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I love this quote, as it sums up my art experience:
"Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress. Don't strive to make your present noticed, just make your absence felt."
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Chapter 2: The Challenge – Au Revoir by OneRepublic

“Haruhi! It’s been a while since we talked! How are you?”

Haruhi paused before speaking into her cell phone.  She did not like taking personal calls during work, but it was close to lunch time, and Renge had called out of the blue.  It was usually wise to answer, lest she worry and start to overreact, similar to Tamaki.  It had been a few weeks, and Renge had been out of town dealing with business of her own, so no doubt she wanted to know what had happened since she left.

“I’m doing alright, Renge.  Work keeps me busy, but I really enjoy it.  I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

“You always knew you’d be a lawyer, and now you are.  I’m really happy for you.”

“Thanks, Renge.  Did you have a good trip?”

“Yes, it was fine, but I missed you all too much, and I missed another monthly reunion.  How’d it go?”

“It was without Kyoya again.  He didn’t even call this time.  We’re all beginning to worry about him.”

“Wh-at?” said Renge, stretching out the word to raise it several syllables. 

“We haven’t been able to get ahold of him since-“

“Don’t worry, I’ll talk to him.  He just needs some personal interaction.  I’ve been meaning to talk to him for some time now.”

“Wait, Renge, you don’t-“

“I know how to handle Kyoya just as much as you, Haruhi.  Anyway, I gotta go.  I’ve got lunch plans.  Toodles!” Renge sing-songed.

Haruhi stared at the phone for several moments after Renge hung up.  Now she definitely needed to see Kyoya later that day.  There was no telling what Renge would say and do.  Renge cared, but she went about it in the wrong way sometimes, just like Tamaki.

As Haruhi put her phone away in preparation for lunch, Kyoya was also getting ready for his food to be delivered to him so that he could eat while working.  He had been expecting an email from the Americans, and so far, he had seen nothing.  It annoyed him.  Then, he heard commotion on the other side of the door.

“Excuse, coming through.  I need to speak with him this instant, you hear? Let me in! Excuse me!”

Kyoya knew Renge’s voice anywhere, and he was unsure why she was there, unless Haruhi had talked to her.  Actually, yes, that was exactly why, as those two talked a great deal.  Him not taking Haruhi’s call probably made her take extreme measures to get in.  When Renge wanted to get in, she would, whether by pushing or coming up through a hole in the floor on a large motor.

“Kyoya Ootori, I bet you weren’t expecting to see me today.”

“Indeed, I wasn’t.  To what do I owe the honor of your visit?”

As much as Kyoya did not have time and did not want to deal with Renge, he was still a Host and polite.  Perhaps his smile was not as large as preferred, but she could hardly expect more, considering that she had just barged her way in without considering what he may be doing.

“I think you know perfectly well what.  Three months now.  Three months! What are you thinking?”

That is none of your concern.”

“Yes, it is! You owe it to me after our years of friendship-“

“Which can be summed up as what, exactly?  A business relationship that prospered well during high school, and occasional meetings with the Hosts afterward.  You were always on the outside, Renge.  When did that change?”

Renge spluttered as she tried to figure out how to respond.  She had been expecting many things, but not that.  She decided to take the plunge.

“It hasn’t changed that much in person, yes, but I’ve wanted it to change for some time now.  You are some of my favorite people, and yes, I’ve felt left out in the past.  But I know that you all share a special bond.  But you can make space for more.  You have to, now that Hunny is married, and it’s only a matter of time before Tamaki and Haruhi-“

“But how does this affect you? Do you expect to just jump in?”

“Well, that wasn’t quite what I had in mind.  It involved you, to be perfectly honest.  I’ve always had a crush on you, and that hasn’t changed.”

“What if I’m not interested in you, though, Renge? Did you consider that?”

“Yes, of course.  You’re just being stupid and not listening to your heart.  If you’d take a day or two for yourself and spend more time with your friends, then you’d see-“

“That I yearn for something deeper? For a girlfriend? For you?”

Kyoya did not say anything with sarcasm, but his voice certainly showed how much he questioned her logic. 

“I don’t think you understand, Kyoya-“

“No, I don’t, Renge.  But now is not the time to try to explain it to me.  I have other matters to attend to.  There’s a reason my secretary tried to keep you from coming in, because I’m in the middle of something that needs to get done.  After you just pushed your way in here, I’m not in the proper mindset to entertain what you’re thinking right now.  I’d suggest you come back another time and try again.  Please go.”

With that said, Kyoya sat back down in his wonderfully cushy leather seat (money is useful sometimes).  The hard lines in his face made it clear that Renge should go, and she debated internally about what to do.  She had been rebuffed rather bluntly, and he had asked her to go.  It hurt, though it could have hurt more if he had laughed.  Nonetheless, the hurt was settling in, and she had no intention of letting him see how he had hurt her, with his earlier or later words.  Just as fast as she arrived, she left.

Kyoya sighed before turning back to his work.  While he felt bad about the way he said what he had, he did not regret saying it.  Those things needed to be said.  Renge had been on the outside for a long time, but she had never tried to do more.  It took more than a few dates to make one part of the group. 

Reiko would feel like an outsider no doubt for some time to come, and she knew it.  But she did not care, because she was still family and friend, depending on who you talked to in the group.  She would receive no shortage of help if asked, especially once kids entered the picture, as everyone expected to happen.  But it was another matter for Renge. 

Renge needed to show more commitment to the group if she truly cared, and if she thought that they would ever have a future together (which he doubted completely), then she would have to try to get to know him much more, even more than Haruhi and Tamaki did.  They were his closest friends, and he was still upset with them.  Renge would have to keep trying.  Her choice to leave was understandable, but sometimes, doing the right thing meant annoying Kyoya more.     

Time passed quickly for the rest of the day for Kyoya.  It was not until he heard more hubbub outside his door that he realized that his day was not over, as the cavalry had come since the messenger had not helped. 

A small smile curled about Kyoya’s face as he listened to the voices.  He could hear his loud, persistent secretary talking to Haruhi, who was trying to convince the secretary that seeing Kyoya was needed at this moment.  After the bustle of earlier and a stern warning from Kyoya about such occurrences happening again, the secretary was very good about not letting Haruhi in, and not being charmed by Haruhi and her simple, heartfelt argument to let her see Kyoya.  Kyoya was on the verge of having Haruhi brought in when he heard another too familiar male voice.

“But you have to let us in! We need to see him! He’s probably been cooped up all day in there, and he needs to see other people, especially his friends!”

Kyoya’s smile increased, as he knew what was coming.  In Kyoya’s mind, Tamaki had two ways of getting what he wanted, Host charm and overwrought panic.  Tamaki always started with using his charm to convince people of his being the right plan, and it was usually when that failed that the second mode came to be, even if it was not by design, at least by Kyoya’s definition. 

Kyoya saw the concern as natural, as people not bending to his whims meant that something was wrong, whether it was evil twins, Haruhi seeing past his flowery phrases, or Haruhi missing somehow.  As it so happened, Tamaki made it a habit to visit his good friend at work every now and then, and Kyoya saw Tamaki as a sort of test for each new secretary he had (as most did not survive past one or two meetings with Tamaki). 

This secretary had never met Tamaki in person, and she already had Renge’s intrusion on her mind, so Kyoya was curious to see how long she lasted before she gave in Tamaki’s loud cries of concern on behalf of his friend.  It always happened.

After about five minutes of Tamaki talking about concerns of needing more fresh air and a bathroom to needing more real people interactions instead of his computer, he escalated.  Now, Kyoya needed a way to de-stress with friends, as he had been working too hard, and no doubt, he was going to go crazy doing all that work all the time.  Or worse, he would soon forget what real people looked like, or even, he might have gotten stuck in his room and needed someone to go in and save him from himself. 

When the secretary refused still, Tamaki’s shrill voice appeared, and Kyoya could imagine Tamaki’s eyes widening as he spoke about how maybe the real problem was that the company just refused to let Kyoya go and that he was being forced to work there against his will.  And if that was the case, then he would do everything in his power to help his friend.

“Don’t worry, Mon Ami! I’m here! This servant of your father can’t stop me from coming to save you the same way you came to save me! You don’t have to run away from us, I promise! We know you’re there, and we’re coming for you!”

Kyoya had to pause upon hearing that statement.  Tamaki was many things and sometimes oblivious and lost in himself, but sometimes, his words hit close to home.

Kyoya could hear the secretary getting out of her seat, no doubt trying to restrain Tamaki, and it sounded like Haruhi was actually trying to help her.  He decided to end everyone’s misery at last.

“Please send them in.  We are not to be disturbed for any reason.”

Kyoya did not see the secretary’s shoulders slump as she collapsed into her seat, exhausted from trying to restrain Tamaki.  She was no Mori, after all.  But, Kyoya did hear her sigh of relief and the slight crunch of the chair cushion being crushed quickly.  The door opened, and soon, Haruhi and Tamaki were in front of Kyoya’s desk. 

Out of his seat in moments, Kyoya got up to meet his friends.  They were determined, that much he would give them.  They stood awkwardly for a moment, and then Tamaki was crushing Kyoya harder than the secretary had crushed her chair upon reuniting with it.  Only when Kyoya was having trouble breathing did Tamaki let go and stand close to Haruhi again. 

Then, it was Haruhi’s turn. 

Haruhi was not fond of hugs like Tamaki, but shaking hands in this case did not seem like enough to get across all that she felt.  A hand shake was simple and preferred between them, but the situation with Kyoya was not either of those things at present.  And, if he doubted their friendship, then he needed to know that she was still there for him.  She opted for reaching out and putting a hand on Kyoya’s shoulder instead and looked him straight in the eye.  That seemed to do the trick, as Kyoya reacted slightly, despite still being out of breath.     

“What brings the two of you here? Did Renge’s interaction with me worry you?”

“I don’t know what you said to her, Kyoya, but she was not happy.”

“Wait, when did Renge come? Haruhi, did she come back already? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Tamaki was looking distractedly between the two most important people in his life, outside of his family.  He knew they had a habit of getting caught up in conversation with one another, and this was not the first time that he asked to be included, or to be told what was happening so he could keep up.  Those two could talk.

“I was going to wait until after this.  I wanted us to have a clear head to come talk to Kyoya, as what she had to say would not reflect well on Kyoya,” Haruhi looking back at Tamaki.

“All that I said to her was true.”

Just like that, Haruhi turned back to Kyoya, and Tamaki knew that he was about to lose them again.  Ever since college happened and Kyoya took his business law classes, and Haruhi her introduction to business administration classes, they had been going strong.  Tamaki had taken his own classes related to business, but with them, it was usually not about what the three of them shared.  It usually involved something only the two of them knew.  Somehow, it always happened.

“But you could have said it a whole lot better, especially you of all people, Kyoya.  You owe that to her if nothing else.”

“I don’t owe her anything like that, as we were never close or truly friends.  I respect her as a business partners, yes, but you didn’t hear what she was suggesting to me.  It was unreasonable, given our past.”

“She’s trying to help.”

