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Chapter 4: Renewed Commitments – What You Wanted by OneRepublic

Another day, another busy workday.

Haruhi made her walk to the law offices where she worked, ready to account for her odd behavior at the party.  Thankfully, most were happy knowing that she was not truly sick.  Some had feared that they would have to take over for the hard-working commoner the way she worked, but such was not the case.

Everyone knew it was only a matter of time for the brunette.  She had won almost all of her cases, making good press in the process.  She had the best work ethic there, with more integrity than was thought possible in one lawyer.  Having an Ootori ask her to attend a public charity event was just the nail in the coffin for her future promotion.  She had been there long enough that being made associate was possible, but only because she had risen so fast.

Haruhi was blissfully unaware of all that.

Haruhi went back to her desk to continue her research for her next case.  She had seen her elders, and had been stopped by so many people in the process of walking back to her desk.  She had already wasted so much time with talking, but that was to be expected.  Rumors spread fast there.  Sickness was the worst.

Haruhi had not yet called her friends to tell them about her rather awkward meeting with Kyoya.  She would later that day of course.  If not, then the twins would be on her doorstep, with Hunny trailing not far behind with two others in tow.  She had been given the day of space as agreed, even if Sunday had not allowed her to figure everything out to her satisfaction.  Work helped her channel her frustration about the situation with Kyoya.

Lunch crept upon her like a prank from the twins.  And speak of the twin devils, Haruhi had texts from both during lunch.  Hikaru wanted an update, and Kaoru said that he was going on a date in a few days.  The girl he was interested in had finally agreed to a date.  That was a good excuse for a phone call.

“Kaoru, is your other half nearby? Or do I need to call him separately?”

“I’m right here, Haruhi.  What happened?”

“I’d call it awkward, but I’m not sure if anything Kyoya does is really awkward.”

Both twins snickered before continuing.

“Don’t worry, Haruhi, you had a loud shouting match with him and stood up to him.  He’s probably not used to it anymore.”

“Yeah, Hikaru’s right.  Did you shout again?”

No, but we got close.  It’s not like us to do that so much.  We’re usually much more civil toward one another.  We understand each other and don’t see a point to such tactics.  Why won’t he listen to reason?

“It got heated at the end, yes.  But the beginning was awkwardly quiet.  Then we started talking like old times, and then it got loud when I made a comment about the present.”

“Is he coming back?”

Haruhi paused before saying, “No, not yet.  He needs more time.  But I think I got something through to him about how much his actions have hurt us, or me at least.  You guys will have to have your man talk to get everything straightened out.”

“That’s what counts.  Tono isn’t useful right now since he’s in his trip of woe, but he’ll be able to help when he comes back, after more stern talking from you.”

Unlikely, but maybe.  I’m not the problem between them and unlikely to be helpful.    

“Tamaki is really hurt and confused.  He needs time, nothing from me for once.  I just want those two to reconcile.”

“Haruhi, we all want that.  And then have him reconcile with all of us.  But Hunny is seeing him soon, so maybe he’ll just scare Kyoya straight.”

It was Haruhi’s turn to chuckle.

“If Hunny does that, I will take all my earnings and buy him a year’s worth of cakes.  It’d be worth it to bring him back.”

“We trust in you, Haruhi.  Just stay strong.  We’ll each take a stab at it.”

“I’m glad there’s a bunch of us in that case.  So, what’s this about the girl?”

“She agreed! She finally agreed!” shouted Kaoru.

“Kaoru, I’m glad you’re so happy, but I have eardrums already abused by Tamaki’s outbursts.  Please don’t add to it.  Just make her happy and don’t mess up, ok?”

“I can do that, Haruhi.”

“Good.  Alright, I gotta head back from lunch, but we’ll be in touch.”

The three exchanged their goodbyes, and Haruhi went back to work.  But at least she was smiling after the encouragement from the twins.  She organized her papers and picked them up before heading to a meeting.  The two groups argued, and Haruhi found it hard to focus since it reminded her of arguments she had had.

They don’t have to be so loud.  Don’t they realize they’re on the same side? When will Kyoya figure that out? He could use a good kick from Hunny in that respect.  Usually he’s much more calm and objective about this.  What changed?

After the arguing slowed down, Haruhi put in a few seemingly common sense words in her mind, which sparked more loud arguing.  She wanted to roll her eyes.

They make me want to sit them down.  If Kyoya were here, he’d have strong words for them as well for wasting time with such useless arguments.  We’d make a good team getting them all into shape.

Those thoughts calmed Haruhi down, even putting a smile on her face.  The idea of them being a team sounded wonderful at that moment.  Anything to make them stop arguing so much. 

If I can get him to calm down, then he will see that this is all us getting upset over wounded pride and misunderstandings.  It’s nothing more than that.  I can do that.

Finally, the men arguing agreed that Haruhi was right, and they sat down to begin negotiations.  Haruhi smiled to herself.

I’m glad that’s done.  One right phrase is all it took.  Could it be that simple with Kyoya? Perhaps I’ve taken the wrong path with getting through to him in this instance.  I need to explore this more.

The negotiations finished, and Haruhi went back to her desk, caught up in thoughts of how she could change her approach to reach out to Kyoya.  There had to be a way.  She was sure of it.

The rest of work went by quickly after that.  Once she was walking home, she called Mori, who she knew would be visiting his cousin.  Mori answered, and the four got down to business.

“Haru-chan, what happened? Did he figure things out?”

“Not yet.  There’s still hope for him.  I made sure he knew how much he had hurt me, as well as the rest of us.  Are you ready to talk to him?”

“Oh yes, I already know what I’m going to talk about.  We just need to have a little chat and let him see that we care.  It’s a little different from you.”

“I’ll meet with him next.”

“Good, I’m glad you decided to do that, Mori.  I don’t think it’s time for the twins.”

“Especially not with Kaoru going on a date.”

“Nah, Kao-chan could do it, but Hika-chan couldn’t.  He’s still upset over how Kyoya treated you.”

“Why is Hikaru upset? I thought I made it clear to him that this could happen.”

“He just doesn’t like seeing his friends get hurt.”

“He’s not as bothered by Tamaki.”

“He never dated Tamaki, did he?”

Haruhi got their point and moved on.

“So what else is new?”

“I finally finished furnishing the basement! It’s dark and perfect for my crystals.  You’ll have to come over sometime to see it and tell me if it’s scary enough.  I’m going to be doing my first bit of Black Magic in there soon.”

“For whom, Reiko?”

“That’s not important, Haruhi.”

In other words, Kyoya should expect a spell of bad luck coming his way.

“We won’t let anything serious happen.”

“Thanks, Mori.”

“Just work on being a good friend and standing up to Kyo-chan’s challenge.  You got this.”

“I do, Hunny.  Reiko, I’ll come by in a couple weeks to see you.  We need some girl time.”

The conversation ended soon after that, and Haruhi was satisfied.  Now she just had to call Tamaki, but based on the time, it was too late to call Tamaki.  She would have to wait for tomorrow. 

That was nice.  I’m glad things are developing well in their new home.  All this good news, and Kyoya can’t share in it.  It’s wrong.  He needs to come back so he can be a part of it again.  I miss him and our talks.  Everyone misses him.  I need to accomplish this challenge, for their sake at least.  I’ll just be friendlier like Hunny is trying.  It’s not like us, anyway.  That’s my commitment, to have more conversations like we used to have.  But also ask more questions.  I have a challenge to win. 

Meanwhile in France, Tamaki waited by the phone for a call that never came.  He had not asked her to call immediately upon having her day to think, but he had hoped she would.  She did not.  He did get a phone call a little later, though.

“Renge! I didn’t expect to hear from you! It’s nice of you to call and check on me.”

“I know you were hurting last time we talked, and I’m still hurting, too.  Have you had more time to think about that day?”

“I have, but I’m still so confused about Kyoya.  I don’t want to talk to him yet.”

“Don’t worry, Tamaki, I’m sure he understands.  He said some hurtful things.  It’s not like him.”

“No, but enough about him.  It’s still sensitive.  How about you?”

“That’s fine.  I’m doing a little better, but I was hoping to hear a happy voice from you.  You may be a little over exuberant at times, but you cheered me up before, as you have in the past.”

