that they could get some real rest.  After moving their beds apart, the couple kissed in triumph, only to turn around and see that beds were back together.  Both were too tired to care, so they slept close by, eventually staying near the edge so as to share body heat better.  Both slept well that night.

At that point, the goblins were starting to become disheartened.  The fate of the planet may hang in the balance, and yet, Jareth seemed no closer to proposing, nor Sarah to confessing her love for him.  Sure, they still had another night, but how much else could they change before they were permanently bogged?    

While Jareth and Sarah headed to a large pond nearby to ice skate, a group of creeping marauders burrowed through the snow toward the kitchen, about to make another brilliant maneuver in the legendary Winterfest games.  Jareth and Sarah enjoyed relative peace again on the ice, though Jareth kept fearing that somehow the ice was not as thick as needed (or get goblin help), so he kept close to Sarah.  Sarah did not mind at all.

When it was time for lunch, Jareth and Sarah arrived home to find that half of their pantry was gone! The fridge had the barest of necessities in it, so they made good use of what they did have.  With some pasta and leftover meat from the day before, combined with whatever spices they could lay their hands on, a fine leftovers casserole was made, and both enjoyed the fruits of their labors. 

When it was reading time, both were shocked to discover that instead of books, they now had Sarah’s baby album, and a wide variety of nail polish and hair accessories.  Jareth found this form of entertainment more to his liking, so he sat behind Sarah and began braiding her hair.  Once upon a time, his mother had braided his sister’s hair, and she had taught him so that he could braid his sister’s hair as well.  Now, he could give Sarah a crown braid and decorate it with flowers.  Meanwhile, Sarah enjoyed having her hair be played with and talked about the baby photos, telling embarrassing stories from her past.  After dinner, Jareth insisted upon painting Sarah’s nails in every color he could find, while Sarah continued to tell stories. 

When Jareth tried to give Sarah puke green nails, Sarah protested. 

“Jareth, don’t do what I think you’re doing.  It’s a terrible color.”

“But it’s green like your eyes.  A little right here-“ said Jareth, smirking.

“Don’t you give me that look, you Puckish fiend.  You’re gonna get it! I dare you to put on any more, or so help me-“

“Oh, I dare, Sarah.  It wouldn’t matter if you triple dog-dared me, I’d still do it to see the look on your face right now,” said Jareth, very pleased with himself. 

Jareth proceeded to paint another nail, snapping up Sarah’s other hands before she could do anything else.  Instead, the hot pink nail polish he intended to use next was knocked over by Sarah’s leg in the tussle that followed.  Jareth pouted in his best cute owl expression, while Sarah laughed at the pink nightmare that was now his forest green and hot pink leather pants.  Ah, revenge was sweet, or hot pink in this case.

Jareth got up with as much grace as he could in such pants, and went to the bedroom to change.  Sarah chuckled at the murmurs of finding magic nail polish remover as she finished up her nails, removing the dreadful shade of green.  Jareth came back out and proceeded to put away all the nail polish before leaning over Sarah and picking her up, taking her kicking and laughing to the bedroom since it was time for bed. 

That night, after sharing a warmer than normal kiss under the blankets, Sarah fell asleep almost as soon as Jareth pulled away.  But, the moment that his body moved off her bed to settle in his own, Sarah felt uncomfortable and cold.  Her hand reached for Jareth, who took hers with concern. 

“It’s better when you’re close, Jareth.  Do you mind?” said Sarah in a whisper.

“It’s also warmer, Precious.  But when have I ever minded?”

Jareth soon was spooning Sarah, and both had never felt warmer or slept better than they had that first night.  Jareth woke first, admiring the face that he woke up to.

“Such soft features, in such a fiercely independent lady.  Such smooth, silky strands that hide away all the strength and confidence contained in that mind of yours.  How I yearn to call you mine.”

The last part of what he said had lowered in volume, and his hold on her had slackened as he said it.  And yet, as soon as he let go, she, still unconscious, reached out for him and pulled him to her.  It was all the confirmation he needed to ask her.  Sarah had grown to trust him in time, and last night was the crowning moment of his success.  Yes, she had to love and trust him.  He would ask at breakfast.

With such a decision made, Jareth stayed in bed with Sarah until she woke up.  She was affectionate in the morning, and he liked that about her, among  many other things.  And if for some reason she did not want that, then he would respect her wishes, for he had learned to respect her long ago.  There was a reason she was the Labyrinth’s Champion.  And his respect for her had only grown with time.     