“Then she went about it in the wrong way.”

Like a tennis ball in a championship match, so went the conversation and Tamaki’s head between Haruhi and Kyoya as they fought back, him trying to keep up with them even as the two were ignoring him.

“Hey, guys? When and what did Renge say? I don’t understand.”

“Tamaki, Renge came during my lunch hour.  If she wants to tell you, let her.  It was personal, and she’s free to do so if she wants.  I just don’t feel comfortable saying so without asking her first, and I have no intention of speaking to her right now.”

“I can take a guess what she had to say,” said Haruhi.  She knew that Renge still had feelings for Kyoya, and Haruhi had a bad feeling that Renge had brought it up, whether by accident or on purpose.  Either way, it did not work out.

“Because you speak to her on a regular basis, but I don’t.  She’s almost as bad as Tamaki when she makes leaps about what is going on.”

Tamaki looked ready to protest, but Kyoya stopped him.

“Come on, Tamaki.  You know full well that my father has no more control over me.  I made this company what it is, and my father knows better than to interfere.  You’ve probably confused my secretary a great deal.  I appreciate the sentiment, but it’s still wrong.”

“I just wanted to see you! It’s been too long!”

“That it has.  You’ve been ignoring everyone, Kyoya.  What gives? You have some explaining to do.  To us first, and then the rest of those you ignored.”

“I intended to respond back.”

“When, Kyoya? Next week? Next month? Right before the next meeting to say that you can’t make it again? Are we still your friends? Do you want us as your friends still?”

Haruhi was trying not to raise her voice.  It was hard, as each impassioned sentence made her want to, but she restrained her voice.  Yelling and losing her head would not help her get through to Kyoya.

“Of course I want you as my friends.  But do my friends want me?”

Kyoya knew he had said something wrong the moment he saw Tamaki’s face fall.  Haruhi quieted and shifted back a step, but Tamaki deflated before turning confused eyes upon Kyoya.  Still, Haruhi was ready in a moment and stepping back to confront, even as Tamaki pulled away more.

“Of course we do! Why else would we be here?”

That time, Haruhi did raise her voice a little.  His question frustrated her.  What had they done wrong?

“Is that really how you feel, Kyo? You…. doubt that we care about you?”

“No, Tamaki, I didn’t mean it like that-“

“I think you did.  Excuse me, but I, I need to go.  Haruhi, I’ll talk to you later.”

Tamaki plodded along to the door, his face downcast.  Haruhi knew that what Tamaki needed then was a hug.  She reached out to him as he left, but she was too late.  Then, they were alone.

After the silence shamed them both for several moments, both turned angry eyes upon the other.

“I hope you’re happy, Kyoya.  You’ve managed to put down two of your three biggest supporters today.”

“You consider yourself the third?”

“Yes.  Is there a reason I shouldn’t?”

All distance between them was quickly lost, as was normal for them.  Haruhi was not afraid of Kyoya and his aura, and Kyoya knew the only way to get through to Haruhi was with bluntness up close and personal, as she could be just as oblivious as Tamaki in certain situations.  Tamaki may be the subject of their conversation at the moment, but he was only a figurehead, disappearing as the real situation made itself known.  This was a battle, and both intended to win.

“Perhaps the last three months have made you question that, Haruhi?”

“You have a lot of explaining to do about that.”

“I did what I had to.”

Kyoya did not want to think about the way his insides felt when Haruhi had said that she considered herself a supporter of his.  His gut twisted, and it did not sit well with him.  She had a strange way of showing it.  At least he could distract her from that line of thought easily.

“I know the company is new and growing, and you have your concerns for it.  It’s important to you, and everyone knows that and gave you space.  But how much space do you want? Are you trying to build walls again? If so, I’m here to tell you that you should stop for a moment.  You’ve stayed away long enough.  Even if you want to continue, then you had better have a good reason to do so, and not string all of us along in the process.  Do you know how much you’ve hurt everyone with your disappearance from the group?”

“No, I don’t know.  I’m not there to see it.  But I feel as though I don’t contribute all that much anyway.  The two biggest voices are Hunny and Tamaki, and everyone ends up agreeing with you.  We all play our part.”

“We don’t have to stay in those parts forever.  We can change, just like we’re not a family anymore.  We can grow.  For goodness sake, Hunny’s married now! The dynamic is going to change.  We accommodate.  If you feel left out, then say something.  We can only do something if you tell us that something is wrong.”

“But why haven’t you said or asked anything up until a week ago? There’s a concern now, but how long will it last?”

“Kyoya, we’re confused and hurt, just like you.  Tell me what is happening.  Don’t be a cold, unfeeling Shadow King, hiding away everything.  Take the leap and tell me something, anything.  I’m your friend.”

Haruhi’s words hurt.  The group had been hurt, but so had he.  He was not trying to hide (strictly speaking, as it had been for work), but he almost wanted to now.  The idea of telling Haruhi something did not appeal to him as it seemed that she did not understand him.

“You of all people should have realized that I was going through a hard time after I disappeared the first time.  Tamaki gets these moments of realization, but I think you understand me better than him sometimes.  And yet, you did nothing.”

“I was going through my own life’s troubles.  I assumed, wrongly, that you would come to me when you were ready.  Are you going to hold it over my head indefinitely, just like another debt?” 

It was not the right thing to say right then, but it was interesting in its own way.


“Then why not tell me?”

“There’s not much to tell.  Work is consuming my time.  What little personal interaction I’ve had was with Tamaki complaining and worrying about you.  You have no idea how much he talks and worries about you.”

“I get glimpses,” she said with a wry smile. 

“That’s all fine and well, but it doesn’t solve the problem between us.”

“Then forget about Tamaki for a moment.  What can I do to make it up to you?”

“Do you still want to be a part of my life, in all of it?”

After a moment’s hesitation at the phrasing of the question, she said, “Yes.”

The pause gave both a moment to think, Kyoya more so.  He almost felt like his father, asking for loyalty to be proven.  But he was not like his father in how he treated those people that mattered most, so that comforted him.

“Then join my life.  Just try.  Try to keep up with me.  It’s a challenge for even my family.”

“It won’t be a challenge for me.”

“Then let’s see you live it.  Make yourself necessary in my life, redefining and growing yourself in the same way that you want me to do with the others.”

“Why me? What about the others? Shouldn’t they be a part of this challenge?”

“My faith in the group was hurt most by you.  The others I’ll talk to, and we’ll deal with it.  Tamaki is another matter entirely.  We’ll talk, soon.”

“Don’t be surprised when they all come talk to you about asking me to do this.”

“I’m hoping they do.  Then we can have an honest discussion.  Phone calls don’t cut it with me, and you know it.”

“Why else do you think I’m here now?”

Kyoya smiled slightly, if only for a moment.  Haruhi did understand, even if some assumptions had been made that had led to more hurt than necessary, on both their parts. 

He needed more personal interactions in his life.  Having someone from the group in his life, especially in the work scene, would be a welcome relief.  He would not make it easy for Haruhi, because he wanted to know what lengths she was willing to go to for him.  She had jumped off a bridge for Tamaki. 

How did Kyoya stack up? Was he important? He did not always feel like it, just like all those years ago, and that ushered in many feelings that he did not want to think about untangling.  At some level, he needed to know, and wanted to know that.  He was human and had his insecurities, just like anyone else.  He did not like showing them, but they reared their ugly head from time to time, in odd ways. 

At some level, Kyoya knew that Haruhi had hurt him most.  Her disappearance from his life had made him feel as though she did not care, but more importantly, if Kyoya was being honest with himself, then he would say that he missed Haruhi and her common sense approach to life, without all the drama.  Everything seemed easier when she got involved, except for maybe dealing with Tamaki.  He had gotten used to ignoring her and Tamaki for a while (especially when Tamaki waxed romantic), but the friendship he had was still something he valued and wanted, even if he did not know how to deal with it.       

After a few moments of staring at one another, the straight backs returned as Kyoya regained control of his thoughts from Haruhi, and he went back to his seat. 

“I’m glad we had this discussion, Haruhi.  It shall be interesting to see how many more we have in the upcoming months.”

“What do you have planned, Kyoya?”

“There’s a gathering down the street this coming Saturday.  I believe your firm was invited to attend.”

“So I’ll see you there.”

“Yes, you’ll see me if nothing else.”

“We’ll talk, too.”

“I’m a busy man, Haruhi.”

“And I’m a stubborn friend, Kyoya.  I assume there’s more of these afterward?”

“Of course.  You may want to talk to my secretary about other socials of that sort.  I don’t know how many you’ll have access to-“

“You’ll see me around.  Good bye, Kyoya.  I’ll see in a few days.”

“Until then, Haruhi.”

Kyoya removed his glasses and pressed his hands against his face after Haruhi closed the door.  The meeting had not gone as well as he hoped, but it was a start.  He would see Haruhi again, and then he would call Tamaki and explain himself better.  He owed Tamaki that.  He tried calling, but Tamaki did not answer.  Kyoya did not leave a message, as he figured Tamaki would call when he was ready.

What he forgot about was the fact that Tamaki was going out of town soon, and would not have good service there.  But, he would remember later on and take that comfort, giving him more time to have a proper explanation ready.

Meanwhile, Haruhi spoke to the secretary for a few minutes about social engagements, and she soon had a list of the various charitable and other social events happening in Kyoya’s life.  He was not lacking social events, to say the least.

When Haruhi got outside the building, she was surprised that Tamaki was not outdoors, waiting for her.  Usually, Tamaki waited for her so they could walk and talk.  It was their way of dealing with things.  But not today.  Perhaps he was hit harder than she realized.  Once at home, she called and left a message with him that she made it home and that they should talk before he left in a couple days. 

What neither knew was that Tamaki was not moping, but in fact, talking.  The reason was simple: Renge had found him sitting on the steps in front of Kyoya’s building.

“Tamaki, what are you doing here?”

“I’m thinking about what Kyoya said to me, and waiting for Haruhi.”


“Yes, Haruhi and I went up to talk to him a little while ago, and the discussion got heated right away.  I left when Kyoya questioned whether I was still his friend anymore.”

“No! He wouldn’t!”

Tamaki was surprised when Renge leaned toward him and squeezed him tight.  That little bit of support was done so naturally, and Tamaki wished that Haruhi would do that more often. 

“I can’t believe that Kyoya would say such a thing to you, of all people! I bet Haruhi is talking his ear off, telling him how much of a terrible friend he is.”

“I have no doubt, Renge.  Haruhi was upset when I left, so it was only a matter of time before she unleashed.”

“She’ll make everything right.”

“Do you really think so? What if Kyoya doesn’t trust me anymore? What did I do?”

“I’m asking myself the same thing,” she said, uncertainty lacing her words. 

“And you talked to him earlier, didn’t you?” he asked, turning fully to face Renge and putting an arm around her.  She smiled sadly at him as she saw the concern in his eyes.

“Yes, we did speak.  Neither of us said what we should have.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

Tamaki was not trying to pry, but he knew that he needed to discuss what had just happened with someone, and maybe Renge did, too. 