Two hours later, Renge went to bed feeling better, determined to call Tamaki again.  She had not had a conversation like that in a while with him, and she missed that.  Now was as good a time as any.  He seemed lonely out there.  And she definitely liked the comfort.

Tamaki was glad to comfort Renge, but he still felt weird talking so much to her.  That kind of ease was something that he used to have with Haruhi.  It bothered him that he did not have it with her at the moment, even though they were reconciled.  But he would deal with that when she called him.

In another tall, glass building, Kyoya Ootori was setting up meetings.

After that weekend of seeing people, Kyoya had been ready to tell his mind to forget about his friends so that he could focus on work, but he did not have to.  Such thoughts were driven from his mind when he received an email back from the Americans, informing that they had just seen his email, as it had gone to their spam box, which they rarely checked. 

Kyoya smarted from having an email of his be considered spam, but he channeled it as the engineers had agreed to meet with him in a few weeks, to discuss the possibility of working together.   He had competition from another medical group in the area, as the engineers had made it clear that they would be spending time with both companies, seeing who they would give their business and ideas to. 

And there was nothing like a little healthy competition to make Kyoya Ootori get moving.

Within a week, he had conference rooms set aside, hotels arranged, and social events to introduce the engineers and their business associates to Japan properly.  They would be blown away by that, which left only the matter of the rumors he had heard from various sources of his.  Rumors of how the engineers were the deciding factor in giving their business, based on who they liked more, specifically who they could trust more.  Kyoya was confident that his hosting abilities would win the day there, so he did not worry about it.

The week flew by for him.  He had not received any phone calls or surprise visits, until Sunday.  It had not even occurred to him that the week was done until he was walking down the street toward a café that he liked to eat lunch at.  It was then that he ran into a composed Renge.

“Renge.  What brings you here?”

Kyoya’s eyes darted around, looking for anyone else familiar.  It was just her.  She gave him a soft smile.

“I’m meeting some friends for lunch.  You?”

He shrugged before answering.

“I needed a break from work.”

“Have you been working all weekend?”

Renge looked concerned while Kyoya reviewed the days in his mind.

“I have.  Possible business partner coming to town.  I must prepare.”

“I thought for sure you’d be like Tamaki and taking a break.”

Her mentioning Tamaki made him pause.  Tamaki had still not called him back.  He would have to try again.

“No, I’m afraid not.  Have you heard from Tamaki lately?”

“Yes.  Just talked to him yesterday.  I was feeling a little down, and he brightened my day.  We have some shared experiences now.”

Well, that’s a nice way of putting it.  Time to stop while ahead.  I should call tonight.

“I’m glad you could talk to him.  Unfortunately, the work world calls.  I hope you have a good rest of your day.”

Renge yelled out to Kyoya as he turned around and left.

“Don’t work too hard! Hasn’t Haruhi convinced you to take it easy yet?”

Thoughts of Tamaki almost always led to Haruhi.  He just associated the two together, for better or worse.  Hearing Haruhi’s name made him think of his last conversation with her and how he had yet to figure out how to deal with her.  She still had not proven herself with the challenge,  but she had managed to make him look outside of himself to see her hurt.  It was one step closer for her, almost too easy.  But was he going to let his emotions win and let her in?

Instead of tackling such thoughts, he took out his phone and dialed Tamaki’s number.  No luck.  He left a message this time.

“Tamaki, we need to talk.  I know it hurts, but we need to talk about it.  I need to explain.  Call me when you’re ready.” 

Work sped on ahead after that.  Before Kyoya knew it, it was time to meet with Hunny for lunch.

“Kyo-chan, you made it to another event! I’m so glad!”

“It’s good to see you, too.”

Somehow, Hunny always has a smile on his face.  You would never think by looking at him that I’d hurt him.  I’m sure he’ll have lots to say based on what he’s observed of our friends over the past few months.

“How is the business? Expanding? Too much?”

Haruhi never asked me that once.  I suppose she’s not curious about that, or assumes.

“The work is never too much for me to handle.  I enjoy it.  I’m doing what I always wanted to do.  Meeting with possible business associates in the upcoming weeks from overseas.”

“That’s great! When will we get to meet them?”

Hunny is eager as always, but I can see Haruhi waiting just to ask them questions about what they do, wanting a full explanation.  She’ll have to wait to receive it with me.

Kyoya sat for a moment, looking at Hunny.  Hunny continued to beam innocently at him.

“Once they agree, then you’ll meet them.  It may take some months, though.  They’re not known for making fast decisions.”

“I’m sure you’ll be able to convince them, as you convince everyone else.  You’re good at that.  You have the ideas and sound planning to win.”

I haven’t convinced Haruhi yet, or Tamaki for that matter.  I wish I could.  It is just more arguments that don’t lead anywhere.  I’m glad that won’t be the issue with these new guys.  Honesty will be my downfall.

“But they’re interested in someone trustworthy and honest.”

“You’re trustworthy.  Is it wise to be completely honest in your business?”

“I don’t think so, but they’re engineers, an odd breed.  They do things differently.  But enough about me and my business.  What about you? How are things between you and your new bride?”

“She’s wonderful! We both like the house a lot.  Let me tell you, Kyo-chan…..”

Hunny continued to talk pleasantly for another twenty minutes without much help from Kyoya.  Kyoya learned of the odd quirks in Hunny’s home, as well as his concerns for Reiko practicing Black Magic in the basement.  Hunny spoke of the new techniques he was creating and teaching to his students and how they took to it.

He’s so…. friendly.  No questions.  No word of Haruhi or Tamaki.  Seemingly no concerns at all.  It’s a nice change.  Why?

“Aren’t you going to ask me about the reason why we even need to have this conversation to begin with?”

Hunny reached out and patted Kyoya’s arm.

“You need time to think.  When you’re ready, you’ll talk, right? I trust that you’d tell me if you have an issue.  That’s what friends ought to do.”

Has he spoken to Haruhi? I don’t think he has, and he ought to.  It’d make this easier.  But Haruhi has concerns.  What are his?

“So you don’t have any issues with me?”

“You need to talk things out with Tama-chan and Haru-chan.  You can do that since you’re all closer to one another.  If you need me to speak to them, I can.”

That’s kind and accommodating.  I wasn’t expecting that.  It’s almost tempting, but that seems like the coward’s way out.

“Thanks, but no thanks.  I need to discuss this with them personally.”

“I thought so.  I’m here to help.”

Where are these thoughts with Haruhi? Why doesn’t she want to help the way Hunny does? A little understanding is needed, rather than barging in as she tends to do.  She’s trying to help in the wrong way.  She’s not interested in true reconciliation.

“I thought you might say that.  I see you as someone easy to confide in, even if I don’t.  Normally, I confide in them, but not right now.  My trust is shaken.  I’m a little burnt out, if you will.”

“I can see that.  Tama-chan can be a little much at times.”

So accepting.  I don’t have to do much, and I’m already talking to him.  Why can’t I have that with Haruhi? Never mind.  It’s not worth it if she doesn’t want that anymore.  She won’t win the challenge this way.

“It’s about more than that in this case.  He and Haruhi especially are the ones I turn to, who look out for me.  They haven’t.  You have acted as you always have.”

Which isn’t always a good thing if we want to be good friends, but now is not the time to bring that up.  Let’s deal with those two first.  We can work on that with time.

“By sitting here and talking while we eat cake? Of course.  For a friend, I can’t imagine doing many better things.”

“And there’ll be more opportunities to do it in the future.”

“Just not in the next few weeks.”

“Why not?” asked Kyoya with uncertainty.

“Because everyone wants to eat with you!” said Hunny as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Haruhi doesn’t.  She just wants to argue, and I give her the power to do it by keeping track of her and talking to her.  I don’t have to do it, though, do I? I can greet her if we meet, but I doubt she’ll seek me out on purpose.  That could just work. 

“I don’t know if everyone does want to, but if it is anything like this, I don’t see why not.”

“Great! I know Takashi wants to really soon.”

“Send him my way.”

“Oh, there he is! Great timing, Takashi! I’ll just head out now so you two can talk.  Say hi to Haru-chan for me, and see you around, Kyo-chan!”