When Sarah woke up, she had a groggy smile and kiss for Jareth, and he returned it until she was awake enough to appreciate it.  When they finally left the bed, they discovered that they felt warmer than normal.  Sarah confirmed her thoughts by placing a hand over the vents, where warm air made her hand seem softer.

A sweep of the kitchen and bathrooms revealed that everything had been righted, even his pants were no longer bright pink.  A large breakfast was made, and all was enjoyed, until the end.  It was in the center of the table where a large, ripe peach sat.  Jareth saw it first and went to grab it, and he almost had it when Sarah’s eyes fell on it.

“Jareth, why is that here?”

“I believe the goblins are under the impression that we need a peach to communicate.”

“But we don’t.  We know each other’s dreams, don’t we?”

Sarah looked up at Jareth then, the naïve question out there.  She did not like Jareth’s face, but he was quick to take her hand instead of the peach.

“While I can see your dreams, there are still some aspects I regret to say that I don’t know as much as I’d like.  And I doubt you know all that lies in my heart.  But I’d like you to know all of it, and one part in particular.”

The answering smile of Sarah was all he needed to continue.

“Sarah, for some time now, I’ve known my feelings for you.  I’ve felt this way for months, and have known for much longer that I wanted you for my queen.  But not just that, Precious.  I love you.  I want to share my forever with you by my side.  Will you marry me?”

Jareth’s face hid the churning emotions from confidence to doubt, of fear of rejection, to joy in the freedom that he could finally speak of such things to Sarah.  His remembrance of Sarah’s actions in the bed pushed him to continue on, and he did.  He saw the range of emotions that flitted across Sarah’s face as he spoke.  First was surprise.  Then came the lip-biting, her tell for nervousness.  Then her eyes softened, and a smile crept in, slowly making a permanent home on her face as her chin lifted.  It was there.  She felt the same joy he felt.

“Yes.  Yes, I will marry you.  With all my heart.  I love you, too, Jareth.”

While the happy couple kissed and Jareth fished out the ring, another celebration was happening outside of their window.  Where the goblins lacked for streamers, they made up for in snow balls that flew into the air. 

While the games had no technical winner, the team that brought in the peach tried to claim it as their plan all along, while the rest of goblins chuffed and went back to cheering and making lots of noise.  They needed to get back so that they could start early with the celebrations, and that was what they did.  Many a bonfire was started that night.

Once the goblins left, there remained only three figures at the window: a dwarf, a rockcaller, and a noble knight.  Sir Didymus was tearing, offering his handkerchief to Ludo, who cried large tears of joy.  Hoggle did not cry, only smile.  He had watched Sarah’s face only, and that told him all he needed to know.  Once they were satisfied, the three left as well, attempting to make up for the fact that they had invaded the couple’s privacy, and would no doubt hear much about it later.  But no one had any regrets.

The rest of the day went just as Jareth had originally planned it.  After some time outdoors, the couple bonded with board games and other things until they tired of that, and sat by the fire on the loveseat, enjoying one another’s presence. 

When it was time to go, it was hard to leave.  After all the adventures that they had together, they would miss the cabin, and the quiet.  But, there was good news to share, and both were eager to tell Sarah’s family.  Upon arrival, the women locked eyes, and which led to hugging and congratulating Sarah, which led to even more hugging by Toby.

When Jareth left that night, he found that he had gained much in the matter of a day: a future wife, a second family, some back pain (from bending over with Toby), and a new idea for a bigger, better Bog of Eternal Stench.  All in all, a very good day.

The goblin celebrations from Winterfest were some of the biggest yet.  No one knew how they could continue such a tradition each year, but there were some already calling for it to become a contest to see who could make the King and Queen of the Goblins kiss the most in a certain time period.  No matter what, all had gotten what they sought, and as they slept, visions of a certain couple getting married danced in their heads. 

Meanwhile, Jareth enjoyed sleeping in his own bed; though he did not sleep much that first night.  He was torn between construction projects: of redoing the suite for Sarah, and building a second Bog.  Since the wedding was still some time away, he focused his energy on the Bog so that it smelled like Ovaltine when not touching it, and like rotten bog water when inside the muck.  Revenge would be sweet indeed.

Back at her home, Sarah had certain images running through her mind.  In particular was the moment when Jareth left.  She was putting something away when he got to the door, and she flung herself at him, arms widening before clutching for dear life to Jareth.  When their eyes met, Sarah felt as though she could see Jareth’s dreams reflected in his eyes.  Being able to share that moment was worth every second of cold and awkwardness.  In seeing his dreams, she then wanted to share his, and together, they would make that a reality.    