“Only if you’ll tell me what you talked about.”

“I can do that,” he said, getting up and helping Renge up as well.  It was time to walk away from this scene of hurt and disappointment, and do something about it.

“Okay, great.  Let’s go to my place and talk there.  It’s more private.  We can eat, too, if you’re hungry.”

Tamaki’s stomach growled in response, and he grinned.

“Food would be lovely.  I’d eat anything you make.”

“You say the sweetest things, even if it is over-the-top sometimes.”

“But you know I mean it.”

“Yes I do, Tamaki.  Yes I do.”

As they talked, phones rang and were ignored.  Tamaki would call Haruhi later, and he still was unsure what to do about Kyoya.  It was good-bye for now, and there was much to do and think about while in Paris.      

End Chapter 2.  Next Chapter: Weight of the World by Evanescence 

What You Want Ch 2

Author’s Disclaimer: No, I don’t own OHSHC; all rights go to their respective owners.  I survived my work training; I have more free time again! There’s no better way to celebrate than a new chapter, bringing with it the beginning of the complications.  It’s amazing what you can do with four hours of free time on your hands.  Feels so good to get this chapter done with.  These discussions are only the beginning of many more to come as the story unfolds.  I hope Kyoya’s actions are more understandable now.  It may not be my favorite type to write, but they are necessary.  Happy spring! I hope all are well and surviving as allergies start to kick in.  Thanks so much for reading and for all of your feedback! I really appreciate it! I hope you enjoyed this chapter! :D

First chapter:

Chapter 6: For the Longest Time


There was the timer for the roast in the oven. 


Now all the papers were in neat, little piles on the coffee table.

Plat. Plat. Plat. Ting!

Snacks were ready for her guests.  M&M’s and chocolate-covered pretzels were said to be favored by this group, so she planned accordingly.

All that remained now was for Sarah to get ready for the big event.

Shower done and clothing on, Sarah surveyed herself in her mirror as she put on her lipstick.  It was hard to believe that it had been fifteen years since she had run the Labyrinth and put on lipstick in a similar manner. 

The trouble was that she had been saying that for the last five years now.  College had passed, and working life consumed all her energy, as working for a publisher was not an easy job sometimes.  There were always more demands, more people to talk to, and stories to read.  More workshops on growing trends with what people read.  More training on how to handle disgruntled customers.

Which left little room for Sarah to have a social life.  Or, more importantly, for her to pursue her goal of one day publishing her own novel.  She had written it years ago, before she even worked for her current firm, back in college.  She had looked over it and updated it as time passed, but there it sat, at the bottom of her drawer at work, taking up space on all of her computers. 

And the longer it sat, the more Sarah put her dreams on hold.

Her bosses had recognized early on that she had potential.  They worked her hard.  Her problem was that she was too eager to help, too eager to do more and stay late in order to please them.  After a while, she began to get burned out and bored of the structure.  Worse, people had expectations, and they expected her to be the meek, calm Sarah Williams she had become.  Yes, she could rip apart a story when given to her, but that was never unleashed upon anyone there.  Any time she tried to break out, there were severe repercussions.    

But tonight was the night. 

Tonight, she was on the verge of getting the promotion she had always wanted, as her current boss was retiring.  He left big shoes to fill, and Sarah had been pushing herself at the higher-ups in order for them to see that she would be just as dedicated. 

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Sarah was qualified and worked hard enough, so Sarah was always confused why she was always passed over for promotions in the past.  And if she made it to this spot, she could easily pass off her novel to someone in the group to look over and confirm that she had something good.  She was going to do it right, getting rights and royalties with the book in hardcover, as it was a monster of a fantasy tale, one she was proud of.  And she wanted that recognition, bogdangit!

Sarah sighed again as got up from the vanity and surveyed herself completely.  She looked good.  She looked proper for a hostess, maintaining a good mixture of sexy and professional to make her mother and step-mother proud.  She was going to go places.

Then why did it feel as though her life was about to end? Why did she feel so tired and bored?

“I wish I had my spark back,” Sarah said softly.  She needed to be on fire if she wanted to land this job, and she was not feeling it at that moment.  She was not worried about Jareth appearing, as she had found out by accident that she could say “I wish” without a certain Goblin King appearing suddenly.  She had gotten used to him not appearing, which was good (for work) and bad (mostly, if her dreams were any indication). 

Switching shoes on her feet to find the perfect pair, Sarah did not see Hoggle appear in front of her mirror, as he and the rest of her Labyrinth friends had a habit of doing from time to time.  They liked to check in on her, and Hoggle thought he had heard a wish.  When he saw how down Sarah looked, he was tempted to talk to her. But then, Sarah turned around and smiled at him, before waving good-bye and heading out the door as the doorbell rang. 

“Wish me luck, Hoggle.”

“Good luck, Sarah.”

Sarah was gone, and Hoggle stood in darkness.  He went back to the Underground, ready to go talk to Jareth, who had no doubt heard what Sarah said.  He would not like what Hoggle had to say, as Jareth had been keeping tabs on Sarah’s life through verbal reports, and this only confirmed what Jareth had been suspecting for some time now, that Sarah was losing herself.

But Jareth was patient, and he was good at responding to wishes.

Sarah opened her door to find four people on her doorstep.  Three men and one woman stepped in, and Sarah took their coats as they said their pleasantries and sat down.  Snacks were consumed, and compliments were paid to Sarah on how nice her place looked, and how good the food smelled. 

The group was just getting into business matters when a motorcycle could be heard revving its engine just outside Sarah’s house.  Sarah was confused, as she knew no one on her street who owned one.  When the sound died, Sarah put it down to neighborhood kids and placed it out of her mind. 

That was when her doorbell rang again, followed by a loud knock on her door.

All of her associates looked at Sarah, curiosity and prying eyes just begging her to go and open the door.

“I’m not sure who that is at the door, but I’ll go look and see before we settle down for dinner.  Excuse me,” she said, going to the door.

Who was at the door? What did that door lead to - danger or delight?

When Sarah looked through the peephole, Sarah jumped slightly at the sight of pale, spiky hair, blue eyes, and lots of leather.  Jareth was not supposed to be here, especially right now.  Should she let him in, or not? If she did not, would he just barge in to make his presence known? And was it possible to send him away quickly if she did let him in, if only briefly?  She did not want him making a scene, so she went with the idea of damage control and opened the door, as she had made a wish.

“Jareth! Well, this is a surprise.”

Jareth grinned at Sarah before leaning in and kissing her. 

“Lucky for you, Sarah, I got done with work early, so I actually could make it to your little gathering tonight.  Are you going to let me in, or not?”

While Sarah debated internally with herself over doing that and sending him packing, the others in her place soon made their presence known.  Of course, the woman spoke first.

“Sarah, who is this charming man on your porch? You’ve never mentioned him before.”

“I’m sure she has not, as she knows I don’t like all this business bureaucracy stuff that she deals with on a regular basis.  But I’m Jareth King, Sarah’s boyfriend of several years.  It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said as he smiled at the woman and waltzed past Sarah. 

Sarah closed the door and resigned herself to getting rid of him at the soonest possible interval.

“What brings you here tonight, Jareth? This was meant to be a private gathering among coworkers,” said one of the men, looking accusingly at Sarah.  Sarah felt bad, even if she knew the only reason he said that was because he liked being the best looking guy at work, possessing an ego that could almost match Jareth’s. 

“As I’m sure you know, this night is important to Sarah, and I wanted to be here to support her.  That’s what couples do, after all, stand by one another’s side through thick and thin.”

Sarah thought that Jareth was laying it on a little thick, so she decided to find out Jareth’s real reason quickly.

“Jareth, would you help me with some snacks in the kitchen really fast? I’d appreciate it so much.”

“You know I would, Precious.”

Jareth seemed ready to linger with the others, so Sarah grabbed his wrist and led him into the kitchen, closing the door as both entered.  Now she just had to keep her voice to a whisper when speaking.

“Jareth, what are you doing here?”

“Why do you think I’m here, Sarah? For you.”

“I didn’t ask for you.”

“You asked Hoggle to wish you luck.  Why can’t I as well?”

“Because you haven’t spoken to me in fifteen years.  Why start now?”

“What makes you think I stopped?”

Sarah did not want to consider what his question implied, and they were getting off-topic. 

“Ugh, Jareth, this is not the place for you.  If you wanted to do something like this, then you should have appeared in a mirror, just like Hoggle did.”

“And get ignored the same way you do him and the rest of your so-called friends, getting small snippets now and then?”

“Jareth, this is so not the time.”

“There’s no time like the present.”

“Jareth, you need to go.  Now.”

“Or what, Sarah? Saying I have no power over you won’t help you here.”

Sarah wanted to stomp her foot in irritation.  Why did Jareth make her feel this way? Would she always be perpetually fifteen around him?

Instead, Sarah settled for grabbing the snacks she had come for, and started to walk past him.  That was when Jareth moved in front of the door.

“Sarah, I’m not going away any time soon.  Talk to me.  Don’t make me go out there.”

“Then stay in here, for all I care.  Or just go.”

Jareth’s gloved hands were now gripping Sarah’s shoulders tightly as he leaned in. 

“Sarah, you made a wish.  I’m not leaving until that wish is satisfied.  Now, are you going to work with me, or against me?”

Sarah tried to pull away from Jareth, breaking eye contact with him lest she pay attention and get distracted from what was outside the door.  She had guests. 

Before Sarah could get further, Jareth flicked his fingers, and the bowl of snacks flew out of Sarah’s hand and landed on the counter.  Sarah opened her mouth to speak, and Jareth kissed her before she could.  Sarah found all thought leave her as she melted into the kiss and enjoyed what she had always dreamed about.

When he released her, Jareth gave her a smug grin. 

“Now was that so hard, Sarah?”

“Jareth, that is not helping! Not everything is about you!”

Snatching the bowl back, Sarah stormed back into the living room, Jareth trailing behind her with a smile.  Her coworkers looked baffled, as they had never seen her truly upset before. 

“Here’s more snacks.  The food will be ready in ten minutes.”

“Sarah, is everything-“

The eldest male in the group looked concerned on Sarah’s behalf, and Sarah was about to respond kindly in reply, but Jareth jumped in before she could say anything polite.

“Sarah’s just fine.  She’s always just fine.  Nothing could make her feel or say differently, right, Sarah?”

“Jareth, if I wanted your smart comments, I would ask for them.  In the meantime, be useful if you want to support me.”

“Is that sarcasm I hear, Sarah dear?”

“What do you think, Jareth? Am I hugging you, smiling, and putting on a good show for these people?”

“You do it so much; I wondered if you knew any other way of communicating with them sometimes.”

“What I do at work is none of your business, Jareth.”

“It becomes my business when it affects your general well-being, Sarah! Not to mention the way you treat your friends.”

“Then we should discuss it, later.  Not here.  I’d prefer not to air my dirty laundry in front of these good people, if you don’t mind.”