Hunny bounced out of his chair and headed out the door, waving to both males as he did so.  Then he was gone.

“Mori.  This is unexpected.  What bring you here?”

“You.  We should have lunch next week.  Wednesday?”

“Yes, that is good for me.  Here?”

“That works.  I have to head back to work, but we’ll talk soon.  Take care of Haruhi.”

Kyoya analyzed his lunch time on his way back to work.  Both Mori and Hunny knew he was seeing Haruhi soon, but they responded differently.

Hunny seemed unconcerned, but Mori seemed to think something going on.  He’s observant, but he came in at the end.  He can’t possibly know what I talked about with Hunny.  Besides, I’m not going to hurt her when I see her, just make it clear that I have no preference for her.  She’s supposed to come to me, not the other way around for this challenge.  Let’s make this happen and show Haruhi what I can do.

As he walked back into his office, his secretary handed him his messages.

“You’re smiling.  Did you have a good lunch with your friend?”

“I did.  It was a good time to renew the friendship and my commitments to myself.”

  End Chapter 4.  Next chapter: Someone to Save You by OneRepublic

What You Want Ch 4

Author’s Disclaimer: I still don't own OHSHC.  Hunny is trying to help, but he cannot help it if he does not know what is going through Kyoya’s mind.  But he will have a chance to redeem himself, even if he does not realize it.  Kyoya has a lot going on, and Haruhi has an uphill battle ahead of her.  But she will figure things out, as only she can.  Also, a note about OC’s.  I am not fond of using them as a general rule.  If I do, then they are useful for plot only, not established or important to remember.  They will be distinguished by description of some sort, such as being short or tall.  I don’t give them names on purpose.  Such is the case for the Americans you will be hearing more about.  Just as a heads up.  Also, I am an engineer, so I am allowed to make fun of myself.   You have been warned.  Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed!

First chapter:

Hi all!

Good news: I'm not sick anymore!

Better news: I'm going on vacation soon :D Two weekends in a row in fact :-) Lots of quality time with family and friends.

Bad news: I'm trying to write for three different fandoms right now.  It keeps me on my toes, but updates won't be as frequent as I would like.  But they shall be written! :D I just usually write on the weekends, as during the week it gets harder with stuff popping up since it's summer.

Worse news: The prompts for Labyfic decided to take on an AU turn.  There's two ways to go with relation to the Goblin Battle, if Sarah did and didn't win.  I'm inclined to do both and bring out the shipping.  I've got a month.  Also, the Disney club I follow is having a contest related to live-action movies, or that have some live-action in them.  I'm really tempted to do the contest, as I could write about Alice in Wonderland and have some wonderful shipping moments between Alice and the Hatter.  I've been meaning to write for them for a while now.  I might also do it for Bedknobs and Broomsticks, because I LOVE that old movie.  Angela Lansbury is awesome :-) So that is two other stories to be done before July 1st. Why do I keep wanting to do more different fandoms? This is getting out of control.  

So I'm going to try to do more writing during the week.  We'll see how this goes.  Went to a Renaissance festival yesterday, and it was fun.  There's pictures from it, involving a dark!Jareth.  But this month is busy with trips, and June is not much better.  My sister got a job, and I'm super excited for her to move closer to me.  Helping her move will make June fly.  So summer is starting off with a bang, and I'm excited for the fun.  Just not for the balancing craziness.  I want to do all these things, but time! 

I hope the upcoming summer time is is good for you all.  Hopefully you've got plans and time for relaxing.  I'll be avoiding the humidity as much as possible.  Beach time! :D Take care!
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Chapter 7: Hide and Seek

“Run away! Run away!”

As three goblins ran away from the Goblin City, ten more followed behind, carrying sticks, rocks, and whatever cutlery they could get their hands on, pushing everything out of their way in order to go after the chicken assassins.

Goblins were by nature hyper, chaos-creating things.  Jareth knew this, but it still amazed him how much trouble they managed to create when not trying.  Granted, the goblins were genuinely concerned, so it took him off the hook, as he had no doubt that the three would be caught.  Nobody tried to kill chickens and got away with it.  It simply was not done.  He lounged on a window ledge and watched the proceedings with amusement. 

The goblin horde was growing in number as more calls to arms were yelled.  No chicken left behind! All chickens must have justice! 

As the assassin trio passed through the gates, the one in front pushing a wheelbarrow stopped suddenly and turned, forcing the other two to run into it and stop.  They looked with confusion at their leader, who then nodded to the tallest of the group.

“Pretty fire now?”

“No, Vikey, not yet! Gates first!”

The shortest of the group, a timid goblin who lived and ran around in a barrel, popped his head out and handed his cohort a boomerang.  Vikey took the boomerang and threw it through the open doors toward the second gate, hitting the top of it. 

After Sarah had defeated the metal behemoth during her run, Jareth had taken precautions from such a defeat again by putting in a metal roll-down gate, something that would not depend on goblins as much.  He had not expected it to be used, but he watched in horror as the boomerang hit the gate, causing the gate to fall down right in front of the incoming horde. 

To make matters worse, Vikey took back the boomerang and then pulled a lighter out of his pocket.  He reached into a side bag and took out a stick from his large collection of sticks.  Since dynamite was not allowed, sticks seemed the best thing to set fire to and get quick results.  Three sticks went flying at the wooden doors, setting them on fire.  The assassins now had two walls to protect them.  Jareth was impressed, but really annoyed that he now had to deal with that fire before bringing the trio to justice.  Those three would be spending a long time in an oubliette after he dipped them all in the Bog of Eternal Stench.

Jareth came with water to put out the fire, and used magic to open the gate.  He turned to where the three were standing and holding onto one another, and then he saw the leader take the cloth off of his wheelbarrow, showing two crystals.

“Bowdie to the rescue!”

A crystal was thrown to the ground, and the three disappeared.  Jareth was ready to throw a fit.  When had that sneaky impersonator managed to learn how to manipulate the travel spell? 

“Find those three goblins.  Now!”

Jareth stormed back to the castle and began trying to trace the path of the magic.  He started off with a winding trail, but trail nonetheless.  Goblins were not known to be good at controlling the magic that they had.  Little Bowdie was another matter since he liked to imitate his King in every way possible, including using crystals.  He traced it to the Dark Forest, then the fairies’ territory, then back to the forest.  The path went cold after that.  They had not gone far.  They never did. 

It was one thing for the trio to petition for the banning of chickens.  It was another to try to steal some and hide them in the Bog.  But it would not do to kill all the chickens! There would be rioting in the streets, and he would not stand for it.  Yes, he could reorder time, but they would just keep trying it again until it worked, persistent things.  He had let them have their fun and warned them, but this was too far.

Jareth flew off to the Dark Forest while the goblins hugged their chickens with joy. 

Meanwhile, in a clearing near the entrance to the Fairy Kingdom, the goblin trio argued about where to hide.  The crystal had ended up bouncing them between the two spots multiple times before finally dropping them outside the kingdom.

“Fairies nice.  Fairies friends.  Let’s go.”

“No.  Friends of King, not us.  Bar-bar?”

Bar-bar popped out of his barrel with a piece of bread and began nibbling.  Bowdie tried to convince them to go again to the fairies.

“Fairies like fire.”

“Fairies have bad prisons.  No,” Vikey said, remembering a previous stint there.

After more arguing, Bowdie saw that he could not convince them.  But where else could they go?

While arguing, Vikey had taken to checking out the area for sticks.  Bar-bar looked for shiny things on the ground. 

“Trolls?” suggested Vikey.

“Trolls mean.  Need place where they nice and not afraid of King.”

It was then that Bowdie watched Bar-bar take out a red book from his barrel, looking at a map of the Fairy Kingdom.  Bowdie had the perfect place in mind.

“To Lady Sarah!”

Vikey agreed, and Bar-bar jumped for joy at going Aboveground, where he could find more shiny things.  Bowdie searched through his pockets for an item before putting it on top of the generic travel crystal that absorbed the item.  All gathered around Bowdie and his last crystal before disappearing.

Meanwhile, Sarah Williams just sat at home enjoying her breakfast on a Saturday morning.  She was peeling her orange before she began the not-so-fun task of grading homework assignments of high school students.  As it turned out, she would not be getting to those that day.

