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Hi All!

My life is chaotic right now, so that's why you haven't seen much from me of late.  But I'm good, and keeping very busy.  Was at a con, have a wedding coming soon, and going to the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball in a couple weeks :-) Anyways, here's the tag rules/stuff....

Tagged by: Kiyomi-chan16 

Here are the rules:

1. You must post These rules.
2. Each person Has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4. Choose 10 people and put Their icons in your journal.
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people (I'm doing less).
6. No tag-backs.
7. You can not say That You do not do tags.
8. You MUST make a journal entry!

10 facts about my life:

1. I listen to music ALL the time.  I kid you not.  At work, in the car, at parties, in stores, everywhere and anytime.  It should not shock anyone then that a lot of my stories are inspired by music.

2. I hate doing outdoor chores, except for raking leaves.  I enjoy making big piles of leaves, and then jumping into the pile.

3. Cucumbers are amazing, and are my favorite food besides watermelon.  Ice cream is a close third, chocolate a near fourth.

4. The snooze alarm and I are best buddies.  I used to be a morning person, and then I went to college. ;-)

5. I own four bookshelves full of books.  Another bookshelf has movies.  It makes me happy :-)

6. After attending a con just this past weekend, I am now proud to say that I have attended 9 cons, all within the last two years.  Surprised and amazed.

7. I like make-up, as long as I don't have to be the one to put it on.  I'm lazy and terrible at putting it on.

8. I believe in organized chaos.  My home and work desk are a testament to this.

9. I love weddings.  So much.

10. I enjoy card games and monopoly.  Yay for math and numbers! :D

Questions I Had to Answer:

1. When you were younger, what was your favorite cartoon show from Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, or other channel? (For example, mine were Hey Arnold and Courage the Cowardly Dog.)
Scooby-Doo.  No contest.  LOVE that show! One day, I will write fanfic for it.

2. Which animal would you like to be?
Turkey.  It's a joke from within the family.

3. Using TARDIS or DeLorean to go to the past, What historical figure would you love to meet?

JANE AUSTEN!!!!!!! :heart:

4. Curly or straight hair?

5. Mountains or the beach?
Tough choice, but the beach.

6. If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would you pick and what would you do?

7. Have you ever danced in the rain?

Yes! Anybody seen Singing in the Rain? :D

8. What is your favorite word?

Dude.  I say it frequently. (If it was a phrase, probably "for funsies")

9. If you had to be trapped in a TV show/movie for a month, which would you choose?

Pride and Prejudice, preferably during the winter.  I don't think I could survive there in the summer without A/C ;-)

10. What is the longest you have gone without sleep?
I want to say 22 hours, at some point while in college....

My Questions:
1. What movie have you seen recently? If not movie, then book that you read? Would you recommend it?
2. What is something on your bucket list?
3. What is your name? 
4. What is your quest?
5. What is your favorite color?
6. Did you get the Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference there?
7. What is your favorite type of ice cream?
8. Do you prefer to take pictures of be in them?
9. Do you eat breakfast? If so, what does it usually consist of?
10. What is one place you'd like to visit before you die?

I tag.....

Have fun with it! Feel free to do it if you want! :D

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Chapter 4: The End of the Lock-In

When Marianne entered the cafeteria, it seemed like she had come just in the nick of time.  Roland was in the room with his cronies, but they were sitting at a table some ways off.  Dawn was flitting about, serving food. 

Once Marianne was within arms’ reach of Dawn, Roland got out of his seat and made his way toward the girls.  His wingmen followed behind, getting into position.  None of them saw Bog and his friends come in soon after.  Marianne saw all of them come toward her, but she was ready because she had her sister already.  Having Bog there made her feel a little more at peace.

“My darling Marianne, where have you been for the last few hours? I’ve been searching every place I can to find you.  Somehow I just knew that you would eventually come check on your sister.”

“Hi, Roland.  Please go away.  I thought I made myself clear multiple times tonight.  If you come near me, I will punch your jaw out of alignment so that you won’t want to stare at your Barbie-doll face in the mirror anymore.”

The triplets chuckled until Roland gave them a silencing look.

“Now, Buttercup, you weren’t involved in that song appearing, were you?”

“I wish, Roland.  But I believe the ones you should thank are behind you,” said Marianne, a fake smile on her face.  The smile became much more natural when her eyes met with Bog’s.

Roland turned around and saw the three behind him.  He moved toward Marianne just a few more steps, anything to get away from them when they all shared angry looks like that.

“I can’t say I was thrilled when you ruined my perfect sequence by adding in those two songs, but I won’t ask for anything in return.  As it so happens, I was just about to go!”

The “go” was shouted ten times higher than the rest of what he said, and as he said it, the triplets went into action.  One guy jumped between Dawn and Marianne, holding Marianne in place.  The other two went to the other side of Dawn, where they had wheeled a metal cafeteria tray rack.  One crouched down, while the other pushed the top of the rack toward Dawn. 

As the wheels scraped coming down, Dawn screamed, and Marianne tried to free herself.  Roland started running toward Dawn as though to save her, only to become afraid of the rack full of food (including the ever-dangerous pudding).  Marianne started to shout at Dawn to run, but Dawn was frozen to the spot. 

Marianne made another desperate attempt to save her sister by kicking the triplet where the sun did not shine, and he finally let go of her to sing out his pain.  Bog and his friends had started running when they saw the triplets move, but they were not fast enough to beat the rack. 

But someone else was.  Fast and short enough.

“I’ve got you, Dawn! Hold on!” shouted Sunny as he jumped and pushed Dawn toward the table, knocking her to her feet so that they could crawl under the table and avoid the metal rack of doom.  Sunny had been in the kitchen when he heard Roland start to talk, and then he saw the triplets moving the rack.  No way was he letting that thing crush her before he got the courage to tell her how he felt for her!

“Dawn, are you alright?” asked Sunny softly.

“Sunny? Is that you? Yes! You saved me!” she said, hugging Sunny tightly.  “Thank you so much! I was so afraid!”

“I was too, Dawn.  I thought I had lost you.”

“Lost me? Do I mean that much to you?” asked Dawn with uncertainty.

“Sure, Dawn.  I love you.  I’ve loved you for years. I-“

“Oh, Sunny! Thank you! I love you, too! Let’s go out! How about next week?”  

Marianne coughed in an attempt to bring the new couple back to reality, while Roland and his friends disappeared.  Bog was impressed by Sunny’s quick thinking.  Perhaps he was good enough for Dawn, after all.

When Dawn finally heard Marianne, she looked up into the worried face of her sister.  She got out from under the table at once, the two sisters running to one another.

“Dawn, are you okay? Does anything hurt? Do you want me to find a nurse?”

“Marianne, I’m great! Never better.  Nothing was injured, as Sunny broke my fall.  If anything, we should find a nurse for Sunny.  Sunny, does anything hurt?”

“Nope, I’m good.  Every little thing gonna be alright.”

“That’s a relief.  Thanks again, Sunny.”

“I’m with Dawn on this.  Thank you, Sunny, for taking care of my sister.  I was so worried when those goons started moving.”

“I love her almost as much as you do, Marianne.”

Sunny crawled out from under the table and joined the sisters’ hug, glad to have Dawn at last.  Dawn leaned her head toward Sunny and gave him a peck on the cheek.  Sunny blushed, and Marianne coughed again.

“Okay, you two can be lovebirds after I leave.  I’m glad you’re both safe.  I’m going to head out, and I’ll be back later.”

Marianne turned to leave, only to find out that her new friends were not in the cafeteria anymore.  She was not sure why, but she assumed that they had wanted to give her privacy.  She went looking for them, and when they were not close by, she headed for the gym, over to where the sports were being played.  Perhaps they were checking on that.

Upon entering the room, Marianne discovered that no one from the science club was in the gym, as there were two teams on opposite sides of the room.  One side had all the football players on it, while the other side was a group of people who looked afraid.  Marianne did not understand their fear until a whistle was blown, and then all the football players ran toward the deflated balls in the center, taking turns throwing the balls at all the scared people.

Marianne was incensed.  How dare they use volleyballs and soccer balls as dodgeballs like that! Those things hurt, even more when deflated! Marianne could not stand and watch the slaughter, so she simply stepped in and began grabbing all the balls she could, telling the non-football players to hold all the balls in one corner for her.

Once Marianne had possession of all the balls, after many death glares given to the football players, she went and found an air pump.  If they were going to use the balls, then it would have to be properly, not in such a way that everyone got hurt.  Bog would not like it.

After she had pumped up two balls, the football players approached her.

“Thanks for pumping those up for us.  We couldn’t find one for the longest time.”

“You’re welcome.  But it’s not for you.  It’s-“

“For me, of course.  Thank you, Buttercup.  I knew you still loved me all along.  You sure played nice with all the dorks, but you don’t fool me.  I’m glad you were able to convince them to tell you where to find the pump.”

“What is the meaning of this? Marianne?”

It was just after Roland started talking that Bog came into the gym, friends in tow.  They were shocked to see Marianne destroying their hard work, but they were upset as they listened to Roland.  She was in on it the whole time?

“Bog, I can explain. I had to-“

“No.  Save your explanation, Tough Girl.  You played us.  We were willing to welcome you in.  But most of all, you played me.  And I fell for it.  Come on, guys, we have work to do.”

The group walked back out the door, and Marianne tried to speak and run after them, but was stopped by Roland grabbing her wrist.

“It’s fine, Buttercup.  Let them go.  They’re ugly, stupid people.  We don’t need them in our lives.  You made the right choice.”

Marianne shoved Roland aside, only for the triplets to stand in her way, the football players now all assembled by the door.  It seemed she was trapped.

“What do you want, Roland?”

“Marianne, sweetie, you sound so sad.  This is a joyous time! I’m just here to convince you that I love you! And now that you’ve proven yourself in action, I think we should drink to it.  What do you say, boys? How about bringing some of that Gatorade over her for us to share, eh?”

Roland winked at the triplet holding the vial containing the drugs in it.  It was go time.  The vial’s contents were dropped into Marianne’s cup, which was then handed to Marianne.

“Come on, Sugar Pie.  Let’s drink to a truce.  You and me.”

If there was anything that Marianne had learned from watching The Princess Bride, it was to not fall to one of the slightly less well-known blunders of going in against a Sicilian when death was on the line.  Roland claimed to be Sicilian from his mother’s side (something about learning the ways of romance from her), so she really did not trust Roland.  Add to that the fact that Roland had planned to drug her at one point, and she really did not want to drink anything touched by him or his gang of fools.  Then she got an idea.

“Fine, but first, I’d like to smell your drink.  Whoops!”

As Marianne walked over to Roland, she “accidentally” knocked her elbow against one of the triplets, making the arm drop her drink into Roland’s.  She then took Roland’s cup and split the contents between them.

“Sorry about that, Roland.  You know how clumsy I can be.  Shall we drink together?”

“Of-of course, Buttercup.  At the same time.”

Roland had no intention of drinking from his cup now, but he would have to pretend for a moment.  He decided that he would let it sit inside his mouth, and then he would spit it out when Marianne was not looking.

The two clinked their cups and then drank.  Marianne “accidentally” sent the liquid onto the floor, and then she walked over to Roland and pinched him.  The pinch caused him to swallow, taking in all of the drink.

“Whoops, sorry again, Roland.  It looks like I missed again.  I hope you had not put anything into that drink.”

“Now see here, Marianne, just because I love you-“

Roland started speaking but then stopped.  Instead, his hand reached out and began stroking her cheek.  The drugs were strong with him, and he was about to feel really, really good.  And flirtatious.

Marianne smacked his hand away before punching him to the ground.  Roland curled into a ball and cried out for mercy. 

“I don’t love you, Roland.  I will never forgive you for your betrayal.”

“No one else loves you, Marianne.  That dork may have, but he doesn’t like you anymore.”