“So, when’s dinner?” piped in the smallest guy of the group.  He was thin and always hungry somehow, and he had almost single-handedly finished off one bowl of snacks all by himself.

Sarah smiled at him before responding, “By now, the food should be ready.  Let’s go eat and discuss other matters, shall we?”

Sarah made quick work of finding another setting for Jareth and making space for him.  Naturally, he sat across from her, so that there would be no personal conversations during dinner.

“So, Sarah, you know that the retirement is coming-“

“Of course she knows that guy is retiring.  Who doesn’t know is the better question,” said Jareth.

“Anyways, with his retirement almost here, we’ve been thinking about who would be best to take his place-“

“And Sarah would be an excellent choice, of course.  As she would have been for the three other promotions that she was passed up for in recent years.”

“That is neither here nor there-“

“But it’s still information to consider.  Why even consider her for this one when you have ignored her every other time? Is it because the guy had no life and dedicated himself to his job at the company? Is it because he’s a boring individual who kept the status quo, and Sarah would fit that well in your mind?”

“Jareth! Think about what you’re saying!”

“I am, Sarah.  You’re none of those things.  You deserve better.  Far better, in fact.  You deserve much better treatment from these people after all the good service and hours of your life you’ve dedicated to them.  You also should be able to speak your mind about what kinds of changes you’d like to see at the company.”

“Jareth, this is not the time-“

“Sarah, do you have ideas to improve the company? That is something we wanted to discuss with you tonight while we were here.  We wanted to know what your vision for this company was.”

Sarah was quiet as she looked at the knowing grin on Jareth’s face.  How did he know all about her past promotion opportunities? The only ones that knew beside her family were her Labyrinth friends.  But they would not tell him, right? And hopefully they would not tell him about her book idea.  That would be a disaster.  In the meantime, she might as well make herself look better in front of the group.

Sarah got out all of her ideas for improvement, and then the others asked her questions about implementation.  Their company was the second most famous publishing group, and they were always trying to figure out how to compete and be first.  After ten minutes of questions, Jareth interrupted again, his mischief nowhere near being done.

“But do you really want to change the company? You’ve had the same policies for over fifty years, and the other group has not changed much either.  You talk a lot about it, but you don’t strike me as the sorts to change just like that.  There’s just too much paperwork and overhead.  How are you going to deal with that?”

“Sarah, how much do you talk to him about your work?”

“More than enough, apparently.”

“I’d disagree, Sarah, but I suppose you don’t want to hear that right now.”

“You’d be correct, Jareth.  There’s a time and place to speak up.”

“Which you don’t do nearly enough of at work, Sarah.  Honestly, you don’t.  You just agree and do as you’re told.  That’s not the willful and defiant lady I know and love.”

The executives were exchanging looks with one another at Jareth’s mention of Sarah’s defiant tendencies, and Sarah was ready to reach across the table and do something to Jareth, preferably violent.

“Jareth, if I’m willful and defiant with you, it’s because you have a large ego and have a bad habit of acting like a King at all times.  Someone has to keep you in check.  You need more of that.”

“You do it well, Sarah.  It’s never boring with you.  So why not do it more at work?”

“That is not the place for it, and you know it.  If I truly disagreed, I’d say something.”

“That’s the problem, though, Sarah.  You’re not passionate enough and show enough concern to say when something is wrong.  You just go along with it.”

“It’s not my place.”

“It’s always your place! You are a strong woman with a good head on your shoulders.  You should want to tell them more of what’s wrong.  If not, then maybe you don’t care enough about it and should move on and find something else to do with your life.”

“Jareth,” she ground out, “if you say anything more along those lines-“

“I’m not leaving, Sarah.  You need to hear it from someone.  Where’s the fire you had when you first started working there? Did it die, along with your dreams?”

“Jareth, what is this? An intervention?”

“You could call it that, I suppose.  I prefer to think of it as a healthy reminder that there are better people and things in the world.”

“Better than you? Of course.”

“Now, now, Sarah, is that anything to say to your boyfriend? I think we’re plenty honest with one another, and you need me just as much as I need you.  I think we’d also agree that we want one another, but that needs to be discussed when we’re alone.”

“Such as most of what you’ve said tonight?”

“Nonsense.  You need to hear it, and these people might as well hear it, too.  Why don’t we have dessert-“

“No, we’re not ready for dessert.  We’re going to sit and enjoy our dinner, and talk about other things.”

“But Sarah-“

“No buts.  Can’t you see that some are still eating? You can wait.”

Sarah sighed and turned to the others, while Jareth smiled to himself.  She had not found all of her spark yet, but she was well on her way with responses like that.  All of the others seemed to realize that she was acting different, too.  Good.

“We can move on to dessert if that’s what he really wants-“

“Don’t listen to him.  He’s just trying to be annoying and take control of the conversation.  He’s far too used to it at work as it is.  He’ll survive.”

“You two seem to know each other well.”

“Far better than we ought to,” Sarah said with a little shake of her head.

“Sarah, are you as passionate about your job as you are about your boyfriend?”

Sarah wanted to scream at the thought that she appeared to be so into Jareth.  She had been yelling at him almost the entire time.  How was this what they got out of it? It did not help that Jareth was practically preening at such words, smug one that he was.  He needed to be much less attractive and not be such a good kisser, but that was not going to happen any time soon.  Back to damage control.

Sarah turned to the eldest man who had asked the question.  He seemed genuine in his question, no sarcasm or anything else tinting it after all that had been said recently, which was amazing.  It was one reason she liked him so much, for being such a chill older guy.

“I am passionate about my job.  I enjoy my job and helping others find the opportunity to get published and getting to know them along the way.”

All of that was true, yes.  She did not feel as strongly about it as she used to, but it could come back if she was in a new place.

“You wouldn’t be doing that as much in your new position.  You’d have to make a lot of managerial decisions, still dealing with people, but in a different way.”

“I’m good with people.”

“Sure, Sarah.  You either agree with them or defy them at every turn, even if all they’re trying to do is help you.”

“Jareth, you are not a part of this conversation.  Stop talking.”

“Good luck with that, Sarah.  There’s about as much a chance of that happening as there is of you telling them all to leave because they all have sticks up their butts and don’t care about anyone but themselves and getting free food.”

“Jareth, really?”

“How about dessert?” said the hungry guy who had just finished off all of the food on the table.

“That sounds like a lovely idea.  Don’t you agree, Sarah?”

Sarah got up from the table to bring out the pie and ice cream, serving all but Jareth.  She placed it next to her, forcing him to get up if he wanted it.

“My, aren’t we acting like a teenager tonight?”

“Jareth, if you want it, come and get it.”

“I will, thank you,” he said, coming over to her before whispering, “I’m winning.”

Sarah opened her mouth to argue with him, but Jareth kissed her before she could say anything, again.  Sarah was still without words after he got all of his dessert and sat down.  Cursed fae and their ability to kiss. 

Sarah took to staring daggers at him, and he shot them right back at her.  Sometime along the way, Jareth’s face took on a softer, more loving tone, and Sarah found herself confused by such a face on Jareth.  He could not have feelings for her, as it was not possible after all this time.  They did not even speak to one another, except through mutual friends. 

As the two continued to stare at one another, the executives had seen all that they needed.  There was far more to Sarah than they had realized, if her actions around her boyfriend were any indication.  She would be a good boss, too, as she cared about her job.  Now it was just getting away from the couple who clearly wanted to be alone.

“Well, the pie was delicious, but I’m afraid that I’m going to have to cut off our little gathering earlier than I had wanted to,” said the woman getting up to see Sarah.

“Indeed.  And I have to go, too.  It’s late, and my wife is probably looking for me,” said the small guy.

“The night is young; I should go, too.”

“Thank you for coming.  I appreciate you coming to visit.”

“It’s our pleasure.  You’re an excellent cook.”

Soon it was just Sarah, Jareth, and the eldest executive.  He smiled warmly at Sarah before getting up and taking all the dirty dishes into the kitchen.  When he returned, he spoke.

“I had my eyes opened tonight, Sarah.  I’m glad your boyfriend could make it.  He’s good to you and for you.  Don’t lose him.  I’ll see you on Monday.  I hope you lovebirds have plans.”

“Believe me, sir, I do,” said Jareth, winking.

“Excellent.  It was good to meet you, Jareth.  Until next time.”

With the last guest gone, Sarah and Jareth stood awkwardly until Jareth clapped his hands.

“Well, Sarah, you heard the man.  Let’s go out and spend some quality time together.”

“Jareth.  You are not and never will be my boyfriend.”

“Never is a long time, Sarah.  Are you so certain? Your responses to those kisses say otherwise.”

“I haven’t been on a date in a while.  I would have responded that way to any man who kissed me suddenly.”

“I disagree.  It’s me and only me.  There’s a reason you haven’t dated anyone in a while.”

“Whatever it is, it doesn’t involve you.”

Jareth guffawed at the preposterous thought before turning back to Sarah.

“Just keep deluding yourself, Sarah love.”

“You should go, Jareth.”

“Not yet.  Come on, there’s all kinds of things we could do together.  We could do it at your place or mine-“

“Jareth, no.”

“You’re no fun, Sarah.  What’s wrong? Afraid that you might enjoy yourself with me?”

“Not at all.”

“Good.  Then go out with me.  It doesn’t have to be as a couple, just to have fun.  You need to go out more.  I dare you.”

Sarah wanted to say no and just go to her room to relax after such a stressful party, but she did not want to back down from a challenge from Jareth.  She would never hear the end of it.  In the end, her defiant side won.  How bad could one night be?

“Fine, I’ll go.  But I choose the place.”

“Then get dressed, Sarah.  I’ve got transportation outside.”

Sarah went upstairs to change her skirt, and then they went to a karaoke bar and dance club.  The place started off as having a live band until a certain hour, and then karaoke started.  Sarah enjoyed it there, and she knew some work friends who went there from time to time. 

Sarah was not surprised that it was Jareth who had come in on a motorcycle.  It was just another way to make an entrance.  Climbing behind him and having to grip tightly to his chest was not what she wanted to do, but riding on the motorcycle was fun.

The club was busy by the time they got there, but with a snap of Jareth’s fingers, they found themselves at the top of the list to get in.  Sarah rolled her eyes at Jareth.  Inside, the band was playing something jazzy, and Sarah had to restrain Jareth from taking her straight out onto the dance floor.

After they had a table, the two made their way to dance.  They met coworkers of Sarah’s, who seemed shocked that she had a boyfriend.  They were even more shocked that Sarah talked back at him every time he mentioned something about work to keep him from talking.  That was not at all the Sarah they were used to, but she seemed much happier and more relaxed there.

Soon, Jareth dragged Sarah away, and they danced.  It did not matter what was played, as Jareth knew it.   A little jazz, some swing, and lots of Latin music mixed in for color.  Jareth kept one hand on Sarah at all times, marking her as his, his eyes daring any man to try to cut in.  Sarah did not know whether she should be pleased that he cared so much and kept the creeps away, or upset that he insisted upon keeping her to himself.