Sarah knew something was wrong when she heard a screech.  No, make that three high-pitched screeches all coming from the general direction of her bedroom.  Off she went with a bat, ready to scare whatever wild animals may have crawled into her room.  Her neighbors had had squirrels last week, so maybe they had come back for vengeance.

Sarah did not see anything upon first glance in her room.  Her birthday present of a life-sized king penguin stood tall in her room, along with the rest of the bird paraphernalia that she kept in her room.  She heard another squeak, and she went to the other side of the bed where three goblins were holding out sticks.


“Ahh! Lady Sarah! Save us from the black chicken of death!” 

Sarah had not seen a goblin in years.  They had come over once and managed to trash her place.  She had a fit and talked to her trio of friends and had them tell Jareth in no uncertain terms that the goblins were not allowed to ever set foot in her home again.  The fact that they had meant that they were directly disobeying Jareth’s orders.  The punishment was harsh, if she remembered correctly.  They had to have a really good reason to come here.  But first, what was the black chicken of death?

“Where is this black chicken of death?”

All three goblins pointed their sticks at the king penguin, and Sarah understood. 

“That is not a chicken.  That is a penguin.  A king penguin, to be exact.”  

“Evil penguin-chicken ate King? I kill! Save King!”

Bowdie ran at the penguin with all his might, only to run into a wall.  Sarah hugged the stuffed animal to her chest.    

“No! This is not a chicken, and it didn’t eat Jareth.  This is a stuffed animal, not even alive! Don’t touch him! He’s mine, and I won’t let you hurt him!”

Bowdie’s face matched his two cohorts’ faces with identical looks of awe as they looked up at the stern yet tender face of Sarah.  She yelled, but Jareth always yelled.  She was kind; she cared.  Now they knew why Jareth did not want them there: Sarah would be their future leader. 

“Yes, Lady Sarah.  No hurt penguin ever again!”

“Good.  I’m glad that is resolved.  Why are you here? You’ve been forbidden to come here.”

The goblins realized belatedly that this was the case, having forgotten after that first fateful time.  Bowdie had been among the group, and all he remembered from the trip was that it was a large house, and that Sarah’s room had a lot of posters in it.  This room looked nothing like it. 

The only reason he and the other goblins had left was because Sarah had given them cookies, making them promise to go if they received one.  Then, they had gone home, ate the cookies, and started several fires in the Goblin City.  Jareth had outlawed going into Sarah’s home ever since.  Bowdie still did not know when Sarah had become such Queen material, but she had.  She was older and prettier than ever, and he was quite smitten.

While Bowdie smiled in adoration at not being kicked, Vikey finally said, “King after us! Want to put us in Bog, then oubliette! We don’t want to! Help us! Hide us!”

“Why does Jareth want to do that?”

All goblins looked at the floor before looking at Sarah with an innocent face.

“We try to kill all the chickens? Couple times?”

“What? That’s terrible! What did those chickens ever do to you?”

Bowdie then tugged on Sarah’s pants, asking her to bend closer.

“Chickens made home smell bad.  They lay eggs everywhere and cause disputes.  King hates them.  We want to help King, but he doesn’t want it.  Confused.”

“What are all of your names? Come here.”

All three walked to Sarah and told her their names.

“Now, why are you two here helping Bowdie?”

“He said I could blow things up for King,” said Vikey.

“Bowdie friend,” said Bar-bar. 

“I see.  Well, has anyone ever told you that killing is wrong?”

Heads shook.

“Killing is wrong.  You should never do it, especially not if it doesn’t belong to you.  You eat other animals, right?”

Heads nodded.

“But that is their purpose, right? To be eaten?”

“And so should chickens!”

“Bowdie, that is not the case here.  These chickens are friends.  Not food.  Would you kill Bar-bar?”

“No.  Bar-bar good friend.”


“Because I like him.  He nice and listens to me.  Always has stuff to share.”

Bar-bar hid inside his barrel until Bowdie finished speaking.

“Good.  Now, imagine you were one of the other goblins.  They think the chicken is their friend.  Why are you killing their friend?”

“Because they messy?”

“And the other goblins aren’t?”

The three looked between themselves, trying to figure out what to say.  Sarah continued.

“And don’t the goblins squabble without chickens getting involved?”

Heads nodded again.

“Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Sorry, Lady Sarah.”

“Don’t apologize to me.  You have to say that to all the goblins that you hurt by trying to kill their chickens.”

“But can’t! Not safe! Bog-tipping and oubliette!”

“But you did wrong.  You have to have some punishment.”

“Not that! Please! Help us!”

“You need something.  It would set a bad example, and you need to properly learn your lesson.  What about one or the other?”

“Not the Bog,” they all said at once.

“The Bog it is.  In that case, I will help you.  We can all go straight to Jareth now-“

“You can through mirror, but we can’t.  Portal not for us,” said Vikey as he frowned.

“Why not?” Sarah said confusedly.

“Portal made especially for Lady.  Goblins have own magic, but not perfect.  Not go to right place.”

“And if you go to the wrong place, the other goblins might get you,” said the teacher in understanding.

More heads nodded.

“So there’s no way to get you there?”

“There is!” shouted Bowdie, looking pleased with himself.  “But need three days to make crystal.”

“You have crystals, too?” asked Sarah in disbelief.

“Just like King.  King is best,” said Bowdie as if that was all the explanation he needed.

The way Bowdie spoke of the King made it clear that he idolized Jareth.  Sarah thought that his goals in life had some work if he wanted to follow the monarch, but at least now she knew why he was confused about why Jareth wanted to hurt them.  The three days were fine, but that was three days of needless searching for Jareth.  If he did too much, he might be really mad at the goblins when they came back.  There had to be a way to help him as well.

“So you can make a crystal to take all three of you there?”

“Yes.  But why not Lady Sarah come to help?”

“Because I’m going to do so now.  I’m going to distract Jareth for the next three days until it is ready, and plead your case in the meantime.  What do you need to make the crystal?”

“Need item from throne room and something with portal magic on it.  Bar-bar?”

Said goblin dove into his barrel, throwing out various silverware, moldy food, wooden toys, and books as he searched.  Soon, he found what he was looking for.

“Part of King’s old chair?”

Bowdie ran and hugged his friend before taking the piece of Jareth’s old throne from the previous year.  Jareth always got a new throne each year to make sure that it stayed comfortable.  This cloth piece was one of many that Bar-bar had snatched while cleaning out.

The leader of the goblins then climbed onto Sarah’s dresser, and before Sarah could stop him, he rammed himself at her mirror.  Sarah put her hands over her eyes, but she did not hear the sound of glass shattering. 

When she looked back, the mirror was still whole, but Bowdie sat on his butt, rubbing his head.  Bar-bar found tweezers in his barrel and handed them to Bowdie, who took out several hairs on the top of his head.  He smiled at the hairs after returning the tweezers.

“All stuff ready.  Vikey bring sticks?”

“More fire!”

“Not in my apartment!” roared Sarah before they could start making a mess.

“Then where?”

Sarah showed the three to the basement of her apartment, where there was little that the goblins could feasibly mess up and break.  She told them to stay there until she came back for them, as she intended to talk to Hoggle then Jareth.

Once back in her bedroom, Sarah changed clothes into something nice and presentable, a loose summer skirt and top.  With that, she sat down at her mirror and got to work acting as peacemaker for the three troublesome goblins.

“Hoggle, I need you.”

Hoggle soon arrived, and he seemed surprised.  They were not due to talk for another week, so something must be up.  Niceties were soon gotten out of the way.

“Hoggle, is anything big happening in the kingdom right now?”

“Er, yes there is.  Searching for three goblins who gone and tried ta kill some chickens.  Not going well.”

“I have information about the goblins.  I’d like to help.  Could you please tell Jareth to come see me so that we can discuss them?”

“Sure, Sarah, but are ya sure ya want to see that Rat? He’s in a right awful mood.”

“It is best.  That’s how these things are done usually.  I don’t want you to get into any more trouble than necessary.”

“Very well, Sarah, but don’t say I didn’t warn ya.  When is best for him to come?”

“At his earliest convenience.  I know how important the chickens are to the goblins from our discussions.”

“Thanks, Sarah.  If it helps his mood, I won’t complain.”

