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“Good morning, Kyoya! Happy birthday!” shouted Fuyumi excitedly, throwing open all of Kyoya’s bedroom windows.

Kyoya knew this was going to be a bad day.  He grumbled and was about to snap at his sister about respecting him on this day of all days when she spoke again.

“Father wants to see you first thing this morning.  You had better hurry if you’re going to be on time for breakfast.”

And just like that, Kyoya was up and moving, albeit groggily.  Kyoya could guess why his father wanted to speak to him today, seeing as he was turning eighteen and in his last year of high school.  College and adult life loomed ahead, his path yet uncertain. 

Kyoya met his father for breakfast, who asked him to look outside.  He did, and saw that a large crowd of girls from Ouran stood there with signs and were shouting.  Kyoya wanted to groan.

“This is what happens you’re a part of this Host Club, Kyoya.  This is your current path.  If you’re going to make your bed with it, you must lie in it.  Go outside, and meet those girls.  Don’t return home until they’re all gone and not causing a disturbance to me or the rest of this house.”

With such words, Kyoya found himself being led to his private car and the outdoors, much against his wishes.  He just wanted to stay home and work on his numbers, keeping a low-key birthday.  He wanted his quiet; he would have to go somewhere else private to find it.  But where?

Not Tamaki, as he would want to have a big party with cake and other distractions.  With his luck, it was probably Tamaki he had to thank for his current predicament.  He could not go to Hunny’s for similar reasons, mostly involving cake.  Not Mori since he was spending the day with Hunny.  Not the twins, as they were too much of a distraction.  That left only one Host, Haruhi.  To Haruhi’s home he went.    

That debate in Kyoya’s head only lasted a few seconds, and small wonder.  Kyoya knew his friends and was sure they had something planned.  It also helped that Kyoya preferred Haruhi for certain reasons, especially since Haruhi had stopped dating Tamaki.  Tamaki had taken it well, and Haruhi had not outwardly changed, as far as Kyoya had noticed.  And Kyoya always noticed when it came to Haruhi.

When Haruhi first stumbled into Host Club, he noticed out of necessity to keep tabs on Haruhi and her grades so that she could stay in the Host Club.  The longer Haruhi stayed in the Host Club, the more Kyoya noted things about her, though they were hardly important things related to her grades.  It had turned into the little things, such as how she liked her coffee and tea, or how her face changed depending on whom she was speaking to.  Kyoya had tried so hard to figure out Haruhi’s angle and had been unable to find one.  Instead, he found himself becoming concerned about Haruhi, taking a sincere interest (albeit quietly) in her well-being, just as he had come to do with Tamaki.  Tamaki had been his first real friend, one he valued greatly.  He had pushed Haruhi at Tamaki for that reason, denying his feelings for Haruhi because of merit and Tamaki.

Now, things had changed.  Haruhi was no longer attached to Tamaki, and his father had spoken to him of Haruhi, of how valuable she could be to the family.  Some part of Kyoya wanted nothing more than to not date Haruhi so that he could forge his path outside of parental consent as he had been doing of late.  But, another part of him very much wanted to pursue Haruhi.  He could not deny that she was a good friend to have, and would be valuable later in life in his career.  However, what took most of his attention was his fascination with her.  That fascination had led to more discussions with her, and eventually turned into attraction.  Haruhi was perfect for him, however oblivious, frank, and imperfect she may be.  But should he pursue her? Was she interested in him?

Kyoya had argued that point for a month now, whether to confess his feelings to her.  She seemed past Tamaki to the point that she was willing to date again, and no one else had come along to ask yet.  He had a chance, but should he with him going off to college soon? They would be separated, and he did not want to put Haruhi through that.

Before he knew it, Kyoya was arriving at Haruhi’s home, still undecided about what to say to Haruhi.  Since it was the weekend, he was sure that she would be there.  He knocked at her door, and Haruhi appeared, surprised to see him.

“Kyoya-senpai! What brings you here, on today of all days?” she asked, a smile on her face.

Kyoya narrowed his eyes and scrutinized Haruhi.  Did she know what today was, that he wanted to spend his special day with her on purpose? Would she even read anything into it? Probably not, given how oblivious she was.

“So you know what today is, Haruhi?”

“Sure, November 22, your birthday.  It’s hard not to know when Tamaki’s telling the whole school.”

A smile creeps onto Kyoya’s face.  “So he’s the one responsible for my posse?”

“Posse? I don’t understand,” says Haruhi, until she hears a dull roar, and cars start to drive by her street in large numbers.  She raises her eyebrows, and Kyoya points to the cars as he speaks.

“That would be my posse.  Someone told all those girls, and it seems like they’re following me.  My father won’t let me stay at my home as long as the girls are there, making this racket.  I’m looking for peace and quiet; can I find it here?”

Kyoya said the words, but his eyes told a different story to Haruhi.  She saw the softness, the pleading quality.  The underlying question was “Please, may I stay?” Just as Hunny understood Mori’s nods and grunts, Haruhi was slowly learning more about Kyoya and what he meant when he spoke.  It was illuminating and made her want to know Kyoya more.

Haruhi backed away toward the door to make space before she spoke.  She bowed and waved him in, saying, “My father’s out at work; you’ll find all the peace and quiet you need here.  Please come in; you’re always welcome.”

Haruhi was sure that when Ranka came home, he would be pleased to see Kyoya.  He may not be so pleased later, but he had already agreed to the arrangements before, so there was nothing to be done for it. 

Once situated inside, Haruhi went and made tea for both of them.  Kyoya set up his laptop and got to work right away, enjoying the small confines of the room, making it easier for him to concentrate.  He gratefully accepted the tea from Haruhi when she brought it out, and for a time, both studied in an amicable quiet, Haruhi with her book, Kyoya with his laptop. 

After a couple hours, Kyoya finished up all the homework he had.  Now the only thing that remained to do was work on his Life Plans Datasheet.  It was something he had started doing when he started middle school, to organize his life for school, as well as look ahead to all that he wanted to accomplish.  All his hopes and dreams toward becoming heir got put into that datasheet, making intricate maps about how he would shine and be the best.  He had made it a semiannual thing to do, on his birthday and half-birthday, his notes throughout the year in his black notebook making it a little easier for himself. 

Last update, Kyoya had much to add and change in the datasheet.  His world had changed and expanded because of Tamaki, and this update would be no different.  But, it still presented even more challenges because of the crossroads that he was coming to in his life.  What path was the best one to lead to his success? Should he become a doctor to learn more of that life to better succeed in his ultimate plan, or stay on his path to become a businessman? Should he stay with the goal of being heir, or should independence become his ultimate goal?

Buying his family’s zaibatsu under his father’s nose had been a triumph for Kyoya.  It had proven just how clever and good with money he had become.  Better yet, it had given him a taste of independence unlike anything he had felt before.   He had felt true freedom, not dependent on his father in any way.  He had gone above and beyond familial expectations, and he had liked it.  Some part of him still wanted to prove himself and beat out his brothers (because he had a competitive nature), but that part did not hold as much sway now.

Either way, he would have to tailor his college curriculum accordingly, and start research about what instructors to take, so that he had the best connections and teachers.  There was also the matter of internships, of whether he would go through his family or make a way for himself on his own to see more ideas on how to run a business.   

And where did Haruhi fit into the picture? Did she? And what of his friends?

Upon thinking of Haruhi, Kyoya’s eyes drifted up to the object of his thoughts.  That was when he realized that Haruhi was studying him intensely.

“Haruhi, is something wrong?” he asked, adjusting his glasses and looking for anything that might be off.

Haruhi shook her head before answering, “No, there’s nothing wrong that I’m aware of.  You just seemed so deep in thought, that faraway look in your eyes.”

Haruhi paused a moment as she debated internally with herself.  The curious side won, and she added on, “What are you thinking of? It seems to trouble you, whatever you’re thinking of.  May I help? Sometimes it’s good to talk about it.”

Kyoya saw that Haruhi was genuinely curious and worried, and toward that end, he wanted to alleviate her concern.  Granted, he could not say all that was on his mind, but perhaps a reality check from Haruhi would not hurt as he made his plans.  He had always prided himself on being able to solve any problem on his own, but this problem was bigger.  It was brought on because someone showed him another path, so perhaps, having someone else helping him would be best.

“It’s nothing too distressing, I promise.  This situation has been on my mind for a long time, and I doubt it’ll ever go away.  How far off have you planned your life?”

“Eh, my life? Not far, just that I want to go to law school and become a lawyer one day.  Why?” asked Haruhi, getting up and joining Kyoya on his sofa. 

“Every time I have a birthday, I like to evaluate my life, to see what I’ve done and how it’ll help with my long term goals in life.  In the last year, I’ve had a lot of change in my life.  But change brings uncertainty and doubt,” said Kyoya, carefully choosing his words as he turned toward Haruhi.

“And you’re confused about which way to go in life because of these changes,” stated Haruhi, making Kyoya sigh with frustration at how easy she understood, and with relief that he did not have to explain himself more in that respect.  He did not want to admit out loud that he did not have all the answers, especially in his own life.

“Yes.  Life’s full of hard choices.  Graduation approaches, as does college.  What classes I take as a freshman will affect my career choice further down the line, so a lot is dependent on this.”

“Is the choice that hard?” asked Haruhi, disbelief in her voice.

“Is it hard for you to give up on your dream of becoming a lawyer?” answered Kyoya matter-of-factly.

Haruhi looked away from Kyoya’s face for a moment to consider his question.  Then, she said, “Yes, very.  It’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

“Now you start to understand the pressure and desire I’ve had to become heir.  The idea of giving that up for this new change, this freedom….”

Kyoya’s voice fell away as he bent his head down and massaged his forehead.  There were such opportunities awaiting him no matter what path he chose, but he had to make a decision, and soon.  But how?

Haruhi’s hand gripped Kyoya’s wrist, squeezing until his attention and face were toward her again.

“It’s your birthday, Kyoya-senpai.  What do you wish for?”

It was hard to admit that he did not have everything perfectly planned out, that he was uncertain.  It was harder to admit that he wanted more time, but when faced with Haruhi’s understanding eyes, Kyoya found himself admitting the truth.  Somehow, he knew that she would not judge, and understand.

“I wish I didn’t have to make this decision right now,” sighed Kyoya.  “I wish that I could have both, but I can’t.”

He wanted to become heir.  He wanted to find the way to beat his brothers, and prove to himself and his father that he could do it.  At the same time, he wanted to enjoy that freedom of thought that had recently become a part of his way of thinking.  He wanted to do what he preferred, without thought of becoming heir, and just happen to become heir along the way.  It was ridiculous and impossible.

“Both what? What can’t you have, and why not?” asked a frustrated Haruhi.   “You have all the opportunities and power you could ask for.  Why can’t you have both?”

Kyoya laughed without mirth for a moment before saying, “If I ever want to become heir, I’ve got expectations and rules to follow from my father.  It has to be done his way; no other options allowed, especially if it means I might be allowed to pursue my own choices in life and have freedom.  I can’t be free of familial expectations.”

“If that’s the case, then you’ve already broken that by buying your family’s company, correct? They would not have expected you to act like that,” replied Haruhi, tilting her head as she tried to understand.

“Yes, that’s true.  I did in that instance, and it’s opened a veritable pandora’s box of possibility of how I could do things on my own.  But just because I did that doesn’t mean that my father’s proud of me and wants me doing that always.  He was surprised, but that’s it,” said Kyoya, resignation in his voice as his shoulders slumped.

“But the point that I’m trying to make is that you’ve done it once.  Who says that insight won’t pay off again later? Maybe it’d be better if you did go on your own, doing your own thing.  What if it brings something new to the Ootori name later in life, giving you the opportunity in to become heir? It’s possible,” said Haruhi, nudging Kyoya a little.

Kyoya gave a weak smile and said, “Perhaps, but it’s highly unlikely.”

“You already did unlikely.  Try something bigger and better,” said Haruhi, nudging Kyoya again, this time with a smile.  “You thought outside of the box, and maybe doing both is the way to approach life so you’re not resigned to your choices.  You’re compromising by doing that, which isn’t like you at all.  You’ve always had the power; why give it up and compromise?”