If Roland was trying to convince her that he was better for her, then he was doing about as good a job as Mr. Collins pleading his suit with Elizabeth Bennet.  So much fail.

That remark earned Roland another kick, this time to the behind. 

“I’m going to be so glad when you see what Bog has planned for your baby pictures, you low-down, lying-“

“What? My baby pictures? No! Boys! Don’t let that happen.  Protect the computer and projector at all costs.  Save the baby pictures! I’ll go on,” said Roland dramatically.

“Idiot.  I am such an idiot.  I have to warn them.  Roland, I am so not done with you.”

With a final kick to the groin, Marianne ran off, trying to find her new friends.  Alas, the only people she could find were Stuff and Thang.

“What do you want, Betrayer?”

“You have to go to the projector room at once.  The football team will be guarding it before long, and then you won’t be able to do what you need to do.  We have to go-“

“We’re not going anywhere with you, Marianne.  We don’t trust you, but we’ll go there because we’re sure that Roland did send someone up there to prevent us.”

“Guys, you have to believe me, I didn’t betray you-“

“Try again.  We don’t believe you.”

With that, the two left, giving Marianne a slight shove as they passed her.  She had to convince them, and she had to help somehow.  But how?

It was then that Ms. Plum walked out of the all-purpose room carrying the large sticks with cushions on the ends from the punching activities of earlier.  Marianne saw an opportunity and ran with it.

“Ms. Plum, may I borrow one of those sticks, please?”

“What are you going to do with it, Marianne? Are you going to hurt Bog with it again?”

“Oh no, Ma’am.  I’m going to help him actually.”

“Good, here you go then.  Go off and have fun! But remember to walk down the halls!”

Marianne ran down the hall until she got to the stairway leading to the projector room.  No one from the football team was in sight, but there were others.  Marianne recognized these people as devoted fans of Roland, ten rabid fangirls who had always hated Marianne and whose watchful presence around Roland would put the Skeksis’ guarding of the Dark Crystal to shame.  These fangirls were no doubt doing Roland’s bidding by standing guard now, guarding the last shard of hope for Roland’s dignity, his baby pictures.

Marianne just ran at them and hit one of them on the side of the head with the stick.  That girl screamed, grabbing hold of the girl next to her for support as she fell, bringing that girl down with her.  That girl grabbed the one next to her, and so the domino effect continued until all were lying on the ground, screeching for Roland to come save them.

Marianne stuck out her tongue at the girls.  She was about to jump over the girls when she saw many bodies upstairs.  She was going to need more weapons.  Luckily, the storage closet of silly string was close by, so she kicked the door in and took out a bunch of extra silly string and cheese, which she put in her pockets.  She would fix the door later.

Unleashing her battle cry, Marianne ran up the stairs into the fray.  She saw five people from the science club (including her three new friends and Brutus) and ten football players.  It was time to even the odds. 

“You! Get out of the way of my friends!”

The science club members had been at a standstill, trying to figure out how to outsmart a bunch of strong football players.  Brutus was only so strong, and Bog could only distract so long.  Upon hearing Marianne’s scream, Bog told everyone to get against the wall.  Having people on both sides did not bode well for them, so he and his friends were shocked when Marianne charged upstairs and swung her stick at all of the football players, knocking them onto the steps.

“Hi, guys.  Sorry I’m late.  I couldn’t find a good weapon.  Sorry about all this.”

Bog still refused to look at her, as did Stuff, but Thang did give her a small wave.  He would have spoken more, but one of football players started to get up, so Marianne swung the stick and bopped him in the head again.  Another one reached out and pushed the stick from her hands, so Marianne found the cheese and started spraying it into his eyes. 

Once he was distracted, she kicked him further down the steps and then used the spot to get more of a height advantage behind the football players so that she could kick all of them further down.  After she had gotten in a few kicks at each, yelling about how this kick was for so-and-so or for all the times that they had mistreated others, she turned around to face the shocked faces of the science club members. 

“I had a lot of pent-up anger I needed to get rid of.  My dad always said I needed an outlet.  I think he’s right.  But you can kick them down the rest of the way if you’d like,” she said, waving her hands in the downstairs direction. 

Finally, Bog started to laugh.  The others soon followed.  When the laughing died, Bog went downstairs, kicking one guy once before storming out, telling the group to secure the room for their upcoming activities.  There was only an hour before the final event occurred.

While Marianne sat on the stairs, confused and close to tears about where she had gone wrong, the rest of the group took great delight in kicking the bullies some ways.  When they got tired of doing so, they let Brutus pick them up and take them to a closet to lock them up until show time.  Stuff and Thang remained to take care of the projector room, while the other one went to help with guarding duty.

“Marianne? You really didn’t betray us, did you?”

“Of course not, Thang! I would never! You’ve only been super nice to me, but I can see why you could get that impression, after what Roland said.  But still! I never did.  And now Bog hates me.”

“It’s only because he likes you,” said Stuff matter-of-factly. 

“What do you mean? How could he like me?”

“Bog has liked you since day one, I suspect.  I remember the first time he saw you.  We were doing a derivation on the board, and Bog loves those.  But, you walked by, and Bog lost all interest in the derivation, instead asking who you were.  He didn’t stop asking about you until Roland appeared on your arm.  That shut him up fast.”

“So he really hates Roland, then?”

“With burning passion,” replied Thang.

“How can I prove myself to him? I have to change his mind.  I thought this would do the trick.”

“Short of completely ruining Roland, I doubt you can do much right now, Marianne.  You’re better off just waiting until this is all over and talking to him.  He’ll see reason.  He always does.”

“Of course! Why didn’t I think of that? Thank you, Stuff!” shouted Marianne as she hugged Stuff.  “Can I use the computer in there for a little bit? I need to find something.”

“Um, sure, no problem, Marianne.  Not sure what I did.  I guess you can go in there.  Thang, stay in there with her.  I’ll stay out here and make sure no one disturbs, especially BK.”

The two went in, and Marianne got right to work.  She pulled out her notes, and with a little help from Thang, she found the security cameras she had been looking for.  She went back as far as she could, and then she began taking snippets from the videos.  Once she had all the videos she needed, she found three songs and used her video editing skills from class (she was glad to have those skills after seeing photoshop) to combine everything together.  A few words here, and with five minutes to spare, her little masterpiece was ready.

“Thang, I need you to trust me.  You must play this video.  It’s the only way we can stop Roland, and I can try to get Bog back.”

“Do you like him? Bog, I mean.”

“Well, that is, I, I never really thought about it, but-“

“I’ll take that as a yes.  You sound like Bog when you do that.  Don’t worry, I’ll play the video.   Good luck!”

Marianne rushed downstairs.  She saw Roland, who was still very high and groping some random girl at present.  Good.  She needed him to stay like that until the end. 

Marianne looked for Bog outside the auditorium until people were asked to enter.  She was first in, nervous when she saw him sitting in the middle of the front row.  He did not look happy, but she had no choice.  She sat down next to him.

“You can thank me anytime, Bog.  Or not.  You could say something.”

“Something,” he said sarcastically, not looking her way.

“Really funny, Bog.  C’mon, look around you! Your plans tonight were a universal success, other than those deflated balls.  It’s a good thing I came in when I did, seeing the way those football players were using the balls as dodgeballs on unsuspecting victims.  I had to put a stop to their cruelty.”

Bog did turn around then, confusion in his eyes.  But, the vice-principal came back on stage in new clothing. 

“Welcome back, seniors! Has it really been almost twenty-four hours? I hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I have! Let’s give a big round of applause to Dawn Fairfield and all those who helped put this on tonight!”

After the usual amount of thanks, senior mock elections results were announced.  Roland won “Best Hair” and “Most Athletic” by a landslide, and Marianne was voted “Most Likely to Succeed”.  The results for cutest couple thankfully did not include Marianne and Roland, which relieved Marianne to no end. 

Bog won “Class Brainiac”, as well as “Drama King” for his numerous occasions of stomping into places and scaring people for no reason.  Thang was pleased when he won “Best Smile”, and Stuff proudly took home her prize of “Most Likely to Win in a Fight”.  Brutus won the male version of Stuff’s prize, to no one’s shock.  Considering how many fights both of them had been in, it was not surprising at all.

After Mock Elections were done, the baby photos were shown.  All parents had sent in baby photos months ago, and several committee members had been sworn to secrecy about the location of the coveted photos.  At the appropriate time (three months ago), the photos were scanned onto a computer to get ready for the event. 

Bog still had not looked at Marianne, and she was getting tired of his brooding and sulking.  She had already apologized and tried to help him, but he still was not giving in.  What else could she do to convince him? She had to try something. 

While Marianne plotted, Bog kept hearing his mother and Roland alternate speaking in his mind.  First there was Roland thanking Marianne for all her help, and then there was his mother telling him that sometimes you had to be vulnerable. 

He had been burned multiple times now, but the desire to look at and talk to Marianne was still there, burning brightly.  She had been persistent, which he had to give her credit for.  But, the problem was his heart.  He liked her a lot, and he knew it without a doubt the moment that he heard Roland thank Marianne.  It had been too late, though, and now he was afraid of trying again. 

But that high, screechy voice of his mother kept telling him to suck it up and try again.  But what would he say? That he liked her? Sure, that was a great idea, go from hating her to wanting to date her.  Made total sense.  Ugh, he hated talking about his feelings.

Once the photos started to play, though, Bog was forced out of his thoughts because Marianne’s arm touched his on the armrest.  He moved his over, and so did she until her arm touched his again.  Bog narrowed his eyes at her, giving his best “Go away” look, to which Marianne cocked hers defiantly, as though to say “Make me”. 

Bog did not want to look into her eyes and fall prey to them again, so he gave up and turned around.  His actions annoyed Marianne, but she took it as a good sign that his arm remained there.  If she could have seen inside his head, then she would have been pleased to know that Bog liked having her arm next to his like that.  But she did not, so she scowled until the animal photos started.  After that, both of them were laughing, and soon the rest of the student body with them.

Bog had to hold onto his stomach when Roland’s pictures came on the screen, and Marianne felt as though she could not breathe from laughing so hard.  Roland made disgruntled noises from his seat, and all the other students laughed.

By the time that the baby photos ended, somehow Bog had started holding Marianne’s hand.  It had probably been because Marianne had taken to slapping the armrest in the middle of her peals of laughter, and Bog did not want her to break the armrest in the process.  But ever since then, they held hands, not looking at one another.

When Marianne’s video came on the screen, Bog’s hand tightened.  Marianne brought her other hand onto his arm, so when the video message said that it was a special message for Roland, Marianne stopped Bog from getting up by saying, “Wait.  Please.  If there’s any hope for us, please watch.”

Bog wanted to leave, but his heart wanted to believe Marianne, so he stayed and watched.  What he saw surprised him.  On the screen, “Love is a Battlefield” played as security video footage showed various images of Roland.  The time stamp was at the bottom, so he saw from how far back Marianne went.  And then he hated Roland even more. Everything was video of Roland, but it was not doing all of the things he was known for.  Instead, it showed him, all in one day, kissing three different women (including Marianne).  Then, the same thing for several days, involving a different third girl every day.  The girl in green, the National Honor Society girl, got up at some point during those videos, mad at Roland since she thought that he loved her only. 

After that footage, new images came, along with the song ”We Didn’t Start the Fire”.  This time, they showed Roland giving envelopes full of money to known drug-dealers (at least within the student body), as well as putting a white powder into his drinks.  Many men gasped, knowing what those enhancers did, and how illegal they were. 

Finally, the song changed to “Love Stinks”, and more images came, this time showing Roland cheating on exams, passing sheets around with other football players.  Many people gasped at that, showing Roland to be what he truly was, an idiot and cheater.

After a few minutes of that video, the vice-principal came on stage, asking for the video to stop, saying how it was unfair and biased.   People boo’d him and threw popcorn at him.  Then Roland tripped onto the stage.