Hoggle disappeared to send the message while Sarah waited patiently.  Ever since the Labyrinth, Sarah had considered herself as a sort of advocate.  She had made new friends by speaking and reaching out, and she had just as good results in school. 

Sarah decided to become to a teacher for high school students because of that.  She was a stern but compassionate teacher, helping those who did not have a voice, whether because of bullying or their counselor was not helping enough.  She had taken on many problematic students, and she had had good success with them.  She had no doubt of her success in this endeavor.

Fifteen minutes later, Sarah felt the tell-tale breeze from the not-open window, and glitter followed.

“Sarah, it’s been too long.”

The voice had not changed, and it still made her shiver.  Sarah had had dreams about that voice for years, but she would never tell him that.  When she turned around, she realized that he had not aged, lucky fae that he was.  Why did he have to be so attractive? Oh well, Sarah had to be peacemaker and distracter. 

“Jareth, you seem aware of my location, just like the goblins.  Why?”

“One of the three, Junior as I call him, likes to accompany me when I go out searching for you in my owl form.  He likes following me in general, except in this case.  He only ever sees your backside walking back into your apartment, but we both know.”

“What is Junior’s real name?”

Sarah had her suspicions, but it seemed to distract Jareth, which was all she could ask for.

“Why are you so concerned about these goblins, Sarah? It isn’t like you,” he said, making his way over to her side. 

When Jareth was less than a foot away, he started circling around Sarah, letting his hand touch her shoulder as he circled.  Sarah stood tall under his scrutiny, glaring at him whenever they made eye contact.

“Jareth, if you want information, you’re going about it in the wrong way.”

“Sarah, I haven’t seen you in a long time.  I want to take a good look at you before you banish me yet again.  I’m still shocked you’re speaking to me instead of going through your precious friends.”

Jareth spoke lightheartedly, but the way he said precious made her pause.  Was that a sore spot for him?

“You sound bitter about that, Jareth.  Why?”

“Why do you think, Sarah? You don’t contact them as often anymore, but you still do.  The fact that you’re not yelling at me about past wrongs while running the Labyrinth proves that you don’t hold a grudge.  If that is the case, why must I be excluded? Everyone was needed, but I was not.”

“You’re different, Jareth.  You always were.  None of the others danced with me and sang love songs in my ear, if only to distract me.  It’s hard to treat you the same.  Do you want that? For that matter, why are even still interested in speaking to me? I thought you would’ve grown tired of me long ago.”

Jareth grinned before finally standing in front of Sarah and placing his hands on her shoulders.

“Why do you have such a low opinion of yourself, Sarah? What makes you think that you aren’t interesting?”

“I’m just a human girl.  I know my limitations.  It’s not that I have low self-esteem or anything, but I’m not like any of your kind.”

Sarah had read enough fantasy romance novels to know that, if there was even a grain of truth to them, Jareth had someone else and no need for her.  She would make the most of the time she had, even if she had not found someone to share her life with yet.

“I don’t see anything wrong with that, Sarah.  You still beat me at my game, and your attempts to fit into normal life here fascinate me.”

“My attempts? What does that mean?” she said, shaking off his hands and walking away.

“Come now, Sarah.  It’s obvious even from my vantage point far away.  I’ve watched from many a branch as you make friends and date males.  Most don’t end well.  They all seem to complain about how secretive you are, or that your head is always in the clouds, far away from them.  Why do you think that is?”

“Jareth, that is none of your business-“

“Just like these goblins should be none of your business.  They were forbidden from seeing you, and yet they must have come if you have information.  In fact, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you were covering for them and distracting me for them.”

Jareth turned around and began looking around the bedroom.  When he got to the door, Sarah spoke.

“So what if I am covering for them? I can tell you that they’re not here, and you won’t find them easily.  I’m not going to tell you, either.”

“Why, Sarah? Do you know what they’ve done?”

“Yes, they explained themselves.”

“And you still let them stay? I’m surprised.  I thought you didn’t like all the mess.”

“I was still living at home with my family.  The goblins managed to mess up my entire room right after I had cleaned it.  I was upset and afraid that my Dad or step-mother would walk in and see.  I didn’t want it happening again.  But now that I’ve seen the goblins again, I’m not as concerned.”

Sarah shrugged her shoulders and held up her hands palm-up.  Jareth narrowed his eyes to scrutinize her more, but soon his face was an even mask as he stood up taller and folded his arms, adopting a more regal air.

“I see.  What information can you provide me about those miscreants?”

“Is Junior’s real name Bowdie?”

“Yes, that is his name.  He’s taken a liking to me and likes to copy me.  Why he is doing this thing with the chickens is beyond me.”

“He thinks that you hate the chickens so he wants to kill them, so that they aren’t a nuisance for you.”

Jareth huffed at such a sensible answer.

“Be that as it may, he disobeyed me.  He and his accomplices must be brought to justice.”

“They’re sorry for their actions.  Put them in the Bog for a few days and be done with it.”

“That’s not Goblin Kingdom justice.”

“Have you promised a punishment for them?”

“Not in public, yet.”

“Then there’s still time to change your mind.  Just think about it, Jareth.  Please.”

“It’s going to take more than one please to convince me, Sarah.  You’re going to have to do much better than that.”

“Then you’re going to have to come by tomorrow to see me again.”

“Oh?” said Jareth, his ears perking up at the idea of coming again.

“Yes.  I have decided to help them by acting as peacemaker-“

“Ah yes, I recall how much you like playing the heroine.  If it will make you feel better, Sarah-“

“It will, Jareth.  Please come by tomorrow at your convenience.  I have work to take care of now.  I look forward to another chat tomorrow.”

“As you wish, Sarah.  Any time I please?”

“Within reason, Jareth.”

Jareth tsked before walking up and placing a gloved hand under Sarah’s chin.

“Consider it a date, Sarah.  Until tomorrow.”

Jareth disappeared, and Sarah slumped onto her bed.  She had forgotten what it felt like to be in Jareth’s presence.  It definitely reminded her of the times when she went to see the principal or counselor on behalf of a misbehaving student.  But this drained her more, as Jareth brought out more of her passion, if that was possible.

After Sarah had recovered, she went to the basement to bring the goblins upstairs.  She found Vikey first, practicing making fire with flint and matches.  Bar-bar was off in a corner, picking up and inspecting items left on the floor, placing many inside his barrel.

“Where’s Bowdie?”

Bar-bar motioned for Sarah to follow, and soon she heard a goblin screech.  If she did not know better, she would say it sounded like a battle cry as the speaker whooped in several pitches.  When they turned another corner, Bowdie was in the center of the room, riding an abandoned hobby horse, more old toys scattered on the floor.  Bowdie looked ahead and held tightly onto the horse, rocking it as fast as it would go.

“I’ll save you, King!”

“Bowdie, why aren’t you working on your crystal?”

Bowdie stopped the horse so quickly that he flew off the horse.

“It’s working now.  Needs time to form.  Look at the shiny crystal,” he said, pointing at the glittering bit on the floor.

“Bring the crystal with us upstairs.  It’s time for lunch.”

At the mention of lunch, all the goblins moved faster and went upstairs.  All remembered tales of Sarah giving cookies, and Bowdie remembered just how great the cookies tasted.

“I’m having a sandwich for lunch.  What do you want, besides cookies?”

The goblins’ fearless leader soon spoke up.

“Fried chicken?”

Sarah grinned.  Obviously there was more than one reason to get rid of the chickens.

“How did you try that?”

“Street seller in park has tasty friend chicken.”

“Lucky for you, I have some.  Let’s eat.”

The next day after breakfast, Sarah told the goblins to go back to the basement so that she could talk to Jareth more.  She did not know what they would talk about, but anything would do so long as Jareth did not see or find out where the goblins were hiding.

Soon after telling the goblins to go, Sarah felt a breeze from her locked living room window.  Sarah smiled at the much more comfortable-looking outfit Jareth had on today.  Yesterday he had had armor on.  Today, tight pants and an open poet’s shirt.  It would not make concentrating any easier, but she just had to convince him.

“Welcome back, Jareth.  Would you like something to eat?”

“No thank you, Sarah.  I’m more interested in you than food.”

“Not the goblins?” she asked with surprise.