As Haruhi slammed a fist into an open palm, she gave Kyoya her most encouraging smile.  She was rewarded by seeing Kyoya smile as well, a lightbulb going on in his head at last.  In that moment, Kyoya found the clarity he had been seeking, ideas flowing at once.

“You’re right, Haruhi.  Being resigned and compromising will never work.  Thank you.  I think I need to write that down, in case I ever forget.”

“I doubt you’ll forget that, Kyoya-senpai.  You have it now, and you’ve never been one to need something said twice.  You’re too smart and determined for that,” said Haruhi, pleased and amused by Kyoya’s response.

“All the same, what you’ve said has given me ideas, and I need to put this into my datasheet.  I’m going to make your words a reality in my life, at some point in the future,” stated Kyoya, turning to his computer and typing rapidly.

Haruhi blushed at Kyoya’s words, and she, too, turned to face his laptop, curiosity overwhelming her.  She watched as Kyoya typed words and phrases into certain slots, double clicking on others and bringing up other sheets and tables.

When her curiosity could take it no longer, Haruhi asked him, “What is all this? Is this really all a part of your long-term goals, even where you live in the next eight years?”

Kyoya chuckled before motioning to Haruhi to come closer.  She leaned in, and he began to show her the main sheet, where the big plans were contained, and how each part contributed.  After some time explaining, Kyoya got ready to begin his typing again until Haruhi looked at him uncertainly.

“Kyoya-senpai, where are your friends in all this? Where’s your enjoyment in life? Surely that has an important place, too.”

Kyoya laughed at the irony of Haruhi asking him such a question after her track record with school, but she was right.  It was yet something else that he would have to include, later.  In that moment, Kyoya made his decision about confessing his feelings for Haruhi.  He had to have her now.

“I wish you wouldn’t call me that, Haruhi,” he said, steepling his hands before turning and taking her hands in his.

“Eh? I, I don’t understand you,” said Haruhi, confusion filling her eyes as her cheeks turned red.

Some part of Haruhi was jumping for joy, at the sudden contact between them.  Her thoughts had been dwelling on Kyoya more of late, and she knew it was because she was starting to develop feelings for him. 

“You asked me earlier what I wished for on my birthday.  I’m revoking my earlier wish.  I wish you’d not call me Kyoya-senpai anymore,” he said with more calmness than he felt, hands glued to his legs.

“But you don’t want to have something that important-“ started Haruhi until Kyoya stopped her with a knowing glance.

“What I wish for is, truthfully, to have you.  To be with you, dating you if possible.  If I have you, I’d figure everything else out eventually.  Is that clear?” asked Kyoya, a hint of a smile on his face.  He wanted to take her hand, but he needed to know first.

“Yes, I understand now.  I’m honored you feel that way about me,” said Haruhi, a little uncomfortable with the compliment.

“But you never responded back about the original wish.  Will you grant my birthday wish this year?” asked Kyoya, staring into Haruhi’s eyes, not letting her gaze escape his.  He wanted an answer, no more dancing around.

Haruhi held Kyoya’s stare for several moments, and then she smiled, making Kyoya reach toward her.  He was in the process of taking her hands when she held his hands down and leaned in, kissing Kyoya on the lips.  It was short and sweet, but very deliberate.

“Yes, Kyoya, I will grant your wish, but not because it’s your birthday.  I’m doing so because I also have feelings for you,” she said, squeezing his hands.

“I couldn’t think of a good time or way in which to say it to you, Haruhi,” replied Kyoya, taking her face in his hands.  “I’ve wanted to say something, to say how much you mean to me, have meant to me for a year.”

“Happy birthday, Kyoya.  I’m glad I get to share it with you,” said Haruhi as she leaned in to kiss him again.

This time, the two both kissed and enjoyed the moment.  It was longer and tender, with hope of many things to come.  No doubt the kiss would have lasted longer, but that was when someone interrupted by knocking on Haruhi’s door many times.

The two were not fast enough to break apart from the kiss as Tamaki burst in, saying, “Haruhi! Where’s that cake for Kyo? We need it now! We’ve got to start getting ready, especially since he’s not-“

It was at that moment that Tamaki realized where Kyoya had disappeared to, and that he had missed something important, not to mention messed up the surprise.  He opened and closed his mouth many times, trying to put together words, but all he could do was point as the new couple slowly pulled away from one another.  That was why the rest came in.

“Haru-chan! I’m so glad you found Kyo-chan! Congratulations!”

“Yeah, congrats,” added Mori after Hunny spoke with excitement and flowers dancing about.

The twins then appeared in front of Tamaki, snickering, “Way to ruin the surprise, Boss.  But hey, at least you found him.”

Finally, Tamaki unfroze and yelled at Kyoya, “Why didn’t you answer your phone, and why aren’t you at home?”

Kyoya stood up, with Haruhi staying close to his side as he did so.

“I’m not home because someone chose to tell all the women in Host Club that today was my birthday.  As a result, I was flocked by admirers who caused a ruckus and got me kicked out of my home until they left.  Second, I didn’t answer my phone because I was in the middle of a very important conversation with Haruhi.”

“Sure, conversation,” mocked the twins.  “So much conversing being done when your lips are touching one another’s.”

Kyoya gave one of his patented Shadow King glares to the twins, and Hunny cleared his voice, looking expectantly at Tamaki and the twins.  Finally, all three gave their congratulations to the new couple.

“Well, now that awkwardness is done and we found Kyoya, why don’t we have that party we planned for him? I made two cakes,” said Haruhi, ever the peacemaker as she tugged at Kyoya to join her in the kitchen.

“Is there strawberry?” came the excited reply from a jumpy Hunny.

“You bet. Strawberry, and Kyoya’s favorite.  Why don’t you guys bring in the gifts, while Kyoya helps me with the cakes?”

Tamaki spluttered and tried to say that Kyoya was not allowed to do anything on his special day, but Hunny dragged him away, telling him to go call Renge to get rid of the girls.  Tamaki mutely went along with Hunny’s smiling, threatening face.

“How long has this party been planned?” asked Kyoya when he and Haruhi were alone.

“For a few months.  We wanted to surprise you with a commoners party.  I didn’t know what to give you, so I made you this cake-“

Kyoya stopped Haruhi’s hands from opening the fridge and kissed her on the forehead. 

“You’ve already granted my birthday wish, Haruhi.  That’s the best gift of all.”

Birthday Wishes

Author’s Disclaimer: No, I don’t own OHSHC.  All rights go to their respective owners.  Happy birthday to Kyoya! Here’s a late one-shot in honor of the momentous day, with a healthy portion of fluff for you all.  I had an initial idea for the story, but got more direction after listening to Edgar Winter Group’s “Free Ride”.  Sorry about the delay, as life is busy around the holidays.  For those in the US, I hope you all have a great and safe Thanksgiving holiday weekend, full of love, food, and loved ones.  But in general, happy birthday to Kyoya! I hope we can all come together to celebrate his special day in some small way.  Thanks so much for reading! I really appreciate all your support, whether in faving or commenting.  I’m so grateful for all of you who take the time to read my fluff and stories.  Your support is loved! Thanks again, and I hope you enjoyed the story! :D



“And now it’s time for our final two entries in our Spooktacular Song Skits Competition! Our first group is performing the classic, ‘Purple People Eater’.  Give them a hand, or two, or three!”

The Boris Karloff impersonator was trying so hard to be funny, it was bad.  Bog wanted to groan every time the MC announced the next group.  He was glad that the contest was finally ending, and that his group would be last.  They were sure to win.

Bog watched with amusement as the group of three headed onto the stage.  One girl was dressed as a blue alien, with antennae and blue makeup all over her body, bouncing all over the stage.  Bog never wanted to interact with such a hyper human being. 

A short male then ambled onto the stage in a papier mache alien head with one eye opening and a long cylinder on top.  The rest of his costume was pretty standard alien ware with his matching gloves and boots to make him look like he had webbed hands and feet, and then he was wearing short shorts.  Bog was entertained by the little guy and how awkward he seemed as he tried to position himself onstage.

Finally, a person walked onstage in a purple body suit with wings.  It was hard to say what gender the person was, as the suit was padded well, but the person sure walked (more like stomped) onto the stage. 

Once the purple person was situated, it started to hum and beat box, with the other two soon joining in for an acapella version of “Purple People Eater”, the blue alien narrator switching singing duties with the purple people eater for the duration of the song.

Bog was amazed. 

He was even more surprised when the purple people eater pulled the cylinder off his head, revealing a clarinet.  The short guy then proceeded to play the clarinet perfectly and shake his booty in his short shorts as much as possible.  It was truly a sight to witness.

By the end of their act, all were applauding madly for the little group.  Stuff and Thang cheered the loudest, much to Bog’s embarrassment.  He covered his face with one of his hands in a look of unbelief until he saw that the purple person was unzipping the suit from the back. 

With a clumsy wiggle, the person revealed herself to be a woman, and a fine looking woman at that.  Petite and dark-haired, she was the first punk fairy he had ever seen. 

Bog was in deep trouble.

“Boss? You ready?” asked Thang expectantly with just a hint of worry after having to ask Bog twice before Bog acknowledged him.

“Yes, yes, let’s do this and win already.  I’m tired of the poorly voiced MC this year.”

 Further away, Dawn floated over to Sunny and hugged him as hard as she could.  When she released him, much to Sunny’s sadness, she said, “Oh, Sunny, you were amazing! You did such a good job up there.”

“Aww, thanks, Dawn.  You were pretty amazing singing as well,” said Sunny as he blushed and stared at his feet.

A moment later, Dawn’s attention left Sunny, and he inwardly cursed himself for not saying something yet to Dawn about his feelings.  When would he be able to tell her?

Dawn’s attention had turned to her sister, Marianne.  Marianne was glad to be out of the confining body suit, but she did not want to hug her sister and get the impossible-to-get-out blue body paint all over herself.

“Marianne, weren’t we awesome up there?” exclaimed Dawn, her voice rising two octaves as she spoke and jumped up and down.   

“Yes, fantastic! We’re sure to win now!”

“Oh, Marianne,” said Dawn as she calmed down, “why must it always be about winning? Why not just having fun?”

“You know how I am, Dawn,” Marianne said, tilting her head slightly with a knowing look.  “It’s always a game for me.  It’s a competition, for goodness sake!”

Dawn shook her head good-naturedly before running back to Sunny, and Marianne sized up her competition.  So far, no one had been good.

“And now, ghouls and gals, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Here’s the winner of last year’s competition, with a brand new song to make us scream.  Give it up for ‘The Monster Mash’!”

Suddenly, the room went dark, making Dawn squeal and latch onto Sunny, much to his delight. 

For several moments, people murmured until the sound of chains rattling could be heard in the background.  A spotlight appeared amidst the quickly rising fog, the music growing louder as a lone figure in a white lab coat seemed to float and land down on top of the stage.  His gaunt, sharp face was only made spookier by the makeup he wore.

Then he began to sing, and Marianne realized why his group always won.  Now that man could sing!

It did not help that he was able to sing just like Bobby “Boris” Pickett.  When he started to sing about what his eyes beheld, he threw something at the stage, causing a small bang to be heard, and the fog changed color. 

When the color cleared, another figure dressed as a very short, Zombie Frankenstein appeared with his arms out.  He made moaning noises and walked awkwardly onstage, making everyone laugh especially hard as he stumbled and tried to dance.  Even Marianne laughed at his antics as he wobbled about like a penguin. 

At the beginning of the next verse, the singer threw down another color, making Zombie Frankenstein disappear with a bang, and a Zombie Vampire appeared, she running as fast as her stubby little legs could carry her, rushing to various edges of the stage.  She would growl into people’s faces, or sometimes pretend to bite willing participants, everyone getting into it as she kept on coming towards them.  Whenever she got close to Dawn, Dawn squeaked and rushed behind Sunny.