“Now I know what you all are thinking of me right now, and it ain’t true.  I’m a good guy, a hero.  Right, guys?”

No one responded back.  He tried again.  “I’m an honest man.  I would never do something like that.”

“You kissed seven different women in the span of one week.  If that’s not cheater behavior, I don’t know what is!” shouted a girl from the audience.

“I wanted Marianne to be jealous of me-“

“He cheated on exams! I saw him, and I’m ashamed to say I helped him.  I thought he loved me.”

The girl in green came on stage and slapped Roland.

“Good-bye, Roland.  I hope you lose your scholarship.  I don’t know who made that video, but I’m eternally grateful for being shown the truth.”

“Aww, sweetie, come back, I do love ye,” said Roland, trying to grab the girl.

“And now you know exactly how I feel,” said Marianne as she walked onto the stage.  “I made that video because I was tired of people worshipping the ground Roland walks on.  He’s a two-faced jerk who has used us all to suit his needs, and he deserves to be punished.”

“I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do to achieve that, Miss Fairfield,” said the vice-principal, “as it is, you’re in a lot of trouble for going into our records and doing this.  Now if you don’t mind-“

“I do mind.  In fact, if you don’t believe me that he’s a louse, why don’t you look him in the eye? Or check his pockets? Even as we speak, he’s high on drugs.”

“Now, hold on a second there, Buttercup, I would never-“

“Yes you would! You wanted to use them on me!” screamed Marianne, making Roland flinch.

“Is this true, Roland? Are you high?”

“Of course not, Sir, I’m just a little tired, and really hungry.”

The fail field was strong with Roland that night, so the vice-principal began checking Roland for signs of drug use after being told that Roland was hungry.  Seeing the tell-tale look in his eyes, and finding the vial in his back pocket, the vice-principal called up some teachers. 

“This student has drugs on the premises.  Call the police and have him be arrested for possession, if nothing else.  I’m ashamed of you, Roland.  You had such a promising future, and you go and ruin it like this.”

“You’re welcome, Roland,” said Marianne as sweetly as possible.

It was at that moment that Roland finally cracked, and all of his fury was turned on Marianne.

“You! This is your fault! I tried to love you, but no-“

“You will leave her alone. Now.”

No one expected Roland to finally break his nice guy façade, but then again, Bog coming up and standing up for Marianne was even more unexpected.   Bog was angry, and no one messed with him when he was that angry.  Even Roland knew better.

“Bog, I-“

“I know you can handle this, Marianne, but this guy is high and desperate.  I don’t trust him.”

To prove his point, Roland chose that moment to throw a punch at Bog while he was distracted, earning him a kick from Bog.  Bog stood proudly with a smarting arm, while Roland writhed on the floor in agony.  Bog turned to face Marianne again.

“I’m sorry I doubted you, Marianne.”

“This creature is the reason why no one had fun tonight! This guy destroyed everything!”

Now Roland was being a drama king, and he was standing up again, about to strike Bog.  Marianne was not going to stand for it.  There was no way that Roland was taking Bog from her again! She jumped in front of Bog and gave one, final kick to Roland, making him hit his head in the process of falling.  At this rate, he would not be able to produce offspring, which was probably better for the world anyway.

“You’re wrong, Roland! I think everyone had fun tonight, except for the guys your football friends picked on by throwing deflated balls at.  That was rude and uncalled-for.  Everyone made the most of it and still had fun.  If anything, he made it more fun for everyone.  Right, everybody?”

Some people would not have cheered in agreement, but seeing Bog’s angry face upon them made them do anything to get rid of it.  As people cheered, Marianne was surprised at how much fear she had had at the thought of Bog getting hurt.  The fear had come from something else, and it was a strange, new emotion for her.  She was almost afraid to put a word to it.

Roland lay on the ground, defeated.  Everyone had turned against him, and now he would most likely go to jail and lose his scholarship.  Life sucked.

As Roland was led out of the auditorium, Marianne’s dad finally appeared, running as fast as his chubby legs could carry him. 

“What is the meaning of this? Where’s Roland going?”

The vice-principal took him aside to explain.  At the end of it, the only thing he had to say was “My daughter?”

Father and daughter met onstage, Bog close behind her. 

“Marianne, what did you do?”

“I proved to you why I shouldn’t date Roland.  Are you happy now?”

“I don’t care about that, Marianne.  I just want to see you happy!”

“I am, Dad! Very happy now.  I made new friends, including the guy behind me.  Right, Bog?”

Bog stammered at being thus asked until Marianne faced him.  Seeing his face scrunch up in that way made Marianne see exactly what that new emotion was, how she felt about Bog.   

“On second thought, the friendship I share with Bog is a little different than the one I share with Stuff and Thang.  I like him differently.”

At that, Marianne leaned in and kissed Bog.  She had intended to just kiss him on the cheek, but Bog had misunderstood her intentions and leaned towards her as well.  As a result, the two shared a kiss on the lips, and hands and arms followed.  They stopped when Marianne’s father coughed.

“Well, I see that you do.  Interesting choice.  We’ll have to talk tomorrow, Mr. King.  Bring your mother with you.”

“I’m always happy to, Mr. Fairfield!” shouted Griselda from the back.  “We’re going to be in-laws!”

That last comment made all people onstage cough, while the rest of the student body laughed.

“On that note, the senior lock-in is officially done.  Thank you for your time here, students, and I hope you sleep well when you go home.  Just remember to be here on time for graduation practice!”

Principal Fairfield would have continued yelling more if every student had not decided to get up and leave upon learning that everything was done.  Most were quite tired, as everyone was afraid of being covered in silly string or permanent marker if they fell asleep.

As the room cleared, Bog and Marianne walked to a bench outside.  They were not there long before Dawn came running out, hugging both of them and giving them her congratulations.  After that, she left with Sunny.  Griselda soon followed, hugging Marianne and thanking Bog for taking her advice.

At long last, they were alone.  The problem was that neither one knew how to start.  Feelings were hard.

“Did you really make that whole video in an hour, Marianne? That was impressive.”

“Yeah, I had to.  I had to convince you somehow.  It also allowed me to get revenge upon Roland at last.  I hope he loses everything.”

“You and me both,” he said, taking Marianne’s hand, unsure what else to say.

Marianne tried to help.

“So, that engineering degree is looking more interesting by the minute, Bog.  Anything to put some distance between me and my old life would be great right now.”

“Don’t worry, Tough Girl, you’ll like it.  It’s male-dominated, and you’ll fit in well, commanding respect wherever you go.  I don’t suppose we’re going to the same college? It would help a lot if we were to, that is, if you do want to-“

Marianne put a finger to Bog’s lips to hush him.

“Maybe I should take it from here.  Yes, I do want to date you.  I didn’t think I’d be interested in anyone, but you…. you’ve proven yourself.  You’re great.  I want to get to know you much more in college.  And yes, from what I recall Stuff saying, we’re going to the same college.  We’re going to have even more adventures there, I think.”

“I can’t wait to share them with you, Tough Girl.”

Principal Fairfield almost swooned upon seeing his daughter kissing Bog with such eagerness.  It was bad enough that it was so sudden, with a boy who always got into trouble, but his bad influence seemed to be rubbing off on his daughter.  Between the new clothes, look, violating school rules and security, and new friends, the principal could not handle much more.  

“Aren’t you two tired yet? I’m exhausted. Marianne, let’s go home.”

“I’ll see you at home, Dad,” called out Marianne as she continued to kiss Bog, barely breaking away to speak.

The principal huffed and drove home.  At least, if they got together, he would be assured of smart grandchildren.  And then he mentally smacked himself for even going there at this point in the relationship.  Clearly, he was tired and stressed. 

“It’s been a strange day, Tough Girl.  I didn’t think it would involve you causing so much trouble, but I’m glad it did.  It’s been different.”

“A good different?”

“The best kind.”   

Trouble Ch 4

Author’s Disclaimer: I still don't own Strange Magic or any of the songs I make reference to.  I hope the wait was worth it for this long story, originally meant to be a one-shot.  It’s got all kinds of things, for whatever you’re looking for.  There are a few references, but I have no desire to mention them all right now.  I’m considering writing an epilogue.  If you’d like to see one, please let me know.  Other than that, thank you for taking the time to read all of this.  I thoroughly enjoyed writing this silly little romp through my memories.  I hope you enjoyed as well!  :D

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:

Chapter 3: Trouble of all Forms

The unlikely pair made their way toward the all-purpose room, where the massage chairs were being used.  Marianne saw all the happy, innocent people and balked.

“Are you sure this is a good idea? Hey, how about we go back.”

“Nonsense.  You’re far too concerned about others, when you should be more worried about yourself.  They’ll survive, and they’ll even enjoy it, eventually.  Try thinking of this as an adventure.”

Bog gave a little grin before waving his arms toward a back room where Thang waved excitedly.  Marianne knew this was the only way to see if these people could be what she was looking for.  Besides, they had not broken anything yet, or done anything to get them suspended, so she was just worrying too much, like she always tended to do. 

Once all were assembled, they discussed their plan of attack.                      

“Stuff, go get the mood music ready, and then be ready to distract.  We need all attention on you so that Thang can sneak under chairs and bring out these buckets of ice water.  Marianne and I will bring out the buckets the first half of the way, and then Thang can squeeze under the chairs with the buckets and guide people’s hands and feet into them.  Meanwhile, we’ll use this low lighting and visit the other chairs not visited by water and place the plastic handcuffs on their hands.”

Another group would come in for the next round of people on the chairs (as each session lasted an hour, longer if someone fell asleep) later, but they had the first bunch to set the precedent.

Stuff brought out a CD full of relaxing Enya music and played that.  Afterward, she made herself useful by bringing drinks to the masseuses who had been hired to come.  The water bucket brigade then began making all the necessary trips.    

At one point, as Thang was handing water to Marianne, he said, “I’m so glad you decided to join us.  You are a nice person, even if we had no idea why you were with that jerk Roland. You’ve got friends here.”

Several times during Marianne’s trips, her eyes would meet Stuff’s eyes.  Stuff usually just looked at Thang as he almost tripped and would roll her eyes.  Marianne smiled and shrugged her shoulders at his clumsiness.  Bog did not talk much, as his eyes and mind seemed elsewhere.

With the water delivered, Bog and Marianne began daring one another to go out and start the handcuffing.  Bog started, and each time they tried to one-up the other without getting caught until all had been restrained.  The keys to the cuffs were left on the floor near the students’ shoes.  Then Marianne and Bog watched as people’s hands touched the cold water, some yelping.

After much snickering, the group left through a back entrance and gave each other high-fives. 

“Can we mess with the Vegas Room now? I’m so excited to steal and run.”

“Why not, Stuff.  Marianne? Are you ready to rob from the students and give to the poor House?”

It was a well-known fact that each year, the senior lock-in had a Vegas room, where the people at the stations were instructed to help students as much as possible to win.  It was also the most packed room, as everyone tried to get the fake money to change in for good prizes, but there was a line to get in as a result.  The people who got in first were always the popular ones, so Bog had decided to help the school a bit.

“But how are we getting in that room? There’s a huge line!”

“Don’t worry, Marianne, Brutus and others have been working in there already.  Once they see us, they will conveniently take a break, and we’ll take over.  Then we have all the access we want.”

“I’m surprised they’re letting us do it since we’re seniors.  Bog, how’d you pull that off?”

“I’ll show you later, Smart Girl.  One of the many joys of computers.  Now, let’s have some fun.”

The group went in and started dressing up in the proper uniforms as servers, bringing in drinks, fake money, and cards as needed.  They made the switch, and then they went to town.

“Person who takes the most fake money gets first dibs on the sleeping people later,” said Thang excitedly.

Marianne gave Bog a puzzled look, and he waved it off.