“No.  If you’re hiding them, then they won’t come out until you tell them.  I’m sure they adore you by now, especially if you promised to help them get a lighter punishment for their misdeeds.”

Jareth looked expectantly at Sarah while she smiled back at him.

“I may have done that, yes.”

“There’s no may about it, Sarah.  You have.  I can tell.  You can be honest with me.”

Jareth leaned in close, only for Sarah to back away.

“Only if you promise to be honest with me.”

Jareth’s face fell a little at those words, even if his body had tensed upon Sarah backing away from him.

“Very well, Sarah.  In this matter at least.”

“Why not others, Jareth? Afraid?”

That brought him back.

“No, certainly not.  I’m not afraid of you, Sarah.  I just don’t see a point.  We hardly know one another.”

“You clearly watch me without my permission.  You know far more than me.  I’m not happy about that.”

“I can stop, Sarah.  I have no objections.”

“What’s the price, Jareth? There always is.”

Jareth shook his head with an indulgent grin. 

“That’s my clever girl.  In your case, you need to wish it.  I’d also appreciate if today was not the last day that I see you.”

The request was simple.  Jareth, for whatever reason, wanted to spend more time with her.  Fine by her.  Having him around was fun to say the least, always a challenge, and he was easy on the eyes.  She had dreamed about him in the past for that reason.  She had romanticized him a lot in her dreams, but perhaps now she might even be friends with him. 

Even better, if he came back the next day, she could be there to witness the goblins’ meeting with Jareth, after she had convinced him.  She could also see to it that the goblins were treated properly.  This seeing more of him could work out very well so that she did not have a supernatural stalker anymore.

Jareth watched Sarah’s face for some sign of her agreeing to his terms.  She blinked a few times before smiling, making Jareth relax.

“Jareth I wish that you would stop following me.   I think we should talk more and get to know each other better instead.”

“Happy to do so, Sarah,” he said, taking Sarah’s hand and leading her to a couch to sit.

“What do you not know about me, Jareth? It seems like you already know much.”

“I don’t know anything about your actual job.  I’m curious.”

Sarah began to describe her decision to go into teaching high school students.  She did not get very far before she saw movement in the corner of her eye.  All three goblins stuck their heads out, just now trying to leave the apartment.  Bar-bar was leaving first.  Sarah wanted to slap her face and scream at them, but that would not help now.  She just had to keep Jareth from looking that way and be as casual about it as possible.  She could totally do that.

“Sarah, what’s wrong?”

Curse her wayward eyes and face that told all of her emotions. 

“Wrong? Nothing is wrong.”

Sarah began thinking of things to talk about that would make him look at the room or her instead of turning around.  She was not having much luck.  Jareth had a sly look on his face, so she knew she had to do something fast.

“Sarah, you can’t fool me.  You’re not being honest,” he teased.

“It’s nothing that is wrong, so much as things I need to do that concern me.  Advance planning, if you will.”

Sarah tried to look as nonchalant as possible.  Jareth smiled and reached out a hand, drumming his fingers on her arm before leaning in on the couch.

“Advance planning for when? Sarah, don’t be coy.”

“Planning for tomorrow.”

It was best to be as vague as possible.  Jareth still did not seem convinced, but he was not trying to turn around.  Perhaps he was enjoying making Sarah sweat more.

“What sorts of plans, Sarah? Do they involve me?”

“They can if you want them to.  I have to work tomorrow, but I’m free afterward.”

Sarah wanted to hit herself.  If that did not sound desperate, she did not know what did.  Would he buy it?

“What would you do if I did not come?” he said, grinning.

“What does it matter, Jareth? You want to see me, don’t you?”

Sarah tilted her head a bit, looking up at him and trying to figure out if he really did.  His eyes said yes to her relief.

“Yes, I do, but if I’m interrupting-“

“No, you wouldn’t be at all,” she hurried to say.

“Good.  Now it is just a matter of figuring out what we will do.  Do you want to do something in the kitchen? Is that why you keep looking that way?”

Sarah was failing at playing it cool as Vikey walked by with his sticks.  She had to do something fast.  Jareth was starting to turn his head, and Vikey would be in trouble.

“No, I don’t want to cook, to be honest,” Sarah said, grabbing hold of his wrists to stop his drumming fingers by squeezing.  “I haven’t gone out in a while, and it’d be nice not to have to cook for you.  It tires me out, and then I’m no fun afterward.”

The distraction worked.  Jareth’s attention went straight to where her hands touched his bare wrists.  It was warm, and it felt really nice.  Not a good train of thought.

“I’m all for going out, Sarah.  You’re welcome to come to my castle.  I promise you’ll be treated like a Queen.”

The brunette laughed, knowing just how much she would if the three goblins were anything to go by.  She was Lady Sarah, and they all looked at her with wide eyes of adoration, but especially Bowdie.

“Sarah, why do you laugh? Was it something the goblins said?”

“It’s more what Bowdie does.  He just smiles at me and gives me dead flowers.  The others give me things as well, but he just looks so happy.”

Jareth frowned.  It figured the little guy would attempt to woo her with dead flowers just like all the goblins did.  At least he had good taste.  Still, Sarah was his.

“He likes you.  He didn’t need prodding to think that.”

“Why would he be prodded to think that, Jareth? Does that have something to do with you?”

Sarah was teasing as she said that, but she had no idea just how true it could have been if Jareth had said how much he cared for Sarah.  Jareth had to control himself, as he knew that she meant nothing by it, if her tone was anything to go by.

“He’s been known in the past to repeat my words and actions as he sees fit-“

Jareth would have continued in that vein had Sarah not seen the subject of their conversation slide on by with a half-formed crystal in hand, glittering for all the world to see.  Jareth would spot that instantly unless she did something fast.  The idea came all too quickly, but she ignored that, choosing to climb into Jareth’s lap and kiss him.

For several moments, Sarah forgot that anything mattered other than the way Jareth’s lips felt as they kissed her back.  She responded in kind until she remembered that she had a job to do, so she forced herself to open her eyes.  She saw that Jareth had closed his as well, and that the crystal-maker had left at last.  She had to force herself to remove her hands from his face and hair, but she did pull away.  Jareth looked like he wanted a repeat performance.

As an afterthought, Sarah added, “Does that convince you to give them a lighter punishment?”

Jareth laughed before responding.

“If you can give me several more of those, then yes, I might just be convinced.  But you should be warned, Sarah.  You have opened the door to dirty tactics, and I enjoy such things.”

“I’m not afraid of you.  I’ll do what I must to help the goblins.”

“You ought to be afraid, Sarah.  I’ve got quite the history.”

“Then you’ll have to come over tomorrow to tell me all about it, Jareth,” she said, getting up and heading toward the door.

Jareth narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips before getting up and following.  Sarah was pleased that he seemed upset about having to leave.

“Something wrong, Jareth?”

“I feel inspired to repeat your younger self.”

“What would that be? That it will be ‘piece of cake’ to convince me?”

Jareth smiled before taking hold of Sarah’s waist and bringing her close.

“Nothing like that.  You’re asking me to leave just as it got interesting.  It’s not fair.”

Sarah opened her mouth to respond, but Jareth stole a breathless kiss before he disappeared.  Sarah was left to stare and wonder just what was going through his mind.  Did the Goblin King actually like her? Was there some reason for why he sang that love song, other than to distract her? It intrigued her.  Could she date the Goblin King? If those kisses were any indication, she just might.

Once Sarah finished tracing her lips with a silly grin on her face, she went downstairs to find the goblins.  They looked scared when they saw her, so once she gave them a stern talk about being faster the next day, she smiled.  She really could not help but smile as she thought about the next day being with Jareth.  She was definitely going to kiss him until he agreed.  She had no problem doing that.

The next day came, and Sarah went to work.  The day passed slowly, but after much staring at the clock she got home to find out that the crystal was all ready to go.  She instructed them to remain within hearing distance.

“Now, once I convince Jareth to give you the lighter sentence, wait about five minutes.  By that time, we will have stopped talking, and we should’ve left by then to go back to the castle to have dinner together.  Then you can come out here and head to the throne room, where Jareth will be ready for you.”