When the next verse came, the vampire disappeared in a flash of color to bring back the short dude, only this time dressed as a zombie werewolf, complete with many a poorly timed and sounding howl.  The singer would make faces and silently asked his audience about the wolf’s howls by using his thumbs. 

All cheered when he put his thumb down, making the werewolf disappear.

The woman who had played a vampire now appeared with a hunchback and black cloak, pretending to be Igor.  Marianne enjoyed watching the woman freestyle dance onstage, dancing however the music moved her.  Apparently, the rest of the audience did, too.

At the next verse, and for the rest of the song, Igor was joined by a tiny Dracula, him looking upset at first, but soon joining Igor in freestyle dancing onstage.  Bobby Pickett continued to sing until his two cohorts motioned toward him, and he grabbed a guitar to rock out, stealing the show with his guitar playing and singing.

Needless to say, Marianne was jealous.  She also hated him. 

She hated him more when his group won again.

After Marianne’s group won second, she was ready to leave.  Dawn and Sunny planned to stay, but she was worn out and did not want to see the smug look on Bog’s face as he towered over everyone.  But then, there he was, walking toward her with a smug grin at first.  When he got close, his look became much more uncertain, and Marianne wondered if she was scowling too much to make him act thusly.

Little did Marianne realize that Bog had without thinking started walking toward the punk fairy.  Only when he realized where his footsteps were leading him did he start to slow down and worry, as Bog had problems talking to women.  They responded in one of two ways: disgust or fear. 

But it was too late now, and he was already close to the gorgeous fairy.  He had to talk to her now or else look even more awkward than he already did.

“Hi,” he said, immediately hating himself for saying something so mundane.

“Hi,” said Marianne, at a loss of what to say to him.  She was confused by him, and she still was thinking about his voice.  His earlier singing voice was forgotten as she heard him say more with his Scottish brogue.

“So this is your first time competing? It was pretty good, for a newbie.”

Was that a challenge? Marianne could feel herself stiffen and narrow her eyes just a little.

“Not all of us are seasoned pros who play the audience so well, drama king.”

Marianne almost wanted to take back what she said, as he might have had good intentions behind that first remark.  But then he squinted his eyes and stood a little taller, puffing out his chest.  Marianne no longer had any regrets at watching him take offense.

“That’s Bog King to you, Miss-“

That was when Marianne realized that his name was Bog, and that he was trying to find out her name.  She floundered briefly before responding, “Fairfield.  Marianne Fairfield.”

“Yes, well, you’re clearly not unaccustomed to audiences either, since you can beatbox like a pro.  Have you been doing that for a long time?” Bog asked, genuinely curious.

“Since high school.  My father thought it was unladylike to do.  Then I proved to him how awesome it was by joining an acapella group in college.  He’s slowly changing his tune,” replied Marianne, lifting a hand up as though to say it were no big deal.

Both laughed awkwardly at Marianne’s attempt at a joke.  Marianne was glad to get that in, so that she would not think about the reason why she had joined an acapella group to begin with, Roland.  He was a beast from the past, and that was where he would remain, in the past.

Bog drew closer and continued, “And is Halloween one of your favorite holidays? Is it your reason to put together this little show, or is it just your competitive nature?”

“It’s a little of both, I suppose,” answered Marianne, growing introspective.  “Do you enjoy Halloween as well?”

“Yes, it’s the one time of year I’m allowed to dress in odd clothes and not naturally be repugnant and scary to all.  I’m allowed to scare people, and I enjoy it to no end, scaring everyone,” he said proudly.

“Oh really?” asked Marianne, sensing a competition brewing.  She swung her hips a little before placing her hands on her hips.  “Are you the best scarer around?”

Before Bog could answer, his two friends from the show appeared next to him and answered excitedly.

“He’s the best! No one can scare him, and he can scare anyone, anywhere!”

“They sum it up well,” said Bog smugly.  He added a teasing tone to his words as he added, “Why? Are you better at it, Tough Girl?”

Bog was having way too much fun talking to this woman.  She was beautiful, competitive, talented, had a sense of humor, and most importantly, she had not run away from him yet.  In fact, she seemed to enjoy talking to him.  He could not help but try to egg her on with teasing.  She took it like the competitive person she was.

“You bet I’m better at scaring.  Isn’t that right, Dawn and Sunny?” replied Marianne, bringing forth the curious pair who had been watching Bog and Marianne interact with interest.

“Yes, Marianne’s by far the best! She scares me all the time!” shouted Dawn, trying to support her older sister.

“Marianne is impossible to scare, too! I’ve tried so much and always failed,” added in Sunny, standing next to Dawn.

“It seems to me that we have two master scarers here.  We need a contest to determine who the best one is.  Loser buys the other a drink.  Deal?” asked Bog, putting out his hand.

“You’re on,” replied Marianne, grabbing Bog’s outstretched hand and squeezing hard without thinking.

It was only after the two separated that Marianne wondered why Bog had insisted that the loser buy the other one a drink.  What did he mean by that? Was he interested in her?

The two went their separate ways, plotting their strategies.  Marianne struck first, trying to tap him on the shoulder.  She failed, especially when she saw Bog smile at her and almost grabbed her hand.  Bog had been too pleased by the idea of Marianne being willing to touch him for him to think about being scared.

Bog tried next from the shadows, leaping out at Marianne after she came out of the women’s bathroom.  She took it all in stride, as that was an old trick she had played on Dawn on many an occasion.  She was surprised that he had thought of it, too, but she was pleased that they thought similarly.  Bog stalked off in disgust before she could make such a comment.

Bog tried again, this time by putting red food dye in her water.  Some women did not like blood, but Marianne was not one of those girls.  She just rolled her eyes at him.  Bog hmphed and disappeared from Marianne’s side before she could dump it on him.  Was it bad that Marianne wanted to see Bog in his white lab coat wet and covered in red water? Of course not.

Marianne tried to scare Bog by standing really close to him over his shoulder with a strange, owlish look.  When Bog noticed, he leaned in and hissed, saying, “Scare me if you can.”

After that, the two began to talk to one another, telling more about themselves.  It was easy to talk to one another, and both were running out of ideas of how to scare the other.  This was just better and easier.  It helped because then they could watch the other in case they did try something else.

At some point, both lost sight of their friends, and they began to wander about the packed room, everyone dancing in their costumes.  The pair wanted to find a quiet place to talk, so they went to the front of the room, sitting on the back end of the stage, near a curtain.  They had gotten back on the reasons why they loved Halloween.

“I’ve always loved Halloween; it was my mother’s favorite holiday.  She would put on a different cool costume every year.  She’d go all out, with makeup, wigs, and decorations.  Then she’d put on music and encourage me to sing with her,” said Marianne as she remembered her mother. 

Her eyes glazed over, and a smile appeared on her face.  Bog watched, captivated by her.

“I always loved singing with her,” continued Marianne, “and one time, she asked me to try to make the sounds heard in the song.  I like to think that was me preparing for joining an acapella group,” laughed Marianne.

“I bet.  Your mother sounds wonderful, compared to mine.  All mine does is complain about me and my single state.”

“At least you have your mother,” answered Marianne, looking sad.  “I lost my mother when I was young.  I’ll always treasure Halloween for that reason.  I loved singing in honor of my mother, and my father seemed to like it.  But then one day-“

Marianne cut herself off, knowing where the tale would go.  Towards Roland.  But then she saw the concerned look on Bog’s face, as though he understood.

“But something, or someone stopped you from enjoying it? Who was it? Your father? I, I, admit that I’ve felt similarly because of how I’ve been treated in the past.  It’s not right,” said Bog.  He saw the concerned face of Marianne, and he quickly backtracked, “But don’t feel as though you have to tell me anything! If it’s personal, I won’t pry, I-“

Marianne stopped Bog from stumbling anymore by placing her hand on his arm.  Bog shut his mouth and stared with wide eyes at her.

“I don’t often say the reason because it is personal.  But I feel as though you understand me, better than anyone ever has before.  So I don’t mind telling you.  The truth is that I met a guy.  He seemed wonderful at the time, but he didn’t appreciate all the things I did, like singing.  I stopped singing for a while.”

Marianne stopped for a moment, preparing herself for the next part.  Finally, she said, “But when he told me that he didn’t want me to finish college, that I could stay at home and just take care of kids and do nothing else, I dumped him.  I had agreed to marry him at the end of my junior year, and he tried to talk me into a bunch of things that summer.  But when he said that, I left him.  I joined an acapella group and started singing again, in honor of my mother.”

“You did the right thing, Tough Girl,” said Bog in awe.  “I wish I had your spirit.  When I was told by a female critic that I admired that I had no hope of ever being any good with singing, I just stopped for years.  I didn’t want to do anything.”

“What made you come back and do this?” asked Marianne with interest as she leaned in.

“My friends, the ones you saw earlier, convinced me to do this thing a couple years ago.  They knew how much I liked singing and Halloween, and they both are natural comedians.  It worked out.”

“That’s nice,” said Marianne.

A happy silence fell over the pair, both staring at one another with new eyes.  They might have stayed that way for a long time were it not for a creaking noise.  Both perked up upon hearing the sound, giving one another questioning looks, when suddenly a counterweight above the curtains fell down in front of them, just inches from them.  Both jumped up, Marianne leaping into Bog’s arms.

“Bog? What just happened?” she whispered.

“I’m not sure, Marianne.  I’m scared,” he said, pulling her closer.

“Me too,” said Marianne, enjoying the closeness.

“A-ha! Scared you both!”

Both jumped again when Dawn, Sunny, Stuff, and Thang all appeared from behind the back curtains, triumphant grins in place.

“Look who’s scared now, scaredy cats!” yelled Dawn.

“Yeah, scaredy cats!” replied Stuff and Thang excitedly at first.

Both Bog and Marianne let go of one another and stalked toward their friends.  As one, they said, “Just because you got me once doesn’t mean you win.  Just you wait.”

Upon seeing the identical stormy looks full of promises of retribution, all four fled the scene.  When Dawn and Sunny were far enough away, they stopped, panting for breath.

“Do you think it worked?” asked Dawn.

“I think so,” said Sunny.  “They were all over one another.  They’re sure to start dating now.”

“I hope so.  They’re so cute together,” said Dawn dreamily.  “If only I could find someone special like that.”

“Well, you never know, maybe there is someone that wants to be that special someone, er, out there,” stammered Sunny, not sure how to admit his feelings.

“What are you trying to say, Sunny? Do you like me?”

Dawn leaned in to Sunny’s blushing face, and when she saw that he did, she smiled.

“Why didn’t you say so, sooner? I’ve been hoping you would say something for months!”

At that, Dawn kissed Sunny.  All was right with the world.

In another part of the party, Stuff and Thang gave each high fives and kissed. 

“Just wait until Griselda hears about the way he held that girl,” snickered Stuff.

“They’re going to be so cute together!” responded Thang with glee.

Meanwhile, back onstage, Bog and Marianne turned to face one another, only to remember how close they had been to one another.  Both opened their mouths like fish and then shut them just as fast.  They lifted up hands to speak, but nothing came out.  They walked in circles, heads down and trying to avoid one another. 

When the couple ended up running head first into the other, Bog grabbed Marianne to stabilize her.  Marianne smiled, making Bog relax at once.

“So, you wanna work together to think of something extra big and special to scare those four as payback?” asked Marianne with a grin.

“You bet,” said Bog, eager to help.

“Good,” said Marianne, leaning in to kiss Bog.  Marianne had enjoyed their close moment, and it was clear that Bog was not going to try anything with her, even if he did smile like an idiot. 

Bog froze as she kissed him, but when she lingered, he tentatively kissed back.  That kiss turned into a ten minute long kiss fest before they finally remembered themselves and where they were.

“So, about that drink?” tried Marianne.

“Yes, that drink.  We both lost, so let’s each buy one another one and plot our revenge,” said Bog, putting a hand behind his head with uncertainty.

The two went to the bar and sat down.  Once they had drinks, they toasted.

“To revenge,” said Marianne, smiling at Bog.

“To working together,” he responded in kind, taking Marianne’s free hand.

“For a long time to come,” added Marianne, squeezing his hand.