When Sarah was worn out, they went back to their table to eat something light, and her coworkers came over to talk more.  They tried to find out more about Jareth, but Sarah kept deflecting the questions, or not letting Jareth finish.  Jareth always smiled when she did that. 

Later on, one of the guys got up to get drinks, and Sarah suggested that Jareth go with him to help.  With a peck on the cheek, Jareth got up and did as he was told.  Sarah stared at Jareth’s retreating form until the girl next to her spoke.

“Sarah, you seem….different tonight.  What changed?”

“I blame Jareth.”

“He’s a good influence on you.”

“He’s crazy.  You have no idea what he’s like outside of this.”

“But it must be alright if you like him so much.”

“I do not-“

“Oh yes, you do.  I saw the way you two danced together.  You were doing everything in your power to stay close to him while dancing.  Not to mention you two argue like an old couple.”

“We, well, yes, he is a good dancer.”


“Alright, maybe I like him a little, but don’t tell him that.  It’ll go to his head.”

The girl giggled before saying, “Wherever you found him, you ought to keep him.”

“I’ll consider it.  He’s been a breath of fresh air in my life recently.”

“It seems like it.  You should act like this at work more often.”

“I don’t know,” Sarah said with uncertainty.

“You should.  It’s good for you.  It’s just more…. you.”

“Next you’ll be telling me that I should be throwing caution to the wind-“

“Which you should do as well, Precious.  It’s loads of fun.  I think you’d enjoy yourself, and I’d like to be a part of it.”

“You’ll have to convince me harder, then.”

“Gladly,” said Jareth before putting down her drink and leaning in to kiss Sarah again.

“How many more times do I need to kiss you, Sarah? I’ve got all night to try and convince you.”


The other coworkers were laughing at them as they exchanged words playfully.  A discussion started up about favorite dancing styles until the karaoke started.  Then, all turned to the stage, where people lined up.  Some were good, and some were terrible.  Either way, it was always entertaining to watch. 

After the first half hour, all were laughing at the groups that had come up so far.  A group of old ladies had come up to sing “Born to Be Wild”, complete with hand motions, and there was a group of girls from a bachelorette party singing “Single Ladies”.  The old ladies had beaten the girls easily.

As they discussed who would be good among the next group, Jareth asked if anyone was going to be brave and go up there and sing.  Most bowed out immediately, saying that they had no talent.

“Now, Sarah, I know you can sing.  You want to go sing a duet with me?”

“No thanks, Jareth.  Not with you.”

“Then how about by yourself?”

“Only if you go up there first.”

Sarah did not expect Jareth to go up there, but he did.  He made his way to the front, and stood in the short line.  Soon, it was his turn.

“Next up we have Jareth singing ‘Play the Game’ by Queen.  Is there anyone you’d like to dedicate this to tonight?”

“As a matter of fact, there is.  This goes out to Sarah Williams, my little fireball of defiance.  It’s all for you, Sarah.”

Sarah had forgotten just how good of a singer Jareth was, and she enjoyed listening to him.  Somehow, he knew exactly where she was seated, so she got to keep eye contact with him throughout.  It was a little unnerving at first, but she grew to enjoy it.  By the end of the song, all were clamoring for another song from him.

“No, it’s not my time to sing.  If anything, I want Sarah to come up here and sing something for us all.  She’s pretty good herself.  Won’t you, Sarah?”

“Yes, let’s hear it for Sarah!” said the announcer, to cheers from others there.

Sarah stood up after her coworkers encouraged her to go up.  She might as well get it done and out of the way now, even if her voice did not hold a candle to Jareth’s.

Once she got on stage, the cheering got louder.  Jareth looked pleased with himself and settled for standing in front of the stage to watch her.  Sarah paused to think about what to sing, and then she thought of one, perfect for Jareth and what he had said about her earlier.  She told the announcer, who then told everyone else.

“Let’s hear it for Sarah! She had taken the challenge and come up here by Jareth’s bidding.  Tonight, she’s going to sing ‘Fireball’ by Deep Purple for us.”

“With a few words changed, of course, for Jareth’s benefit,” Sarah added into the microphone.

Once Sarah got started, there was no stopping her.  She had grown up listening to the band, so it was easy to sing, and eerily appropriate for how she felt about Jareth.  Because there was a part of her that wanted to throttle him, but another that loved him for all the things that he had done for her that night.  And people everywhere were wondering where on earth she had found him.  But they would never know that he was in fact magical.  That would be their little secret.

When Sarah finished, she finally took her eyes off of Jareth to see and hear everyone cheering for her.  It seemed that she had not lost her touch since her musical days.

Once she was off-stage, Jareth escorted her back to their seat, amidst many people congratulating them on the way.  Seated at last, her coworkers were still a little surprised to see that she could open up like that.  After the many times that she had come there with them, tonight was her first time going up to sing.  Jareth truly was someone special.  The couple stayed a little longer before Sarah started to feel tired, and so Jareth took her home, after her coworkers ensured that he would be coming back in the future.  Jareth gloated the whole way to the motorcycle.

“I think everyone likes me, Sarah.  Do you?”

“Jareth, drive.  I’m tired, and I want to go to sleep.”

“Are you cold? It’s gotten more chilly since we went inside.”

“Yes, a little, but I’ll be fine.”

“We’re not in a car, Sarah.  Here, take my coat.”

“Alright.  Thank you.  For the coat and tonight.”

Jareth looked a little surprised for a moment before his smile came back in full force.

“Of course.  I knew you’d like it.  I’d do it with you any time.  How about tomorrow?”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Don’t think too long.  It’s almost tomorrow.”

The drive was fast, and Sarah was almost asleep when they got home.  All of the exhaustion and stress of the day was finally hitting her, and she was ready to sleep.  Jareth led her to her bed.

“Good night, Jareth.  Thanks.”

“Good night, Sarah.  Sleep well, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Sounds good.”

Jareth beamed as he headed toward the door.  Then Sarah spoke.

“I don’t get a good-night kiss?”

“Anything for you, Sarah,” he said coming back to her bedside.  With a kiss that was quite full, despite Sarah being half-asleep, Jareth left. 

In the morning, Sarah woke up in Jareth’s coat.  She was confused about why and what she was wearing until she remembered the events of the night before.  Some part of her remembered telling Jareth that she was good with seeing him tomorrow, and she frowned internally at it.  He would ask her then.  But she was more upset with herself for asking him to kiss her again.  Way to make it painfully obvious that she liked kissing him, or just liked him in general.  She probably would have agreed to see him again, just not so soon.

Sarah got up and prepared for the day.  She had no idea when to expect Jareth, or what he would want to do, so she made sure that she was wearing jeans, which could be useful anywhere.  Sometime after breakfast, she heard Jareth’s motorcycle, and Jareth was at the door, holding flowers.  They smelled wonderful.

“What’s with the flowers?”

“I need to say I’m sorry, Sarah.”

“For what, Jareth? You saw the way people responded to you.”

“It’s not that.  It’s the way I asked if you would do something today.  I could have timed that a bit better, not taken advantage of you being half-asleep.  Please forgive me.  I hope you’ll still consider spending time with me today.  I think you need it.”

“I want to, Jareth.”

Jareth’s face went through several changes in expression in moments, his happiness the most apparent.

“While the timing could have been better, I have been able to reflect upon it more while getting ready, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t do enough for myself.  You want to help.  Thank you for being persistent.”

“Then what are we waiting for? Are you ready, Sarah?”

“I think so.  Where are we going?”

“Underground, if you don’t mind.  I think there are some pretty things you’d enjoy seeing, and some people you’d like to talk to.”

The day went faster than Sarah could have imagined.  She was able to talk to her trio of friends again, and they were happy to see her.  The goblins saw her, and they insisted upon playing games with her, with much prodding from Jareth.  Why he encouraged such outrageous and potentially harmful games with the goblins she did not understand, but the goblins seemed to love them.  Who would have thought that goblins liked being goblin cannonballs, and jousting against one another in such a manner?

After they escaped the goblins, Jareth showed Sarah around the grounds before taking her into the fairy woods.  These woods were outside Goblin Kingdom territory and were on the border of the Elf lands.  Jareth knew that Sarah liked fairies, so they wandered through, looking at plant life, stopping at the lakes, and talking to fairies they came across.  Jareth wanted to play tricks on the Elves hunting illegally in the forest, so Sarah watched him do that.  After that, they had lunch on a broken log.

After lunch, Jareth took Sarah to the mountains.  They were on the border between the Elves and dwarves, with dragons being the main residents.  Jareth kept trying to find and wake up dragons so that Sarah could see one, much to her shock.  She really did not want to have to deal with an angry dragon.  Eventually, they found a dragon who was coming back from being on guard, who was tired and friendly enough with Jareth to allow Sarah to climb on top of him, even if only for a few moments.  It was something that she had only dreamed of doing.

When that was done, the two headed back to the Goblin Kingdom for dinner.  They ate outdoors in a garden, talking about their favorite parts of the day.

“What did you think, Sarah?”

“Today was different, in the best kind of way.  I never knew moss could be so comfortable, or that goblins would love to be thrown at one another for sport.”

“The goblins are special.  That’s all that needs to be said.  Did you like meeting the dragon?”

“Yes, I did.  It was unforgettable.  They’re even bigger in person.”

“They always are, love.”

“What was your favorite part of today, Jareth?”

“Watching you pale as I snuck up behind those hunters.”


“Your face tells many things, including concern.  You were worried about me, even if unnecessarily in that situation.”

“So there was nothing else new for you, Jareth?”

“Everything is new when I do it with you for the first time.”

Both were quiet for a few moments as they chewed and thought.  Finally, Sarah spoke.

“I always imagined so much in my head, but it’s better in person.  Thank you for doing this.  I lived on the edge for the first time in a while.  I’d just rather not try to wake up dragons again, if you don’t mind.”

Jareth laughed before answering.

“We can wait on the dragons, sure.  But the other things we can do whenever you want.  You need only say the word, and I can bring you here for a time.  I’m sure your friends would like to see you more, too.”

“I want to as well.”

“Good.  Then it’s settled: you’ll come and visit at least once a week.”

“I don’t know about that quite yet, but more frequently.”

“I’ll keep pushing for more.”

“I know, Jareth.”

“Are you ready to go home?”

Sarah yawned in response.

“Then let’s get you home.”

Jareth dropped Sarah off at her home, and he kissed her one more time.  Sarah asked him to come visit her the next day.  He agreed before disappearing.  Sarah was talking out loud as she prepared for bed.

“For the first time in a long, long time, I feel alive.  I felt it somewhat last night, but today was better.  What am I missing?”

Sarah went to bed with such thoughts plaguing her mind, and she tried to figure out how to capture those feelings more so, so that Jareth would not have to be around all the time. 

When Sarah woke up, she felt refreshed, with a smile on her face.  She decided to take the time to make a proper breakfast, just like her step-mother liked doing, with pancakes, eggs, and sausage.  She knew that Toby was probably sleeping in, but on the off-chance that he was not, she called him.  She had not seen him in a while, and while he was not expecting her call, he came over at once, ready to enjoy a good breakfast. 