All the goblins nodded and smiled before Bar-bar ran to her and hugged her leg.  The other two soon followed suit.  Then they went to their closet to hide.

Sarah put on a nice dress.  It had been a while since she had been on a date, and she looked forward to seeing where this lead with Jareth.  She was not left long to wait once she was ready.

“Sarah, you look well.  Is that all for me?”

Jareth did not look bad either, considering he was in Aboveground clothes.  The blue suited him well, and if a couple buttons on top were unbuttoned, she was not going to complain.

“It is for you.  But before we go, I have to ask a question.”

Jareth’s body stiffened, but he nodded for her to go ahead.

“How differently do you want me to treat you? You never answered my question from a couple days ago.  Friend, or more?”

Jareth tried and failed to hide his smile.  He led her to the couch again.

“Sarah, if I had my way, we would’ve been much more before now.  I’ve been seeking more, even if I had no way to do more while you hid yourself from me.  You’ve proven yourself my equal, and I intend to claim you as such.”

“That’s what I needed to hear.  I’ve been seeking for a long time to find someone, but you…. you’re different, in the best possible way.”

“It seems we both have been seeking.  Here I came, expecting this to be some grandiose game of hide and seek with the goblins, and I find you instead.  I’ll take you any day.”

Jareth pulled Sarah into his lap, and Sarah leaned into his shoulder.

“We should go soon.  This is about my dinner time.  We teachers have to be feed regularly.”

“Why not now, Precious? We can if you want.”

Jareth was already pulling her closer and looked ready to form a crystal, so Sarah grabbed his hand to stall him.

“I have to do one thing first.  It’ll make my conscience feel better.”

“What’s that, Sarah?”

“I want to convince you.”

Jareth puffed out his chest and sat up straight.

“Convince away, Sarah.  I’m all for you trying.”

Sarah shook her head at his silliness before pulling his head down and kissing him for all she was worth.  After ten minutes of such kissing, Sarah pulled away.

“Have I convinced you yet, Jareth?”

“I think one more time might do it to lessen their sentence to just the Bog.”

Jareth had already planned it all out.  He would agree to a lesser sentence, but to satisfy himself, he would put them all in an oubliette after for breaking his rule about seeing Sarah.  Granted, he would give them a medal if this all worked out in the end, but for now, rules were rules. 

After another five minutes of kissing and hair-mussing, Sarah pulled her swollen lips away to breathe against his shoulder.

“Will you agree now, Jareth?”

“I agree to only the Bog, Sarah.  Now, how about one more to seal the deal?”

Sarah agreed by kissing him again, and they would have continued there for longer if the goblins had not started to talk to each other from inside the closet.

“Listen.  Are they talking anymore?”

“No.  Don’t sound like it.”

Jareth pulled away from Sarah, annoyed at hearing the goblins.

“Did he say his right words?”

“Yes.  We good.”

Jareth gave Sarah a knowing look.  Sarah shrugged her shoulders as if to ask if he expected anything more from her.  The Goblin King picked up Sarah and brought them closer to where the goblins were hiding.

“Been five minutes?”

“Think so.  They gone?”

“Sounds like it.”

Jareth opened the door, shouting, “I found you!”

All the goblins screamed, only to run to his ankles and hug him.  Bowdie was the first to notice Sarah in his king’s arms.

“Why is Lady there?”

“She’s none of your concern now.  She helped you, and now she’s mine.  Back to the castle, all of you.”

As the goblins tried to gather all their stuff, Jareth kissed Sarah again.

“Sarah, would you like to come to my place? I promise we won’t be disturbed there for a long time to come.”

“As long as I’m with you, Jareth.”

The two disappeared to continue their activities in private.  The goblins just smiled.

“We gonna have new Queen soon.”

“She good for him.  Hope she brings fried chicken.”  

Sweet Possibilities Ch 7

Author’s Disclaimer: I still don’t own Labyrinth.  All rights go to their respective owners.  Here’s another one-shot for the challenge! Also, the initial idea for the three goblins in this story comes from drawings of said creatures that I saw on a wall in a restaurant in Prague.  I have included them in a story before, but I wanted them to have their own story, so this happened.  If you want to see the images, go here:…

Did I mention that I love goblins? They make me smile with their silliness.  I always thought the idea of Hide and Seek would be fun to play with for a story.  Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed!

First chapter:

94 deviations
I just saw the new Avengers movie, and it was AMAZING! :D

If you had not already planned to see it,  then you should. Worth it! I'm definitely going again.

However, this is not a movie review. Like a good fangirl, I want to talk about the new shipping opportunities presented. As a result, there are SPOILERS ahead. If you read more, it is your choice. But I had to get this off my chest.

There are a bunch of canon pairings in Marvel. Pepper and Tony for example. They are wonderful. Pepper didn't appear, and I was sad. But she was still present in Tony' s mind, which was good. Thor and Jane are another. Jane was another no show, and I was so sad. Erik Selvig did appear which was nice. But there was a moment of Thor and Tony bragging about their girlfriends,  and it was so cute! :-) I really want Jane to be in an Avengers movie, all the same. But she is doing high-powered research so I'm glad for that. Yay science! :-)

There are also ships. The big one for me is Clintasha.  Clint and Natasha was great, being spies together and growing close. But this movie changed so much of that,  and I don't know how I feel about it.  Mostly happy I think. Finding out that Clint actually had a wife and kids the whole time, and Natasha knew all along,  was sweet. They got to bond together, and I liked that a lot. But the bigger thing was at the beginning of the movie when Natasha was reaching out to Bruce when he was the Hulk. He responded to her better. And then she was reaching out more, and flirting with him. I was so torn! Once I saw that Clint had a wife, though,  I felt better. Then I was ok with them being together. I had not thought that they could work it out at first, but now I can see it better. I still like Clintasha, but seeing someone with Bruce makes me SOOOO happy! I really want to see him with someone despite the other guy. And she helps. It's nice :-) Clint having a wife was convenient for the plot, yes, but it is still nice to see him satisfied and able to lead a somewhat normal life and talk about fixing up his home for his kids. But the most important part is the whole Bruce and Natasha pairing. I have to explore this much more, and am excited to see if some fanfic comes of it, unless there is some already that I need to locate.  Any suggestions are appreciated. :-) The feels! :-) The ending made me sad for that reason. Gah! Why did he go like that? I hope they explore that more in upcoming movies. I really do want  Bruce to end up with someone. I don't know anything about the comics, so I have no idea how it all goes down. One of these days I will probably wikipedia it, but I do like this ship.

As for writing fanfic, it is one fandom I have wanted to break into for some time. I multi-ship in the Thor fandom hardcore. I like Thor and Jane, but I also like Lokane. And Tasertricks is entertaining and fun too. I may yet do some fanfic for one/all of those pairings.  My muse needs plot bunnies and an excuse to write it, though, as I already have three fandoms that I am writing for. Strange Magic is my newest one,  and I love it so much! :D But getting back to the topic here,  Marvel. Another possibility now if I write fanfic would be Bruce and Natasha. But I need to find fanart and fanfic to feed it first. The other pairs I have seen enough to get by.

So that is me. :-) My pneumonia is gone other than a slight cough, and I'm feeling much healthier. Have energy. Feeling alive and have much feels from that movie. And ready to read fanfic :-)  I hope those of you in school are all ready for the end of school, and if you are graduating,  congrats! :-) If at work,  then yay! You have a job and make money,  which is awesome always.  Summer is coming, and with it, plans to see and do many things. I hope you all are well and have a great rest of your week, as well as weekend!  :-)


Theresa Marie
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Quick facts:
I'm a hopeless romantic, as well as an eternal optimist. :D I love and write fluff. Also, I am a Christian engineer. I love what I do. :D My art is a wonderful hobby of mine, coming from my desire to see certain couples end up together, making me a committed fangirl. I love making art almost as much as I love looking at art on here. :heart:

I now have a profile on, livejournal, and A03! :D

Long Version:
I'm very fond of fanfiction, in particular Labyrinth ( :iconjarethplz: + :iconsarahwilliamsplz: = :heart: !!!) And then there are the other fandoms that I follow, though perhaps not as much (thankfully, or I'd never leave). There are some amazing artists out there; I love checking out the work and admiring it. I'm an engineer, and I love doing that type of work (aka math and science). However, I like to write for fun and take pictures. I love talking, and will talk about just about anything, so if you ever want to chat, just comment or let me know! :D

I have a bunch of stories here, and all of them can be found on my fanfiction account:…

I love to take pictures with my new Nikon, so I'll be posting those now and then. Also, I've done a variety of things with ASinglePetal on editing work/writing because of a contest I entered of hers. I've also started photomanipulation! :D I have a couple done, and most will be covers for stories I write. There should be more in the future, once I can get myself away from writing.