“To Halloween!” they said in unison.

Scare Me if You Can
Author’s Disclaimer: I don’t own Strange Magic, or any of the songs I mention.  All rights go to their respective owners.  This is a SUPER late Halloween story, so apologies for the lateness.  But, I wanted to do it in honor of the great holiday and the fact that it’s my sister’s birthday.  Here’s another modern human AU for you all.  So there’s a cheesy Halloween story for you.  I imagine both Bog and Marianne getting competitive about scaring people and enjoying Halloween.  I really just wanted to have an excuse to make both groups act out those songs, as I love them, and thought that they fit decently.  Happy belated Halloween! Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! :D

Chapter 14: Tigerlily

Under the full moon’s grey light, the trees creak their disjointed song, each one gasping as the winds whip by, bending to the fickle wind’s whims. 

But one tree branch does not squeak, even as the winds pummel and push it to move.  That branch is already under strain from a white owl that has been perched upon it for hours now, seemingly peeking into the curtained window of an apartment on the second floor in silent study.


Inside the apartment, Sarah Williams puts the finishing touches on her makeup.  Tonight is the night she is going on a date with the boy she just started going steady with.  They had been on three dates before that, and Sarah had not been ready to become steady, but he had pushed, maybe wheedled a little as well, to get his way.  There is a party at his yacht club tonight, and he wants to take her with pride.

It is not that Sarah thinks that something is off about him, but with this night? Oh yes.

She had woken up to the high-pitched shriek of something scraping against her tile floor, not quite nails on chalk, and she found her silverware on the floor, all set up as though two people had dinner together on her floor.

When she had cleaned the house earlier in the day, things kept disappearing.  She did not know where it was going, but gone it was.  She refused to believe that it was the goblins who were causing it.  And why should she? It was a warning from three years ago, on the eve of Sarah’s eighteenth birthday.

Hoggle had appeared at her mirror, wishing her happy birthday and giving her gifts from her friends.  What Sarah remembered most was Hoggle’s final parting comment. 

He said, “Beware of Samhain.  That rat’ll come back.  He’ll return with gifts, to take you with him.  He wants you back at all costs for his revenge.”

That warning had haunted her, as she trusted Hoggle to tell her the truth about such things.  If he did not want her back, even if it meant he never saw her again, then she would do her best to look for Jareth.  Each Halloween, random gifts would appear on her doorstep, and each year, she did not touch them for fear of Jareth enchanting it.  Last year, she thought she had seen and heard the goblins when she took Toby out trick-or-treating.  She was careful not to follow the sound of the goblins.

Today, the appearance of silverware worries her.  Having stuff disappear is freaking her out. But none of that is going to keep her from enjoying herself tonight with her new boyfriend, or so she tells her mirror.

“I know that he’s a good guy.  The best.  He said he’s got all kinds of surprises in store for me tonight, and I’m not going to let some stupid fairytale ruin my date night.”

At that moment, the broken doorbell screeches, reminding Sarah that she needs to replace it.  Sarah runs to the door, wondering why her boyfriend is an hour early.  She opens the door, only to find a single, white lily on the ground, alone in its stark, perfectly-frozen beauty.  There is no note, but Sarah knows that this beauty must be from her boyfriend.  He knows how much she likes flowers. 

Soon, the solitary bloom is nestled inside Sarah’s hair, a bright contrast to the blood-red lips and dress that Sarah wears. 

As Sarah walks from the bathroom mirror to her bedroom for final checks, she pauses and almost trips.  All of the stuff that had gone missing earlier is now on her very messy bed (that had been made earlier), the bed sheets askew on the floor, while some of her clothes and undergarments lay strewn about near the entrance to her room on the floor.    

Then, there is the random supply of male clothes she has collected, from Toby and guy friends who forgot stuff at her place.  That stuff is very deliberately placed: pants on the ground in a puddle, shirt on a bedpost, and underwear on the far corner of the bed.  It is almost as though two people had just had sex in there, but how?

Why it is there confuses Sarah, but she picks everything up and puts it in a pile to wash.  The bed is made, and now there is still thirty minutes until he comes to pick her up.

Sarah decides to watch TV, as a little white noise will calm her frazzled and very aware nerves.  Unfortunately, the TV wants to scare her, too, as there is a movie about a vampire preying upon a sleeping maiden, about to bite her neck when Sarah decides to change the channel.  The next one is not much better as it shows a woman meeting with her man, only for him to bring her outside, where he turns into a werewolf and tries to sacrifice her. 

Sarah decides that music is needed instead.  Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” comes on, and she starts to hope that the yacht club is within walking distance.

Ten minutes to arrival, Sarah receives a call from her boyfriend, telling her that he is needed for preparations at the yacht club, so he begs her to meet him outside in twenty minutes at the marina.  She agrees.

With a long coat, hat, and gloves, Sarah leaves her apartment, patting her hat where the lily is.  Tonight is going to be just fine.

First, she trips down the last flight of stairs in her apartment complex, causing her to skin her knees and scratch up her dress.

Once outside, the winds pick up, bellowing and blasting her face, making her wish she had brought a scarf.  Worse, the wind is blowing up her dress, making her feel cold all over.  She is going to need some warm arms tonight to hold her.

But she does not see the owl that is following her tonight on the streets.

Armed with directions, Sarah ploughs through the gusts, marching as fast as her legs allow her.  She is on a mission, and she will not let anyone stop her.

Until she hears footsteps behind her, with no one in sight.  Sarah starts to run through the park, and eventually she has to stop to catch her breath.

There are whispers around her, the words familiar but said in a childlike, tinkling voice.

“Don’t go on…..This is not the way….Beware, beware…”

Then she hears, “Soon it will be too late.” 

She starts running blindly after that, not prepared for the dead branches that pick at her legs, thorns that scratch, and roots that try to trip her.  Those things only succeed in scuffing up her heels, besides a few minor cuts.  She just wants to find the yacht club.  Where is that man who is supposed to meet her?

As if reading her thoughts, a lone silhouette appears in the creeping shadows ahead, clothing flapping in the breeze.  He is a light in the midst of the crushing dark that threatens Sarah.  Sarah rushes for him, and he reaches out a gloved hand to her.  Sarah takes it without thinking, until his hand crushes hers tightly, and then she sees his face.


Sarah tries to pull away, but Jareth holds tight.  She is about to scream when his other hand appears on her mouth, his hand a slow, warm caress across her tear-stained, wind-burned face.

“Sarah, my dear.  It’s so good to see you again after so long.  Have you figured it out yet?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, you twisted, lying-“

In a moment, Jareth’s face is within inches of Sarah’s, and his teeth show in the predatory gaze that is locked onto her.  The sound he makes is not quite a snarl, but some sort of low growl as his nose almost touches her chin and ear.  Then he purrs into her ear in a far too familiar way.

“Be careful of your names, Precious.  Twisted I may be, but only because of the games you force me to play.  I’ll never lie to you, my blossom.  Come with me.  You’ll never have to know what happened.  It’s all for your own good, anyway.  I’ll take you up into my arms and protect you.”

After dealing with the dark and cold winds, the warmth is welcome, and despite having a boyfriend waiting for her, all Sarah wants to do is lean into Jareth, to enjoy the warmth and cinnamon, male scent that Jareth exudes.  But this cannot happen, as Jareth will stop at nothing to claim her.

“Who’s going to protect me from you?” replies Sarah at last, her voice more breathy than she wants.

Jareth’s grin reminds Sarah of Johnny from The Shining, making her squirm more as she tries to escape.

“Why should you need protecting from me? I’ll tell you exactly what I intend to do with you, to you.  I can’t say the same for the boy you’re meeting-“

“Leave him out of this!” screams Sarah, fear bleeding into her voice.

“Why should I? He’s the reason I’m here now, trying to help you.  And yet, you don’t listen.  Ah, my innocent, pure Sarah.  Are you sure you want to know? I know you better than this.  You don’t want all this.  You don’t want to know what he’s done, or what he wants to do.  Come with me.”

“No.  Leave me, Goblin King.  Your gifts and presence are not wanted,” says Sarah with finality, finally able to drag herself away from him.

“Have it your way, Sarah.  See all that he is.  When you’re broken, call me.  I’ll be waiting,” murmurs Jareth against Sarah’s hair as he pulls in one last time.

“I’ll never call for you,” she hisses, unable to get away from him.

“Oh, I think you will, Precious.  You’re going to want comfort, and I’ll give it to you.  Every last touch, warm and searing.  Each caress, soft and enchanting.  Burning kisses, ones I know you desire and dream of.”

Sarah tries to turn away, but the warm words continue to fall, bursts of crooked, wicked poetry that pull her in, all from the lips of one she should not feel attracted to. 

He continues with feathery lightness, brushing across her chin and neck, “I’ll give it all to you if you’ll only call.  I’ll start a fire in you like you’ve never known before, and together, we can burn as one.  Oh, how I’ll turn you on.”

For several minutes, Sarah is hooked, lost in cloying, poisonous words and blue eyes that shimmer with dark promises.  All of this could be hers, but somewhere, in the back of her mind, she is forgetting something.

And like six years before, she remembers with clarity that there is a boy that she needs to get to.  This time, there is no chair, but Jareth puts up more of fight to maintain control, to hold onto her as though she is his life.  But still, he has no power over her, and so she escapes, running faster than before.

As she runs, Jareth says, “I’ll be waiting, Sarah.  You know how to find me, my lovely Tigerlily.”  He then throws a crystal into the air, reordering time as though she had never stopped to talk to him.

Within minutes, Sarah finds herself on a bustling street, the marina in close range.  She beats a path through the people, snaking her way through lovers and costumed people to find the one person she has come to see.

Just outside the yacht club, Sarah sees a bundle of yellow and red calla lilies at the entrance, and she rushes to them, smelling them at once.  Her body aches to go inside where it is warm, but her boyfriend is nowhere in sight, making her long to find him.  She heads toward the water in hopes of finding him, only to hear voices in the back.  She is halfway to the back when she hears her boyfriend’s voice, along with another male’s.

“Does she suspect anything?” asks the mystery male.

“Nothing.  I’ve taken good care of her,” replies her boyfriend.

Sarah is satisfied to know that whatever Jareth may have thought was wrong was in fact not true.  No doubt the boys are talking about the surprise.  But, before she can call out to him, her boyfriend continues.

“The yacht club will have good position for the next year thanks to my wining and dining at her home last night.  What happened afterward was, well, amazing.  As it always is with me,” he continues, smugness filling his words.

“Sarah’s going to be in for a treat tonight when you break her in,” snickers the other guy.

“I’m going to break her spirit with pleasure, just you wait and see.”  

That is all Sarah needs to hear before images of earlier in the day come back, of silverware for two, and clothing thrown about.  The thought that Jareth and his goblins had watched her boyfriend do all these things far from the light of the sun and then recreated it for her makes her sick. 

She has to leave, now!

She turns, but her heels squeak on the pebbles below her.  Footsteps are heading toward her now, voices asking who is there.  Sarah starts to run.

Soon, her ex-boyfriend is catching up to her, his larger strides easily able to engulf her tired ones.

“Sarah! When did you get here?”

“Leave me alone.  I got here just in time.  Soon enough to learn that you’re a lying, cheating-“

“Now, Sarah honey, let me explain!” he says, hands out in front of him, as though asking for peace.

“I said no!” yells Sarah, slapping him across the face.  “I am not someone you can just break in for your sick pleasure, you-“

But he will not just let his almost conquest make a fool of him now.  He strikes back, causing her to scream as she falls to the ground.

“Now you’ll listen and do as I say, Sarah!”

He is yelling at her standing up, while she is scrunched in a ball on the ground.  But, Sarah has never been one to cower for long, and once she recovers, she finds her voice and feet, kicking viciously at the sensitive area now exposed by his spread legs.  She will take sick pleasure in kicking there.  Hopefully he will never have children.

“Never! Take your,” her legs make contact, causing him to wail helplessly as she continues, “flowers, and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine! I don’t want to ever,” she says getting up, pushing the flowers in his face, “see your face again, or I will press charges of attempted assault, after cheating on me to receive favors. The nerve!”