The two ended up talking for a while as they cleaned up after breakfast, and then Toby had to go.  He had other engagements that day, and his parents had to take him there since they knew how to get there.  But, they were able to talk enough, and when Toby got picked up, Sarah had a smile and hug for both picking up Toby.  They encouraged her to come by some time for dinner.

When Sarah was alone again, she went for a walk and relaxed.  She read for enjoyment for the first time in a long, long time, and she was ready to call the day perfect, until she realized that Jareth had not come.  But, not long after cooking dinner, she heard a knock at her door, showing Jareth in all his glory.

“Hello, Precious.  Did you have a pleasant day?”

“I did.  Please come in.”

“Matters at court needed my attention longer than I anticipated, but I wanted to make sure that I saw you for a little while today.  Learn anything about today?”

“It felt good to do things for myself.  I don’t do that enough.”

“Right indeed, Sarah.  You’re far too good at thinking of others.”

“I didn’t do that enough growing up.”

“True, but everyone has that stage.  You’ve learned, and that’s what matters.”

“Would you like something to eat, Jareth? I just finished some pasta.”

“I’d like that.  Shall we?”

The two talked amicably over chicken carbonara, and then they went to the living room after finishing eating.  Jareth was not done asking hard questions.

“What did you read, Sarah?”

“Oh, a fantasy novel I bought a while back.  I’ve read all of her stuff in the past, and this is her newest.”

“Did you finish it?”

“No, I’m about halfway.  Her books are too long to be done in one day, if I want to have good eyesight after reading.”

Chuckling upon hearing such a thought, Jareth went in for the last big question.

“What of your own novel?”

“What of it? How much did my friends tell you?”

“I know that it exists, and that you’ve been working on it for at least ten years, without ever publishing it.  That’s a long time to sit on something.  You’re an editor for a living, Sarah.  How hard is it to edit your own work?”

“It’s been done for some time now.  I just don’t feel right asking people to read it.”

“You should.  If they’re truly your friends, then you shouldn’t feel bad doing so.”

“Well, that’s the thing-“

“Yes, that is a problem for you, isn’t it? Do you have any real friends there, Sarah? Do you even like it there anymore?”

“Jareth, that is not-“

“Don’t tell me it’s not my concern, Sarah, because it is.  I may not be Hogwash or that silly knight, but I care just as much about you, if not more.”

Sarah had been wondering just how much he cared for her after he had not corrected the goblins when they called her “Queenie”.  She had thought that he had forgotten about her, but that seemed to not be the case.  Part of her was curious how much he had truly kept tabs on her, but the bigger part of her knew that he did not pry or force.  He knew enough to be dangerous, and he cared.  He would not be here otherwise. 

“Why are you telling me this right now? Why not sooner?” she asked.

“Because I had no opening into your life for the longest time.  Your vague wishes were not enough to let me in.  For the longest time, I could not see you, only receive reports from your friends.  I’ve missed you ever since you left fifteen years ago.”

“Even then?”

“Yes, even then, Sarah.  Fae don’t always fall in love, but when they do, it’s for good.  Your run did that for me.”

Both were quiet again, as Jareth could see that Sarah needed a moment to process.  When she looked at him again, he began his questions again.

“But back to the topic at hand.  What about your novel? What about your current job? Is this truly all that you want in life?”

“No, that’s not all that I want in life.  But once I have this new job, I can-“

“Sarah, how are you happy there if you don’t have any friends? They’re boring, corporate-type people who aren’t worth your time.”

“You barely know-“

“I met enough of them on Friday night.  It’s always work, work, work.  That, or gossip.  There’s more to life, and a lot more people out there.  You deserve better.”

“I know what I want.”

“And what is it that you want, Sarah? Because I’m curious to know.”


Sarah blushed at the word that immediately came to mind.  Jareth’s eyebrows rose before a sense of contentment seemed to flow out of him, his limbs relaxing as he leaned toward a blushing Sarah.

“Is that so, Sarah? After all that I’ve put you through in the past couple days?”

“I honestly don’t know what I want in life.  I want to publish my book one day, yes.  I want to spend more time with my family.  High on my list is also going back to the Underground, but none of those things would be complete without you.”

“What about your job?”

“I don’t know.  I need to think more.”

“I’ll take it.  So does this mean we can start dating officially?”

Sarah paused to consider his question seriously.  Maybe never was too long a time.

“Yes, I think so.  I’d like that, Jareth.”

“Good, so do I.  You won’t regret it.”

“I very much doubt I will.  You’ve turned my world upside down the last couple days, and I need it.”

“That’s because you need me in general.”

“Don’t push your luck, Jareth.  We just started dating, you know.”

Jareth laughed before pulling Sarah in for a kiss.  Sarah did not feel so bad about giving in to the feelings that he caused when kissing.

The two continued to talk until Sarah had to go to bed to get ready for work.  Jareth would come around Wednesday to see how she was, and perhaps eat out if Sarah did not feel like cooking.  He personally wanted to go back to the dance club again.

When Wednesday came around, Jareth was back at the door, and Sarah had a large smile on her face.

“Someone’s in a good mood.  Tell me what happened, Sarah.”

“They offered me the job at work.”

“And what did you say?”

“I told them I quit.”

“When was this?”


“You’re still smiling.  What else happened, love?”

“I got a call Tuesday from the rival publishing company.  They wanted to offer me a job.”

“Is that so? What did you say?”

“I went in and visited the place.  I liked it.  I agreed to join them today.  They also asked me if I had ever considered writing.  They liked my choices in the past and thought that I’d have potential.”

“Now this should be interesting.  Did you tell them about your novel?”

“I did, and they’re looking at it now.”

“That’s my girl.  I think this calls for a celebration.”

“Thank you, Jareth.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  Where shall we go?”

“How about the dance club again?”

“Are you crazy, Jareth? I just quit there.”

“So? Let them eat their hearts out.  It’s good to flaunt it a little.  You’ll see.”

“I still think you’re crazy.”

“That may well be, and yet, you’re still with me.”

Sarah shrugged her shoulders before going upstairs to change.  The motorcycle was used again, and Jareth agreed to let Sarah learn how to drive it.

At the club, the two had a good time dancing.  When it was time for karaoke, Jareth went up again to sing another song, much to everyone’s delight.

“Lookee here, folks! We got someone coming back for another performance after Friday’s tour de force.  Here’s Jareth King again, this time singing ‘You May Be Right’ by Billy Joel.  Is this dedicated to Sarah again?”

“You betcha.  Everything I do, I do for her.  To Sarah!”

Sarah laughed as Jareth sang.  Yet again, she was struck by how true those words were for them.  Maybe, just maybe, she did need someone like Jareth in her life.  He was here now, and she was not going to fight that.  But she was definitely right about Jareth being crazy.

Sweet Possibilities Ch 6

Author’s Disclaimer: No, I don’t own Labyrinth, or any songs mentioned in this story.  All rights go to their respective owners.  Here’s another one-shot for the labyfic community, this time about a door.  It involves a door, if nothing else.  The last song mentioned in here is the one that inspired this story, in all its arguments and cuteness.  I have been on a karaoke bar and song high recently because of all the fanfiction I’ve been reading (with one in particular to blame).  This changed a little in format from what I had originally planned, but this works well, too.  It still brings to life Billy Joel’s song in all its glory, which makes me happy.  I have wanted to write this story for a while, so it is good to get it out of my system at last.  Also, many thanks to ScarletQuill  for suggesting a title for this to me.  I could not pick one for the life of me.  Thanks so much for reading, and for all your feedback! I really appreciate it.  I hope you enjoyed! :D

First chapter:


Chapter 2: Celebrating PI/Pie Day

“That will be all for today, students.  I hope you have a good weekend, as well as a good PI Day tomorrow.”

Tamaki was distracted.  He got out of his math class, the last class of the day for him.  He had an idea, and he needed to find Haruhi.

It would prove to be one of his better ones by Haruhi’s calculations, even if it was only after the fact.   

Haruhi saw Tamaki before she heard him, which was rare and meant only one thing: he was deep in thought.  The smile on his face said that he had what he thought was a good idea, no doubt to do something tonight when she had been hoping for a quiet night.  Unlikely with so many Hosts around her, but still, she could dream.

When Tamaki finally spotted Haruhi, the grin on his face was very telling.

“Haruhi! I’ve missed you!”

Considering that he had seen her at lunch, Haruhi just shook her head and braced herself for the incoming hug.  Tamaki did not disappoint.

“It’s good to see you, too, Senpai.”

“And I have the most amazing idea! It’s the perfect couple idea!”

“Oh? Let me be the judge of that.”

“Sure, sure.  I was thinking that since tomorrow is Pie Day, we should make a pie together! Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

“Yes and no.  Considering your lack of ability in the kitchen, it’ll be a good way to get you more used to baking and cooking in general, but the thought of the mess we’d create does not appeal to me.”

“Don’t worry, Haruhi! We’ll take care of it.  Come on, let’s go shopping for ingredients!”

“What kind of ingredients, Tama-chan? What are you making?”

Hunny skipped up to the couple taking up the entire space of the already small hallway, Mori following closely.  Hunny started grinning the moment he heard the words ingredients, as that usually meant that Haruhi was cooking.  He loved her cooking, especially since she had been doing a lot more since coming to America.

“We’re going to buy stuff to make a pie.  Did you know that tomorrow is Pie Day?”

“There’s a Pie Day in America? I love this place!”

Hunny’s grin was permanent, while Mori gave more of a grimace before speaking.

“Americans and their holidays.”

“This is awesome! What kind of pie are you two making? You should make a strawberry one! Oh, I know, can we help too? We don’t have any plans tonight.  You want to learn to make pie and then eat it, right Takashi?”

“Yeah, Mitsukuni.”

“Then it’s decided.  Let’s go find some strawberries and make strawberry pie!”

“Wait just a second, Hunny-senpai! We haven’t decided yet on what kind of pie to make.”

Haruhi had no intention of making a strawberry pie.  She knew what she wanted to make, but she wanted to talk to the others first.  Tamaki simply did not like the idea of his couple date being turned into a club event, but once Hunny decided, then he knew there was no point in trying to fight the inevitable.

“Oh.  You don’t want to make a strawberry pie, Haru-chan?”

Hunny gave Haruhi his most precious look, pleading with her to change her mind.  Luckily, Haruhi was starting to grow immune to such looks from all the Hosts, beside the fact that she just did not want to make one.  She patted Hunny on the shoulder before responding.

“I don’t really want to, Hunny-senpai, it’s true.  But mostly I just want to make sure that we all agree on a type of pie to make.”

“Okay, that works! Any pie will do,” said Hunny, ready to eat any type of pie Haruhi made.

“Who’s throwing a coconut cream pie at Tono and where? We want to as well!” added Hikaru as he and his twin joined the conversation.

“No one’s throwing any type of pie at Tama-chan, you two.  We’re going to make one and then eat it.  Want to help?”

“What kind of pie is it?”

“Does it matter?”

“I guess not,” both said in stereo, “so where’s the pie?”