Yes, I am a Christian, and proud of it! :-) This will occasionally affect my writing, but I'm not trying to preach or anything. :heart: you all!

Fandoms: Labyrinth, Jane Austen, Ouran High School Host Club, Strange Magic, Frozen, Bond/007, Marvel, Thor, Disney, Sherlock, Howl's Moving Castle, Harry Potter, The Parasol Protectorate, ATLA, POTO, and MANY others (look at all the groups). Slowly getting into Once Upon a Time and Dr. Who.

Labyrinth: J&S: SO SO HARD!!!
Strange Magic: Butterfly Bog and Sunny Day
POTO: either, depends on mood
HP: Hermoine & Snape (written this), Hermoine & Harry, Luna & Neville, Draco & Ginny, a variety, as well as canon
Ouran: Haruhi & either Tamaki, Kyoya, Hunny, or Mori. I haven't been convinced of the others.
ATLA: canon or Zutara , Tokka, Taang
Marvel: canon, Lokane, Tasertricks, Darcy& Cpt America, Darcy &Hulk, Clintasha
Frozen: Jelsa, Kristanna, Helsa (With redeemed!Hans)

Writing Schedule!

1. Letters from a Mutual Friend
2. Sarah and the Laws of Queendom
3. Art Exchange with xXRainbowStarsXx SAO (Kirito X OC)
4. Sweet Possibilities: 2 more one-shots for sure, Hide and Seek, and Beautiful
5. The Accompanist (Strange Magic)
6. What You Want (OHSHC KyoHaru)
7. The Host Club Is (OHSHC TamaHaru)

1. Arrogance and Animosity (Labyrinth)
2. Assorted OHSHC one-shots (TamaHaru)
3. Little Ouran (OHSHC AU, KyoHaru)
4. Assorted Holiday one-shots (Labyrinth)
5. The Love Shack (Strange Magic)

Story Summaries for Labyrinth Stories: Let there be much J/S Fluff!!!

1. Sarah and the Laws of Physics: my first one, and finished. The feedback from this story has been great, and now I want to write a short sequel (see details below). Started Feb 2011, finished Summer 2011.

2. Baby It's Cold Outside: my second finished one. A holiday-themed one for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Started Dec 2011, finished May 2012.

3. Trick, or Treat: More Halloween-themed fluff. Should have been a one-shot, but it's not, so it's a two-shot. Started and finished Oct 2012.

4. Another Valentine's Day: More Valentine's Day-themed fluff. A two-shot because I'm verbose. Started and finished Feb 2013.

5. How to Woo Properly: Complete. Based on a one-shot/drabble by Kyndsie. Link included in story. Another way in which Jareth might have tried to win Sarah. Started Sept 2012, finished Feb 2014.

6. Sarah and Laws of Queendom: Currently finishing. Sequel to Sarah and the Laws of Physics. Started July 2011.

7. Arrogance and Animosity: on hiatus until Summer 2015. Labyrinth meets Pride and Prejudice (and some Shakespeare), so excited to do it. Will be finished after Sarah and the Laws of Queendom. Started June 2011.

8. Letters from a Mutual Friend: is the letters sent between Sarah's three friends, Sarah, and Jareth, after Sarah starts college. This story will have short chapters, but there will be many to make up for it. This story will be lengthy as a result, covering all of Sarah's years in college. Started July 2013.

9. Under the Stars: Versions 1 & 2: Fluffy stories (one-shots) about Jareth and Sarah being together under the stars.

10: Love in the Spring: 2 related one-shots that are gifts to a friend, Kiyomi-chan16 . Labyrinth meets Frozen songs. The result is silly fluff.

11: Sweet Possibilities: All one-shots written for livejournal. So far includes: One Samhain Night (Halloween fic), Goblin Gifts (Christmas fic), A Winterfest Story (Christmas fic), Them Apples, Have Stick Will Travel, For the Longest Time. Hope to add: Hide and Seek and Beautiful

12. There's A LOT of one-shots, so go look at my folder of one-shots to get a look at all of them.

13. Of Love and Dreams: a future story, romance novel spoof I've always wanted to write. More J/S, with some Toby and Sarah sibling time. Haven't decided if drama or comedy. Sarah needs inspiration for her romance novels, and so has Toby help her visit the Goblin King by wishing her away. Nothing wrong with that plan at all.

18. FAR FUTURE: The Goblin Ball: it involves much dancing, and even more poetry. More scared of the poetry honestly. Could be drama or comedy.

Non J/S:
This list is growing, thanks to OHSHC and Strange Magic.
Involving OC's of ASinglePetal
1. Assassins Don't Wear Pink
2. Assassins Don't Wear Dresses (sequel to 1)
3. Welcome to Home Depot, Mr. Bond
4. A Day at the Prince's Zoo
5. Just Another Family Dinner
For Sword Art Online
6. Christmastime in Sword Art Online: giftfic
For Harry Potter
7. Snape's New Favorite Toy
Ouran High School Host Club
8. New Year's Eve, Ouran Style
9. Alone Now
10. Don't Mess with Our Friends
11. His Favorite Gift
12. With You
13. What You Want
14. The Host Club Is
Strange Magic
15. The Accompanist

Other Random Facts
deviantWEAR sizing preference: L
Favorite genre of music: Rock and Roll
Favorite photographer: none
Favorite style of art: Photography
Operating System: PC
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favorite cartoon character: Scooby-Doo
Personal Quote: "I can do all things in Him who strengthens me."-Philippians 4

Fantasy!!! I also really enjoy this, part of the reason why I wanted to do photomanips to begin with. Fairies and the supernatural are interesting to see and read about, no shame.

Did I mention that I'm a nerd, and proud of it? I'm an engineer, with very eclectic interests. By personality, I am ESFP, so go figure. And I'm left-handed!

View My Personality Type Results

Many thanks to Erozja for the use of her free avatar for my profile pic!!! See her profile here:

Also, yes I know I fave too much. I like to fave and run. So much art, so little time! Sorry if I don't comment, but if I feel really strongly, you'll know ;-)

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Hi all!

Good news: I'm not sick anymore!

Better news: I'm going on vacation soon :D Two weekends in a row in fact :-) Lots of quality time with family and friends.

Bad news: I'm trying to write for three different fandoms right now.  It keeps me on my toes, but updates won't be as frequent as I would like.  But they shall be written! :D I just usually write on the weekends, as during the week it gets harder with stuff popping up since it's summer.

Worse news: The prompts for Labyfic decided to take on an AU turn.  There's two ways to go with relation to the Goblin Battle, if Sarah did and didn't win.  I'm inclined to do both and bring out the shipping.  I've got a month.  Also, the Disney club I follow is having a contest related to live-action movies, or that have some live-action in them.  I'm really tempted to do the contest, as I could write about Alice in Wonderland and have some wonderful shipping moments between Alice and the Hatter.  I've been meaning to write for them for a while now.  I might also do it for Bedknobs and Broomsticks, because I LOVE that old movie.  Angela Lansbury is awesome :-) So that is two other stories to be done before July 1st. Why do I keep wanting to do more different fandoms? This is getting out of control.  

So I'm going to try to do more writing during the week.  We'll see how this goes.  Went to a Renaissance festival yesterday, and it was fun.  There's pictures from it, involving a dark!Jareth.  But this month is busy with trips, and June is not much better.  My sister got a job, and I'm super excited for her to move closer to me.  Helping her move will make June fly.  So summer is starting off with a bang, and I'm excited for the fun.  Just not for the balancing craziness.  I want to do all these things, but time! 

I hope the upcoming summer time is is good for you all.  Hopefully you've got plans and time for relaxing.  I'll be avoiding the humidity as much as possible.  Beach time! :D Take care!
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