With one well-timed shove, Sarah sentences him to the icy depths of the sea, and she rushes away from the spot.  Had she stayed there, she would have wondered why he never made it out of the water.  His friends would later wonder why he suddenly crashed the party half-naked and out of his mind as he screamed about goblins and fire gangs and other such nonsense.

On the other side of the marina, Sarah is running and soon finds herself near the entrance to a pier.  Figuring she is far enough away, she ventures onto the pier to catch her breath.  She is leaning over with hands on her knees, panting and coughing, but she is safe.

Then the pier groans, making Sarah jump.  She turns around to find an orange lily on the ground, perfectly preserved like the white one she found earlier.  Suddenly, Jareth’s comments about her being innocent make her think of the white lily, and she yanks it from her hair, throwing it into the water.  The orange flower she kicks into the water as well, not wanting to have anything to do with the passionate overtures that Jareth might be making toward her.  She stands, wary and aware of her surroundings.

Finally, Jareth appears on the pier.  His clothes have changed into the casual vest and poet’s shirt of the tunnels, along with the ever-tight pants that leave nothing to the imagination, even in the blistering cold.

“I tried to warn you, Sarah.  I wanted to protect you, but you refused.  Are you glad to know? Are you ready to come with me?”

“I’ll never go with you, you sick pervert!” she screams, backing away from him as much as the pier allows.

“But look at what I’m offering you, Sarah: your dreams.  I can give you all you’ve ever wanted, and more.  Every dream in a big castle, those wild desires that leave your chest heaving in the middle of the night, and even those nightmares that make you toss and turn,” he says, lunging for her before taking hold of one hand, and her face in the other.  “It’s all for you, Sarah.  I ask for so little.  Just give me power over you, and I’ll give you more than you ever thought possible.  Take it,” he whispers, leaning as close as he can without touching her face with his own.  “Take me.  Kiss me.  Satisfy that craving you’ve always had, that only I can fulfill.”

His warmth is all she wants right now, to bask in it and forget all about what has happened tonight.  His eyes are the moon, and hers feel like a moonflower, drawn to them, yearning to come closer, to know all his secrets.  He could give her so much, and his lips hover, hers lingering there and burning to come closer.  She does want that kiss, just a little taste.  Her eyes flicker to his lips then back to his eyes, and they are warm, inviting. 

“One kiss, Sarah.  You don’t have to leave with me if it’s just a kiss,” he breathes, his tongue darting out to lick his lips, dangerously close to hers.  “Aren’t you curious at all to know if the fever dreams are better than real life? Just one taste.”

And Sarah cannot take the torture anymore.  She closes the gap between their lips, needing to know if the dreams are better. 

The dreams fall horribly short.

There is movement as Jareth leans into the kiss, his hand now at the back of her head.  After a few minutes, both pull away for air, gasping but eyes still glued to one another. 

In the next moment, Sarah reaches in to kiss him again, needing to feel that desire burn through her again, warming her as no one ever has.  Now, Jareth is savoring, nibbling, licking, until her mouth opens, and he invades the territory of her mouth, enjoying the spoils with his tongue. 

Sarah can only feel the warmth, the magnetic, dizzying warmth, and she lets him have his way, content when his warm fingers slide down her jacket and press against the base of her neck and beyond, his warmth spreading to new places on her body.  She wants it all, and eagerly arches into his touch, allowing him better access. 

His other hand has been around her waist the whole time, but now those wicked fingers are unbuttoning her jacket, seeking access.  Sarah wants to complain, but then she realizes that at some point, Jareth has brought her back to her apartment.  Her protests die as his hand finishes unbuttoning the jacket and slides lower, to the slit on the side of her dress.  There, his fingers press warm circles against the tender legs, and Sarah feels new heat low in her body.  She wants more, so much more.

“My beautiful Sarah, so breathtaking in her wild passion.  All mine.”

His words stop her.  If she gives in, she is declaring herself as his, forcing her to return with him.  She is not ready for that, but she is not ready to lose his intoxicating touch and scent.  No matter what, it is a lose-lose situation for her.

Finally, she pulls away, knowing that it is better to have her conscience and suffer alone than to give in to him and her desires.  Jareth lets her, a knowing look on his face.  He only smiles as he prepares to leave.

“You know how to find me, Sarah.  Call me.  I’ll satisfy you, just as I could’ve tonight.  When you yearn for my touch in your dreams, just remember that you can have the real thing at any time.  I’ll be waiting.”

In that moment, Sarah realizes why Jareth wanted her to kiss him.  She cannot help but stamp her feet in frustration before she crawls into bed, worn and exhausted from mental and physical fatigue.  Her fever dreams will continue, but now they will be fueled by what could have been.  How long would she last before she would have to give in?

On her nightstand, an orange tigerlily appears, with a note.  It reads:

 “Have you ever felt like you're being followed?

Or watched the ones that held your stare?

Turned around to see who's behind you to find there's no one there?

Lurking in the dark, there's someone who breathes you night and day.

There's a friend who wants so much more,

And if they can't have you, they'll never let you walk away.”

Sweet Possibilities Ch 14

Author’s Disclaimer: I don’t own Labyrinth.  All rights go to their respective owners.  I’ve been meaning to do the big prompt for a while now, but have not had time for various reasons.  The real story I want to write for this prompt is much longer and will be dealt with later (angst!).  I wanted to do something for Halloween for Labyrinth, so this happens in the meantime, still dealing with Sarah on a pier, in a red dress.  It’s inspired by the song Tigerlily by La Roux (I imagine Jareth singing this to Sarah throughout this story, highly recommend listening to it), especially the last part of the song that gets quoted near the end.  This one has a much creepier Jareth, in honor of Halloween.  It’s not a happy ending, and yeah, that ending could have changed if I had wanted to, but nope.  Sorry.  You get creepy Jareth with his dark promises instead.  Because now Sarah is going to have serious basis for comparison issues.  The song that this story is inspired by/quoted is not too creepy until that last part of the song, for reasons.  My sister thinks that this song would be good for Halloween because of the general creepiness, so here is a late Halloween gift in description/adjective-filled present tense.  It was weird doing it in that tense, but it felt more appropriate.   

Also for reference, here are the flowers I used.  I looked at a few sites and based my writing on them overall, so I figured it best to include it in case I’m off.  Lilies in general represent beauty and purity, with calla lilies representing beauty.  Tigerlilies represent wealth or pride.  White usually stands for innocence, and yellow is gaiety.  Red is supposed to represent high aspirations, and orange represents passion/desire and even hatred. 


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! :D

First chapter:


“Haruhi, will you go to this year’s Halloween Masquerade Ball with me, please?”

Haruhi looked up from her book, debating on how to answer Tamaki and his pleading look as he knelt in front of her, holding his breath.

“Please, Haruhi? You went with Mori last year, and your costume opportunity was squandered! Why switch outfits, when you can dress as anyone or anything, and fool everyone?”

Haruhi wrinkled her brow at Tamaki’s comment as he danced about, his inner mind theater showing him how much fun wearing a mask could be, with many a blushing maiden.

Calmly, Haruhi replied, “We both enjoyed ourselves.  Neither of us wanted to look all that ridiculous, and I’ve always wanted to know what it felt like to be a judge.  Mori was good-natured about wearing my skirt suit, so I’m content.  If you’re going to force me to-”

Tamaki was quick to kneel again in front of Haruhi, puppy-dog eyes in place.

“But we haven’t done anything in forever!  Is this how you treat your good friend and former boyfriend?”

Haruhi hmphed before going back to her book, shaking her head with indulgence at Tamaki’s dramatic antics, seeing as they had hung out last week.  But, Tamaki continued to stare at her, and when it became clear that he was not leaving until they had planned something together, she spoke with a smile.  She was “expected” to go by her firm, which was why she had gone the year before with Mori, so that she was not left alone, surrounded by matchmakers and interested men. 

“Alright, Tamaki-“

“Yes! You’re going to be beautiful! You’ll be the most beautiful fairy princess ever-“

Tamaki got up and twirled about like a child in a wheeled office chair, whooping for joy.  He was trying hard to not crush Haruhi, as she was still wearing her office attire, and he knew how much she hated having to iron it again (having been forced to iron it on a few occasions himself).

“No, Tamaki.  Let me finish,” said Haruhi, placing a hand on Tamaki to calm him down.  Tamaki slumped to the ground, giving Haruhi his most confused glance.

“First, you don’t choose my outfit.  We choose together,” continued Haruhi, getting up from her seat and looking down upon Tamaki.  She was trying to look imperious and challenging, anything to not be put in some fanciful concoction of a dress that would embarrass her, or make it impossible for her to walk.

“That’s fine,” said Tamaki excitedly as he clapped his hands and got up to walk in circles.  “But you’re wearing a dress.  We’ll be proper.  How about pink?”

After much debate about the color and type of dress to wear, the two parted ways for the night with some questions still to answer.  But, it allowed Haruhi to tell the twins that she would not be going with them, as they had been hinting at wanting to go and take her together.  The way their eyes twinkled told her that they had some nefarious plans for things to do and people to prank once they arrived, and she did not want to get kicked out because of them. 

A few weeks later, Haruhi and Tamaki agreed upon swans, as Tamaki had seen some swans outside one of his hotels.  They were graceful, just like him.  He wanted them both to go in white, but Haruhi was afraid of spilling something, so she chose to go as a black swan.  Tamaki agreed when he found the perfect dress and outfit for her to wear.  The mask had sold Haruhi when she saw it.

Both Mori and Kyoya had been invited to the masquerade, but Mori chose that year to spend it with his cousin, who decided at the last minute to throw a party, as his wife Reiko got a little carried away with decorations, making him seek out moral support.  Kyoya was supposed to be out of town, so Haruhi was confused when she arrived on the night of the ball, only to find out that Tamaki was not there. 

“Tamaki, where are you?” asked Haruhi over the phone in the ante-room.

After much coughing, Tamaki wailed, “Haruhi, I’m sick!  I was in my plane, and suddenly, the world turned upside down! I thought the world was ending!”

Tamaki stopped exaggerating to cough, his cough sounding like a cross between a goose call and a bird’s cawing.  Haruhi said good-bye, knowing that Tamaki was done for the night.

Haruhi sorely wanted to leave the party, but she knew that if her firm found out, she would be in trouble.  This was a great way to work on professional development, improving all of her networks.  Haruhi did not mind mingling (since she was a natural), but she did not want to talk to any of the men at work who liked her.  She did not want to admit it out loud, but she was not interested in any of the men.

But for that matter, what kind of guy was she interested in? Not blonds, nor red-heads.  She had tried dating both with no luck.  It did not help that both had personalities that did not mesh with hers and interested her the way she wanted.  The only conclusion she had come to was that she was interested in someone with darker hair. 

Haruhi took a look around the room as she entered, trying to pinpoint people she knew from work.  She might as well prove her existence so that the night was not a complete waste.  She knew eighty percent of the people there, so it would not be hard to find someone to talk to, or so she thought. 

Haruhi looked at the few she did not know with ease, until she came across one with a white mask.  The mask highlighted the blackness of his eyes, and she made eye contact with him by accident, intrigued by the emotion contained in his eyes.  Love may come in disguises, but she was not like Tamaki, ready to pursue at once.  She did not even know if she had a type, a shape and size to look for, and she did not want to interact with those eyes, especially if she worked with him.  She quickly turned away and made her way toward a fellow coworker, only for no one in his group to recognize her, even him.

Not that that was altogether surprising, given the outfit she wore.  As with any high society event, the main point was to see and be seen, especially at parties like this.  Everyone wore bright, flashy things to show off. 

And yet, Haruhi had entered, wearing a long black ballroom gown, devoid of decoration other than the black feathers that edged the entirety of the dress.  That was odd, but what captured their interest, especially the man in the white mask – none other than Kyoya Ootori - was the mask that Haruhi wore.  The mask did not twinkle or blind with gaudiness, but instead, it was covered in black feathers, shaped like a swan’s head.  The silky sheen of the feathers had been captured so that the swan could live in a seat of eternal jealousy in others’ minds, and paired with the milky white of Haruhi’s face, it was a perfect complement. 