“After this, we shall be using all that silly string at last.  It’s one of my favorite parts.  You’ll see why, Smart Girl.  But for now, this game works best if you have a partner.  Those two always work together, so you’ll be with me.  You’ll steal first, while I annoy and distract.  After that, we’ll take turns.  The key is not to visit a table too often, as then they get suspicious.”

“Why do I get the feeling that you’ve done this before, Bog?”

“There’s a reason my Mother is working in here, Smart Girl.  She loves this stuff, and has been known to keep a little for herself now and then.”

“Does she know what you’re doing?”

“If she doesn’t, she soon will when we come to her table.  Don’t let her distract you, as she might try to pickpocket you.  She may be old, but she’s got some fast hands.”

With that warning in place, the two began by serving drinks.  There were several tables in need of drinks, so the first three tables were easy.  After that, Marianne made eye contact with Griselda, who smiled and waved before pointing at Bog with a wink.  Marianne felt the fake money in her pocket, making sure all 1,500 of it was still there. 

The pair went back and turned in the first bunch of money.  They had slightly more than Stuff and Thang, and they intended to keep it that way.  They brought out more money from the storeroom and began distributing that, taking a little for themselves as well along the way. 

It was during those times that Marianne discovered that Bog was horrible at making small talk, though he could think up reasons for acting a certain way easily.  She was a little better with small talk (but not much since she tended to insult people), so she was given that job if the table leaders tried to engage them before they went to the next table.  If they talked too much, Bog just tripped someone using his long legs, and then they went to help the poor soul. 

When it came time to visit Griselda’s table, she was ready for them.  She kept all the students’ eyes on her by doing some card tricks.  Both snuck a great deal out of the piles during that time, and then Griselda addressed Bog.

“Bog, dearest, would you get me something to drink?  My throat is just parched.  Be a good boy and do that while I talk to Marianne a second, alright?”

Bog grumbled and did as asked, making hand motions to watch her pockets.  After he left, Griselda dealt the next hand and began talking to Marianne while the students pondered on whether to stay in.

“My, but you two have been so busy tonight! And just look at all these people.  Has my Bog been taking care of you? Isn’t he loyal, just like I said?”

Marianne agreed, as Bog had shown himself well so far.  He only smiled and encouraged her, and gave his friends more reason to trust her.  Things could not have been going smoother.

“Good.  He may seem bristly at first, but he’s a softie.  Now you take good care of him, you hear? Don’t go breaking his heart like the last girl who did.”

As Griselda spoke, she placed a hand on Marianne’s arm.  Marianne froze, unsure what to say.  She was partly afraid of saying something wrong, and that Griselda would try to reach her pocket, which was close by.

“I don’t, that is to say, I would never-“

Another hand touched her waist, sitting on top of her pocket’s opening.  Then, she felt a warm breath near her ear, making her heart hammer repeatedly.

“What Marianne is trying to say is that she would never do such a thing.  She’s too good a person to do that and betray trust.  Now if you’ll excuse us, Mother, we need to go give water to others.  Come along, Tough Girl.”   

Bog kept one hand behind Marianne as he led her to safety.  Once they were back in the back room, Bog pulled away and asked her to make sure she had not lost anything.

“What, exactly, did my mother ask you? Did she accuse you of stealing out loud?”

“No, she didn’t accuse me of stealing.  She just wanted to know if you were taking care of me.”

The two counted in silence for a moment, both lost in thought.  Bog had seen his mother far too close to Marianne, and his instinct was to rush to her side.  Marianne looked concerned, and he wanted to be there for her.  He knew that he did not have to be so close, but knowing his mother, she would be unlikely to put up a fuss at them leaving if he appeared close to her. 

There was no denying that he had enjoyed the moment of closeness, and being allowed to stay behind her like that was something he wanted to do again.  He knew he was falling for her, and despite staying away a little earlier, it all came back, even stronger than before.  At this point, his only hope was that she might develop feelings for him.  It was unlikely to happen since most girls ran away from him, but he had to do as his mother suggested and try.

Meanwhile, Marianne thought about what Griselda had said about Bog and his love problems.  She was curious to know what had happened there.  Then there was the matter of how close Bog had gotten.  He certainly did not seem bothered by being close to her.  In fact, he seemed to like it since he had kept it up after getting away from the table.  What did it mean?

The rest of their three hour shift (including what little the others had done at first) went by smoothly, with Bog and Marianne making significantly more since everyone trusted Marianne.  Marianne had watched Bog’s movements, and she began thinking of questions to ask him.  He would ask similar ones of her, so she prepared her answers as well.

When they went to the prize room, Bog smirked at the sad faces on people as they waited in line.

“Bog, what else did you do here?”

“We only changed a few numbers on the exchange rate signs.  We had to make it a little fairer for the House.  But enough of this.  It’s time for my favorite part of the night.”

A storage closet by the bathrooms was the main hub for all of the supplies.  Inside was all of the kits of silly string, whipped cheez whiz in a can, and permanent markers.

“Warriors, choose your weapon of choice and make sure you have enough to last until reload time.  Operation Paint the Students Orange and Black shall now commence.  Anyone who is asleep or is unaware is a viable target.”

Marianne had liked sneaking money away from certain table-hogging students, but she enjoyed the silly string much more.  She was amazed at how many students had found blankets and were sleeping in various corners of the lock-in, which made her job so much easier.  They each took turns doing something to a student.  Marianne tended to go after clothing, while Stuff and Thang went to town with the cheez whiz, spraying it in people’s hair in different styles, or if they were really asleep, rubbing in the fake cheese and then adding more on top.  Bog gave facial hair and glasses to anyone he touched with the permanent markers.

During one of their breaks from pranking, the four sat and talked until Bog called Marianne “Smart Girl”, and then she sprayed him with silly string.  He ducked, making Stuff get hit by the silly string.  That led to a full-out civil war between the four, Bog using his extra kit supplies to hit them. 

He managed to mark Marianne a few times on the hands with his markers, but otherwise he got her with silly string.  Marianne made sure that Bog’s hair was colorful, and that silly string went down his shirt. 

After they exhausted their supplies, they went for seconds and continued on.  When the seconds were exhausted, they set out to get ready for the last event of the night, class elections and baby picture sharing.  Bog took Marianne with him to the upstairs computer and projector while the other two stood guard.

Marianne watched as Bog hacked into the school’s computer system with amazement.

“Where’d you learn to do this, Bog?”

“While my mother has fast hands with money, mine are with computers.  Computers…. They just make sense to me.  I understand them far more than I do people.  People can be emotional and irrational, and these things? Always consistent.”

“You make it sound like you prefer computers over people,” she said with hesitation.

“That’s because I do, Tough Girl.  Computers won’t insult you or reject you without a just reason.  People will, all the time.  I’m surprised you don’t enjoy this type of thing.”

Marianne heard the bitterness in his voice, so she figured now was a good time to ask while he continued to insert new songs into the already-made video, as well as pasted people’s baby photos onto animal bodies.

“While I do hate a lot of people in this school right now because of their treatment toward me, it does not mean I’m going to give up.  If anything, I’m going to become a teacher so that others will learn respect and be better than our peers.  Have you given up?”

“I gave up a long time ago.  People just aren’t worth it,” said Bog.

“But you still have Stuff and Thang, as well as people in the science club.  That has to count for something.”

“Some I know a little, but not much.  I doubt they want to know me that well.  I think most are still scared of me.  Stuff and Thang are the only ones who have tried more, so they’re worth it.”

“What made you stop believing in people, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Bog turned toward Marianne and eyed her suspiciously.

“Did my Mother say something to you?”

“Maybe, yes.  You don’t have to talk about it, if you don’t want to-“

“No, I do,” he interrupted.  It was probably better to get all of this out in the open with her right now if he ever wanted something more with her.  Either she found out from him or hearsay, which he did not want.

“My story has a couple similarities to yours, Marianne.  At the end, at least.”

“I doubt you’ve heard all of my story, Bog. But I’ll explain after you talk.”

“Sounds good,” he said.  “Anyways, I went to a different high school at first, and there was a girl I had liked from middle school.  In high school, she started smiling at me a lot, and I thought she liked me.  I asked her to homecoming, and she turned me down, laughing in my face.  She had received five other proposals to homecoming already, and she had wanted to know if I would ever get the nerve to do something more than stare awkwardly.”

“That’s terrible!”

“That’s not the worst of it, sadly.  She told her friends, and they laughed at me and picked on me in school.  Needless to say, I transferred out of there as soon as the year ended.  Then I came here to Henson High, and the people seemed like the same kind of people, so shallow and self-absorbed.  No one tried to help me except Thang, who was scared to even talk to me.”

“What changed between you and him?”

“Our chemistry teacher saw that I excelled, so he wanted me in science club for competitions.  Thang was my partner since no one had ever interacted with me.  Stuff came along to protect him from me.  We got to talking eventually.  But enough about me.  What don’t I know about the whole Roland thing? What did you even see in that blabbering idiot?”

“I’m not sure anymore,” she said.  “I thought that he was so brave, charming, and athletic.”

“More than half of the school thinks that,” he said.

“True.  So when he asked me to homecoming sophomore year, I was super excited at the time.  That he would pick me, of all the other girls.  After that, he asked if we could date, and I agreed.  I had niggling doubts every once in a while when he came late for something, but I dismissed them, even as I tutored him and watched him play football.  It was so much of an honor to be chosen, and then I saw that he really hadn’t wanted me.”

“So you did find him cheating on you right before prom?”

“Yes, with the other girl from National Honor Society who had helped me tutor him.  They had been kissing far too close and long when I finally announced my presence.  And then everyone thought I was an idiot for dumping him, even though he was the one that did wrong.”

“Everyone had known what he was doing, Marianne.  They thought you an idiot for letting it go on so long, and then laughed at you.  It sucks when you find out how much people don’t care about you.”

“Ain’t that the truth,” she said with a sigh.

“And that’s why you should stop wanting to be a teacher, and join the computer revolution.  It’s much more fun, and there’s no messiness involved.  I think you’d enjoy it, Marianne.”

“I might.  What are you doing right now?”

“Checking the security cameras to see how our cohorts are doing.  Watch what I do.”

For a time, Marianne sat and absorbed (aka took notes) as Bog hacked into various parts of the school system, taking especial note of the digital security cameras with their data saved from the last three months.  Bog had been programming for years, but it was only after he had been rejected that he threw himself into the programming.  When he was satisfied with that part, he showed her the basics for image manipulation with photoshop.

“Wait, when did our school get photoshop?”

“Since I downloaded it illegally and hid it.”

“But you aren’t able to download and save anything.  The computers are programmed not to let us.”

“It’s a simple matter of going in a changing it.  See? Here’s the original program.  Just make it so that there’s an exception for a certain userid, mine in particular, and then you’re all set.  And now we need to decide what animal we want Roland to be associated with.  Any preferences?”

“I’d like it if you could put him as a turkey about to get his neck cut off, but I know that can’t happen.”

“Oh ye of little faith, you underestimate me and the power of google.”

Soon, one of Roland’s three baby pictures had been pasted onto a turkey.  Both laughed at the final product.

“Shall we be nice to him and let the other two be normal like everyone else’s?” he asked.

“Of course not.  He needs more.”

“I was hoping you’d say that, Tough Girl.  I’m rubbing off on you, I think.”

“Perhaps, but there’s the part of me that wants revenge.  What else can we do to him?”

Soon, Roland had been placed as a pig rolling in dirt (Bog’s idea), and he was about to be kicked by a horse (Marianne’s idea).  After that, they went on to finish the rest.

“I’m surprised that you’re waiting so long to do all these changes, Bog.  I thought you would’ve done this long ago.”

“I did, three weeks ago.  I tried a few, but someone went in and changed it.  Every time so far, they have changed it.  Now they won’t have time, so I’m making them more obnoxious than before.”

“Are you going to go into college to use those photoshop skills at all? Or are you just going to do programming?”