“We’re going to buy ingredients now.  Come on, let’s find Kyo-chan.  He’ll want to help, too.”

“What have I been voluntold for now?” said Kyoya as he brought out his black notebook.

“Mon Ami! Perfect timing!”

“Of course, Tamaki.  When don’t I?”

Ignoring Kyoya’s comment, Tamaki pushed on.

“We’re going to bake a pie! Come join us as we find and buy ingredients before making it!”

“What kind of pie are we making?”

“We’re still deciding, Kyoya-senpai.  But let’s go to the store now, and we’ll decide on the way,” said Haruhi.

“We’ll take my car,” said Kyoya.

Once the entire entourage was in Kyoya’s car, more like limo in Haruhi’s mind, the topic of the type of pie was decided.

“I want to make a strawberry pie, but Haru-chan doesn’t want to.  Any other ideas?”

“Something simple, and preferably cheap,” said Kyoya.

“We don’t care,” said Kaoru, “so long as we get a piece of it.”

“Since this is an American holiday, we should do something really American.  What’s the most American type of pie there is?”

“Apple,” said Haruhi.

“Then how about apple pie?”

“With vanilla ice cream and cinnamon on top?” asked Hunny with wide eyes.

“Definitely!” cried Tamaki with joy.

“Apple it is,” said Kyoya.

“And I have a recipe for it, too,” said Haruhi.

All heads turned to Haruhi, questions at the ready.

“How did you get the recipe, Haruhi?”

“From a girl in my math class.  She brought in apple pie today, and it tasted so good.  I wanted the recipe, and she gave it to me.  I was hoping to try it out myself at some point.”

“Yay for recipes for good pies!” said Hunny with glee.

Going to the nearest grocery store was another adventure in and of itself since the boys had rarely spent time in commoner grocery stores, especially American ones.  It was big, so getting lost only once in the freezer section from way too many varieties of ice cream was good.  Trying to decide on which variety of vanilla ice cream was a struggle. 

Everyone stayed together and helped Haruhi find what she needed to make the pie, trying to find the most perfect apples, apple preparation equipment, and other ingredients money could buy.  They bought more than they needed, but most hoped that there would be enough to make a second pie. 

Haruhi had struggled with keeping the Hosts, especially Tamaki, quiet about what they saw and the weird types of names for food brands.  Many had been confused why a cereal had been called Crispy Hexagons, as it seemed like a terrible name for cereal, unless they enjoyed geometry and math that much. 

By the time that they all got home with the groceries, Hunny was having a panic attack over the quickly melting ice cream, while Mori tried his best to calm and distract him.  Tamaki was not much better. 

During the ride, Tamaki had enjoyed feeling and looking at the apples, as they were so smooth and delicious smelling.  But, the twins kept trying to steal away the apples and attempted to juggle them in the car, much to Tamaki’s concern.  It was not until Kyoya finally gave them one of his signature Shadow King stares that they put the apples back in the bag and smiled their devilish smiles at Tamaki, as though to say that it was not over.  Haruhi just wanted to get home and get going on the preparations, as there was much to do.

Dinner was a short affair as all wanted to make pie.  Once all were assembled in the kitchen, Haruhi put on her apron and gave out the marching orders. 

“Hunny-senpai and Mori-senpai, you’ll be taking care of the apples.  I don’t trust Tamaki or the twins with the coring or cutting of the apples, not with these sharp knives.  Kyoya-senpai, I want you to oversee them and when they’re done, make sure that the pan is ready to cook the apples.  I trust you most with the heat.”

“What do you want us to do, Haruhi?”

“You two will be making the dough for the crust.”

“Let’s do it!”

“What about us, Haruhi? Are you sure you trust two evil doppelgangers with that?”

“Tamaki, you and I will be taking the dough and preparing it once it is done being mixed by the twins.  We’ll watch to make sure that it all goes right.”

“How will we prepare it?”

“I’ll show you when we get there.”

Marching orders given, all went to their assigned places and started their work.  Granted, it was slow at first since none had any idea how to mix ingredients together, let alone slice or core apples.  Haruhi showed the boys how to cut and core one apple first, then watched them each take care of one apple.  Once she was satisfied, she moved to the twins.

What Haruhi saw worried her.  There was way too much flour in front of the twins, and Tamaki was just standing nearby, oblivious to the fact that the twins were exchanging glances between themselves, the open flour container, and Tamaki.  That could only end horribly, with flour everywhere.

“I don’t know what you two are thinking about, but stop all such thoughts this instant.  If you make a mess, then you have to clean it up.”

The twins tried to look innocent and failed miserably as they picked up the flour and looked longingly at Tamaki’s backside, just begging to be properly covered.  Haruhi gave them several more looks before Kyoya said something about waiting until after all the necessary flour was used at least, which Haruhi shook her head at.

“Cut it out now, guys, or else you won’t get any pie.”

That got the twins to pay attention much faster to Haruhi. 

Once Haruhi showed them how to use measuring cups and spoons, the twins soon went to town, working in tandem to have one pour while the other mixed with the large spoon, before mixing with hand mixers.  They enjoyed using the hand mixers, pounding into the dough and watching it fly. 

Once the dough was in the fridge to cool, Haruhi was able to watch the last bits of apple get cut as Kyoya took the apples to the frying pan to prepare.  The combination of the apples with cinnamon and a little brown sugar ensured that Hunny stayed close-by in order to fully appreciate the smell and sight. 

When the dough was chilled and ready, Tamaki brought it out, and Haruhi showed him how to use a roller. 

“There’s another reason why I want you doing this, Tamaki-senpai: I really don’t like the idea of the twins having possession of this roller.  It’s like inviting disaster and injury into the kitchen.”

“Aww, c’mon, Haruhi! Don’t you trust us?”

“About as far as I can throw you two, so not at all.”

“But we’d promise to only hit the Boss!”

“Hey! You stop that, you evil doppelgangers! Haruhi said no, so don’t even think about it!”

All the same, Tamaki still backed away from the twins, afraid of what they could do.

“No, you guys.  As much as Tamaki may deserve it at times, you may not hit him, or anyone else.”

“Haruhi! You’re not helping!”

“Tamaki-senpai, be quiet, and keep flattening the dough.”

Tamaki went to his corner of woe and rolled the dough instead of growing mushrooms.  He muttered to himself about unconcerned girlfriends.

Once the dough was ready, the tin was lined, and the apple filling was poured in, much as Hunny wanted to eat the confection right then and there.  Haruhi took on the delicate task of putting on the top layer and preparing it for the oven. 

With the dough in the oven, the massive amount of clean-up began.  Haruhi continued to give orders, as all bowed to her great amount of experience in the kitchen.

“I want this place spotless! No one gets pie unless they help clean this kitchen up! And be careful with the knives! I don’t want you cutting yourselves or blunting the knives if you dropped them.”

“Hey, Hikaru, remember that time when we learned to juggle? Wanna try it with the knives?”

“Yeah, let’s do it.  It’s just like apples, but bigger.”

Haruhi tried to stop the twins, but they already were passing them back and forth between one another before she could get over there.

“Put those down! Do you want to go to the hospital?”

“No, but that’s what you hate, so it’s fun! As it is, you already took away some of our fun from earlier.”

Haruhi sighed and went back to the sink to help with drying the dishes that had already been cleaned in the assembly line of Mori scrubbing, Hunny soaping, Kyoya rinsing, and Tamaki placing in the rack to dry.  When the twins were done juggling, they cleaned and dried the knives themselves, the knives switching hands many times as the twins took turns doing the different parts of cleaning and drying.

“It looks so clean! I’m going to bring out the ice cream!”

“Hunny-senpai, there’s no point to do that.  We still have to wait a little more, so we might as well wait until we bring the pie out.”

“Okay, Haru-chan! So what do we do next?”

“What else? Flour fight!” screamed the twins as they attacked Tamaki from behind. 

Tamaki yelped in surprise before turning around and trying to assess the damage to his backside.  He managed to brush most off, but unfortunately, he was right next to Kyoya, who was liberally sprinkled with the flour in the process.  Kyoya’s eyes narrowed, and Tamaki backed away from him slowly.  The laughter that had started to bubble up at seeing Tamaki’s back spotted with flour got harder to control at seeing the many specks on Kyoya’s face and upper body.

“Now, Mommy, I’m really sorry.  I didn’t mean to-“

“Tamaki, you knew I was right behind you.  Do you know how annoying flour is to get off my glasses?”    

Tamaki gulped and backed into the wall, and Kyoya chose then to stalk over to Tamaki and stare.  He would have continued for much longer were it not for Hunny getting amused and slipping between the twins, grabbing the open flour container.  Flour container in hand, Hunny used his quick-fighting hands to fling flour at the twins, then at Mori to keep him away, and then he threw a bunch on top of Kyoya. 

“Hey look, Kyo-chan is going white on top now!”

The twins were on the ground, laughing hysterically at Hunny’s facial expression and joke, while Haruhi tried to fight off a smile and failed.  Mori shook his head in the twins’ direction in an attempt to get off the flour. 

Kyoya gave one last glare to Tamaki before nodding his head to shake off the majority of the flour onto Tamaki, earning more laughs from the twins.  Then he took off his glasses and turned to Hunny, who was still smiling and laughing behind him.

“Hunny, may I have the flour?”

“You have to catch me first!”

Off Hunny ran, leaving a trail of flour in his wake, hitting anyone he zipped by.  Haruhi avoided the blond flour bunny the longest, only until Hunny was cornered by the tag team of Mori and Kyoya. 

After that, all bets were off, as Tamaki had run to Haruhi to hide, and Kyoya saw to it that Tamaki was covered in flour, not caring that he got Haruhi in the process. 

“Tamaki, would you hold still please a second? I believe I owe you something.  Haruhi, you should really move now.”

Haruhi spluttered and tried to remove the flour as much as she could after ducking away from Tamaki the flour monster.  Hunny and the twins continued to laugh at Kyoya taking his revenge.

Soon, the twins stole the container from Kyoya, and they managed to cover him more before Hunny came from below and pushed the container up at the twins, coating their faces.  The twins finally stopped laughing and gave evil looks to Hunny, who continued to smile angelically.

There was no doubt in Haruhi’s mind that the flour fight would have continued until all the flour was used up, and the only reason it was not was because the pie’s timer went off.  When they all heard the timer, all movement stopped.  The sea of flour-covered boys parted for Haruhi as she walked over with oven mitts and tester in hand. 

Haruhi confirmed that the pie was done, so she took it out and set it on stove to cool.  Then, she turned to face the boys.

“I hope you enjoy using the broom and dustpan.  Wash your hands and then get out the plates, silverware, and ice cream.  It’s time to eat pie, and then we’ll clean up all this.”

In the chaos and flour dust kicked up by everyone as they tried to reach the sink first, Haruhi acted like a human shield for the pie since no one else seemed to think about it.  Hunny came with the ice cream, and Mori brought a large knife to slice the pie.  Haruhi cut the pie as everyone else cleared the table of flour and brought out eating implements. 