When Haruhi smiled, her smile and open, honest eyes made everyone want to look at her, especially Kyoya.  The problem was that he did not recognize her, and he knew every important girl in town, and every woman on the guest list to boot.  It was a simple outfit, but striking, and actually tasteful.  There were only a handful of women there who were comfortable enough with themselves to wear such a thing, and he was inclined to want to talk to her, to figure it out.  She was a puzzle, and he had a weakness for puzzles.

Kyoya had always had a weakness for puzzles, ever since he was told to rise to the top of the family and overcome the obstacles to be heir.  He then befriended Tamaki, the human puzzle.  Granted, he soon figured out that Tamaki was just an idiot who happened to have his brilliant moments, but it was Haruhi who had been the mystery for all of their acquaintance.  She was oblivious to others’ interest in her, but she could read anyone, even him.  She saw through his façade, even into his soul at times.  She worked with the poor and desperate people, seeing the worst of others, and yet she remained herself, positive and hardworking.  She understood him, meshed well with him, and yet, she dated Tamaki, the idiot. 

But enough of ancient history, there was still a mystery girl, and he needed to figure her out.  Who knew, he might finally find a replacement for Haruhi in his life, which he desperately needed.  He had a definite type: the dark-haired, brown-eyed, petite girls with a mind of their own.  They were hard to find, but then again, Haruhi was hard to replace.  Perhaps coming home early from his trip had been for the best.

Several inquiries later, Kyoya had yet to find someone who recognized her, and a peek at the guest list proved that all invited had arrived, other than Mori and Tamaki.  Kyoya knew why they were not in attendance, having had to listen to Tamaki’s coughing fits as he begged Kyoya to look out for Haruhi.  He had refused to ask what Haruhi wore, as he did not want to go out of his way to seek her out.  He would go to her the moment he saw her, of that he had no doubt.  He always did.  Haruhi was probably in a corner as she tended to do, talking amicably with other lawyers about current cases, in some simple outfit.

With no luck in those avenues, Kyoya began to wonder who had black hair, or if the lady was wearing a wig.  As he wondered, he made his way toward her, needing to satisfy his curiosity.

Haruhi was at a loss as to why no one recognized her.  Sure, she wore a bigger dress, and had dyed her hair black (she was tired of scratching her head with a wig on), but she had cosplayed so much in the past.  The girls always recognized her.  What had changed?

As she puzzled, she continued to talk to the lawyers, getting involved in the conversation as the men all were glad to include such a beautiful, intelligent woman in the conversation.  No one had seen Haruhi yet, but someone had heard that her date was sick, so she would probably not come.  This mystery woman spoke well and so comfortably with them, a welcome change from them feeling inferior around Haruhi and her bluntness.

When Haruhi turned her head slightly, she saw the white mask again, heading her way.  Some part of her was happy to see him again, that small connection from when their eyes met a good sign that perhaps, just maybe, she had a chance at figuring out just what kind of man she liked.  Dark-haired, yes, but more important was that he had black eyes, full of shadows and mystery.  There was always more to such men than what met the eye.

Neither Kyoya nor Haruhi acknowledged one another when Kyoya entered the group, both simply choosing to stand next to one another, comfortable in the knowledge that they had found another similar soul, for reasons that they could not yet explain, other than through that moment of eye contact.  Kyoya enjoyed listening to the woman’s opinions on different matters.

But even as Kyoya stood there, he felt as though he should know this woman, as she seemed familiar.  Her scent was unlike any woman’s (especially Haruhi), more fresh and outdoorsy.  Yes, that had to be it, a scent so refreshing and suited for a swan.  It was not the scent of Haruhi’s laundry detergent, something Kyoya was ashamed to know so well from sitting next to her at meetings of friends.  

At least that was more honorable sounding than the reason why he knew how Haruhi’s hair felt, so fine and smooth, but still able to send shivers through him as the tips touched his palm.  That reason had more to do with him wanting to know, and then one day taking advantage of their closeness to touch her hair.  After that, he took each opportunity afforded him, for he was nothing but an opportunist.  Whether it was to use her head and hands to help him stand up, or to assure her (Hikaru had asked her out, and she had been hesitant), Kyoya knew her hair, and he wanted to know if this woman’s could compare, especially since it seemed a little longer than Haruhi’s was.

If he were wearing his glasses, Kyoya might pretend to drop his glasses, and use her for support.  She seemed the type to want to be helpful, though he would have to validate that conclusion.  Alas, wearing a mask made it difficult to wear his ever-useful glasses, so he went without them.  Everyone recognized him despite the lack, as he did nothing else to hide his face, seeing as his mask covered the area around his eyes only and little else.

The conversation of the group slowly moved from society news to goings-on in the business world, no doubt because of Kyoya’s entrance.  He was pleased, but he thought that the woman seemed more hesitant to speak because of it, which was unfortunate.  She had a pleasant voice, and she seemed at ease with the men in the group.

There was no way for Kyoya to know that Haruhi’s hesitance came partly from the topic, but also from the prickling on the back of her neck that told her that she knew this man, with his dark features and cultured tones.  He could have been a host, with how well he spoke and maneuvered the conversation, and that only interested her more in him.  Still, the part that intrigued her the most about him was his eyes.  Those eyes would occasionally rest on her, as well as everyone else as he spoke, and when those eyes were trained on her, she needed to know who he was.  She knew those eyes; she was sure.  Eyes that understood her and could comfort her should she need it.  Cold eyes at points, and yet they held the same kindness that she saw in certain friends of hers, all of it confusing her so.

One lawyer made an off-hand comment about the place of women in the business world.

“A woman’s place is not there.  Let her use her talents elsewhere.”

Haruhi was surprised to hear such a thing come from someone who had never spoken like that before, but before she could speak, the mystery man spoke.

“Women do have many talents; however, why can’t it be in business? I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many a powerful woman, and they can be serious and inspire fear just as well as any man.  Sometimes better,” he said, thinking of a certain lady manager who inspired fear in high school for what she could do with her otaku mind.

The man stuttered and tried to backpedal on his comment, flailing with his hands, but Kyoya continued, confidence in the subject allowing him to stand a little taller.

“Too often, I think that we as men sell women short for not recognizing all of their gifts.  If we could truly utilize all of them, then the business world would grow,” he said, this time thinking of Haruhi and how much he wished that she had gone to business school with him.  But, that would never happen, seeing as she had a dream, a dream that she had fully realized and loved.  He could never ask her to give up her dream; he could only ask to be a part of it, as she was in his to some degree.

“Unfortunately,” said Haruhi as she stepped forward and made eye contact with each man present, “I fear that men and women both suffer from the inability to truly use all of their talents.  I wish that all could see all that they’re capable of and follow their dreams.  I think this world would be much better for it.  Excuse me, gentlemen.”

Haruhi had enough of the topic, and she was thirsty.  Her eyes met the mystery man’s last as she left, and she hoped that her thankfulness was apparent in her smile.  She made it only a short distance before Kyoya caught up to her.

“I hope that the conversation was not too much for you.  Not all men are gentleman in their thoughts and actions,” said Kyoya, reaching out an arm in silent inquiry.

Haruhi looked into his eyes, glad to have access to them.  The face spoke of indifference, as though he were willing to laugh at the other man, but the eyes said that he was quite serious.  She believed that he was truly speaking his mind, even if it was the most correct thing to say at the time. 

After a few blinks, Haruhi smiled and took the proffered arm.

“I’m all too aware that not all men are gentlemen, but I’m glad to have found company who is.  If only my friends were here, you’d get along well with them, I think.  They give me more reasons than anyone else to believe in the goodness of others.”

“Friends?” asked Kyoya with immediate interest, all eyes and ears focusing on each minute thing she said and did with her body.  How could she know that he was being honest, or who he would get along with? How much did she understand him? She could not know him, as anyone who did would say that he was simply a cold-hearted opportunistic businessman.  She continued to surprise him.

“Yes, I’ve known them for several years now.  We’ve been through so much together, and one was supposed to accompany me tonight,” said Haruhi unthinkingly, turning more toward Kyoya as though to converse with him.

“Just a friend?” prompted Kyoya, needing to know about this man that he immediately hated for leaving such a woman alone, but also loved for giving him this opportunity. 

Kyoya did not show much interest in women in this society due to gossip columns and the normal treatment he received from women, but she seemed different, the kind he liked.  His type.  He had learned a long time ago to go after what he wanted, and since he could not have Haruhi (in his thoughts at least), he would find the closest substitute. 

Going outside of Japan for business had helped him in that respect to meet other women, and he had done some dating while in college, trying to forget about Haruhi.  His insight had never failed him in business, and it had done a decent job so far with finding women similar to Haruhi, like this mystery woman. 

There was no point in fighting this interest; his best bet was to just keep breathing and talk to her.  Either way, he won, as she would either show herself to be not worth the time quickly (giving him time to make excuses by the time they reached drinks), or show herself to be worth more effort.

Haruhi was surprised by the masked man’s forwardness; perhaps he was not as honorable as he seemed.  And yet, even as she stared at his eyes again (she could admit to herself that his eyes were arresting and made her want to stare), double checking for double meanings as to why he might ask that, she could find nothing.  There was curiosity, but he was trying to hide the vulnerability in his eyes, the need to know.  For that reason, she answered his question. 

Within moments of him asking, Haruhi answered, “Just friends.  Once we were more, but I realized soon after that we clashed too much and would never work out.  I just wasn’t interested in him in that way.”

Kyoya was relieved to know that she was not dating him, but there were still others that were possibilities.  The other problem was that the man had not come tonight: was there a nefarious, underhanded purpose for his not coming?

“I hope he has a good reason tonight for not appearing, as not coming could make it seem-“

“I don’t doubt his sincerity in that respect.  There’s no way he could make it tonight, and I don’t hold it against him.  He wanted this more than I did, even if I needed him more.”

Haruhi realized her bluntness had gotten in the way as she felt the man’s grasp tighten on her arm.  Why had she said that last part? It was true, and it probably had something to do with the fact that she felt comfortable with him, ever since she had laid eyes on him.  If this were anywhere but somewhere where her coworkers thrived in large quantities, then it would not matter that she had said it, but being more circumspect was something that she had been told on several occasions by her elders to try for.

Kyoya found it hard to believe that the woman in front of him who could hold her own in conversation could need any man, making him doubt himself and his choice.  But, he continued on, needing to know more.  All she said kept drawing him in further, just like Haruhi could, and he did his best to keep his face impassive and free of emotion as he continued to speak.

“Independent women rarely need men in my experience.  If you did need something, then may I assist?”

Haruhi’s eyes darted to Kyoya’s once more, and Kyoya wondered how much she comprehended in those quick glances.  Haruhi did not speak right away after that, making Kyoya want to squirm, as though his charm was ineffective.  The two continued to walk toward the food table, Kyoya putting up a front for all (or so he thought) while Haruhi debated on how to answer.

At last, Haruhi smiled as her realization came as to why the man seemed so interested in her friends and needs, as she could recall men from work asking similar questions before asking her out.  Some part of her was happy to know that he was interested in her, even if she still wanted to know more about him before she made up her mind about him. 

After smiling long enough to hopefully put him at ease, she answered, “You’re very kind to offer your assistance.  You’ve been nothing but very polite all evening, which I appreciate.  I assure you the need I had has been more than satisfied by your presence tonight, as well as by the general behavior of others here.  No one seems to recognize me, which is just fine by me.  It’s nice to be unknown again.”

Haruhi enjoyed watching the confusion pass through Kyoya’s face for several moments before he schooled his features appropriately, trying not to sound curious as his voice lowered and he led her to the back corner of the food table, away from others.

“Then I’m not the only one who doesn’t recognize you? I thought all of the men back there did.  I was afraid to offend you, Miss.”

“I’m not offended, as I don’t recognize you either.  We’re equal in that respect,” said Haruhi with ease.