“Computer science all the way,” he said.  “You should consider it as well.  It’s a growing field, and we need more women in engineering.”

“I’m going to be a teacher,” she said with finality.

“Why? Because your father was and he told you to do so?”

Marianne was about to yell at him for saying such a thing, but he was right.  She was following exactly in her father’s footsteps, and he did not want her straying from the path.  Something Roland had wanted as well, though he did not want her working at all once married, which she thought was silly.

“It may have started out like that, yes, but over time, I still want to help students.  There’s a reason why I’m the best tutor in school.”

“How’d you earn that title?” asked Bog.

“Not everyone can make the dumbest jock in school look smart and say the right things.”

“Fair enough.  Roland has fooled everyone there, and now he’s going to school on a football scholarship.  He’ll never be able to properly read or speak now.”

Marianne laughed at Bog’s remark before continuing.

“All the same, I’m good at helping people, and I’d like to do that.  And if I can show people how to act properly, I’ll do it.  I can control a room when in charge.”

“I saw you perform.  I believe you.  Still, you should at least consider engineering.  Plenty of them get masters and then teach.  But you might find you like some aspect of engineering more, especially after you figured out how to put back together those go-carts.  I’m still surprised you got them so easily.”

“Sunny has all the keys.  He helped a lot.”

Bog narrowed his eyes at the mention of Sunny.

“Is he with Dawn, or not? I can’t tell.  He’s always around her.”

“They’re good friends.  I wish they would.  She has made some bad choices in the past.”

“I don’t know.  He seems so small.  How will he stand up for her?”

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were protective of my sister,” said Marianne with a laugh.

“No, no! Not that.  It’s just, when I see a genuinely nice girl, I don’t want to see her become someone terrible like the rest.”

“Alright, Bog.  You about done?”

“I think so.  Let’s go see how the gym is faring, shall we?”

The group went first to the dancing floor, where some people had pulled out bleachers to dance in a corner.  Stuff did not want to go toward the small space, so Thang stayed with her while the other two inspected the fun.  A new song came on, and Bog saw Marianne bouncing to the song. 

“So have you ever been to a dance, Bog?”

“No, and I’d like to keep it like that.”

“But what’s wrong with a little dancing? It’s a good song.  It’s tradition to dance at least once while at senior lock-in.  Are you going to break tradition?”

“As much as possible,” he said.

“Well, I’m still going to dance a little,” she said.

By the time they got there, she started dancing, with Bog close by.  He chuckled at her exaggerated dance moves as she tried to encourage him to join her, and then a slow song came on.  Both of them knew the song, but neither moved.  Finally, Bog approached Marianne after seeing the wistful look in her eyes as she looked anywhere but at him.  He did want to ask, but he was afraid of rejection, especially at a dance.  But this was Marianne; she was different.

“May I have this dance, Marianne?”

“You may,” she said, closing the distance between them in a moment.

“Did you do these dances with Roland often?”

“The slow ones, yes.  Otherwise, he left the floor because he was afraid of hurting himself or his precious throwing arm.  I think he was embarrassed by my dance moves.”

“I’m betting it was the latter,” he replied with a chuckle, “as you do have some odd moves, but if you saw mine, I think I’d win for strangest.”

“Strange dance moves to go with the strange magic.  How appropriate,” she said.

The two continued to dance, not realizing that they had an audience.  At first, Stuff and Thang had been making fun of Marianne’s dancing, and then they saw them start dancing together.  Stuff ran and got Griselda, as Thang was enjoying watching them too much to leave.  Griselda’s joy at seeing them together made Thang’s enjoyment seem like he was indifferent.  When the two stopped dancing, all three watchers busied themselves, Griselda leaving her post to go back to cheating students of fake money.

As Marianne and Bog walked back, they started talking again.

“I’m glad Dawn’s not around to see this,” said Marianne.

“Same with my Mother.  She’d be picking out a church right now.  But, speaking of Dawn, we should go check on her.”

“Why? You want more oreos?”

“Yes, I want those, but I recall listening to Roland in the bathroom right before the lock-in started.  It sounded like he was going to use Dawn in order to get to you.  Seeing as the night is more than half over, he must be getting desperate.”

“Why didn’t you mention something sooner, Bog?”

They had just approached Bog’s friends, but Marianne ignored them in favor of rushing to find her sister.  Bog explained to them what he had just said, and then they followed after Marianne, afraid for Dawn.

Trouble Ch 3

Author’s Disclaimer: I still don't own Strange Magic or any of the songs I make reference to.  So this story is too long to leave as one chapter on dA, so I’m stopping it here.  The adventures finish in the next chapter.  I hope you enjoyed reading, as well as all the random shenanigans and song references made.  There’s more to come! Thanks for reading! :D

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Chapter 2:
Chapter 4:


Chapter 2: Shenanigans

“Excuse me, dearie! What’s the hurry? You’re going to be here for a whole day.”

Marianne paused in her marching toward the gym to look at the lady with short, frizzy, red hair, who also was wearing a flower chain in her hair.  She was so short, and yet her loud voice more than made up for the lack of height.  The big smile on her face made it clear to Marianne that the mother meant no harm.

“I need to go to the pool.  I want to get there before everyone else does.”

It was a true statement, even if her true reason to go was something else entirely.  But she did not want to worry anyone unnecessarily, especially the adults.  She would take care of it on her own.  She was alone and free, so she was going to do it her way.

“No point now, dear, oh Marianne,” said the mother looking at Marianne’s name tag, “that’s such a pretty name.  I’m Griselda King, by the way, but you can call me Griselda.  You might know my son, Bog.”

Marianne cleared her throat out of uncertainty about what to say about him, seeing as he was the cause of all her recent problems.

“Yes, but he and I don’t talk much.  I’m not overly fond of him.”

“Sure, he’s a little rough at first, but inside, he’s the sweetest guy you ever met, and so loyal! You just can’t find that anymore.  I can say that because I know he’s just like his father, and his father, God rest his soul, was the most loyal guy you could find.”

“That’s very nice and all, but why should I not hurry to the pool?” asked Marianne with impatience.

“Because there’s already been a stream of people who passed this way.  Get it? Stream? Pool?”

Marianne then understood where Bog got his sense of humor and love of the ridiculous from.  She had already seen large insects crawling about the hallway, and she had no doubt that Bog was behind it.

“Thank you for letting me know, Griselda.  But anyways, I still want to get in there and-“

“Who are you meeting there?” asked Griselda suddenly.

“Me? No one.  Just going by myself.”

“Why not?”

“It’s better that way, honestly.  I’m not on the best of terms right now with many people.”

“Well, I hope you can reconcile soon.  It’s awful being on your own like that.  It gets kinda lonely, and this is me talking from experience, dearie.  You think it’s fun now, but it’s not.  Now look at me droning on and keeping you from having fun.  See you around!”

Griselda wandered off (her mind busy and happily engaged), leaving Marianne to stare at her.  The brunette shook her head at the idea of being alone.  She already knew what it was like being alone, and she would much rather have that over the silliness of being in love.

Love is not safe.

Even as Marianne repeated the mantra while walking toward the pool, her mind was already beginning to doubt.  She had known loneliness since breaking away from Roland, but it was better to remove such people from her life, anyway.  She needed to find true friends, but not a boyfriend.  She could have moved on easily, as her heart was not bothered by Roland anymore, but she simply did not want it. 

Sure, she still wondered about what Roland was doing and when things had changed, how it had all turned to lies between them, but the truth was that she did not want to ask why, for fear of being hurt more than she already had been.  He did not matter, nor did any kind of relationship like that. 

Even with those thoughts, though, some part of her looked at the couple who were hidden away in a corner with longing, seeing the guy with blond, spiky (yet fluffy) hair and tight pants happily kiss his brunette girlfriend.  She had no doubt that those two would share a magic dance on the dance floor before the night was over, and part of her wished that she had that security, that companionship….

No.  Love was painful.  It made her do stupid things.  It was funny how her heart could deceive her more than just a couple times about Roland, but now she knew.  Never would she fall in love again.        

Marianne walked into the pool area and gaped.  No one was in the water, as it had been dyed purple and had lily pads inside of it, just like a real pond.  Instead, people just sat around and talked.  Then, one of the triplet guys that hung around with Roland swaggered up to Marianne. 

“It looks like The Princess has finally flipped her lid and did something besides hit her ex, even if he loves you and just wants to get back with you.”

“Go jump in the pool, Pretty Boy.”

“You first.  You ought to try out your creation.”

“I did not-“

“Don’t try to deny it, Marianne.  You knew all the plans from the start since your sister planned all this.  I bet you did this on purpose.  We all know it was you.  The similarity in color is enough to seal your fate.  Will your father and Roland approve? You should go to them now and tell them.  I’m sure Roland will still take you back.”

Marianne could feel everyone’s eyes on her, and they were all laughing at her.  She truly was in a kingdom of isolation now.  She had considered some of them her friends at one point of time, but now she could see that they only liked her because of Roland the Neanderthal.  It stung, but it was a lesson she needed to learn.  Still, if she had Dawn there, or maybe Sunny, then she could smile and laugh at them….

No.  That was not productive.  Dawn had her own life to live and would not want to be weighed down by her problems and views of people, especially men.  She was alone, and she would stay like that.

“I’m never going back to Roland.  That I can promise you.  As for the pool, it wasn’t me.  I’d never wreck all of Dawn’s plans like that.  You could always just lift a finger and actually take out all of the lily pads and swim in the pool water that has had purple food dye added.  Anyone with eyes can see that.”

Marianne then shoved the triplet into the pool amidst loud peals of laughter.  Then she stomped out of the pool area.  Fine, if they were going to laugh at her, then she would not help them.  She would just take out her anger on the cause of all this.

Who happened to run into her just then, as he had been staring at the ground while speed-walking.  And who then proceeded to gulp upon impact before looking up to see who it was.  At first, Marianne would swear that Bog had blushed, but it had to be a trick of the light.  He was giving her a menacing look now, and she intended to stare back at him until he understood that she was not about to back down.

Bog did want to keep up the frightening look, but it was hard to do so after talking to Dawn and his mother.  He had gone to the cafeteria to see how the gummy worms and other unexpected food items had been received.  Most people looked horrified, but Dawn was still smiling, just standing behind the table, ready to give out food to all the seniors.         

Bog went over to the edge of the table to find some oreos, as he had instructed Brutus to cover the cookies with a slimy green goo that his mother used to fill her pastries with.  The goo was sugary goodness, and actually made the oreos taste even better, so he got all the oreos to himself.

“Marianne likes oreos, too.  You lick the insides off just like she does.  That’s so weird!”

Bog turned an annoyed face upon Dawn, who had somehow managed to sneak up behind him while he enjoyed his oreos.  Why was she talking to him?

“Don’t you have other seniors you have to serve right now?”

“I could be, but I’ve already done so much.  Sunny also wants me to have a break, so I am.  Now I’m talking to you.  How does the green stuff taste? I’ve never seen it before.”

“Terrible,” he replied on instinct.

Dawn tittered before grabbing an oreo and saying, “Marianne also says that when she wants it all to herself.  Now I’m going to try one.  Mmm, this is amazing!”

Bog cursed inwardly because now she knew his secret.  It was time to get away before he said anything he would regret.

“That’s great, Dawn, but you should go away now.”

“Why? What if I want to talk to you?”

“Dawn, go away; I’m no good for you and your reputation.  Being seen talking to me is bad.  I’m the big, bad, Bog King.  You should go back where you belong.”

“Don’t you like talking to me, Bog?” asked Dawn, her eyes starting to look glassy.

Bog started to panic.  He did not like weepy girls, and had no idea how to handle tears.  He had to do something fast!

“No, of course I like talking to you, Dawn, but you, er, that’s why you shouldn’t talk to me.  I’m doing you a favor.  People will judge, and I’m not that interesting or worth it.”

He had been told that by other girls; she would be no exception if she tried to really talk to him. 