Sweet Possibilities Ch 3

Author’s Disclaimer: No, I don’t own Labyrinth.  All rights go to their respective owners.  I keep wishing to Jareth, and he won’t grant my wish.  Winterfest is happening at labyfic, and so a winter-themed one-shot was called for.  This was inspired while watching A Christmas Story, so if you’re fond of the movie, then you’ll get a few laughs out of the many references I make here.  Did I mention that I grew up watching A Christmas Story for as long as I can remember? My family loves quoting this movie.  I had way too much writing the beginning of this story.  It seemed like fun to have a story where Jareth was without his crystals, and it is even more fun if goblin hijinks ensue.  There’s also a Love Actually quote in there, if you know where to look.  Ahh, fluff.  Consider your daily fluff quota fulfilled.  I hope you enjoyed, and that you had a great Christmas and New Year’s! 

First Chapter: Sweet Possibilities Ch 1

Previous: Sweet Possibilities Ch 2


Hi all!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and holiday season,  spending it with those you care about.  I hope this week is filled with love,  joy, and peace for you as go through your week.  My Christmas has been great, go the cutest owl from my sister (pics to come), and got more fanfic ideas brewing for Christmas. Did you get any really cool gifts?  Have a great week!

Theresa :-)


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I'm a hopeless romantic, as well as an eternal optimist. :D I live and write fluff. Also, I am a Christian engineer. I love what I do. :D My art is a wonderful hobby of mine, coming from my desire to see certain couples end up together, making me a committed fangirl. I love making art almost as much as I love looking at art on here. :heart:

Long Version:
I'm very fond of fanfiction, in particular Labyrinth ( :iconjarethplz: + :iconsarahwilliamsplz: !!!) And then there are the other fandoms that I follow, though perhaps not as much (thankfully, or I'd never leave). There are some amazing artists out there; I love checking out the work and admiring it. I'm an engineer, and I love doing that type of work (aka math and science), but, I like to write for fun and take pictures. I love talking, and will talk about just about anything, so if you ever want to chat, just comment or let me know! :D

I have a bunch of stories here, and all of them can be found on my fanfiction account:…

I love to take pictures with my new Nikon, so I'll be posting those now and then. Also, I've begun working with ASinglePetal on editing work/writing because of a contest I entered. Next art attempt: photomanipulation. I have a couple done, and most will be covers for stories I write. There should be more in the future.

Yes, I am a Christian, and proud of it! :-) This will occasionally affect my writing, but I'm not trying to preach or anything. :heart: you all!

Fandoms: Labyrinth, Jane Austen, Ouran High School Host Club, Bond/007, Marvel, Thor, Disney, Sherlock, Howl's Moving Castle, Harry Potter, The Parasol Protectorate, ATLA, POTO, and MANY others (look at all the groups). Slowly getting into Once Upon a Time and Dr. Who.

Labyrinth: J&S: SO SO HARD!!!
POTO: either, depends on mood
HP: Hermoine&Ron, Hermoine&Snape, Hermoine &Harry, Harry&Ginny, Snape&Ginny, a variety
Ouran: Haruhi& either Tamaki, Kyoya, or Mori. I haven't been convinced of the others.
ATLA: canon or Zutara , Tokka, Taang
Marvel: canon, Lokane, Tasertricks, Darcy&Cpt America, Darcy &Hulk, Clintasha

Writing Schedule!

1. Letters from a Mutual Friend
2. Sarah and the Laws of Queendom
3. Art Exchange with xXRainbowStarsXx SAO (Kirito X OC)

1. Arrogance and Animosity
2. Assorted OHSHC one-shots
3. Whatever Laby story gets picked next
4. Assorted Holiday one-shots
5. What You Want - OHSHC KyoHaru

Story Summaries for Labyrinth Stories: Let there be much J/S Fluff!!!

1. Sarah and the Laws of Physics: my first one, and finished. The feedback from this story has been great, and now I want to write a short sequel (see details below). Started Feb 2011, finished Summer 2011.

2. Baby It's Cold Outside: my second finished one. A holiday-themed one for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Started Dec 2011, finished May 2012.

3. Trick, or Treat: More Halloween-themed fluff. Should have been a one-shot, but it's not, so it's a two-shot. Started and finished Oct 2012.