“Is that the only aspect in which we’re equals?” asked Kyoya, trying to figure her out.  He pulled away from her a little, trying to gain more clarity.  He was getting nowhere with her, and it frustrated him to no end.  At least he was right that she did not know who he was.  It was a novelty to be treated like another human being sometimes, something he tended to only get from Tamaki and Haruhi.

“I doubt it.  I’d say in many respects you have the upper hand based on your family and upbringing, but that’s the case with just about everyone here.  But if we talked about our interests and friends, I’m sure we’d find other things in common.”

She spoke so easily of them having big differences between them, her big eyes guileless and smiling, and yet, Kyoya could not see the differences.  On the surface, she seemed like every other woman there, other than her independent, rational approach to things that he liked.  For one moment, he wondered if this was indeed Haruhi, as she was one of the few people who could say that.  But no, his mind said quickly, this could not be Haruhi.  She did not enjoy wearing such outfits, and she was not comfortable with or aware of men showing interest in her.  This woman seemed to be encouraging him, so he would continue.

The only problem in Kyoya’s mind with continuing was the moment when she did find out who he was.  If he gave too much of himself away, or of his friends, then the tabloids were liable to talk.  That argument held importance for only a short time, though, as his instincts about her told him that she was not the type to kiss and tell.  She seemed more like someone he could confide in, which surprised him and ended up making him stay more vague.

“I’m sure we do have things in common, such as the type of people we prefer,” he said, indicating him and her.

Haruhi smiled a little at that, saying, “Yes, I think that if we could choose our conversations, we would want it with others who don’t jump to conclusions or make a big deal out of every little thing.  It’s nice to have a normal, rational conversation.”

“Agreed.  It sounds as though you speak from experience, of having friends who mean well but still do otherwise,” replied Kyoya, his eyes crinkling slightly at the thought of Tamaki rushing up to him for this or that.

“All too well.  But that’s why I appreciate them in my life.  They care about me and only want the best for me.  It’s just hard to meet other men without having my friends want to meet them, or just having others be afraid of me because of who I know,” said Haruhi, frustration lacing her later words.

“Is that why you want to be unknown, then?” asked Kyoya curiously.  He leaned in and continued, “Because in all my experience, I’ve hardly known anyone who wants to be unknown.  It’s an odd concept.”

“It’s only odd if you were brought up with it seeming odd,” said Haruhi good-naturedly, knowing that anyone from the upper echelon would never think like that.  “There was a time in my life when I was unknown.  But, if I wanted to make it to the place where I am now, I suppose I couldn’t have remained unknown.  It did happen in the most extraordinary of ways, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I found my friends because of it.”

“They wouldn’t be friends if they didn’t show you how much you matter to them.  All show their feelings in different ways, but it sounds as though they agree on one aspect.”

“Only when it comes to dating,” said Haruhi, shaking her head.  “They mean well, but they don’t have to worry much.  I’m open but uninterested.”

Haruhi saw a triumphant grin cross his features, which made her glad.  He was not about to give up.

With that information secure, Kyoya felt more than ready to kick up his game.  “You’re fortunate that you have friends who stop you.  Mine won’t stop encouraging me to do so.  It doesn’t work, though; I’m a man who’s got very specific taste in women.  A type, if you will.”

“I’m sure the women of this party bemoan that fact a great deal,” said Haruhi fondly, imagining all the girls from Host Club.  She tried not to think about the fact that him talking to her so much meant that she fit his type.  The way he spoke was highly complimentary of her, and the fact that he did not come right out and say anything was a point in his favor.  It was different from most, and yet so satisfyingly familiar in other ways.

“They bemoan, but they still hope,” he said, careful to not show any emotion.

Haruhi caught that desire to hide, and did her best to root it out.  If he expected her to be interested in him, he had a lot more explaining to do.

“Why do they hope? Do you encourage them?”

“Not at all,” he said, putting his hands out in front of himself.  “I’ve never encouraged them, but they do because I’m still single.  That one day I’ll be forced to marry, and they’ll be the lucky girl.  But that won’t happen, seeing as that’s already been decided between my father and me.  It’s not common knowledge, but I’m independent, just like you.”

For several years, there had been talk that Kyoya would have an arranged marriage, but once he went out on his own with his own company and thwarted several attempts of his father to meet suitable women, his father backed off.  There was an understanding that his father would still approve, but even Yoshio Ootori knew that Kyoya would only choose someone who would bring merit.  Kyoya was just as good as his father at maneuvering things to his benefit.

“It’s rare to find that in society here,” said Haruhi, truly impressed by Kyoya.  She wished all in today’s modern society thought like that, but she would take what she could get.  “You must receive a lot of support from your friends for you to go outside of your family’s influence like that.”

“I do,” he said frankly.  “I don’t deserve my friends.”

With that newest bit of information, Haruhi allowed herself to think about this mystery man in a different light.  Anyone who could say that about their friends and truly mean it understood the value of friendship.  His frankness reminded her of Kyoya, in how willing he was to explain himself to her at times when it came to matters of merit, and beyond as their friendship continued into college. 

Kyoya had become a confidante to her while in college, just as she had been for him.  Certainly, there were still certain taboo subjects, such as dating.  That was awkward to talk about your friends like that, and she had been hesitant to talk to him about Hikaru as a result.  But after he enquired after her one night, all she had to do was tell him what Hikaru had asked, and Kyoya had stated the facts, of how much Hikaru liked her and would treat her well as a result. 

Figuratively, he had pushed her at Hikaru, even if literally, he had held her close as he told her that it was okay to try again with someone else in their friend group, how the world would not end.  Their group had remained intact after both break-ups, and no one held it against Haruhi, even Hikaru to everyone’s surprise (except Haruhi, as she knew that he had matured, and would not have considered dating him otherwise). 

Haruhi had always wondered why Kyoya had never shown interest in her, if it had anything to do with the very thing that he told her would not happen, of breaking up the friend group.  But, her rational mind always interjected and said that it was probably because he was not interested in her like that, and that his father had plans for him.  She could recall with clarity one night soon after she had started dating Hikaru, when Tamaki had been in a particularly mellow mood.  He went on to talk about the fact that his father had had his heart set on Tamaki marrying her, and that had been a point of contention between his family and the Ootoris.  He never explained why the Ootoris had been upset, but Haruhi could guess as much, that the arranged marriage should be to someone better known.  It would explain why Kyoya dated such important girls while in college. 

But, the fact of the matter remained that Kyoya was not at the party, as his signature glasses were nowhere in attendance, since he was abroad on business.  There was, however, this intriguing man who understood business well and yet still managed to have good friends in his life.  It would be nice to talk to him without all of her well-meaning friends around, and that was what she did.

For the rest of the night, the two continued to chat, as Haruhi wanted to hear more about what his idea of a perfect business was, and she was glad to respond back with her less educated but well-intentioned ideas.  At some point, they joined another group, and she was sure that others in the group recognized him.  They were very respectful toward him, and even when others tried to discredit him, he was still respectful and rose above the meanness.  For her part, Haruhi contributed to the conversation as she could, as well as defended Kyoya on several occasions.  It was not until she tried to credit him with having good, caring intentions that a few people gave her odd looks.  The mystery man looked so amused by what she said that she was temporarily confused.  But, before she could say anything else, Kyoya excused them both upon seeing her narrowed eyes.

“I think we all have good intentions towards others to some degree, but not all of us here are as generous as this lady here and can see beyond what others present.  It’s food for thought for all of us.  May I?”

The music had changed from the fast-paced music of much of the night to something slower.  Kyoya was itching to get away before the woman told more of her observations and blew his charade.  The easiest and most desirable way was to dance with her, as he could be close to her in the process of getting away. He reached out his hand to her, eyes willing her to say yes, and she met his stare.  Then, she nodded, allowing herself to be whisked away.

Once they began dancing, Haruhi started, “Why were you so amused by what I had to say?”

“I didn’t think you’d see that,” was Kyoya’s honest answer, but he continued quickly with,
“I wasn’t amused by you and your words.  I was amused by everyone else’s response to your words.  Not many would flatter me with saying I have so many good intentions.  Quite the opposite.”

“Nothing you’ve said or done implies otherwise; why does everyone not see it?” asked Haruhi, truly confused.

“Not everyone is as observant as you, H-,” said Kyoya, stopping himself before he continued and said Haruhi’s name.  That would be the fastest way to upset her, to call her by someone else’s name.  Yes, she did sound a lot like Haruhi in that moment, and he wanted to kiss her for it.  If she could see so much and was not afraid to say so, that was someone he needed by his side. 

Haruhi was the epitome of all that he wanted in a woman, but she had never looked at him as though she wanted more, not like this mystery woman had been.  The only time he thought Haruhi might have wanted more was when she told him that Hikaru was interested in her.  That had hurt, but the fact that she was willing to even consider dating again meant that he should encourage her, even if not with him.  Surely, if she were interested, she would say so since they were close.  That had been the mantra that he had carried with him as he tried to find someone to replace her.

Haruhi tried to figure out why he had stopped himself.  Was he afraid of overstepping a line? She hoped not, as she wanted him to be honest with her.  She leaned in as they waltzed, trying to get him to continue.

“However what? What were you about to say?”

Inside, Kyoya rejoiced that she assumed and gave him a way out of his blunder.  He let his relief show in his shoulders and face, as trying to do otherwise was useless with her.  She would know.  It was time to consider leaving, as he wanted to talk more with her, without others around to give the wrong impression of him.  Better yet, he wanted to tell her who he was.  Some part of him was still very afraid of what she would think once she knew his identity.

“However much I wish certain friends and employees of mine were.  It would make my job day-to-day much easier to have someone like you around.”

Once again, Kyoya was forced to acknowledge in his mind the “what-if” of Haruhi working with him.  She would annoy him with all of her observations about him, but he would get so much more done with others with her there.  Of that he was certain. 

“I wish I could help you with that,” said Haruhi matter-of-factly, “but I love my career too much to ever consider doing so.”

“You’re not the only one to think so, which is rare.  Much as I want that kind of dedication, you could never give it to me since it wouldn’t be doing what you love,” said Kyoya, his thoughts going inward.

“You’re doing the right thing by not trying to force me or anyone else into doing something else, of assuming that you know best,” said Haruhi, trying to draw Kyoya back to her.  His arms had stiffened, but it was the withdrawn, almost longing look in his eyes that had Haruhi trying to reach out to him.

“I keep telling myself that, that I don’t know everything when it comes to her,” he said finally, looking her in the eye meaningfully.  He had been honest that he had a type, but he would be doing her a disservice if he said nothing of what she had to contend with.  No one but Haruhi would do.

While that thought send waves of surprise through Kyoya, Haruhi tried to figure out what a she had to do with the conversation.  The two were silent for a bit, the dancing stopping with the music, so Kyoya led Haruhi away from the group, still too surprised by the realization to say anything.  He was leading this girl on, and she deserved to know.  He had to find Haruhi.

Just as he was about to speak, he saw the brown eyes widen, her mouth taking the shape of an “o”. 

Haruhi immediately said, “Is she the first one you said that to? Does she know how you feel?”

“No,” he replied, “she knows nothing.  She’s oblivious most of the time to such things.  But I’ve cared about her for so long, and pushed her at others because she knows what she needs in her life more than I do.  I can’t control her, but I want her all the same.”

Haruhi looked hard at Kyoya as she thought about her own love life.  She knew someone like that in her own life, someone that she cared and worried about.  He did what he thought was best for her and pushed her toward men because he could be selfless when it mattered.  His conversation was the kind she enjoyed most and had sought out unintentionally tonight.  She did have a type: Kyoya.

“Me too,” said Haruhi in a monotone voice.  “I didn’t realize it until now, but I do as well.”

“We’re certainly fitting company for one another, then.  I wanted nothing more than to leave with you and get to know you more, but while I’m still not over her, this won’t work.  I’m sorry,” replied Kyoya, mad at himself. 

“No, thank you.  You helped me realize something about my life.  If there was anything else I could do-“

Haruhi put her hand on his shoulder, to show her support.  Kyoya did look up at her for that, and his eyes flickered as he considered something.