“Bog, don’t you like yourself? Are you afraid to love?”

Bog did not know where that last question had come from, but he had no intention of answering it.  Of course he was not afraid to love! It just was not worth it.  But no one needed to know that.  Dawn’s glassy look had gone away, and instead she looked curious.  That was very bad.  Now he had to go, as clearly she was not afraid of him.  It must be a family trait.

“I have to go talk to my friends,” he said, pointing to Stuff and Thang who stood staring at him from outside the cafeteria.  He was walking away when he realized that he had left abruptly, so he turned toward Dawn and gave her an awkward smile and wave before rushing to catch up to his friends.

Once he was outside, he asked them about their plans.

“So how does the pool look?”

“Well, BK, I don’t think we added enough purple, but it looks dark at least,” replied Thang with enthusiasm.

Bog groaned.

“The water’s supposed to look murky, not dark.  Let me see it.”

Bog began grumbling and headed toward the pool, only to run into his mother.

“Bog! There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you.  Are you having fun?”

“I was, Mother.”

“You silly boy! Well, I was just talking to the most amazing girl, and I think you should talk to her.  She seems nice, and I think she needs a friend right now.  She looks lonely.  Your lonely heart just might connect with hers, and who knows what could happen? Maybe you’ll finally date again! Wouldn’t that be fantastic?”

Bog wanted to face-palm, but he did not feel right doing that in front of his mother.

“Mother, voice level.  Don’t say such embarrassing things out loud! How many times have I told you that I don’t want to date again? I’m against love.  It’s stupid and painful.”

Bog spread out his hands widely to emphasize his point, but Griselda still shook her head and raised her voice more.

“Nonsense! I am not going to see my only son die alone.  You’re going to be happy, even if I have to set you up on more blind dates-“

“No thanks, Mother,” he said, putting his hand on hers.

“But you should at least consider it, Bog.  You should try. You don’t have to be alone.  Just because you got burned once by a girl doesn’t mean that every girl will feel that way about.  It’s bound to happen sometimes.  Love is like a flame sometimes; you’ll get burned because you have to be vulnerable to love.  But you haven’t died yet, have you? You still have friends and a heart.”

“The rest of the student body doubts that last part,” mumbled Bog.

“What was that, Sweetie?”

“Nothing Mother.  I’m just going to go toward the pool.”

Griselda’s ears perked up at hearing that.

“Then have fun there! And say hi to Marianne if you bump into her!”

He had no intention of saying hi to her, but bump into her he did as he considered all that his mother had said to him about Marianne.  Perhaps his friends were right about him being distracted around her.

But having a staring contest with her was becoming hard.  They had been standing there for what seemed like ten minutes, and his eyes were becoming itchy.  At least he could take comfort in the fact that Marianne’s were responding similarly.

“Had enough yet, Bog?”

“Not if you haven’t, Tough Girl.  You getting tired?”

“Never.  I just thought I would take it easy on you now before the big fight.”

Nope.  He was not going to be able to scratch his right eye yet, he thought sullenly to himself as he growled at Marianne for her smack talk.

“That’s some big talk coming from a small, wee girl like you.”

Marianne bristled and leaned in closer to Bog.

“I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself, thank you very much.  At least I don’t need a posse to do all of my dirty work.”

“So the little kitty has claws, does it? Careful, Marianne.  You shouldn’t pick a fight with someone who has a lot more in store for tonight’s festivities.”   

Marianne’s eyes narrowed, but Bog was unsure if it was because he had managed to scare her, or because she wanted to blink.  Either way, he was close to victory.

“Besides,” he continued, “you’re probably just smarting after seeing my idea happen, and you have no way of fixing it.  Fear not, you can still have fun in the pool.”

“Sure, Bog, because I’ve been dreaming of going swimming merrily with a lily pad on top of my head.”

For several moments, they stared, and then the full impact of the image of Marianne splashing about while wearing a lily pad was just too much for both.  Full-bodied, heaving laughs were shared, both leaning on the other for support.

Once both stopped laughing, they realized how close they were to one another and took large steps to put more distance between them.  The awkward silence could have lasted a long time were it not for Thang and his sense of timing.

“Do you need some help over there?”

With the silence thus broken, Marianne spoke as Bog waved the question away.

“As much as I would like to smile, I can’t.  I’m not fond of you.  First you try to mess up my sister’s plans, and now I’m being blamed for your trouble-“

“What?” roared Bog.

“The people inside blame me because the color of the water matches my clothes.”

“That’s preposterous! Stuff, Thang, I thought you had said it was dark.”

“It was really dark when we first put it in.”

Bog then face-palmed.  It seemed he really did need to do everything himself.

“No one takes credit for my genius.  Come on, you two.  Let’s go set the record straight and take our proper credit.”

The three left Marianne standing there in open-mouthed shock.  Was he really going to take credit for it? Marianne followed and came just in time to hear him ask a question.

“And all of you.  How are you enjoying my first prank for the night?”

Marianne stood and watched for several more moments until she watched Stuff and Thang push in the other two triplets.  They looked like they were enjoying themselves, and they had each other to stand up for them.  That was nice, to have someone to depend on.  Then she went to the gym where the go-carts were being used. 

Marianne was annoyed when she saw that people were once again just standing around and talking, lounging in the go-carts.  She went to one of the go-carts and tried to figure out how to turn it on.  When she realized there was no crank to turn it on, she left the gym in search of Sunny.  Sunny was good with tools and had access to all of the keys in the school for tonight since all the teachers and custodians trusted him more than the flighty Dawn.

“Marianne! Why do you look so upset?”

Dawn ran up to Marianne, with the shorter Sunny huffing close behind.

“That arrogant, overbearing, menacing, overgrown-“

“What did Bog King do?”

“Wait, Dawn, how did you know I was talking about him?”

“Just call it a hunch, okay, Sis? And where did all this come from? Why didn’t you show this to me yet? You look amazing!”

Marianne opened and closed her mouth.  Leave it to her sister to put her at ease despite all the problems. 

“I needed a change, Dawn.  I’m glad you like it.”

“Like it? I love it!” said Dawn, hugging her sister.  “I always thought you looked great in purple.  But what’s going on with Bog?”

“He’s destroying your plans! I’m so sorry, Dawn.  I’m trying to fix it, but I don’t know how.  That’s why I came here.  I need Sunny’s help.”

“What has he done?” asked Dawn with surprise.

“He had put food dye and lily pads in the pool.  He also removed the crank off of the go-carts, so those don’t work.  I don’t know what else he’s done, but he has lots more in mind.”

“He’s probably the one who put all that weird stuff in the food, Dawn,” added Sunny helpfully.

“Weird stuff? What weird stuff? Did it touch the oreos?”

Dawn laughed before answering, “Yes, it did touch the oreos, but they actually taste even better now.  Come over here and try one.  See?”

Marianne grimaced at seeing the odd green color on her oreos, but she tried it upon seeing the earnest look on her sister’s face.  Then she smiled.

“Wow, this is actually really good! I’m taking some with me.  Sunny, can you grab the keys and your tools and help me?”

“Dawn, is it okay if I go? If you need to help, then I can-“

“Go ahead, Sunny.  I got this.  Marianne needs you more than I do right now.  You’ve already done lots.  Go save the world and help get those go-carts running.”

The two headed for the door and almost left.  Then, Dawn said, “Marianne, don’t be mad at Bog.  While I’m surprised he did that, the big thing is that I want people tonight to have fun.  As long as everyone enjoys themselves, then I’m okay with it.  Maybe this is his idea of fun.  Did others like it?”

Marianne stopped to think about it.  No, they had no hated it, but still!

“They didn’t hate it, but they didn’t say they liked it either.  They just kept on talking.”

“That’s what matters.  Just fix the go-carts and have some fun.  You deserve it.”

After that, the two left.  After going through five closets, they found the missing cranks and began screwing the cranks back into place.  As they finished up the last one (without help from anyone else), Bog came in from instilling fear into the hearts of all who saw him inside the pool area.  He had been whistling and seemed cheerful until he saw that all the cars were lined up and fixed.

Then Bog marched over to Marianne, who proceeded to push Sunny away and motioned for him to run back to Dawn.  Sunny did so with the knowledge that Marianne was capable of taking care of herself.  He watched the two shout a little, and when it was clear that she was not going to cower to Bog’s bark, he went and joined Dawn.

“What.  Have.  You.  Done?” asked Bog as he poked Marianne in the shoulder.

Marianne stood tall with her chin up, and she folded her arms in defiance.

“What does it look like I did, Bog? Fix your trouble.”

“My trouble? I didn’t ask for you to do so.  They should’ve been allowed to sit and not use them if they didn’t have the slightest clue how to fix the problem.”

Bog kept his eyes on Marianne even as he waved away Thang and Stuff.  He would win this battle of wits.

“And what if I wanted to use them? Did you think of that, O High and Mighty Bog King?”

“I’ve seen the little Beetle you drive, Tough Girl.  This isn’t anything new and exciting for you.”

Several people made “o” noises, while others laughed at his scorching remark.  The noise doubled when they heard her response.

“At least I drive better than you.”

“Doubtful, Tough Girl.  Let’s take a little drive around the track, and I’ll show you exactly how well I drive.”

“Deal,” she said, reaching out and shaking his hand.

Everyone immediately spread out against the wall to watch the two race on the obstacle course set up.  They were about to start their cars when Roland ambled in.

“Well, if it isn’t my Marianne.  Are we going for a drive? I’ll join.  C’mon Marianne, we can beat the Goblin King easy.”

“Go away, Roland.  You aren’t wanted here.”

“Too late now, Buttercup.”

Roland was about to get on the inside, but Marianne moved a little, motioning for him to go between her and Bog.

“Would you please go there, Roland, if you must drive?”

Bog had to cough to hide the laugh he was having at seeing the fake, smug grin on Marianne’s face.  Clearly, she had a plan for Roland.  Never let it be said that he did not do as the lady asked.

Roland considered protesting, but decided not to since Marianne was not trying to hit him.      The three started their engines, and while Roland waved to his admiring fans, Marianne motioned to Bog to look at the wooden block in the middle of the lane at the end of the course.

Bog smiled and nodded.  The true race would begin after the first lap.

At first, all three were about even, with Marianne slightly ahead because Roland was such a nice guy.  Then, about halfway through, she slowed down and got right up next to Roland’s car.  Bog followed suit.  Roland took it good at first, and then he saw the wooden block.

“Hey, Buttercup, I think you should move-“

“Sorry, no can do, Roland.  It seems my car is stuck right here.  How about yours, Bog?”

“Same, Marianne.”

“But, Sweet Pea, I’m going to, AHH! My hair!”

Roland did not even attempt to brake, so he rammed into the wooden block.  Of course his first concern was his appearance, not that he could destroy a car like that.  He sat there trying to smooth out his good looks until his cronies came and pushed him off the track so that neither one crashed into him later.  Then, he got out of his seat and left for the bathroom.  He had failed again to impress Marianne.

Meanwhile, Bog and Marianne slapped hands.

“Ready to have a proper race and lose, Bog?”

“I don’t even have to try to win against you, Tough Girl.  Two laps will determine the winner.”

The two sped off, weaving around one another until the very end.  No one was sure who would win, but bets were placed.  Many were disappointed when the race ended in a tie, but at least Stuff made good money from it.  Thang had refused to bet.

“I guess you’re not that good of a driver, then, Bog.  Looks like you tied with me.”

“We’re just evenly matched is all,” said Bog in a huff.

“So you should be driving a Beetle, too,” she said as she smirked and ran away from the incoming remark she was sure to receive for suggesting the tall Bog drive such a small vehicle.  As it was, Bog’s knees had been almost at his head’s level when they had raced. 

Bog had been about to make some careless remark in response, but then he saw her run off to the other side of the gym, where he had taken the time to put a fresh coat of wax on the floor.  Sure enough, he walked and watched as Marianne went through the doorway and took a couple steps on the floor before falling onto it. 