All of the Hosts waited for Haruhi to get her slice ready, and then they all began eating together, much as Hunny wanted to start his as soon as he received it.  At first, only the sound of forks scraping against plates could be heard, and then hums of enjoyment as all tasted the fruits of their labors.

“Haruhi, this is amazing! We need to do this again!”

“Yeah, Hika-chan is right! Let’s do this tomorrow! This is so good!”

“I’m glad you like it so much.  But no, we’re not doing this again tomorrow.  I don’t think I can handle this two days in a row.  I love pie, but not that much.”

“But it’s Pie Day, Haruhi! We should definitely eat and make more pie for tomorrow! How else can we fit in with the rest of the commoners here?”

“Tamaki-senpai, no.  This is enough.  Besides, I think this qualifies as an appropriate way to celebrate PI Day.  One pie will have to do.”

“But Haru-chan,” whined Hunny.

“No, Hunny-senpai.  You can do it without me if you’d like.  But right now, I need to go to bed so that I’m ready to go to the library tomorrow to study.  I still have a geometry test Monday.  I’m sure there’ll be lots of PI mentioned on it.”

“They’re going to have story problems about pie? Wouldn’t it be better to have it about rectangle-shaped food since that’s what you’re covering in class right now?” asked Tamaki.

“No, Tamaki-senpai.  PI, as in 3.141592.  What you get when you divide the circumference of a circle by its diameter?”

“Oh, that PI! But what does that have to do with tomorrow’s Pie Day?”

“Tamaki, I think you’re confused.  Tomorrow is March 14th.  Think about it from an American standpoint when writing the date,” said Kyoya shrugging his shoulders at Tamaki.

It took Tamaki a second to realize it, but the lightbulb moment came.  His mouth gaped open as his mind was blown by what he had just realized.

“Earth to Tamaki.  Please come back to us,” said Haruhi.

Tamaki shook his head before coming back, his smile still in place.

“Haruhi, this is great! That is just the coolest thing! These Americans, I tell you.”

“I’m glad you understand now, Tamaki-senpai.”

“And that’s why only my math teacher talked about it! It makes so much more sense! I would’ve thought that my science instructor would have said something, as much as he loved food.”

“Okay, Tamaki-senpai.  Finish up eating so that we can clean up this place.”

Both the ice cream and apple pie were demolished.  Hunny called dibs on licking the containers clean before throwing them out.  The flour was swept up, even if the twins “accidentally” swept flour onto Tamaki, who had been holding the dustpan. 

The kitchen was spotless once again, and so all headed to bed.  Tamaki escorted Haruhi to her room from the kitchen down the hall, giving Haruhi another tight hug and chaste kiss on the forehead before wishing her good night.

“Haruhi, want to study tomorrow? We can celebrate PI Day by studying math together if you’d like.”

“I’d like that, Tamaki-senpai.  I’ll see you at breakfast then.  Good night.”

“Good night, Haruhi, and thanks for suggesting that apple pie! I’ve never enjoyed my own cooking so much!”

The Host Club Is Ch 2

Author’s Disclaimer: No, I do not own OHSHC.  All rights go to their respective owners.  I am just a huge math nerd, so this happened because PI Day is awesome, and because pie is delicious.  Another one-shot that takes place post-manga/anime, while the Hosts are in America studying abroad.  Happy PI Day a day late! I love PI Day, as it combines two of my favorite things: math and dessert.  I meant to put up a Christmas one-shot because I had an idea, but that did not happen, so look for a super late Christmas one in the future.  I hope you enjoyed! :D

Chapter 1:



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I'm a hopeless romantic, as well as an eternal optimist. :D I live and write fluff. Also, I am a Christian engineer. I love what I do. :D My art is a wonderful hobby of mine, coming from my desire to see certain couples end up together, making me a committed fangirl. I love making art almost as much as I love looking at art on here. :heart:

Long Version:
I'm very fond of fanfiction, in particular Labyrinth ( :iconjarethplz: + :iconsarahwilliamsplz: !!!) And then there are the other fandoms that I follow, though perhaps not as much (thankfully, or I'd never leave). There are some amazing artists out there; I love checking out the work and admiring it. I'm an engineer, and I love doing that type of work (aka math and science), but, I like to write for fun and take pictures. I love talking, and will talk about just about anything, so if you ever want to chat, just comment or let me know! :D

I have a bunch of stories here, and all of them can be found on my fanfiction account:…

I love to take pictures with my new Nikon, so I'll be posting those now and then. Also, I've begun working with ASinglePetal on editing work/writing because of a contest I entered. Next art attempt: photomanipulation. I have a couple done, and most will be covers for stories I write. There should be more in the future.

Yes, I am a Christian, and proud of it! :-) This will occasionally affect my writing, but I'm not trying to preach or anything. :heart: you all!

Fandoms: Labyrinth, Jane Austen, Ouran High School Host Club, Bond/007, Marvel, Thor, Disney, Sherlock, Howl's Moving Castle, Harry Potter, The Parasol Protectorate, ATLA, POTO, and MANY others (look at all the groups). Slowly getting into Once Upon a Time and Dr. Who.

Labyrinth: J&S: SO SO HARD!!!
POTO: either, depends on mood
HP: Hermoine&Ron, Hermoine&Snape, Hermoine &Harry, Harry&Ginny, Snape&Ginny, a variety
Ouran: Haruhi& either Tamaki, Kyoya, or Mori. I haven't been convinced of the others.
ATLA: canon or Zutara , Tokka, Taang
Marvel: canon, Lokane, Tasertricks, Darcy&Cpt America, Darcy &Hulk, Clintasha

Writing Schedule!

1. Letters from a Mutual Friend
2. Sarah and the Laws of Queendom
3. Art Exchange with xXRainbowStarsXx SAO (Kirito X OC)

1. Arrogance and Animosity
2. Assorted OHSHC one-shots
3. Whatever Laby story gets picked next
4. Assorted Holiday one-shots
5. What You Want - OHSHC KyoHaru

Story Summaries for Labyrinth Stories: Let there be much J/S Fluff!!!

1. Sarah and the Laws of Physics: my first one, and finished. The feedback from this story has been great, and now I want to write a short sequel (see details below). Started Feb 2011, finished Summer 2011.

2. Baby It's Cold Outside: my second finished one. A holiday-themed one for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Started Dec 2011, finished May 2012.

3. Trick, or Treat: More Halloween-themed fluff. Should have been a one-shot, but it's not, so it's a two-shot. Started and finished Oct 2012.

4. Another Valentine's Day: More Valentine's Day-themed fluff. A two-shot because I'm verbose. Started and finished Feb 2013.

5. How to Woo Properly: Complete. Based on a one-shot/drabble by Kyndsie. Link included in story. Another way in which Jareth might have tried to win Sarah. Started Sept 2012, finished Feb 2014.

6. Sarah and Laws of Queendom: Currently finishing. Sequel to Sarah and the Laws of Physics. Started July 2011.

7. Arrogance and Animosity: on hiatus until Spring 2015. Labyrinth meets Pride and Prejudice (and some Shakespeare), so excited to do it. Will be finished after Sarah and the Laws of Queendom. Started June 2011.

8. Letters from a Mutual Friend: is the letters sent between Sarah's three friends, Sarah, and Jareth, after Sarah starts college. This story will have short chapters, but there will be many to make up for it. This story will be lengthy as a result, covering all of Sarah's years in college. Started July 2013.

9. Rain: Friend or Foe? Fluffy one-shot about Sarah getting stuck in the rain, and then gets visited by Jareth. Warning, is very, very, fluffy and cute!

10. Under the Stars: Versions 1 & 2: Fluffy stories (one-shots) about Jareth and Sarah being together under the stars.

11: Love and Other Drugs: One-shot: what if Jareth drank coffee? Much hilarity follows.

12. Sarah's Greatest Affair: Birthday giftfic. Sarah loves Jareth, but does she have all her priorities in order?

13. Other holiday one-shots: Thankful, Call Me Maybe, The Goblin Dance, Christmas Songs Underground, Precious Jewels, Mistletoe Mischief, First Snow

14. Hide and Seek: short future story, with focus on goblins I have created. The goblins decide to hide from Jareth by staying with Sarah. Only good things can come of that. Will always be J/S!

15. Songfic of Billy Joel: working title: For the Longest Time. A short future story, showing how good Jareth is at creating mischief. Sarah may have grown-up, but it doesn't mean she can't have a little fun now and then.

16. Beautiful: A short future story. Sarah deals with guilt after running the Labyrinth, and it gets to her. Toby makes a wish that she could be happier, and Jareth answers.

17. Of Love and Dreams: a future story, romance novel spoof I've always wanted to write. More J/S, with some Toby and Sarah sibling time. Haven't decided if drama or comedy. Sarah needs inspiration for her romance novels, and so has Toby help her visit the Goblin King by wishing her away. Nothing wrong with that plan at all.

18. FAR FUTURE: The Goblin Ball: it involves much dancing, and even more poetry. More scared of the poetry honestly. Could be drama or comedy.

19. More holiday fluff, because let's face it, I love fluff, and writing it. That or song-fics if so inspired along the way of writing. Anything could happen!

Non J/S:
This list is slowly growing, actually.
1. Assassins Don't Wear Pink
2. Assassins Don't Wear Dresses (sequel to 1)
3. Welcome to Home Depot, Mr. Bond
4. A Day at the Prince's Zoo
5. Just Another Family Dinner
(all involving OC's of ASinglePetal )
4. Christmastime in Sword Art Online: giftfic
5. Snape's New Favorite Toy
6. New Year's Eve, Ouran Style
7. Alone Now
8. Don't Mess with Our Friends
9. His Favorite Gift

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Favourite cartoon character: Scooby-Doo
Personal Quote: "I can do all things in Him who strengthens me."-Philippians 4

Fantasy!!! I also really enjoy this, part of the reason why I wanted to do photomanips to begin with. Faires and the supernatural are interesting to see and read about, no shame.

Did I mention that I'm a nerd, and proud of it? I'm an engineer, with very eclectic interests. By personality, I am ESFP, so go figure. And I'm left-handed!

View My Personality Type Results

Many thanks to Erozja for the use of her free avatar for my profile pic!!! See her profile here:

Also, yes I know I fave too much. I like to fave and run. So much art, so little time! Sorry if I don't comment, but if I feel really strongly, you'll know ;-)

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Hi all!

I hope all if you are doing alright! :-) The last five weeks have been rough for me, especially after a twelve hour day at work today. But things are happening, and there's improvement. I'm so happy! :-) I'd appreciate all wishes for luck and prayers you can send my way over the next two weeks for my work situation.

Also, have you heard? In the last few weeks, I've heard about two sequels coming out in the future. I found out recently that Ouran High School Host Club is getting a second season!  :-) I don't know much more than that,  but they released that at a con I was at. Second, I just heard about this a few hours ago actually. There's going to be a Frozen 2!!!! :-) How awesome is that? :D

Anyway, I hope you're as excited as I am. Hope life is treating you well! :-)

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