“There’s one thing you can do.  Please tell me your name.  One day, we may meet again,” he said, his hands reaching out tentatively toward her.

“I’d like that,” said Haruhi.  “The party is ending anyway.  Why don’t we remove each other’s masks and then see if we don’t recognize one another? We can tell names if not.”

Kyoya nodded his agreement and reached for the back of the woman’s head, where the string was.  As his hands cupped the back of her head and touched her hair, Kyoya felt a similar tingling sensation go through his palms as always happened when he touched Haruhi.  The hair felt exactly the same, as well as smelled the same. 

Kyoya made the realization at the same moment as Haruhi, because she could always tell who a person was based on how they touched her.  Her father squeezed her with all the love he could for his precious girl, tight but meaningful.  Tamaki simply put everything in, little heed for who it was.  Hikaru was deliberate in his embraces, too much practice from the brotherly love act to be casual. 

Kyoya, on the other hand, had always been different.  She could recall most times that the two of them had touched or embraced since it was rare, but the time she remembered best was the first time he had touched her hair, so deliberate like Hikaru, but tender as he seemed to fluff it.  Each time afterward that he did touch her hair, it always felt like that, tender and meaningful.  It was not an empty pat like Mori, but more a caress, meant to savor the moments between them, small and hidden as they were.

As the lightbulb turned on, so did the blinders seem to fall away from their eyes, both blinking even as Kyoya’s hands remained entwined in the hair he so loved to feel.  Finally, Kyoya lifted the string up, allowing the mask to fall down, and Haruhi placed her hand on Kyoya’s cheek.  The faces felt the same, and the eyes had to be the same.  She lifted the mask off of Kyoya’s face, and both stared at one another.

When Haruhi saw the growing tenderness in his eyes, she put two and two together about who he had been talking about.

“Why did you never say anything? I didn’t think you were interested,” she said, grabbing his chin.

“I thought you would.  I learned long ago that you were your own woman.”

“I didn’t realize it until just now, when you confessed your feelings for me, that I was interested in you.  Are you sure you want someone like that in your life?” she said seriously.

“It’s always been you.  You’re just my type.”

Haruhi looked like she wanted to protest, so Kyoya stopped her and kissed her.  It was not under the best of circumstances, but it felt good to finally taste her, to enjoy what he had always wanted.  Haruhi was able to decide that his kisses were slightly better than the way in which he touched her hair, as he pushed and savored that kiss.  After that thought, she was lost to coherent thought, wanting nothing more than to kiss him more and feel the rush, the desire that was palpable in his movements. 

After that, the two left together, seeing as they had just made exhibitions of themselves in public without intending to, but at least there would be no doubt that they were together.  They headed to their friends at Honey’s home, to tell them the good news hopefully before social media could.

Later on, Haruhi would wonder why she had not seen Kyoya’s desire sooner, but seeing as she had been so blind when he did not have glasses on, then allowances could be made for something that he had tried much harder to hide. 

Kyoya would continue to kick himself for not seeing the signs earlier that it had been Haruhi the whole time, but at least subconsciously, he knew.  He had gone to her at first sight, just as he knew he would.  He did not know when she had grown out and dyed her hair, or for that matter, had become more aware of male attraction toward her.  But he was glad she had, and that she was so understanding. 

Both had come into the masquerade with no hope or expectations, with a lot of misconceptions about the other.  But, even love can break through assumptions and misunderstandings, and sometimes it just takes a new perspective (or mask) to see what was always there to begin with.        

My Type

Author’s Disclaimer: No, I don’t own OHSHC.  All rights go to their respective owners.  This story is inspired by the song “My Type” by Saint Motel, an excellent song.  This story is dedicated to my sister (whose birthday is on Halloween), who was listening to this song with me and thought that this would be a good song for KyoHaru.  I could not agree more.  This should have been posted before Halloween, but it was crazy busy for me, so consider it a late Halloween treat.  If you know the song, I hope you caught the references to it.  I racked my brain trying to think of reasons why they would not recognize one another after so much cosplay together, so I hope this made sense.  Happy late Halloween, and thanks for all your support! I really appreciate it.  You’ve all been great after the last two one-shots, and you can expect one more out of me for Kyoya’s birthday before I head back to my main KyoHaru story.  Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! :D       


Chapter 13: 200 Word Drabbles

Drabble 1: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing 

"No, no, not that sugar! Why's would ye use brown sugar fer's a vanilla cake?"

Hoggle had been perched in a tall chair to oversee the making of Jareth and Sarah's wedding cake, but after the fourth wrong move, he was next to the goblin, jumping with shaking fists. He barely saved the cake from (insert False Alarm drum roll here) Certain Death.

"Don't yous idiots know 'ow ta follow directions? 'Ey, yous be careful with that milk!"

With as much scurrying he did, one would think Hoggle had eaten a whole batch of the forbidden sugar cookies the goblins so loved.

"Careful there, Hedgeworth. You're beginning to sound and act like me. Trying to practice being king?"

Hearing his smirking monarch, Hoggle stopped and started sweating.

"Yer Majesty, I would never-"

Jareth laughed, saying, "You wouldn't, Higgleston, since you're a coward. But, you're already turning into a -oh, how does Sarah put it - wolf in sheep's clothing, scaring these cretins into submission."

"I's just wants this cake to be perfect for-"

"Of course, Horger. Play nice with the imbeciles," Jareth sing-songed, strutting out.

"I ain't like that stinkin' rat. Don't prance like 'im," muttered Hoggle.

"I heard that."


Drabble 2: A Different Perspective, based on another's drabble of Sarah and Jareth discussing Jareth cosplayers

Where was Sarah?

Annoyed at losing Sarah’s attention to a computer, Jareth searched for his beloved, who said she would be fast, looking at photos of a convention, whatever that was.

When Jareth found her, he was surprised.  From a distance, he thought he saw images of himself, but closer up, he realized it was not him, instead Google images.  The words at the top were “Jareth cosplay”.  He kept seeing men and women that looked like him! All of them had such large…. codpieces.  Were they mocking him?

“What is ‘cosplay’?” asked Jareth.

Sarah tried to close the computer, but Jareth wanted to see more, so Sarah explained that cosplay was similar to dress-up.

“Is that supposed to be me?” asked Jareth in indignation.

“Um… yes?”

Jareth asked why they had the overly large codpieces, ready to send a plague of fireys upon anyone who dared to mock him.  He was surprised by Sarah’s answer.

“They just know how…. manly you are.”

It all made sense.  They all wanted to be him.  Finally, he nodded and gave his royal stamp of approval.

“Very good.”

Sarah sighed as Jareth finished with, “Perhaps we should attend one of these ‘cons’.”


Drabble 3: Jareth at a Con

“My adoring public awaits!” glittered Jareth.

“But why am I in this itchy, white monstrosity? Wasn’t wearing it once enough?” huffed Sarah, avoiding glitter.

Jareth continued heedlessly until someone shouted, “It’s David Bowie!”

Jareth’s regality faltered. 

“That imposter is lacking,” he muttered, Sarah mock-patting him in comfort.

Sarah soon wanted comfort, dizzy from dancing with Jareth.  Jareth was going to be hoarse, singing parts of “Magic Dance” (Or Pants, Magic Pants, in her mind) constantly.   

After hours of posing for photos, an older woman came and proceeded to give Jareth a once-over, eyes lingering on Jareth’s pants.

Jareth looked so pleased with the attention that he prepared to say his speech of thanks.

“Nope, not him.  There’s not enough of him there to tempt me.”

Sarah held back her amused snort as Jareth closed his mouth, his eyes attempting to shorten the tiny woman.

Condescension overflowing, Jareth intoned, “I am the real-”

“Oh, shove a sock in it, Bowie impersonator,” she interrupted.

Jareth’s eyes gleamed in anger, then glee as the woman splatted into the Bog.  Twelve more vacationed for similar reasons, others for trying to remove Jareth’s “wig”. 

As they left, Jareth mourned, “Bowie has ruined them for life.” 

Sweet Possibilities Ch 13

Author’s Disclaimer: I still don’t own Labyrinth.  All rights go to their respective owners.  Here are some 200 word drabbles I wrote up.  The first one is of my own creation based on the prompt above, and the second one is based on someone else's drabble, told from Jareth's perspective.  I received encouragement from jalenstrix and Jetredgirl to do a follow-up drabble to the second drabble about Jareth going to a con, so the third one is the result.  This is partly inspired by all the times that I have followed Pirate-Yashimaru  around, something I enjoyed doing.  Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! :D





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I'm very fond of fanfiction, in particular Labyrinth ( :iconjarethplz: + :iconsarahwilliamsplz: = :heart: !!!) And then there are the other fandoms that I follow, though perhaps not as much (thankfully, or I'd never leave). There are some amazing artists out there; I love checking out the work and admiring it. I'm an engineer, and I love doing that type of work (aka math and science). However, I like to write for fun and take pictures. I love talking, and will talk about just about anything, so if you ever want to chat, just comment or let me know! :D

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4. Another Valentine's Day: More Valentine's Day-themed fluff. A two-shot because I'm verbose. Started and finished Feb 2013.

5. How to Woo Properly: Complete. Based on a one-shot/drabble by Kyndsie. Link included in story. Another way in which Jareth might have tried to win Sarah. Started Sept 2012, finished Feb 2014.

6. Sarah and Laws of Queendom: Currently finishing. Sequel to Sarah and the Laws of Physics. Started July 2011.

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8. Letters from a Mutual Friend: is the letters sent between Sarah's three friends, Sarah, and Jareth, after Sarah starts college. This story will have short chapters, but there will be many to make up for it. This story will be lengthy as a result, covering all of Sarah's years in college. Started July 2013.

9. Under the Stars: Versions 1 & 2: Fluffy stories (one-shots) about Jareth and Sarah being together under the stars.

10: Love in the Spring: 2 related one-shots that are gifts to a friend, Kiyomi-chan16 . Labyrinth meets Frozen songs. The result is silly fluff.

11: Sweet Possibilities: All one-shots written for livejournal. So far includes: One Samhain Night (Halloween fic), Goblin Gifts (Christmas fic), A Winterfest Story (Christmas fic), Them Apples, Have Stick Will Travel, For the Longest Time. Hope to add: Hide and Seek and Beautiful

12. There's A LOT of one-shots, so go look at my folder of one-shots to get a look at all of them.

13. Of Love and Dreams: a future story, romance novel spoof I've always wanted to write. More J/S, with some Toby and Sarah sibling time. Haven't decided if drama or comedy. Sarah needs inspiration for her romance novels, and so has Toby help her visit the Goblin King by wishing her away. Nothing wrong with that plan at all.

18. FAR FUTURE: The Goblin Ball: it involves much dancing, and even more poetry. More scared of the poetry honestly. Could be drama or comedy.

Non J/S:
This list is growing, thanks to OHSHC and Strange Magic.
Involving OC's of ASinglePetal
1. Assassins Don't Wear Pink
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3. Welcome to Home Depot, Mr. Bond
4. A Day at the Prince's Zoo
5. Just Another Family Dinner
For Sword Art Online
6. Christmastime in Sword Art Online: giftfic
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7. Snape's New Favorite Toy
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13. What You Want
14. The Host Club Is
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Fantasy!!! I also really enjoy this, part of the reason why I wanted to do photomanips to begin with. Fairies and the supernatural are interesting to see and read about, no shame.

Did I mention that I'm a nerd, and proud of it? I'm an engineer, with very eclectic interests. By personality, I am ESFP, so go figure. And I'm left-handed!

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After a busy month of vacation and family stuff, I am now about to take my last big vacation before Thanksgiving.  I'm going to the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball!!! It's in Los Angeles.  So excited! Still packing. There shall be SO many pictures I need to put up when I get back, so despite what I've said in the past about posting pictures,  I am serious this time. There shall be photos. Older ones first. Cosplay and other fun stuff.  And I even have my own fluffy, little owl-Jareth to take with me as I dance the night away.  I hope you all are doing well, and that you have a great weekend! :-)

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