He would have smiled at that little twist in their situations, but he heard all of the people start to laugh at her.  He wanted to yell at them.  It was not right! She had only tried to help them, and there they were, laughing at her.  No one tried to help.  He would not stand for it.

Marianne thought that the people had gotten tired of the dancing and music, only to find out that they were not on the floor because it was too slippery to move.  She tried to get up and failed.  She tried again.  At that moment, she could not remember the last time she had felt so alone.

She had done nothing wrong before at the pool, but this was so much worse.  She had truly fallen and was making a fool of herself as she tried to get up.  No one cared.  No one was there for her, and she was doing so on purpose, trying to continue it.  Why? She was in so much pain, and if she had someone, then she could share it with someone.  Anyone.  Even her dad had had her mother.  Why was she alone after all this time, and how could she fix this? Building these walls was not worth it since she had no one to trust (besides her sister), which was sad.  She was not going to let this continue anymore.

And then there was a hand.  Then a foot, and another one. 

Finally, two hands reaching out for hers.  She looked up, and she saw the bluest eyes she had ever seen, coming from an unexpected face.

“Will you let me help you, Marianne?”

Bog was uncertain, truly not sure if she would take his hand.  He knew it was his fault, so he must have felt guilty.  But he still walked up and offered to help, and not in a condescending fashion at all.  Somehow, he knew that she did not like asking for help.  Perhaps he felt similarly. 

Those thoughts and more (mostly about how blue his eyes were in the dark of the gym) crisscrossed about until she made up her mind.  Marianne was surprised, but she accepted the help.  Just because she was strong and independent did not mean that she could not accept help when she could not handle it on her own.

Marianne put her hands in his, pushing her feet against his.  Then, he proceeded to pull her up until they were both standing.  For the second time that night, they shared a smile, borne out of them working together.  Marianne began to realize that perhaps Griselda was right, and Bog found himself at a loss for words because while a triumphant or aggressive Marianne was fun to fight, this newer, softer side of her made him yearn to help her.  She was alone, and he knew the feeling well.  But when she smiled like that at him, as though he had just given her wings to fly, he felt his heart skip a beat, and part of him wanted to make her smile like that at him again.

The two stared for several moments until a grin appeared on Marianne’s face, and Bog realized too late that she was going to push him in retaliation, so he did the next best thing, bring her down with him. 

With a loud “oof”, the two did not hear the others’ laughter, instead concentrating only on the other. 

“So, Tough Girl, how do you propose that we get out of this trouble that you’ve gotten us into yet again?”

“Me? You’re the one who did this! It should be you.  We’re just sitting here making fools of ourselves.  How is this even fun?”

“Of course this is fun,” said Bog in annoyance, “I planned it; therefore this is the most fun possible in an awkward environment like this.”

“I don’t see any fun here,” said Marianne as she put her hands on her hips.

“Clearly you’re not doing it right, then.  Now, hold onto your skirt.”

“Wait, Bog, what are you….. Eeii!”

Marianne had taken hold of her skirt as she spoke, only for Bog to put his hands on her shoulders and push her, making her slide across the floor with ease.  Soon, Bog caught up after pushing himself toward her.

“How about that, Tough Girl? Was that fun?”

Bog looked pleased with himself, so Marianne decided to return the favor.

“Nowhere near enough, almighty King.  Hold on.”

Soon, the two were chasing after one another, sliding to and from opposite walls on the floor, even racing as they tried to use their arms to go faster.  The two would have done it longer had they not realized that other people had decided to join them on the floor, getting in their racing path.  Even Stuff and Thang had joined in, each taking turns to push the other. 

Once the two saw that they were not going to be able to do as much with so many people on the floor already, they headed for the edge of the slippery floor.  Twice they attempted to get up, but both times they sat down the moment they saw that the other was trying to get up. 

Finally, Stuff yelled, “Hey, BK! It’s about time for that little fight of yours.  You ready to go?”

When they saw that it was almost nine, they got up at once and put some distance between them.  They walked in silence to the makeshift boxing ring, where they put on the helmets and gloves and stepped onto the blow-up ring that could not be blown up, courtesy of Bog. 

“Prepare to lose, Bog.”

“Not after I’m done with you, Tough Girl.  You’ll be begging for mercy.”

The parent volunteer reminded them that they had fifteen minutes in the ring before they had to leave.  Both waved off the reminder as unnecessary before turning and seeing that there were sticks with cylindrical cushions on the ends.  Both picked one up, and then they began to fight.

“Anyone want to bet on the winner?” asked Stuff as innocently as possible.

Soon, Stuff had people on both sides, while she bet on a tie between the two.  Both were evenly matched, with the wills and intelligence.  Both had some experience with martial arts, but neither had practiced it recently, so she figured that they would have to stop after fifteen minutes.

Marianne took the offensive right away.  She took two swings, and Bog blocked them both.

“You’re going to have to try harder than that to defeat me, Tough Girl.”

“I’m just warming up, Bog.  Prepare to have that behind of yours be soundly kicked out of this ring.”

“Only by the authorities.  Certainly not by those tennis shoes.  If you were wearing boots, maybe.”

Marianne took another swing and then twirled into him, only for him to try hitting her from above.  For several moves, he tried hitting, only for her to almost hit him from below in places no man should ever be hit.

“Are we playing dirty, Tough Girl?”

“Only if you want to allow it.”

“Fair and square,” said the adult.

Both rolled their eyes, and then Marianne faked a move right, only to strike left.  The problem was that Bog’s weapon caught hold of hers on her weak side and sent the stick into the air behind him, leaving her defenseless.  Bog charged, and Marianne slid between Bog’s legs to pick up her weapon, almost getting hit in the process.

“Five minutes,” said the adult.

At that point, the two looked at one another with the same thought: time to ditch the large, clumsy weapons.  Faces, meet fists.

Several girls screamed as the large sticks came flying at them, while Bog and Marianne began circling one another, trying to get in a punch.  Both made several attempts, and then the one minute mark was announced.  Both felt tired at that point, but they were determined to have a winner that time, so they gave it one last push. 

Marianne gave several elbows and kicks, while Bog blocked.  Then he tried to tackle her, only to fall onto the ground and get up before she could jump on top.  As he got up, time was called.  Another tie.

“Pay up, suckers,” said Stuff with pride.

“It seems we’re evenly matched in more than one way, Bog.”

“So it seems, Tough Girl.  It was a good fight.”

“Yes.  I haven’t had that much fun in years! No one ever just lets loose like that with me.  They just go easy on me because I’m a girl or some other nonsense.”

“Believe me, Tough Girl, I know better.”

“There’s my little Buttercup,” said Roland with a freshly pampered face and body.

“Go away, Roland.  I don’t want to talk to you.”

“Marianne, I just want to talk.  Is that so bad?”

“Considering you lie the moment you open your mouth? Yes.  Leave me alone.”

Roland normally would have walked on up to her to try something, but then he saw Bog, Brutus, Stuff, and Thang all move to stand behind her, with Bog directly behind.  Bog gave his best “Run, or I’ll give you a reason to cry” face, and Roland decided it best to wait until Marianne had no one around.  He was doing a terrible job of getting close to her tonight.

“Alright, Sweet Pea, I’ll go, but if you need me, you know how to find me.  Ta ta!”

Marianne saw the look of fear enter Roland’s eyes as he ran out, almost falling in the process, and she was surprised.  Had she done it all by herself?

Then she turned around and saw all four standing behind her.  They were why she was safe.  They had helped, even though they did not know her well.  Marianne knew she was smiling.

“Thanks, you guys.  You didn’t have to do it, but I appreciate it all the same.  I would’ve just punched him.” 

Three of the four just smiled and shrugged their shoulders, pointing at Bog.  Bog was smiling, but he could not speak.  Finally, he said, “You’re welcome, Tough Girl.  Now as for all of you, get ready for the show.  To your positions.”

“But what about-“

“She’s good, Stuff.  Just go.”

The three scrambled out, and Bog walked up to Marianne with a smile on his face.  His eyes looked afraid, but everything else seemed confident.

“So, Tough Girl, after all this saving, you ready to show some appreciation for all the help you’ve received?”

Bog leaned in close, and Marianne saw that no one else was in the room besides them.  Had she put her trust in the wrong person?

Before she could think further, Marianne followed her instincts.  When Bog was less than a foot from her face, she leaned back and slapped him.  Next, she tried to punch him.  Bog caught her punch with a tut.

“I knew that was coming, Tough Girl.  I also know that-“

He would have continued, but Marianne tried to punch him with her other hand.  It was then that Thang brought in an adult, who saw Marianne throw the punch, and Bog with a hand at the ready.

“Stop this at once! Both of you come with me right now.”

Both stopped, but Marianne was confused why Bog was smiling so much.  Why did he seem so glad to be caught?

The adult led the pair to a set of doors that led to a portion of the school closed off to the lock-in.  They were shown into a classroom. 

“You two will sit here to think about what you were doing.  Both of you should be ashamed.  I’ll come by later to check on you both, and I expect you to have made up by then.”

Marianne wanted to scream, but then she saw Bog smiling even more.

“What is with you, Bog? Why are you smiling so much? Did you want to be caught?”

“As a matter of fact, yes, I did.  The only way the next part of my plan works is if I had access to this portion of the school, so thank you.”

At that, two soft knocks came at the door.  Bog tapped his desk twice in response.  Thang walked in.

“Are you ready to start preparations?”

“Sure am.  Marianne, would you like to join us?”

Bog extended a hand out to her, and Marianne took it.  For a brief second, she considered not doing so just to spite him after tricking her like that.  If he had wanted that, then he should have asked her.  But did he trust her? Maybe not.  Either way, she wanted to go, for curiosity and to make sure they did not cause any serious trouble.

Once Thang started to run off, Bog started talking.

“I’m sorry I had to surprise you like that.  I wasn’t sure if you were ready to join my band of misfits.  Really, you should join the dark side.  We have cookies, specifically oreos.  They’re quite amazing.”

Both reached into a side pocket and pulled out a baggie full of oreos.  Marianne eyed him.

“How did you know I like oreos?”

“Your sister told me,” said Bog with a grin.

Figures.  No wonder she was so willing to talk about him.  But why was she talking about me?

“Fine, give me the bag, Bog.”

“But are you joining us? Will you commit yourself to our side?”

“Honestly, Bog? I don’t know. Are we fighting for the same thing? And are we doing it the right way?”

“We both want to give Roland exactly what he deserves, public humiliation.  You choose to punch him and get suspended, while I prefer to do it in more than one way.  If I get suspended, then it will be in style.”

“Drama king,” said Marianne.

“I like an audience.  What can I say? But, seriously, you can join us.  Let me know by the time the talent show ends.”

“So generous you are,” said Marianne with sarcasm.  In truth, she was surprised that she was not being forced to make a decision then and now.  But perhaps he expected her to join and was willing to wait. 

“What can I say? I’m a King.  So, shall we split the oreos?”

While the two ate their oreos and Bog tried not to look at Marianne as she ate it the same way as him, the rest of the group from the science club was hard at work.  Stuff gave orders while Thang was on door duty to check that no one got close enough to see what they were doing.   Marianne watched the long chain of normally quiet and law-abiding science club members take buckets full of a sparkly liquid and various articles of clothing from one end of the school to another in order to prepare a full-scale assault upon those that had made fun of them for too long.  It was empowering to watch.

Once all of the stuff was gathered in a central place, Bog gave out lists to each group so that they could assemble what was needed.  With much talking and chaos in place, some made kits with silly string, whipped cheez whiz in a can, and permanent markers, while others separated clothing into labelled bags.  Bog walked around to inspect everything, encouraging them when they did a good job. 

At some point, Stuff led Bog and Marianne over to a corner while Thang watched.