4. Another Valentine's Day: More Valentine's Day-themed fluff. A two-shot because I'm verbose. Started and finished Feb 2013.

5. How to Woo Properly: Complete. Based on a one-shot/drabble by Kyndsie. Link included in story. Another way in which Jareth might have tried to win Sarah. Started Sept 2012, finished Feb 2014.

6. Sarah and Laws of Queendom: Currently finishing. Sequel to Sarah and the Laws of Physics. Started July 2011.

7. Arrogance and Animosity: on hiatus until Spring 2015. Labyrinth meets Pride and Prejudice (and some Shakespeare), so excited to do it. Will be finished after Sarah and the Laws of Queendom. Started June 2011.

8. Letters from a Mutual Friend: is the letters sent between Sarah's three friends, Sarah, and Jareth, after Sarah starts college. This story will have short chapters, but there will be many to make up for it. This story will be lengthy as a result, covering all of Sarah's years in college. Started July 2013.

9. Rain: Friend or Foe? Fluffy one-shot about Sarah getting stuck in the rain, and then gets visited by Jareth. Warning, is very, very, fluffy and cute!

10. Under the Stars: Versions 1 & 2: Fluffy stories (one-shots) about Jareth and Sarah being together under the stars.

11: Love and Other Drugs: One-shot: what if Jareth drank coffee? Much hilarity follows.

12. Sarah's Greatest Affair: Birthday giftfic. Sarah loves Jareth, but does she have all her priorities in order?

13. Other holiday one-shots: Thankful, Call Me Maybe, The Goblin Dance, Christmas Songs Underground, Precious Jewels, Mistletoe Mischief, First Snow

14. Hide and Seek: short future story, with focus on goblins I have created. The goblins decide to hide from Jareth by staying with Sarah. Only good things can come of that. Will always be J/S!

15. Songfic of Billy Joel: working title: For the Longest Time. A short future story, showing how good Jareth is at creating mischief. Sarah may have grown-up, but it doesn't mean she can't have a little fun now and then.

16. Beautiful: A short future story. Sarah deals with guilt after running the Labyrinth, and it gets to her. Toby makes a wish that she could be happier, and Jareth answers.

17. Of Love and Dreams: a future story, romance novel spoof I've always wanted to write. More J/S, with some Toby and Sarah sibling time. Haven't decided if drama or comedy. Sarah needs inspiration for her romance novels, and so has Toby help her visit the Goblin King by wishing her away. Nothing wrong with that plan at all.

18. FAR FUTURE: The Goblin Ball: it involves much dancing, and even more poetry. More scared of the poetry honestly. Could be drama or comedy.

19. More holiday fluff, because let's face it, I love fluff, and writing it. That or song-fics if so inspired along the way of writing. Anything could happen!

Non J/S:
This list is slowly growing, actually.
1. Assassins Don't Wear Pink
2. Assassins Don't Wear Dresses (sequel to 1)
3. Welcome to Home Depot, Mr. Bond
4. A Day at the Prince's Zoo
5. Just Another Family Dinner
(all involving OC's of ASinglePetal )
4. Christmastime in Sword Art Online: giftfic
5. Snape's New Favorite Toy
6. New Year's Eve, Ouran Style
7. Alone Now
8. Don't Mess with Our Friends
9. His Favorite Gift

Current Residence: New job, shouldn't be saying.....
deviantWEAR sizing preference: L
Favourite genre of music: Rock and Roll
Favourite photographer: none
Favourite style of art: Photography
Operating System: PC
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Scooby-Doo
Personal Quote: "I can do all things in Him who strengthens me."-Philippians 4

Fantasy!!! I also really enjoy this, part of the reason why I wanted to do photomanips to begin with. Faires and the supernatural are interesting to see and read about, no shame.

Did I mention that I'm a nerd, and proud of it? I'm an engineer, with very eclectic interests. By personality, I am ESFP, so go figure. And I'm left-handed!

View My Personality Type Results

Many thanks to Erozja for the use of her free avatar for my profile pic!!! See her profile here:

Also, yes I know I fave too much. I like to fave and run. So much art, so little time! Sorry if I don't comment, but if I feel really strongly, you'll know ;-)

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Hi all!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and holiday season,  spending it with those you care about.  I hope this week is filled with love,  joy, and peace for you as go through your week.  My Christmas has been great, go the cutest owl from my sister (pics to come), and got more fanfic ideas brewing for Christmas. Did you get any really cool gifts?  Have a great week!

Theresa :-)

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