“BK, I know we helped her, but should she really be here? What if she compromises our cause? What if she spills the beans? No offense to you, Marianne, but I hardly know you.”

Marianne smiled to show that she was not offended.  It was Bog’s response that surprised her.

“We may not know her well, but we know people like her, ourselves.  She’s a thinking member of society, albeit more inclined toward lawful good than any of us.  I trust her.”

Stuff shrugged her shoulders before saying, “Alright, so long as you do, I guess that’s what matters.  I don’t see why you got so mad at us before-”

“That was before I saw the possibilities, Stuff.  Your loose mouths actually worked in your favor for once.”

After that, all went back to guiding work until Brutus came running down the hall.

“Teacher coming.”

Marianne knew what that meant, that they were finally being allowed out of their classroom.  She quickly grabbed Bog’s hand and dragged him down the hall to where they belonged so that they would not get caught. 

In her haste, she did not see the shocked faces of Bog and the rest of the science club at her willingness to take his hand, or even just touch him.  Bog was not a hugger, or a touchy-feely kind of person by anyone’s standards that anyone felt comfortable doing so, so the fact that Marianne did it now was a first.

Once Bog got over his surprise at Marianne taking his hand, he caught up to her.  He almost wanted to make it a race, but that singular sensation of holding hands was new and almost welcome if he was being honest with himself.  When they made it inside the door, he leaned on his knees while she leaned against the door, all in attempts to catch their breath.

“Wow, that was close.  Next time, Bog, we need to move our punishment door, or else move the operations closer.”

Bog nodded and tried to hold back his smile.  The fact that she was willing to say that meant that he had convinced her, or at least she was close.  That, and the exercise did wonders to her, brightening her eyes and giving her some color.  When she smiled back at him, Bog knew he was in trouble.  His heart should not beat so erratically when she smiled at him like that, nor should he want to draw closer to her. 

A teacher came in, Ms. Plum, and she led the two troublemakers back to the rest of the festivities.  She just smiled mysteriously and said she was glad that the two seemed to be having fun.

The pair continued to share knowing grins, even if Bog’s mind was in turmoil.  He knew how his heart felt in that moment, that he was falling in love with Marianne.  There was no other explanation for why he wanted to stay close to her and keep making her smile. 

Why did he fall in love so easily, even when it was not right, time-wise and in general? This would prevent him from making clear decisions about her and her ability to help.  He needed to get away for a while, so it was a good thing the talent show was fast approaching.

“Well, Tough Girl, this is where I leave you.  I have some last minute things to take care of before the talent show.  I, uh, I look forward to hearing you sing.”

Bog ran off, not wanting to show his true feelings to her if he could help it.  Those would not help right now, only complicating things between them.  Still, his mother brought up a good point, that if he ever did want to get closer to her, he would have to make himself more vulnerable and try.  He could do it, but he would not until her actions showed that she wanted that, that she wanted to know about him.

Marianne wandered to the cafeteria to find Dawn, who immediately ran over to her.

“You look confused.  Why?”

“Bog knows that I was planning to sing at the talent show tonight.”

“Of course you were, silly; you were going to, oh I see.  No more Roland, so you can’t sing that song together.  So what are you singing instead?”

“Certainly nothing romantic.  Love is strange, stupid, and painful.”

Dawn tsked before she said, “Love is all those things, but it’s still worth it in the end.  You wouldn’t have me otherwise, right? We share a sisterly bond of love.”

“Not that kind of love, Dawn.  Romantic love.  I don’t want that.”

“It’s still love, Marianne.  Love always makes you do crazy things.  But as for romantic love, you just need to find a guy who doesn’t lie and cheat.  You got all of college and beyond to find one.”

“I don’t want it.  End of story.”

“You’ve been hurt once, Marianne.  You can’t stop now! You have to keep trying, trying to make yourself vulnerable in small ways until you trust a person, the same way I trust Sunny over there.  And who says you have to date right away? Why not be friends first? You can try doing that, right?”

Marianne considered her sister’s words carefully before speaking.

“I guess I could do that, Dawn.  I do want to have the kind of friendship you have with Sunny.  But everyone here is so fake.”

“Are Bog and his friends all like that? He seems nice and considerate.  You could be friends, especially since you think so much alike.”

Bog was nice? Considerate she could see, but nice? Well, that was Dawn for you.  But she did bring up a point.  He trusted her.  Could they be friends?

“The talent show is about to begin! Everyone get into your seats!”

Marianne went to sit in the front row, curious to see what Bog had in mind. 

The first group up was an acapella group of seniors, dancing and clapping as they sang, “Dance your cares away.  Worries for another day.  Let the music play.”

Once that group was done, other seniors came up and took their turn to perform onstage.  While another group of acapella singers came up and sang some gibberish about “Mah Nah Mah Nah” and alternated between fanning out on stage and hiding behind the three main singers, the stage crew began setting up for the football team’s skit.

Marianne knew that Roland was not singing in this skit originally, but she was unsure if that would change since they had broken up.  As it turned out, Roland was not there, nor were his three pretty-boy goons. 

But the rest of the team came out to sing “The Boys are Back in Town”.  They did their dancing skit and flexed their muscles until the end, where they had planned to ride their bicycles off the stage in style.  The bikes were in a corner with a cover on, all lying flat, so when the boys finally threw off the cover, a swirl of pink glitter enveloped them all, and that was when Marianne realized that all of the bikes had been replaced with pink tricycles.  Then she laughed with the rest of the student body, but with far more gusto.

The football team was unsure what to do, so they just sat down on the bikes and attempted to ride them, only for their knees to get stuck when trying to push the pedals.  At that point, they just ignored the bikes and made the fastest exit they could.

Amidst all that laughter, the triplets came on stage, hushing the laughter so that the “big event” could come onstage.  Marianne was almost tempted to boo.

In the end, Marianne was glad she refrained, as she was laughing up a storm by the end of Roland’s failed performance.  Originally, Roland had planned to sing a medley of songs to Marianne to convince her to come back to him, starting with “Baby Come Back”.  It would have been laughable to Marianne to start with, but when mops and brooms began to be lowered from the ceiling so that they could dangle and mime the movements of Roland’s body, Marianne had to remind herself to breathe as all four danced, not realizing that they had a backup dance group.

Roland then began singing “I Want You to Want Me”, but it was at that moment that another song started to get inserted in its place, Haddaway’s “What is Love”.  Roland was confused by that addition, but the triplets seemed to not realize that that was not supposed to be in there, so they were bopping their heads and pretending to hit one another.  Marianne wanted to go on stage and punch Roland, so that he would have a reason to sing those words.

Finally, Roland went into the final song, “Don’t You Want Me Baby”, but Roland did not get very far before he felt something hit him.  Then again.  And again.  They were small and round, but Roland kept looking behind, not at the ground.  Then, the small items flew into the audience, and one of the students caught it and yelled how someone was throwing Chips Ahoy cookies at them.  At that point, everyone started talking and getting out of their seats to try to get the cookies, much to Roland’s consternation. 

But, that was not all that was planned.  Just as Roland sang the last notes, another song came on, “Barbie Girl”.  At that point, long, blonde wigs came from the ceiling and dropped onto the four guys’ heads.  Marianne lost it after that.

After a few more acts, the science club came on stage in varying states of tattered clothes, all of them looking like zombies.  Bog dressed as a werewolf, taking center stage as all danced and sang along to “Thriller”, with Bog being the main singer as he warned everyone of the thriller night that awaited them all.

If Marianne had any doubts that she would join the group, they were all quelled after that performance.  She enjoyed watching Bog instill fear within everyone as he promised them that no one was safe, thanks to his friends. 

Toward the end, Marianne’s turn finally came to sing.  Few had actually heard her sing besides Sunny, Dawn, and Roland, so it was weird doing it now.  But, it was expected that everyone perform something and contribute toward the event.  Those who did not had to be on crew.

Marianne stood in a corner, singing low at first, but slowly getting louder with each new line.  She had told the head of the talent show what her song would be earlier in the day, after much debating.  She had only made her decision after hearing Stuff and Thang speak, and that was when she decided to sing “Trouble”. 

As Marianne got louder, she flew across the stage, stomping and doing cartwheels.  When she got to the other end, she saw that a pink tricycle had been pushed toward her, and that gave her an idea.  As she sang the bridge before the final refrains, Marianne hopped onto the tricycle and used it like a skateboard, sailing across the stage and pointing at the crowd with an evil grin on her face.  She used a curtain to stop her motion at the end and jumped off the tricycle.

When she finished singing, all of the student body was quiet for a moment, stunned, and then they clapped enthusiastically. 

The talent show ended soon after her performance, and everyone went off to find the school area transformed with the new activities to do. 

Marianne received a hug from Dawn for her performance, and then she went to look for Bog.  Sure enough, he stood at the back, leaning against the wall without his costume.

“I like your idea of fun, Bog.”

He smiled at her and held out a hand, which she took.

“Welcome to the Dark Side, Marianne.  You won’t regret this.”

Trouble Ch 2

Author’s Disclaimer: No, I don’t own Strange Magic, or any of the songs I make reference to in this story.  All rights go to their respective owners.  This story is inspired by the song “Trouble”, the version done by Pink; Pink’s “Try” also plays heavily in this part.  There is also a wide variety of other songs, as well as references to other Henson creations as the night activities unfold. So this story is too long to leave as one chapter on dA, so I’m stopping it here.  The adventures continue and finish in the next chapter.  I hope you enjoyed reading, as well as all the random shenanigans and song references made.  There’s more to come! Thanks for reading! :D

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Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:



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Involving OC's of ASinglePetal
1. Assassins Don't Wear Pink
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Fantasy!!! I also really enjoy this, part of the reason why I wanted to do photomanips to begin with. Fairies and the supernatural are interesting to see and read about, no shame.

Did I mention that I'm a nerd, and proud of it? I'm an engineer, with very eclectic interests. By personality, I am ESFP, so go figure. And I'm left-handed!

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My life is chaotic right now, so that's why you haven't seen much from me of late.  But I'm good, and keeping very busy.  Was at a con, have a wedding coming soon, and going to the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball in a couple weeks :-) Anyways, here's the tag rules/stuff....

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1. I listen to music ALL the time.  I kid you not.  At work, in the car, at parties, in stores, everywhere and anytime.  It should not shock anyone then that a lot of my stories are inspired by music.

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Questions I Had to Answer:

1. When you were younger, what was your favorite cartoon show from Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, or other channel? (For example, mine were Hey Arnold and Courage the Cowardly Dog.)
Scooby-Doo.  No contest.  LOVE that show! One day, I will write fanfic for it.

2. Which animal would you like to be?
Turkey.  It's a joke from within the family.

3. Using TARDIS or DeLorean to go to the past, What historical figure would you love to meet?

JANE AUSTEN!!!!!!! :heart:

4. Curly or straight hair?

5. Mountains or the beach?
Tough choice, but the beach.

6. If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would you pick and what would you do?

7. Have you ever danced in the rain?

Yes! Anybody seen Singing in the Rain? :D

8. What is your favorite word?

Dude.  I say it frequently. (If it was a phrase, probably "for funsies")

9. If you had to be trapped in a TV show/movie for a month, which would you choose?

Pride and Prejudice, preferably during the winter.  I don't think I could survive there in the summer without A/C ;-)

10. What is the longest you have gone without sleep?
I want to say 22 hours, at some point while in college....

My Questions:
1. What movie have you seen recently? If not movie, then book that you read? Would you recommend it?
2. What is something on your bucket list?
3. What is your name? 
4. What is your quest?
5. What is your favorite color?
6. Did you get the Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference there?
7. What is your favorite type of ice cream?
8. Do you prefer to take pictures of be in them?
9. Do you eat breakfast? If so, what does it usually consist of?
10. What is one place you'd like to visit before you die?

I tag.....

Have fun with it! Feel free to do it if you want! :D

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